Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Forty-Eight Visitation of Our Mother
March 29, 2003 Last Saturday of March 2003 Theriot,LA Claire Rose wrote:
On Thursday, March 20, a large group (over 60) of Brides and friends traveled by bus to visit and pray with our seminarians for a one day Lenten Pilgrimage. It was a beautiful sunny day with a breeze. Our Spiritual Director led us in prayer the whole day. We began just after 8a.m. with a pilgrim's prayer and our Morning Offering. We prayed the Joyful Mysteries on the way to New Orleans where we visited the major Seminary, Notre Dame. The Seminary is beautiful. Our seminarians visited and prayed with us. It felt very good to meet them and to see where they studied to become holy priests to one day serve us. Awesome! They invited us to share in the food of their St. Joseph's Altar. We prayed the Way of the Cross for Priests in the Chapel. Father gave each of the seminarians from our diocese a small gift. As we rode over the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the longest bridge in the world we prayed the Luminous and Sorrowful Mysteries. 

We arrived at the Minor Seminary, St. Joseph's Abbey in Covington about 2p.m. The grounds and buildings are very beautiful. There are some very beautiful paintings here. Again we met, visited and prayed with our seminarians. In the chapel we prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Priests and an extra decade for our soldiers. Our Spiritual Director offered Holy Mass for us there. He gave us the most thought provoking homily. He spoke about our dining room tables being like an altar where the family comes together as church and that from this table vocations are born, fed and encouraged. Then he spoke of the Altar at Holy Mass and how our bodies and souls are fed by hearing the Words of God in Holy Scripture and by receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. Of course he said a lot more than this. It was truly one of the best homilies that I have ever heard. He encouraged everyone to pray daily for our priests and seminarians and for more vocations to the priesthood. He invited everyone to come spend a day in prayer for priests on the Last Saturday of each month. After Holy Communion Father led all the consecrated brides in a renewal of our simple lifetime vows as victim souls for priests. After Holy Mass it was time to say good-by, but not before a quick stop at the Abbey giftshop. Someone precious bought us some chiming bells in the shape of a triangle. They are hanging near the Queen of Divine Love statue in the window overlooking the Holy Cross for priests and outdoor Rosary. On the way home we prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. Our Mother was with us the whole day and She gave us a message that was shared with everyone. Our Mother said we would see the Miracle of the sun. The Miracle lasted over an hour. A sweet Religious Sister who was with us played the harmonica for us. What a treat that was for me like a gift from my earthly mamma & Our Mother. Several times Sister's playing brought tears to my eyes. You see, my mamma used to play the harmonica and Sister played some of the same songs that my mamma used to play. Message will be shared on our website. Also Day of Prayer for Priests with Holy Mass here at Our Lady's Shrine on March 25th.

Priest's Seminary Education Fund In obedience to my Spiritual Director I will use this means to give everyone an update on our Priests Seminary Education Fund. This was begun a year ago, in April 2002 after months of prayer and discernment. Father and I decided that if God did not bless this it meant that He did not want it and we would stop. To date as a group in your behalf we have helped two priests in our diocese. To one we have given $2,800.00. This has totally paid off his student loan for his Seminary education debt. To another in your behalf we have given $5,650.00. This priest still owes about $10,000.00. They are both very grateful to you all for this tremendous help. I reminded them both that this was from many grateful hearts in small sacrificial amounts. 

Today (March 29, Last Saturday) is a beautiful day. It is a little cold but the sun is shining with a strong wind. There are roses in everyone's garden. Many wild flowers are adding much color to all the green that has seemed to spring overnight. The bright blue and yellow wild iris that lines the bayou banks for miles are sparkling in the sun. My husband blessed inside and outside of our home with Holy Water. We are blessed by two holy priests who are with us today hearing confessions as well as three Religious and over 100 hundred pilgrims. Each month we see many new faces and those who have become like family. About 1:40p.m. We gathered to pray with the little children by the Holy Cross for Priests. 

Our Mother came as we made the Sign of the Cross. She said, "My beloved children, I love you. I am with you in a special way today. I am very, very pleased to see all My precious little children. I have asked My little children to pray three Hail Mary's every day for priests. We will pray together now." Our Lady is dressed all in white today. Her Mantle is the most beautiful lace. She is holding out Her Hands to us and She says: "Come. Come, My little ones." Our Mother beckons us with Her Hands."Come. Come My little ones. I love you. I love you. I love you. Run to Me. Run to Me. My little ones feel My Presence. I am touching you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I fill you with My Peace. I sprinkle you with blessings from Heaven." Even though the sun was shining water drops began to fall. Our Mother continued: "I love you. Do you feel My Love? Give Me your heart. Open your heart. I love you. I long to love you more and more. I thank you for coming to pray with Me. I will refresh you. I will renew you. I will heal you. Continue to pray My little ones, each day for My priest sons. One day you will understand. Your Mother."

At 2p.m. I blessed myself, everyone present and the rooms with Holy Water. Our Mother came just after we began the Rosary. I consecrated all the priests of the world, all seminarians, all future priests and priest souls in Purgatory to Our Mother. I begged that She send more holy priests to lead and guide us all to holiness. I placed all our families and petitions in Her Immaculate Hands, especially our soldiers and our enemies. I am feeling so much Love coming from Our Mother I can hardly bear it. I am aware that the Love I feel coming from Her is from God Who is above Her.

This Lent I have been feeling that I don't get to do the holy things I want to do like extra holy reading and extra prayer time because my daily duties and struggles take my whole time. I have been experiencing a lot of physical and spiritual pain that makes me move so slowly. I don't get much done in a day, some days next to nothing. I feel like I fail Our Mother and Jesus much more often than I succeed. How often in my life I have pierced Their Hearts that LOVE so much? I know They Love me no matter what and this overwhelms me often as I stumble along my daily way. That Jesus and Mary would love such nothingness as I am is awesome to ponder. I can't even imagine how much love They must have for someone who is really holy. This is in the back of my mind as I begin the Rosary for Priests. It is raining more.

At the Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, Our Mother begins to speak to me:
"Beloved child, all that I ask of you is that you be here. Keep your heart, your mind, your soul and your home open to Me. I have always taken care of you and I always will. I love you. I love you. I love you. As My Love and My Words pass through you to others you are being healed and renewed. I come to you, as you are, a broken, wounded and sinful vessel. As you open your heart more and more to Your Mother I can bring about your healing and the cleansing of your soul. Do not worry how this will come about, just know that it will. All I ask is that you remain present to Me and remain open to Me. I love you. I dwell here with you at all times. You have asked over and over the past few weeks, 
'O Jesus, why didn't they recognize you when You lived on earth?'

Fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
Our Mother continues: "O My gentle tenderhearted child, I love you. O My child they did not recognize My Son Jesus because He was not what they had expected Him to be. Their view was limited to an earthly vision. Many who come here are healed as they sleep. My daughter, I love you. Remember all I ask is that you be here and remain open to Your Mother."

First Luminous Mystery The Baptism of Our Lord
Our Mother continues: "I work on your heart in a gentle tender way. Write for Me, My little one. Our union deepens. This is for My priest son" (Our Mother was looking at Father with so much Love.) "My precious, precious and most beloved son, I love you. I love you. Only in Heaven will you truly know how much I love you. All you do for Me I see. I see your little sacrifices. I see your sufferings. I see your generous heart of love. I call you to rest in My Heart. I provide all you need. I love you."

Second Luminous Mystery The Wedding at Cana Our Mother continued: "These next words are for My other priest son." (Our Mother turned Her Gaze upon the other priest.) >"My precious and most treasured son, son of My Immaculate Heart, I love you. I thank you for coming to be with Me here. I am renewing and restoring your health My son." (I could see a beam of light from Our Mother go and touch Father's hands and feet.) "I need you. You are My Hands for My people. Thank you for opening your heart to Me. Your eyes will see Heaven, My son. I love you. Your Mother. 

There is another priest present today, not in priest's clothes. My little remnant, I am with you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. My Son is fully present within you. All is going according to My Plan and the Plan of My Son in this mission of Divine Love. I come to you as you are to bring you Love, to bring you healing of your soul through the Love that is flowing from My Son Jesus' Heart. I have come to earth in obedience to Him to bring you His healing Peace. His Heart of Love I carry to you. O My children, My beloved Son Jesus is fully Present to you, for you in the Holy Eucharist. Treasure this gift as the greatest of all Treasures. There is no greater TREASURE on earth than the holy Flesh and Blood of My beloved Son Jesus. My children He comes to you in Fullness through the holy anointed hands of My chosen sons, My beloved priests. All because HE LOVES you! O My children, see My Son in Holy Eucharist. He is there always awaiting your response, awaiting you. Come in love and in trust."

First Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden
Our Mother continues: "There is no sin too great to be forgiven My children. My Son Jesus awaits you in the Holy Confessional. He longs to wash away your sins through My priest sons. 
Come. Come. Come. Open your heart and pour out your sins. Pour out your soul to My Son through His chosen sons, His brother priests. Now is the time to open your hearts. Be forgiven in Love. Be forgiven by Love. Be made holy and whole, renewed again. My Love for you prompts Me to come to you, to call you to open your hearts more and more. I call you to change. Pray in your language. I love to hear your voices praying in all languages."

Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns
Our Mother speaks to us in French, the native tongue of my ancestors. (English translation follows.)
"Je t'aime, Mes enfants. Ja t'aime a'vec tout Mon Coeur. 
"I love you My children. I love you with all My Heart.

C'est la Vierge de Lourdes qui vous parle.
It is the Virgin of Lourdes who speaks to you.

La foi de vos ancetres vous cove aujourd'ui.
The Faith of your ancestors/forefathers wraps you (covers over you) today.

Je t'aime Mes enfants. Je t'aime beaucoups.
I love you My children. I love you very much.

C'est la Vierge de La Sallette qui vous parle.
It is the Virgin of LaSallette who speaks to you.

Mes chers enfants, Ma plue vielle fille de Mon Eglise, la France, a le rondu loin de la place ca' elle etait. 
My dear children, My (the) oldest (eldest) daughter of My Church, France, she is far from the place where she was.

Mon enfant, ton mon, tes ancetres ai te sauves ici den la Louisiane pour aujourd'hui, pour ces temps ici. 
My child, your people, your ancestors were saved here in Louisiana for today, for this time.

Tu va comprends un jour."
You will understand one day."

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion
Jesus on the Cross Appears and Speaks: "Look at My Face. Look into My Eyes. A Man of Sorrows here on the Cross for you." I said, "O my Jesus, forgive me. My sins have put you there." Jesus said, "O no My Bride, My Church, My Love for you has put Me here. Why do you fail so many times to recognize Me? Open your eyes, open your heart and look around you, at every one you meet. There you will see Me. I dwell in you. You dwell in Me. Love Me in one another. Look for Me in one another. I am there. Will you fail to recognize Me? Yes My beloved I am in each of you. In My chosen sons, My priests I am with you in a special way for I have given to them alone an anointing that others do not have. I have left Myself with you My Church, My beloved Bride through My priests."

Second Glorious Mystery The Ascension
Our Mother speaks: "My beloved priest sons, I love you. I love you. I love you. I am here for you. It is Our Father's desire that our Church be renewed, made One with Him, restored to holiness and wholeness. This begins with you My shepherds. My little ones all over the world are praying and offering sacrifice for you. This prayer from so many hearts is releasing all the Grace needed for this restoration. Our Father's Plan will come about. God will never abandon His Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against Her. All Grace that is needed will be provided. I promise you restoration. Restoration begins with you, My sons. Open your hearts to Your Mother. Be converted. Repent of your sins and return to holiness and Truth. Your example speaks louder than your words My sons. When you are an example of holiness many young men and women will follow your example. New Orders will multiply in the priesthood and in the religious life. Seminaries will be renewed and refilled. This is My Promise to you My chosen sons if you will return to My Son Jesus. I am here to help you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Your Mother, Your Patroness, Mother of Divine Love."
Fourth Glorious Mystery The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven
"My Beloved Children, I love you. I thank you for coming here today to pray with Your Mother. I ask you to pray more at this very special time. My children of America I have warned you many months ago that funeral bells were tolling for your country. Only prayer will avert a terrible war. I come to you in Peace. I come to bring you Peace. Fill your hearts with Peace My children. See My Son in one another and live in Peace. Seek forgiveness of those you have hurt and forgive those who have hurt you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for all you do for Me. Love one another in Peace. 
Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."
End of Claire Rose__________________

Our Mother spoke several times today mostly during the Luminous Mysteries to one of the priests present. "To My 3rd priest present, My precious son, I love you! When in doubt, know that I am with you because I love you. Take Me into your heart and allow Me to love you and to heal you.!! 
Your Mother Mary."
"Mary Ann, continue to do your good works. I see all that you do for Me and My Son. I love you. 
Your Mother, Mary"

"Many of you sleep while I am present. Don't fight this. I am giving you rest and healing you."

"Today I gave you two outer signs. The first one is the rain. I am cleansing you of your sins. Go to Confession and you will be made clean. Let Me wash you as the rain washes you. Tell your brother priests to go to Confession often. My priest sons, when you celebrate Holy Mass with serious sin on your soul you commit another serious sin. Come to the Eucharist pure and clean. 

The second outer sign I gave you was the helicopter that circled overhead. It came twice. Pray for world peace. Pray the rosary daily for world peace. It is a weapon against evil and war."

"Taryn, Ashton is safe. I have wrapped him in My Mantle. Do not worry. I am with him as he fights for freedom."

Second Luminous Mystery The Wedding at Cana
Our Mother spoke: "Work at your marriage. Pray together as husbands and wives. It is from good marriages that vocations to the priesthood and religious life come from.
Jenny and Tony, thank you for the witness you are and how you reflect love for each other in your marriage. You bring a smile to others."

"Thank you for praying in different languages, especially the French language."
"Thank you to all who went to Our seminary last week. Continue to witness and encourage the seminarians by your works and prayers."
End of message given to priest present___________

March 29, 2003 Last Saturday of March Priest's Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. People came around 1:45 p.m. and put their petitions in the petition box. I blessed us with holy water and invite all the Holy Angels the dear Saints and the Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for all the priests of the world. I invite Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us as we pray for Holy Priests. I then read the beginning prayers before the 20 decade Rosary for priests. We started the Joyful Mysteries and Our Lady said, "I am here little one. Announce I am here." I did. Our Lady continued, "My daughters I love you. Thank you for answering My call to pray for priests. I join you to all those all over the world who have come together today at My request to pray with Me for priests."

I now see Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is life size and most beautiful. She is hovering above us. She says, "I love you My children. Oh! How I love you. Your prayers are needed desperately for our beloved priests, to encourage them My children. They need your encouragement. Many have too many duties My children. They do not have enough time in the day to do all they are asked to do. Pray! Pray! Pray for them My children. The prayers help lift them up and strengthen them. Continue to ask for vocations My children. Pray for holy families, as priests come from families. You do not realize how important it is to have holy families."

I now see Our Lady Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is all in white. Her garments flow softly in the breeze. She has Her beautiful Crown on Her Head. In the front of the Crown is a Chalice with the Eucharist above it. From the Eucharist are rays of light that radiate and glow at different lengths. Our Lady says to Her priests sons:
"Oh My beloved priest sons, I love you. You are My precious sons. You have the job of bringing My children to My Son Jesus. My children are scattered at this time. Teach them the faith of My Son Jesus. They need you so desperately to be holy My priests sons. They need you to be holy. They look to you for guidance. They are scandalized by what is happening in the Church at this time, as you are (also) My holy priest sons. Stay close to My Son Jesus and you will stay on the right track. I love you My priest sons, I love you. I pray for you with My children as they pray for you." I am very aware of the people around me praying.

Luminous Mysteries - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is present. She is holding Jesus in Her Arms. She is smiling at us and She says,"Where are the rest of My children, My prayer warriors? My children I am calling you here to pray together for My priest sons. I call you My children, I call you. Do you not hear Me? Are you too busy to be with Me to pray for Our beloved priests. Where do you think you will be if you do not have holy priests?"
I see the devil cringing as we pray the Rosary. As we continue to pray the Rosary he leaves completely.

I see Our Lady now in a column of white mist coming down to us. There is midnight blue sky all around Her with stars ever so bright. Her dress is midnight blue with stars on it. Her garments are now all white. Her Hands are outstretched and from Her Hands come rays of light, grace flowing to all of us and to all the world, unable to be contained in a small room. The rays from Our Lady's Hands continue to go out from a small area spreading to all the world and increasing more and more. Very hard to explain. Our Lady says, "Many blessings come to you today My children as you pray the Rosary for priests. The blessings go to you My children as well as all the priests all over the world. Again I see Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is accompanied by numerous bands of Angels. They seem to be all around us. They pray and intercede with us and for us. Our Lady says, "Many Angels and Saints are praying with you My children for all the priests of the world. Your prayers rise before Our Father's throne. They are heard by all of Heaven. Pray for holy families My children, pray for holy families. From families come priests. Families pray together. Live for My Son, My children, not for self and self indulgences. Many of My children are running after the things of this world instead of making My Son first in their life. Until My Son is first in your life you will not have peace."

Sorrowful Mysteries - I see a dark black void. Our Lady says, "This is what you have with out My Son. Pray My children, pray for holy priests. If you have holy priests you will have the light of My Son Jesus. Holy priests will bring His Light to you. Teach your children to pray. Teach your children the Rosary. Teach them when they are small about the three Hail Mary's for priests. Your children look to you My children for guidance. Be a good example to them and pray with they and for them. Teach them how to pray for each other. Teach them to pray for priests. Pray for each other My children. Teach others to pray for priests. Tell them about this Mission of Love to pray for priests. Many blessings are coming to you My children. They will go with you today to all you meet. Oh! My children I am calling you. I am calling you so strongly to prayer. Pray! Pray! Pray My children! Pray for Our beloved priests. I love you. Oh! My children how I love you! How My Son loves you. Thank you My children for saying the Luminous Mysteries. They are the Mysteries of Light. They are during My Son's Ministry on earth. Listen to what He tells you in these Mysteries. Pray My dear children. Pray for My son John Paul II. He is My special son. He suffers greatly. His suffering is for you My children and for My priest sons. He is their holy example. Please notice his example My priest sons and My children. Follow his example. He leads you on the right path. Pray! Pray! Pray for him. (John Paul II)" 

I now see Jesus torn and bleeding. Our Lady is by His side. Tears are falling from Her Eyes. Her Eyes become larger and larger. She seems to take us all inside of Her beautiful Eyes. They are pure love. She says, "Your eyes are the mirror of your souls. Be careful to use them wisely. Take care not to look at what is sinful My children or My priest sons. Take care not to use your mouth in a bad way. Be careful to say what is helpful to others and not be hurtful to others. Pray for help with this. Pray to keep your minds focused on My Son Jesus and pray to Him for help for you to be holy and stay holy. 

It is Lent My children, a special time with special grace to convert your hearts to goodness and to make changes in your lives to become more holy. Start with prayer My children, My little ones. Pray to listen to My Son and do as He says. Start here and trust totally in Him and the rest will follow. My Son must be first in your lives My children. You will not grow in love My children unless My Son Jesus is first in your life. Do not worry about other things My children. Let My Son be first in your life. It is simple My children, it is simple. Peace will be restored in the world My children if My Son is first in your lives. Place Him there My children and TRUST! My children I love you. Thank you for coming together today to pray with Me for Our priests. I join you together with those all over the world who have come together today to pray with Me for priests. You form a river of prayer flowing all over the world going places where only water can go to the lowest places. Bringing graces I send to all over the world. I love you My children. I love you My priest sons. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."

I received some private messages. Our Lady is with us all in white. She is so beautiful. She is all love. She hovers just off the top of the ground. She sends love from Her Heart out to all of us and says, "I love you My children! I love you!" I then see Her all in pink. She says to the people present "I see the sacrifices you make for Me. I love you!" She then tells me I may say it to the people present.
End of bride from another area, Lin____________

March 29, 2003 Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese` received:
Our Mother spoke to me as the rosary started: "Give this rosary to the one I ask for him to pray with us today for My priests. My protection I give unto him who prays with Me today. I went right away to give the rosary to the person She asked me to. 
Our Mother continued to everyone present:
"My Dear Children, all that you see in this peaceful place begins with Me. My Love for you has begun to deepen and has already exceeded your ability to comprehend. Hold Me in your hearts as I hold you in Mine. You are My special chosen children and I love you. Thank you My children for coming here today to pray with Me for My-your priests. I bless all today with a cleansing of mind, body and spirit. I bless all of your marriages and children of these. To My Joseph's be strong My sons and take care to pray for your families. Ask Our Lord Jesus' protection for them, for everyone you love and anyone who has ever touched your lives. Pray also for your enemies that Our Lord will forgive them and lead them unto Himself. Again My children I ask you to pray for and do all you can for My priests. Make them to be part of your families. Welcome them into your hearts and homes. But most of all pray for them to continue the work that God has placed before them. I love you My children. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. Pray again for peace to come into this world as never seen before. Fast and pray for those who would have you think I do not exist. Fast and pray for those of My priests who have forgotten their Mother. Thank you again My children for your faith in coming here to receive My words to you. Teach your children to love My Son Jesus. Teach them to respect and love My people and each other. They are the future. Teach them to pray for their enemies and anyone who has hurt them in any way. I love to see and hear My children as they pray to save My priests. Pray. Pray My children for all of those in need around the world. Many of My children need your prayers of peace today. Pray for those who have no Sacraments available to them. Pray that their freedom to receive these will begin soon. Ask The Lord to bless this world with His Peace soon. Keep your children in innocence as long as you can for in this innocence much beauty exists. Pray with your children daily. Enjoy each day each moment of your time with them. Teach them to love. I love you My children, always you are in My Heart."

Our Mother spoke to the nuns and brothers present:
"To My precious ones in habit. Oh how I love you, each day you give the world an outward sign of your love for My Son Jesus. Continue to pray for those of your orders who have been mislead by this world and think only of themselves. I love you. I love you. I love you My most special little doves. All that you do is felt and seen by Heaven. Thank you again My sweets."

Our Mother speaks again to the people that She named:
"Peggy, are you still in doubt, My child, of the love I have for you? Go and live in My peace. John, soon My son all will be revealed to you. I love you! Jacob, pray My son and go to Confession with a contrite heart. Suzy, Suzanne, I love you too My child. My daughter I call you into the service of My Son Jesus. Karen, You are My Heart."
This next message is to all of us:
"Come to Me My children and confess all of your sins, so that you may one day join Me in Heaven. I have heard all of your petitions and questions to Me and I will bring them to Heaven."
I saw the two children Claire Rose had sitting next to her outside as we were praying with the children and Our Mother spoke to me again:
"His and her recovery will be complete. Come to Me in all of your sorrow and I will make you whole again."

Our Mother spoke to the priests present:
"My most precious sons I am glad to see you here today. My children and I are blessed by your presence. Bless, and pray for all of My children. Pray also for your brother priests that they will soon hear again My Call to them here in this little holy place. Our Lord asked Me to be here for you His special sons and I can refuse Him nothing. You are so dear to My Heart. I will renew and refresh you here at every visit. I give you all of My Love, My Peace, and My Joy. I bless you with a strong faith and a strong love for My people in all their humanness. Forgive those of My children who would say or do anything against you. I love you My sons. I give you My strength and love to endure all that is to come. Call to Me whenever you need this. I have seen all that you do in My Name and I am well pleased. I love you My sons. Your Mother. Mother of Divine Love. My love for you is never-ending…Each day I love you more."

I see Our Mother today dressed all in white. Her veil is like a bridal veil and Her crown is made of spring flowers. Then I see millions of flowers all colors sizes and shapes. There are little colorful butterflies flying around like they are checking on each flower. Our Mother says we are the flowers and our priests and nuns and brothers are the butterflies.
Our Mother says: "I welcome you My children into the garden of My Heart where My Love for you grows with each new sunrise."
End of Leslie Therese`_____________Paste Message Here

march 29, 2003, Saturday