Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

May 30, 2020          Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests          Theriot, Louisiana

Today, because of Covid 19 isolation, I am praying at home with another Consecrated bride, LT.  Our Rosary for Priests and other prayers are being live streamed from the Well of Holy Mary in Lafayette, LA. on Facebook.   As we begin to pray we can hear birds singing here in Theriot and at the Well 100 miles away.  Doves begin to coo at the Well, 2 doves calling to one another.  This happened several times.  

Blessed Mother Speaks: “I am with you My child, at the Well and with everyone who is praying today for My priest sons.  The birds singing are a sign of My Presence with you!  Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am with you and within you.  I will remain with you through all of your trials and suffering.  I will never, ever leave you, My faithful children.  I bring to you today words from Our Beloved and Gentle Loving Father…”

I was overwhelmed because in the next moment the softest, most gentle, loving, strong and clear Voice I have ever heard began to speak.  He spoke slowly as I absorbed each word into my soul.  Only by Grace which flooded my soul, was I able to write.  I am typing this two weeks later (June 16, 2020) and I am still in awe and wonder!

Our Father Speaks: “I love you My children.  I have created each one of you…to know Me…to love Me… and to serve Me in this life on earth so that you may spend Eternity in Heaven…in Paradise with Me, Your Creator…Your Father.  I have given you life.  All that I have created for you is good…was perfect.  I have given you simple rules…COMMANDMENTS…to follow.  A simple Rule of Life.  A simple Way of Life.  WHY?  Why cannot you live this simple Holy Way of Life?  Why have you turned away from My Love?  I long for your love My children.  I have created each and every one of you to be a special gift to others and for Myself.  Each of you is created unique, special, holy, and whole.  Each given special gifts and talents to be used for My Joy and for one another.  I call you to ponder and come to realize the great gift that each life is to Me, Your Father and to one another.  I have given to each of you My All…My own Beloved Son Jesus, Who gave His All for each of you.  For your salvation, I have sent My Perfect Daughter, Your Immaculate Mother to earth to warn you, to call you back to holiness and wholeness, MANY TIMES.  Each time, some of My faithful children have responded, in each age.  Many holy Saints have responded to Me and to Your Immaculate Mother’s Call.  Your Immaculate Mother is the first and only perfect Bride of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  She is the Mother of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that My Beloved Son Jesus established on this earth…by His Life, Death and Resurrection…on the Head of Peter and through the Apostles.  The One True Church is the Bride of Christ…on earth…in Purgatory and in Heaven.  ALL ONE CHURCH.  Just as The Son and I are ONE…The Holy Spirit and I are ONE.  The name given to this Mission of Love for Priests…’Brides of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity of the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary’  was given to this Mission by ME, YOUR FATHER.  From My Heavenly Throne I know all things, past, present, and future.  And My Heart of Love for all humanity has grieved at the unfolding of how…with all the gifts and blessings given to humanity …I am grieved and appalled at man’s inhumanity to man.  The lack of LOVE…the multiplication of evil…of grievous sin even among the elect.  The greatest sin being the total disregard for LIFE…for precious LIFE.  Evil has so permeated this generation…this time…as never before.  Your Immaculate Mother’s prayers…the constant LOVE and PLEAS of My Beloved Son JESUS…have caused ME to speak to you…from MY HEART to yours.  All of the signs that I have sent you…Many, many of My children are good and faithful.  Many of My priest sons are faithful and holy…it is to each of you I appeal.  The Renewal and Restoration to Holiness and Wholeness of My Church on earth will come through the Renewal and Restoration to Holiness and Wholeness of My priest sons, My shepherds.  And through the Church…the world.  A process that can come about quickly.  A new Pentecost!  A new Springtime!  The dead wood must be removed.  The new fresh sprout must be nurtured and watered and fed…given ALL that is needed to grow…bloom…bear fruit …and seed again to multiply.  To renew and restore to holiness and wholeness the True Church…will renew and restore the world to holiness and wholeness.  As it was in the beginning…it shall be again!  This is my promise to you.  The Blood of the Holy Martyrs are the seeds of the New Pentecost…the new Springtime…the Eucharistic Reign.  

My children, I remind you that I, Your Father, am Fully Present with Jesus, My Son and with the Holy Spirit in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar…The Holy Eucharistic…The Living Bread…consecrated daily on all the Altars of the world…in every Tabernacle of the world…in every Adoration Chapel of the world.  Gift given for each of you.  Come to receive with open and pure hearts.  Stay free from sin…be washed by Divine Mercy in the Confessional.  Come and receive all I have to give you.  I call.  I call.  Will you respond with your whole heart and soul?  I await your response.  I love you!  Return to Me all who have gone astray and formed false churches in My Name.  Return to ME!  I love you!  Remove sin and evil from your lives and be set free…free to be all that I created you to be!  Come to ME as a little child.  This is My Divine Will for you all…Divine Order to reign in your hearts and souls forever…and ever.  I love you!  Wake up!  Come home while it is still today.  COME TO YOUR FATHER!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Your CREATOR…Your FATHER!  One in Three…Three in One.  I send a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon you to renew My priests…My Church…My world.  Divine Order must reign again, and all evil washed away.  I thank you My faithful shepherds and sheep.  Your Immaculate Mother has spoken to you for many years…in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  I leave you into Her Immaculate Heart and Hands.  I thank all those Cardinals, Bishops and priests who have Consecrated their countries, Dioceses, parishes, and homes to Her Immaculate Heart.  Her Immaculate Heart will triumph!  Your Heavenly Father Who watches over you all!  Come to ME all who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest and new life…”

Amen.  Received and written by Claire Rose 

I was very aware that I could have been deceived because Our Father had never spoken to me in this way before.  In silence, in my heart I asked Our Father to please confirm that these words were truly from Him.  I received 3 confirmations.  The other bride who was with me, LT.  received a message from Our Mother.  Almost every paragraph mentioned Our Father.  Another bride who was praying with us in another town had 3 visions.  She saw a gate opening and a huge tidal wave of water ready to be released to flow down toward us, a good wave, not a destroying one.  The Holy Spirit was hovering over the church, huge, huge Dove, flapping His Wings over us.  She saw God  the Father standing in front of our Cathedral, looking at the Church.  As she watched. the Church was lifted up. The third confirmation was Our Mother’s message from April 2020.  

May 30, 2020, Saturday