Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

September 30, 2000 Priests Saturday Theriot, LA Claire Rose wrote: Pilgrims began to arrive at 10:00A.M. My husband sprinkled Holy Water inside and around the outside of our house. As our house filled with pilgrims, a friend led in singing and praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Priests. At 1:30P.M. I invited all the little children present to come to my room to pray with Shirley, Leslie & I. Some of the parents & grandparents were with us. We prayed "Hail Mary's" over & over. Our Mother came, but She did not speak. She was dressed in a long blue veil and a white dress. She was smiling. Just before 2P.M. two holy priests arrived. At 2P.M. Shirley, Leslie Therese` & I came out to begin the Rosary. Our house was filled to overflowing with holy pilgrims who had come to pray a Rosary for Priests with us. My heart was filled with peace & joy. As instructed by Our Mother, I blessed myself, the rooms & all the people present with Holy Water. We began the Rosary for Priests in the usual way, with The Sign of The Cross. I then invited Our Blessed Mother under all Her Titles, the holy angels & Saints & the souls being made holy in Purgatory to please pray with us and for us as we offer this Rosary for priests. Our Mother came just before the first Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation. She asked me to announce that She was Present. Our Mother came all dressed in bright white. She was surrounded by multitudes of holy angels & Saints. I saw several Archangels. They were bigger than the other angels were. Our Mother opened Her Arms and spread Her Mantle wide. I consecrated all the priests of the world, seminarians, all future priests and priests souls in Purgatory to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. I consecrated all of our families & us & re-consecrated this little mission for priests to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. I gave to Her all our prayers, works, joys, sacrifices, sufferings & petitions. I asked Our Mother to please place us all under Her Mantle of Protection & to please place us all into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Her Son. I begged Our Mother to please send us holy priests to guide & encourage us. I thanked Our Mother for loving us all. Third Joyful Mystery The Nativity Our Mother Came as Our Lady of Lourdes and Spoke these words in French to the two priests present: "Mon cher enfant, Je t'aime. Je t'aime. Je t'aime. Merci pour ton courage."(English translation) ("My dearest child, I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for your courage.") Our Mother continued,"Thank you My beloved son for your faithful service. I love you. I instill a new peace in your heart today. A quiet deep peace from My Divine Son, Jesus." Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple "I have protected your life and your holy priesthood many times. I thank you for remaining faithful to My Son Jesus and to Me, your Immaculate Mother. I love you. Look to Me, My own little lambs. I am always near you. Listen for My Voice in your heart. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love. I will be known as your Patroness under this Title which honors My Son Jesus in Holy Eucharist." Fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding of Jesus in the Temple "My Precious and most beloved sons, To others you are a shepherd, to Me, Your Immaculate Mother, you are My little lambs. Each of you has been blessed, anointed, presented in the Temple of Our Father, of My Son Jesus and of My Holy Beloved Spouse, The Holy Spirit. Where are you? Where are you, My sons? I go looking for you in The Temple. I go looking for you and so many of you are not there. You have gone astray. In some places I can no longer recognize the Temples built by poor and working hands. Built by holy hands, faithful hands, and I no longer recognize the places where My Son is supposed to be in residence. I love you My beloved sons. I thank you with all My Heart to those who have remained faithful to Truth, to My Son Jesus. To those who have gone astray, I come to call you home. Come home to My Son Jesus. Come home to Truth. Come home to holiness and wholeness. Come home to your Mother. I love you ALL. I love you ALL." First Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden "My beloved sons, in many places now on this earth your brother priests are being persecuted and killed for My Son Jesus. From the Blood of Martyrs come the renewal and restoration of My Son's Church. My priest martyrs are the most beautiful jewels in my most beautiful Crown. I love you. You surround My Son Jesus on this Crown of Divine Love. My beloved sons, you are My Hands and My Heart in this world. My Hands and My Heart are Immaculate. I hold you, each of you in My Immaculate Hands." (I saw a priest between Our Mother's praying Hands.)"Would you stain your Mother's Hands and break Her Heart? I ask you in gentle Love to be holy My sons. I ask you to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for your brothers. I need you to be holy My sons. I need your help. If you will live a holy life close to My Son Jesus, close to My Immaculate Heart your flocks will be holy. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love" Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns I will try to explain to the best of my limited ability what happened next. I heard a priest talking to Our Father, but this was so deep in my soul that it was me talking to Our Father, but even deeper, I heard and saw Jesus talking to Our Father. I cannot explain or understand this very well. "I'm tired, My Father. How can I carry that heavy Cross?" OUR FATHER ANSWERED: "Only by Grace, My Son. I AM WITH YOU. I AM IN YOU. I FEEL YOUR PAIN." "Your Will, My Father, let Your Will be done, not Mine." Fourth Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of The Cross "O My Father I can't go on."Next Jesus Spoke these Words to me and I could also feel everything that He was saying. "I feel a cool breeze. Someone blessed me with water. I feel water sprinkles. Someone washed My Face. Someone gave Me water to drink. Someone helped to carry My Cross. I could breathe and go on." Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion Jesus Spoke: "My Blood was shed to give you life. I would do it again for you, My beloved ones. I love you. Through the shedding of My Blood I left to you My Body and My Blood in Fullness in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar." I then saw Jesus Dying on the Cross. He is still moving. Then Jesus Dies. A lance is thrust into His Side deep into His Sacred Heart. Precious Blood and Water come from His Wound and spread all over the earth in all directions. Coming from His Heart within the Precious Blood and Water are millions of pure white Hosts. DIVINE LOVE. Two of us have seen this several times in the last few years. Jesus Spoke: "I gave to you your Holy Priesthood. I LOVE YOU." First Glorious Mystery The Resurrection "My precious and most beloved children, I love you. I thank you for your presence here today, in person and in spirit. I love you. I ask you to increase your prayers and your sacrifices for My priest sons. I ask you to love them all with a generous heart and soul. I ask you to fast for them on Thursdays. Much depends on your loving hearts, My children, My own children. The funeral bells are tolling for this country, My children. Only prayer, much prayer and sacrifice will save your Church, your country and the world. The two priests present here are two pearls to Me. If you will persevere, I will send you many, many holy priests. Thank you for your faithfulness in coming. I love you. I love you. I love you. I am with you. I will never leave you. I will never abandon you or My Church for My Son's Heart is on the Altar of Love. Where My Son Jesus is, I am. I love you. I am blessing you today and your families and all your religious articles. Thank you for coming today. My beloved ones, Love one another as My Son Jesus has asked. Love one another with Our Love. Go in Peace in total surrender and trust in My Son's Love and Mercy. I love you. I am calling you here to refresh you and to restore you to holiness and to wholeness, One Body, One Church under My Son Jesus and the One appointed to represent Him, Pope John Paul II. I love you. Please, My children thank My Son for these Visitations. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love." When Our Mother left, I saw snow white clouds moving upward. Twice today Our Mother said,"I will take you to Ephesus where I lived and walked." September 30, 2000 Priests Saturday Theriot, LA Leslie Therese` received: Our Mother Came in a bright white dress with a dark red Mantle. She was very beautiful. Message for a priest: Our Mother Spoke: "Sit and rest here in this place. I have brought you here My son. Do not doubt Me, even for a moment. I love you and carry you in the Arms of Love. I wrap My Mantle around you and surround you in My Love. I am here for you always. Do not let the world interfere with My Love for you My son." I saw the Holy Spirit as a white Dove in flight above us all. His Light is shining down on us all. He Spoke: "I am the Power and the Life. Come to Me and always I will receive you into My Heart." Third Joyful Mystery The Nativity Our Mother Spoke: "Kneel again, just kneel and pray." Private Messages: "Gayle, I will relieve you. Your heart shines forth with your love." This was whispered, "EVERYONE, listen, listen for My Voice." For holy nuns, "My daughters, your devotion truly fills My heart. I love you." I see a shower of flowers falling on the sisters heads."My children, I am always here for you. You are My heart. Pray for My sons. They are in dire need of your prayerful devotions and love. When you see My sons in error, when you see My sons in need, when you see them in want or need of anything PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for them in all these things. Protect them for they are few and precious. Thank you for coming here and gathering together in the name of My sons. Continue to come and gather here in prayerful peace." Fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding of Jesus in the Temple "I love you My children and yes I do hear all of your prayers daily for My Son's priests. Please continue to pray in My Name for them. Dedicate yourselves to God's Plan for you, for us. Pray and ask Him to send more holy priests." First Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden I see Our Mother Mary all in white. She has ruby hearts and diamonds all around the edge of Her Mantle. On Her Head I see the crown that Miss Mary, a lady from Texas brought Her today. She says "Thank you." to Miss Mary. "Thank you My children for coming. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. To My little precious children of My Heart, I love you My little ones. Listen to your parents, they love you as I do. You are their hearts."Then I heard Our Mother singing, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.." "I am watching over you always. I am Your Mother. Come to Me My children. I love you and I hear your sweet voices when you pray and sing. Continue to pray for My sons." "For all My children, be quiet and listen for My Voice. I pray with you always. Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion I see Jesus Dying on the Cross. I feel the stabbing pain in my right foot again. My head is heavy and my neck pulls. I think to myself that I know I am not worthy of the Pain that Jesus had to endure. I am so not worth it. I ask Jesus, "Why was I chosen?"I heard, "I chose you My child because you are not afraid to open your heart to Me and your mouth for Me. If I ask your help you always answer yes to Me. You are My Heart and I love you more than you know." Glorious Mysteries "My priest sons, welcome to the new life I have chosen for you. Do not lose faith for I am with you always. I love you My sons. I am pouring upon you all My Love and My Son Jesus' healing Power to prepare you for what is coming. These children of Mine are here for you praying for you and with you. Pray for your brothers who are overburdened in their parishes and churches. Encourage them to come and receive me here in this holy place. I bless all who are here and their religious articles. Your Father and My Son have called you here through My Name. Pray for relief and strength. My sons, My sons, where are you? I am here for you. I love you and have come here to this place for you. You are My sons and I am your Mother. Come to Me. There is nothing that cannot be forgiven. You know this yet you do not come to Me. I await you. I am always here for you My sons. Your Mother Mother of Divine Love." Our Mother said, "You must always ask a priest to bless all your religious articles." end of Leslie Therese` ______________________ September 30, 2000 Last Saturday of September Received by a bride from another area, Lin We gathered together to pray the 15 decade rosary at 2:00 p.m. for priests at Our Lady's request. All present blessed them selves with Holy Water. I asked the Holy Angels, the Saints and the Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests. At theFirst Joyful mystery, The Annunciation, Our Lady said to announce that She is here. Our Lady spoke, "Oh how pleased I am for you persevering to gather and pray for My priest sons. I bring special blessings for your endeavor." At the Second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation, Our Lady speaks, "My children pray for the young and old seminarians. Pray for the Seminaries to be holy. Pray for their teachers to be holy." I see Our Lady standing in the midst of us. She is quietly praying the rosary. She has on a cream colored garment and veil with a gold edge on the mantle and veil and it is flowing softly in the breeze. She does not have a crown on, but She says, "I am your Mother of Divine Love." At the Third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady is still standing in the midst of us. Her gown and veil flowing softly. She is so very beautiful. I feel great peace all around me. She tells me, "Stay sitting child of grace. My little ones, My Precious ones thank you for coming together today and praying for My priests at My request. I ask you to encourage others to do the same. If we have holy priests we will have holy flocks." At the Fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Lady continues, "I invite all to come and pray the rosary for My beloved priest sons, for holy priests." At the Fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Lady speaks, "If you don't pray for holy priests you will not have them." At the First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Our Lady speaks, "It gives Me great joy to hear you praying for My priests, Our priests. Your prayers are heard in heaven. Many blessings come to you all for all your sacrifices you offer for My beloved priest sons. It releases the graces for them to be holy." At the Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar, I see Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross in great pain and agony. She speaks, "I grieve for some of My priest sons who are in sin and teach grave error. Oh! Pray for these priest sons." I feel a great peace and great love all around us as we pray. At the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross, I see the devil cringing and fleeing as we pray this mystery. I feel so much love from Our Lady. It is not just for me. It is for all mankind. At the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My children I join you to all the children who are praying for priests today at My request." (I understood this to mean those all over the world who were praying for priests today at Our Lady's request.) At the First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "Know that your prayers are most pleasing in heaven and are heard by all with great joy. My children thank you for helping each other in prayer. This pleases Me so. Continue to pray little one". (We were having trouble-keeping track while saying the rosary and we helped each other.) At the Second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension, Our Lady speaks, "My children, My prayer warriors you will see some of the fruits of your prayers in your lifetime. Pray to persevere 'til the end. Oh My daughters, My children, Oh how I love you." At the Third Glorious Mystery, The Decent of the Holy Spirit Upon the Apostles and Our Lady, I see St John Vianney praying with us. He is praying in French. St Philomena is beside him praying. St John is still with us. I feel great heat in the room where we are praying. At the Fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption of Mary, Our Lady speaks, "My children and My priest sons who are praying for priests at My request today, be assured that because of your prayers many blessings are coming from heaven and go out to all you meet. It gives Me great joy to see this request of mine to pray for priests spreading. Continue to take this request to others. I love you My children. My Son loves you, as does the rest of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Many saints are praying with you today." At the Fifth Glorious Mystery, The Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven, Our Lady Speaks, "Take the loving graces with you today to all you meet. Love each other with My Son's Love. Use the grace that I send you. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." End of bride from another area.

September 30, 2000, Saturday