Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Twenty First Visitation of Our Lady

Last Saturday of April 25, 2009 - LaRose, Louisiana

                Home of Tony and Jenny Savioe

Holy Mass offered by Fr. George Simon

Our Mother appeared several times during Mass with no crown.

Claire Rose received and wrote:
Today is a beautiful day!
Our Mother spoke to me, “Brother Richard will announce the Mysteries that I desire you to pray today.”  Just a moment later, Brother asked if we could pray the Glorious Mysteries.
1st Glorious Mystery
Our Mother appears with Her Crown as Mother of Divine Love.  She said, “Announce My Presence among you.”
I consecrate all priests – all future priests to Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  I plead for more vocations to the Holy Priesthood.  And that vocations to the Religious Life be multiplied as well. I re-consecrate this little mission of Love for priests to Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  
During the 2nd Glorious Mystery Our Mother spoke to the priest who had offered Holy Mass for us:
“My Beloved Priest Son – mon petit – J’ai taime!  J’ai taime!  J’ai taime beaucoups!
I love you My own little son.  Thank you for hearing confessions of My dear children.  Thank you for offering Holy Mass for them My son!  I am with you.  O My precious son, your eyes will be opened!  You will be with Me in Paradise My beloved.  Thank you for coming so far to pray with your Mother.  Thank you for your daily fiat.  Thank you for all you do for My Beloved Son Jesus!  I am with you!  Your own Mother."
During the 3rd Glorious Mystery
Our Mother Spoke:
"My precious Religious I love you and I bless you this day.  Within these very walls are some among you who feel called to the priesthood.  O My own sons, listen for My Voice within your heart and soul for I am calling you.  Do not be distracted or pulled away from God’s Call.  Listen for your Mother’s Voice.  I do speak to you.  I will provide all that you need to follow in the footsteps of My Beloved Son Jesus.
Today is the 10th Anniversary of My 1st public Visitation to you in Theriot, My beloved children.  I have come from Heaven to seek your help My children, to ask you to pray and offer sacrifice and suffering for My beloved priest sons and for prayer, much prayer to increase priestly vocations.  O My children you have responded to My call to you."  
During the 4th Glorious Mystery
"My Visitations to you were extended because of your response to My call.  My children of South Lafourche were among the first to respond to My call, that is the reason I come to you here in Larose today My children.  My Church here, Our Lady of the Rosary is Mother Church to this area.  You honor your Mother for many years My children.  Now I come to you to bring Peace and Healing to your hearts and families.  My home in Theriot is being elevated at My request.  At the perfect time.  For 10 years My children you travel to come to pray with Me your Mother.  Now today I come to you!"
During the 5th Glorious Mystery
"This is a new beginning for My mission of Love for priests.  Next month on the Last Saturday I will be with you in Lafayette.  Again because of the response of My children.
O My beloved children I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  You are each precious and special to your Mother’s Heart.  I carry you often My children.  I am always near to you!  Come to your Mother.  I take you enfolded in My softest Mantle to My Beloved Son Jesus.  I thank each one of you My children for your response to My call.  Each new person here today is given an Angel of Protection.  One who will protect your Faith.  O My children I bless you and I bless this house.  I come to an ordinary family, an ordinary house.  I come to honor this family and all families for it is through families that vocations come!  
All will return home safely!  Thank you My children.  Pray especially for priests who are being transferred at this time, for the parishes they are leaving and those where they are going.  Pray for those priests newly ordained, those in the seminary and those whoteach them!  Pray for priest souls in Purgatory and those who have left the priesthood.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray and Pray more.  Offer all the little things you do everyday as an Act of Love for My beloved priests.
Mathew/Brian I carry you in My Immaculate Heart.   Much healing takes place today as I bless you with a floodgate of Grace.
O My children, O how I love you!  My children, My priests are My Hands in this world.  My hands are broken.  Please help Me by your prayers and sacrifices to mend My Hands.  I love you and I thank you for your response to My call.  I am with you.  I will never, ever leave you.  
Your Mother.  I have many titles, I am One Mother, Your Mother.  Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  A floodgate of Grace is to remain here.  I desire that My statue remain here for one month to be carried to Lafayette during the week before the Last Saturday of May, the month of Mary.  A daily Rosary should be said.  Thank you My children for your preparation for My Visitation to you.  Thank you for the prayers and the flowers.”
End of Claire Rose ..... 

Twenty First Visitation of Our Lady 

April 25, 2009 Last Saturday of April Priest’s Saturday 

Received by a bride from another area, Lin 

It is a beautiful day here. People started coming around 1:30 p.m. and put petitions in the prayer box. We prayed the three Hail Marys for priests that the children pray in Theriot, LA by the large outdoor Cross. 

We invited Our Lady under all Her titles, the Holy Angels and Saints and souls being purified in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the Priesthood.  At around 2:00 p.m. we started the 20-decade Rosary for Priests. 

Our Lady says, “I am here! Let them know I am here!” I did. Our Lady continues, “Oh My children thank you for coming to pray with Me at My request for Our beloved priests. I join you all My children to pray in a special way for all the priests of the world. You form a river of prayer for the entire priesthood. I love you My children! Oh how I love you! I cover you under My Mantle of Love My precious children. 

I cover My beloved priest sons with this unlimited Mantle of Love! I love you My priest sons. Many, many graces are coming to you all with so much love! I ask much of you My priest sons! I ask you to be Jesus to My children. 

M----- My child, thank you for opening your home to Me. I love you My little one. I am with you in a special way. Oh My children if you are here praying with Me it is because I have called you here. It is no mistake you are here. I thank you My precious children for answering My Call! I love you! I love you! I love you! 

Oh My beloved priests, your brothers and sisters are praying for you here. Open your hearts to receive all the grace and love that is coming to you from this Mission of Love. I love you My priest sons! Oh how I love each and every one of you! Allow your selves to be Holy! If you are Holy priests, you will have holy flocks. Teach about the LOVE My Son Jesus has for each of My children, LOVE that has made them free from the evil one. 

Oh My children do not be afraid to pray your Rosaries, especially your Rosaries from your heart. The evil one cannot stand to hear the Rosary prayed from your heart. He has to leave! I love to hear the Rosary prayed from your hearts! You do not realize how powerful it is! 

A-----, thank you for your generosity in bringing M--- to pray with Me. I love you My daughter!

M---, thank you for your constancy in praying with Me! And yes, I am praying for your son! 

Oh My religious, I love you! I thank you for coming to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. Oh My brothers and sisters thank you for wearing your habits. Thank you for your witness of your love for My Son Jesus to My children! 

Oh My children, I see your reverence at kneeling at the Sorrowful Mysteries. I see your hearts! I love you! 

Suffering! Oh My children, many of My children, My religious, My priests are going through much suffering! Oh My children, none of it is wasted. All is offered up in My Son Jesus’ Name for the priesthood, for vocations and for all of you My children. No priest is forgotten. No child is forgotten. GRACE and LOVE beyond your understanding! 

Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, all rest in My Heart and My Heart rests in My Son Jesus’ Heart! I love you My children, My All! Oh how I love you! 

A--, I missed your sweet voice here today, yet I know you are praying for Our beloved priests. You and your family are in My Heart! 

Oh My children, Oh I love you!” Our Mother is here as Queen of Divine Love. On Her Head is Her Crown with the 7 points. At the end of each point is a Cross. She has a Rosary of Light in Her Hands and She is praying the Rosary with us. As She prays the Hail Marys the beads appear liquid and seem to move like water. 

Our Lady says, “Love abounds where My Rosary is prayed. Pray it often My children! Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, I thank you for coming to pray with Me today for Our priests at My request. A special blessing comes to each and every one of you. Open your hearts to receive this special blessing. It extends to all your families. I love you all!
   Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests 

Oh My priest sons this special blessing comes out to all of you and your families, and yes, My religious the special blessing comes out you and all your families also! 

LOVE, great, great LOVE, beyond your understanding! 
Oh My children all over the world, all your petitions in your prayer boxes have been received in Heaven, and laid at the Feet of the Trinity! 
Oh My daughter, thank you for your obedience in writing at My Request. 
  Your Mother, Mary Immaculate.” 
End of a bride from another area. _________________

april 25, 2009, Saturday