Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Sixtieth Visitation of Our Lady

March 27, 2004 Last Saturday of March Theriot, Louisiana
Claire Rose wrote:
Today is a beautiful day, like a day made in Heaven! The sun is shining, a cool breeze blowing and colors of spring are all around us. The orange trees are heavy with scented blossom, yet there are still many oranges on the tree on the back porch. The work on the bathrooms and the upper room is coming along very well. The outside is almost done. My husband blessed in and out of our house with Holy Water. This week we found out that my husband has almost no circulation in his legs. We are asking everyone to pray for him. The doctors have scheduled many tests. About midmorning I called a priest friend to pray with me. His associate answered so I asked him if he would please pray with me. As we prayed Our Mother appeared. She was so beautiful with a tall Crown on Her head. Our Mother has been present since early morning. When I was drinking my morning coffee on the swing, She Appeared by the orange tree. I prayed "Jesus, please heal me from everything that keeps me from being free to be all that you want me to be. Make my heart like a freshly tilled garden, ready to receive all that you want to plant there." At that moment a bald eagle flew real low over the orange tree & me. I thought of my country, America. In the past few weeks my husband, visitors & the workers have seen a pair of eagles on or near the Holy Cross. This past week Lin and I have both seen our earthly mothers. They told us separately that they were friends in Heaven. A holy priest was one of the first to arrive today. We were delighted to serve him a simple breakfast. He was the first priest to receive visible physical healing here on the Last Saturday 4 years ago. Many witnessed his healing in April of 2000. Today we are blessed by the holy presence of two priests, two Sisters and two Religious Brothers and a young man who will soon enter the Seminary. Those who come early walk the grounds, pray and visit with us and one another. Our Mother is forming a large family with all of us. One of the priests heard Confession for several hours. Today there are many little children. 

About 1:45p.m. we gathered with the children at the foot of the Holy Cross. We begin with the Sign of the Cross. Our Blessed Mother has asked the little children to pray three Hail Mary's everyday for our priests. As soon as we begin the first Hail Mary, Our Mother comes, She is with us. Today She is all in white. She has a beautiful, beautiful veil and Her veil is moving in the wind. She says, "My precious, precious little children, I love you! I love you! I love you! Thank you My little ones for coming today to pray with Me for our priests. I welcome you. My arms are open wide to welcome you. Come My Little ones, come! Let Me love you."

Suddenly, everything becomes still for several minutes! The bird's singing and the wind cease. Our Mother is silent and listening. All that can be heard is Brother Martin singing "Here I am, Lord." over the speaker system. He is inside the house with the pilgrims who are seated there. When the hymn is finished, I see a beautiful field of flowers. The flowers are all purple, but there is white on top of the purple. Purple means suffering but the white on top is purification through suffering. Our Mother says, "I am with you in a new way today." I see Our Mother touching each one of the children. Her dress and Her veil seem to be filled with light. She says, "I have called you My children. I call and I call. I love you! I love you! I love you!" 
The children then prayed another three Hail Mary's.

At 2p.m. we went inside to begin the 20 decade Rosary for Priests. My Spiritual Director brought Jesus out for Adoration and Benediction. We sang the songs of Benediction that I remember singing as a child.
The first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Mother spoke: "Announce that I am fully present." Our Lady is in Adoration. Our Lady continues, "Today My beloved children is the 5th Anniversary of the Blessing of the Shrine on the Bayou that I asked for on December 8, 1987. My beloved priest son I thank you for your obedience to My Call to your heart. I thank you for blessing My Home here. Again I tell you that I have come here to this small and unknown place in response to a prayer prayed to Me under the title Mother of Divine Love. A prayer prayed from the heart and soul of My beloved and chosen son, His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Let this message go to him by various means. He knows well the small diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. In his possession is a map. There is a Cross that marks this little diocese. This Cross is the Holy Cross for Priests that has been erected here in Theriot at My Request. O My beloved children, miss no opportunity to come to this Holy Cross. Come to pray for My beloved priest sons. I am here at all times. My Son Jesus is with Me for wherever He is I am. Come to the Holy Cross to pray for My beloved sons and I will pray for all your needs. I promise you healing of your soul, your mind and your body. Many broken homes will be restored and healed. O My beloved children, I have come to earth from Heaven to bring you much Grace. My beloved priest sons are at war with the evil one. The sacredness of marriage and the holiness of the home has been especially targeted for destruction by the evil one. The sacredness of life, the very heartbeat of life is being destroyed as we gather and pray. O My beloved children, never before in the history of mankind has there been such a war between good and evil. Be converted My children. Give your whole life and your whole will, your whole heart to My Son Jesus. I need you My children. I plead with you as never before to be holy. Pray with your heart open to Our Father, to Jesus My Son and to the Holy Spirit. I am here to help you My own children. Your faithful daily prayers on behalf of Our beloved priests do make a difference!"

The first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan
"A floodgate of Grace has been opened here in Theriot because of faithful prayers of past generations. I have come to earth to warn you, to love you and to enfold you within My Immaculate Heart." I saw Our Mother very large, bigger than the earth. She was coming from Heaven. She was in a white dress with a blue Mantle and a golden Crown. Her Arms were open. Her Mantle spread out. Her Heart beat from Flesh to Gold. She was drawing us all into Her Immaculate Heart. She says, "Be healed My children, be made whole again. I call you to prayer, deep and constant prayer. Even as you go about your daily life and duty, be a light in the darkness of this world My children. Take My words into your hearts My children. Live in My Love for when you live in My Immaculate Heart you are safely enclosed in the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. Live in expectant Hope. Do not walk around as if you had no hope. Live in joy for I am with you. Worship the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, God Our Father, Jesus, My Beloved Son and the Holy Spirit, My Beloved Spouse. You may honor Me as your Mother My children and as the Mother of Jesus, Our Beloved Savior and Redeemer. You must never place Me above God. You must never worship Me. With Metogether We worship God, the living God, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, One God in Three Persons." Then Our Mother spoke to me:
"Kiss your Cross My beloved. Obey My priest. I have chosen him to guide you. I thank you all who have been obedient, for the door to My Heart is through Holy Obedience. Buddy will be O.K. He is in My Hands. Thank you for trusting Me and My Son Jesus. Place your total trust in My Son Jesus."

"My beloved children of America, funeral bells are tolling for your country! Funeral bells are tolling for your country! Funeral bells are tolling for your country! The survival of your nation as a nation is at a serious crossroads. Evil has permeated to the core of this nation which has been so blessed by God. No nation or person can set God aside and expect to survive. The very gift of life and of light is being killed and covered in darkness. My beloved children, consecrate yourselves, your families, homes, parishes and country to My Immaculate Heart. I am here to help you. I am inspiring many to stand up for what is right and holy in your homes, churches and schools. O My children, I speak to your hearts today. I thank you for praying with Me for Our priests."
Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns
I saw Jesus with a Crown of Thorns. The Crown of Thorns became a Crown of Light, of diamonds. Jesus Precious Blood fell like Jewels.
Our Mother then spoke to both priests present. First to one: "My beloved priest son, O how I love you. You bring joy to My Heart today. I love you! I love you! I love you!" to the other: 
"My dear Emile, I love you! I thank you for the hours you spent in hearing the confessions of My beloved children. I love you. Today I place My Hands upon your head to bring to you a new healing. I am restoring you My son, for God's Plan. Next month will be 4 years since your first visit to Me here."
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
I see Jesus carrying His Cross, surrounded by gold light. Jesus then became a priest who is tired and weary. He is being falsely accused, a soldier for Jesus. He can barely drag one foot in front of the other. Our Lady then speaks to one of the Religious Brothers present:" My beloved son, little brother Jim, I love you! I have called you here My son. I will reveal My plan to your heart. I love you. Thank you for your response."
The fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion and through the Glorious Mysteries
"My beloved children, My Son Jesus has gifted you with His Holy Presence today through the open heart and holy hands of My priest son. Thank My Son Jesus for this great gift, and thank My priest son for this gift and for his presence. I love you My children. O My children, as we approach Holy Week, be sincerely honest in your hearts. Carry your crosses. Kiss your cross. 

Remember Good Friday is followed by Easter morning! Strive to be more holy. I bring you Love. I fill you with the holy gift of Love. I come to you in Love. I ask you to Love God with your whole soul, your whole heart, your whole mind and all your strength and I ask you to become seeds and vessels of Divine Love. Love one another as I love you. Open your hearts to My Love. Let My Love flow through your open hearts to one another. This will begin the new era, the new springtime. Entrust yourselves, your families, your homes, your parishes and your country to My Son Jesus. Allow God to use you as a seed and vessel of hope and of love. I have called and chosen you My children, little unknown souls, to bring new life, new light into the darkness. Become a people of life and of light to overcome the culture of darkness and death. I love you and I will provide all that is needed for My Mission of Love. 

Your true home is within My Heart, within My Church, the Church of My Son Jesus. Our beloved Church will be renewed and restored to wholeness and holiness. And the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will lead nations to Peace. As the Church goes, so goes the world. Yes! My children, I have come here to Theriot in response to My beloved son, John Paul II's prayer. I have come here for My priest sons and for all of you. My Mission here will increase and multiply the magnitude of which you cannot comprehend at this time. Much suffering will be averted by your faithfulness to prayer and to sacrifice. I have touched the hearts of those who have been inspired to offer themselves as living sacrifices, victim souls for priests. My children, I have done this in no other place as I have done here. God will always provide for the needs of His Church. This is needed at this time and those who have begun this offering of self are simply responding to God's Call and gift of Grace. I love you all. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."

End of Claire Rose ___________________________________________

A holy Priest who is present received:
At the sign of the Cross as we began the Rosary, Our Mother Mary said, "I, your Heavenly Mother, am present. Thank you for your presence in this holy little place. As the Church celebrates the Holy Season of Lent, may you realize today how much My Son Jesus loves you and how much He suffered so that your sins may be forgiven so that you may have eternal life. Reflect on the sufferings of My Son so that you may realize how much He loves you; a love that is unconditional; a love that has no end. Repent from your sins today. Don't think that you can do this tomorrow. It is required that you do it now. Now is the acceptable time. 
At the first Mystery, tell Claire to sit down.
To My priest sons, treasure the gift of celibacy, be true to the vow you took on your ordination day. I want you to have the same joy today that you had on your ordination day. Die to self in order to become the servant of all. Do not water down the Truth. Stand up for the Truth. Do not be afraid. Love My Son with all your hearts. Do not be distracted by the world. Keep your eyes focused on My Son. This is true not only for My priest sons, but for all the baptized who are priests, prophets and kings. You are indeed a chosen race, a royal priesthood. You are God's children and all that the Father has you inherited it. You are My special children whom I love with a Mother's love. 

Pray for My priest sons, as I clean house and root out evil, to be holy as My Son Jesus is holy. Pray that they may follow in My Son's footsteps. Know that you are to suffer much in this world, so that you may reap joy in the next world of Heaven. Remember that Good Friday comes before Easter Sunday. Many want only Easter Sundays, but no Good Fridays. The Cross comes first followed by Resurrection. Accept your crosses, do not waste them. Offer them up with love the way My Son accepted His Cross with love. The Cross is the answer, the road to salvation. From the tree comes the Cross of death to the tree of life. The reason My Son was born was to die for you on the cross. Tell Daryl thank you for making so many crosses so others may come to appreciate the cross more. You are truly precious in Our sight. All people were purchased with a great price. And My Son is willing to die again just for you. But it is not necessary for Him to die again. The sacrifice was once and for all. If only you realized how much My Son and I love you. The fullness of that love will be realized once you are in Heaven. Live each day for My Son Jesus. Accept this invitation of discipleship. Do not turn Him down because He doesn't turn us down when we come to Him. Enter into a deeper relationship with My Son and Your Mother. For We long for a closer relationship. As We gave Our all, so do We want your all. There is so much more that We want to bless you with. There is an abundant life waiting for you. Come, all of you to the fullness of life. Come and do not look back. You will not be disappointed. There will be more treasures than you leave behind. Do not live in this material world. Walk in the light, not in darkness. The evil one is in the world trying to win you over. There is a warfare going on. satan has only empty promises to offer. Do not follow him, but rather follow My Son Jesus Christ. Pray the Rosary. It is a weapon against the evil one. Thank you for praying the Rosary in many different languages today. I love to hear My children pray in different languages. I want you to be one. There is no Truth in satan, for Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the Life! Do not be deceived. Pray daily to stay close to Jesus My only Son. Embrace Me and come alive. Be on fire for My Son.

Pray for holy marriages. A marriage is between a man and woman to reflect and mirror Jesus' love. The end of marriage is to bring your spouse to Heaven and to bring new life in the image of Jesus into the world. Consecrate your children from marriages to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is from holy marriages that we will receive holy priests. Teach your children about the way of the Lord. As parents it is your responsibility. For God has entrusted these little ones to you and you will be accountable for them. Pray with them as a family so they can follow your examples. Children learn what you model for them. They are like sponges that soak it all in. You can shape them for good or evil. Choose life! Choose good rather than death and evil. Be humble and obedient so that Jesus can transform you. Be changed. Decide today for Jesus, do not put it off. Time is passing quickly. Do not sin for a moment of pleasure in this world that will cost you a life time in hell. Now is the acceptable time to be reformed. Change your minds and hearts. Make a decision for Jesus today. Time is passing quickly! This request is urgent. Go to Mass daily. My Son Jesus is there for you in the Holy Eucharist. Be fed with Heavenly Bread. Do not work for bread that will perish, but will bring you to eternal life."

Then Jesus said, "I am the True Bread from Heaven. Unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood, you will not have life everlasting. Come and worship in spirit and truth at the Holy Eucharist. Do not see it as the letter of the law, but come out of LOVE and in Spirit. You will receive the grace to live and be Eucharist for one another. What you eat you become. The more you come to Me, the more you will receive and the more you will want of Me. Do My Will, not your will. The more you surrenderthe easier it will be for you to do My Will. Lent is a special time, do not waste this time. Use it wisely, because Easter is fast approaching. Nothing will happen Easter Sunday if you do not surrender. The greatest miracle of new life awaits you."

Our Mother continued: "I thank all those who came today, especially newcomers. Do not stay away, I need you to be My Voice today. Invite others to come, especially My priest sons and seminarians.
Claire, I hold your family in safety. Do not be distressed about the health of your family. Trust Me more and I will take care of everything, even this ministry. 'I Am' built it. A special thanks to those who went on Pilgrimage to Notre Dame and St. Bens. You truly showed support to our seminarians by prayer and by your presence. Thank you My religious brothers and sisters for being here today. Thank you Fr. Fossier for hearing confessions today. Thank you Andrew for coming to day and remaining pure. Share your blessing you received today with others. Do not be afraid I am with you. You will truly be a holy and good priest. Thank you My children for coming here today. To My people know that I am always here in this little place for you. Come often, not only on the last Saturday. My doors and Arms are always open for you. As I build this little place, it will not be of bricks and stones, but I will build it to be a living temple for My Son Jesus. Go and build My Church. I am renewing My Church and cleaning house. Spring time is here. As the trees began to bud new life so is My Church budding with new life all around Me. I am renewing all. I bless all of you and your religious articles. Peace was My Son's farewell gift and Peace was the greeting He gave to His followers after the Resurrection. Therefore, I bless you with Peace from on high. A Peace that this world does not know. Many of you today experience that Peace by resting in the Spirit. Many of you are tired from your journey. I will renew you with Peace. Listen to your heart. I am speaking to you. Expect a miracle in your life and give thanks for it when it happens. Give witness to others what My Son Jesus and I are doing in your lives. Great things are happening all around us in spite of all the bad things that are happening in the world. Pray for an end to the war in Iraq so that Peace may reign. I love you! Your Mother Mary."
End of priest present ______________________

March 27, 2004 Last Saturday of March Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese' received:
The blessed Mother came today all in white with a veil of lace. She is holding a bouquet of white roses. I can see angels and people with Her. Our Mother speaks: "Today is a special day of worship of My Son Jesus. Open your hearts to My Love for you My Children. Each of you has been chosen, I have called you here to pray for My sons My Priests. You have been called by Me, who is your Mother the Mother of the world. Pray with all your hearts My Children. Pray! Pray! Open your hearts to the Love of My Son Jesus for this love that he offers is a love you will not find in earthly goods and worldly things. This love can only be found through faith and trust in My Son Jesus. Oh My Children how very much I love you and want to share the love of My Son Jesus with you. Look to Me for guidance in all of your needs. You have blessed Me with your presence here today both in spirit and in body. Continue to do all that you can to pray for My sons My Priests. Offer all that you do each day for them. All of Heaven and many on earth pray with us today. Pray with and for each other My children. Teach your children the best you can, to love and respect all of My people and to pray for all, especially My Priests. 

I have called many by name to come and follow My Son Jesus into the church. Pray that they hear and recognize My calling to them. I give all of you an extra special angel of love today. This angel will guide you in what you do and say for My Son Jesus. Come to Me for help and guidance and listen to the truth I will whisper into your hearts. I also send each new child of mine here today home with an angel of protection. I also bless all wedding rings and marriages. I bless all children of these. I bless all of you my children with My Peace. All of Heaven is grateful for your prayer with us today. I come here today for My Sons, My Priests but also for you, My faithful and loving children. This place, this little place I have come to that GOD has chosen was blessed and chosen many generations ago. Our Lord placed good and holy people here to raise good and holy children, who would someday welcome their Mother into their hearts and homes where I would be welcomed with open loving arms. I see that they have done the same for you my children, remember this for no where else on earth will this be found. Open your hearts my children and be welcome here. Be welcomed into My loving arms. Be welcomed into the arms of My Son, Jesus, Who also resides with Me in this little place in Theriot. Come My children and witness this love. Thank you for coming here today. Yes I see those of you who wish to be here. Pray! Pray! Pray! My children."

As Our Mother Spoke about the generations of family that were sent here so long ago I see my Grandparents and I suddenly realize that all of the people with Our Mother today are my ancestors My own people. There are so many of them!

At the fourth Luminous Mystery The Transfiguration
Our Mother continued: "My little Martin, Oh how I love you. I was so touched by you today I quieted My children to hear you sing. Many of My children are touched by your soft voice as you sing. As you pray I pray with you. As you sing I sing with you. Today as you sang softly I stopped to listen. Oh My precious one you are My Heart. Softly, you sang deep into My Heart I love you My son." 
Fifth Luminous Mystery, The Last Supper
"To the Sisters" (I see Sister Marguerite sitting in the chapel. Sister Marguerite used to come faithfully on the Last Saturday but she is now in a retirement home and cannot come in person. Every month she prays with us at this time.)
"My darling daughters, You who come to Me each month I love you. Yes I see even when you are here in spirit only. Oh how I love you. You are so very special to Me. Thank you for your yes each day. Words cannot say how much My children continue to need the prayer you send out for them each day. Your sisters will come to Me in time. Continue in prayer for them My daughters, continue in prayer. Pray for My sons also. All that you do for Me I see. Remember My daughters to love all of My people to cherish My children and to share the Love of Jesus with all of these.
To all of My Religious in habit:
I thank you with all of Heaven for showing the world's children how very much you love My Son Jesus!
To Brother Jim My sweet little Jim, My son I love you dearly. I have not forgotten you My son. I love you and I see also what you have done for Me. I will ask no more of you than GOD and you can handle together. Come to Me in prayer for I have a special task for you. Pray! Pray! Pray! My son for you will understand soon what I have in mind for you. I Love You My Son. Listen for My call to you. Listen and be prepared to answer.
To the Seminarian: My little one so young so scared do not be afraid of Me My child, for no one here will harm you. You are safe within My arms. You are safe within My Heart. Open your eyes and mind to Me, for I will guide you to My Son Jesus. Many years from now I will still be here in this little place for you My son and for your brothers. I will give you My peace and love but most of all I give you My strength. Be bold in your love of Jesus, I will guide you.
To Father Fossier, My precious little Emile, Thank you My son again for hearing My children in Confession. Many more will be coming soon so rest in My arms, rest in My love. Let Me hold you in My arms and heal all of your pain. It was Me who called to you early this day to come to Me and let My children here take care of you. My children are blessed by your presence and are grateful for your love of My Son Jesus and your dedication to Me, Your Mother. I love you My gentle child.

To Father D.: I love you My son. Thank you for listening to My words and putting them to paper. Continue to call to Me for guidance and to teach My children of the love of My Son Jesus and the Sacrifice of the Mass and it's importance and the Truth it offers each one of them. Teach them that honesty and goodness are things to strive for. Pray for your brother priests for I call to them and they are silent. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray. Daily I see how much you love Me. Daily I see the care you give My people and especially your precious Mother. You are blessed to come from beauty which is love. I love you My son.
To all Priests: Where are you My sons, my priests? Do not abandon Me Your Mother. Come to Me here in this little holy place. I will refresh and renew you here. I am here for you at the request of My Son Jesus. Come and visit with Me here. If you but follow Me I can lead you to My Son Jesus. I can lead you to love, a true and gentle love that is never ending. I love you My sons, I love you. 
Your Mother, Mother of the Bayou."
End of Leslie Therese'____________

March 27, 2004 Last Saturday of March Priest's Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday. Our Lady has been with us since early this morning. I went out around 9:30 a.m. to pray at the 33 foot Cross for priests. As I prayed I saw a bright cloud and out of the cloud came God the Father, then below Him, God the Son and below Him, God the Holy Spirit. Out of the cloud and through Them came rays of bright white light. The Light traveled down to us all and seemed to shower us with the Light from the Trinity.

Many Pilgrims came from different areas, all praying for our beloved priests. At around 1:45 Claire called the children outside at the 33 foot Cross to pray with her for priests. As we prayed Brother Martin was singing and could be heard over the loud speaker. At this point I see Our Lady all in white. She stood next to a young boy, then moved around all of us present at the Cross. She then went back by the young boy and stayed there while the children prayed the three Hail Mary's with Her.

Around 2:00 p.m. we went in to say the 20 decade Rosary for Priests. A holy priest brought out the Blessed Sacrament and placed Jesus in the Monstrance for Adoration. Everyone present who could, knelt and we sang the songs for Adoration. As we sang the "O' Salutaris" Our Lady appeared kneeling and bowed in Adoration to Her Son Jesus in the Monstrance. Our Lady is in blue and white. She continues to bow to Our Lord in the Monstrance as we sing the Benediction Songs. Our Lady then says,"Thank you for writing My daughter. Do as I do. Adore My Son!"
"Continue to write My Daughter." Our Lady is now all in white. Her Hands are outstretched out to all of us. She is smiling as we sing ,"Holy God We praise Thy Name." Our Lady says, "Your sister will announce that I am here. Oh! My children, Oh how I love you." I was having a lot of pain in my left forearm and it was very difficult for me to write. Our Lady says, "The pain in your arm is harassment to try and stop you from writing. Persevere My daughter, persevere!"
The first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Claire announced that Our Lady was here. Our Lady showed me the devil. He was cringing and as we prayed the Rosary he left. Our Lady says, "My daughter, in spite of the pain you are experiencing, continue to write. Persevere My daughter, persevere! Continue to pray My daughter."
The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady says, "Touch the person on your right. That person is receiving a healing. A blessing. A blessing to you My daughter for your obedience."
The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children, Oh how I love you! Thank you for answering My call to come and pray with Me at My request for Our beloved priests. Oh! My priest sons, Oh how I love you. My children are here praying for you. Open your hearts to the graces that are coming from all these prayers from all over the world who are praying for you at My request. Oh! My daughter, I see your perseverance."
The fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of the Lord
Our Lady says, "There is a person here who is very wounded. There is much healing happening here today. Oh! My children, open your hearts to all the healing that is present here today. Love, pure love is waiting, waiting to come into your hearts. Open your hearts My children, open your hearts. I love you My children, Oh how I love you."

The fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of Our Lord in the Temple
Jesus speaks:
"My children, I come with My Mother. I am with you in a special way today in My fullness. Great, great grace is present to you today."
I see Our Lady all in white. She is holding out a clear Rosary with light behind it. She says, "This is your weapon against the evil one. It is a weapon of love that he cannot stand. Use it often My children, use it often. You will not be sorry My children, you will not be sorry!"
The first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan
Our Lady continues, "Oh how I love to hear the Rosary in different languages. Yes! In Latin, My brother, it pleases Me greatly."
The second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana
I see Our Lady kneeling in front of the sisters present before the Blessed Sacrament. She says, "Do as I do! Adore My Son!"
The third and fourth Luminous Mysteries I am taken away. I'm not sure where. I feel great, great peace. Our Lady says, "Do not worry about what others think. Stay close to My Son Jesus and do not worry."
The fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady says, "Extra graces today My children! Many graces because of My Son's Presence in the Eucharist. Graces beyond your understanding."

The first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
Our Lady speaks to a priest present: "_____Oh! _____, my precious son. Thank you for hearing My children's confessions. Thank you My son for your faithfulness. I love you My son! I love you! You are My precious, precious son."
The second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar
Our Lady says, "Continue to write My daughter!
My priest sons, continue to pray for holy priests. Continue to pray for priests who are holy to stay holy. Daily conversion My sons! Daily conversion! That is the key. It is not easy My sons, it is not easy. I love you My sons, My beloved priests sons, Oh how I love you. You bring your flocks to My Son! Oh! How they look to you My sons to do this for them. Holy priests attract their flocks to be holy."
The third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns
I was concerned about the person sitting next to me who was sitting in front of the air conditioner. I was about to get up and give him my seat as he was very cold, when Our Lady said, "My child stay where you are and let him offer up the discomfort for Our beloved priests. Thank you My daughter for your obedience!" Mother Mary, if it is O.K. I offer his suffering for priests.
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
Our Lady continues, "My children, your prayers help Jesus carry His Cross of LOVE for all of you.
M - I love you. Persevere My daughter, persevere. Your Cross helps many priests.
T - I love you. Thank you for all you do for Me!
B - I love you. Yes! I wish you to continue! 
D - I love you. Thank you for your change of heart.
The fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion
G - Make right choices! I love you! 
J - I love you. I see all you do for Me!
K - I love you. I am with you! Stay close to Me and My Son. I love you!
R - I know you know My Son, but you do not know Me. I love you! 
S - I love you! I am with you!
My dear sisters, Oh How I love you! My dear brother, Oh How I love you! Thank you for witnessing to My children by wearing your habits. I love you! I am with you!"

The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection
Our Lady says to another priest present:
"My precious son, Oh! How I love you. I thank you for your loving obedience to My Son Jesus. I thank you for your yes to My Son and Me. I love you My son, Oh! How I love you."
I see Our Lady as Queen of Divine Love with out Her Crown. She says Her Crown is present before us in Person in HIS FULLNESS, Her Divine Son Jesus, the greatest gift we have for all of mankind. The Holy Blessed Sacrament of LOVE, Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, LOVE, Pure LOVE!

The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord
Light is now coming out from the Monstrance. Rays of light from all around it and the rays go out to all of us here present, and out to all the world with pure love. The rays go to each and every person present, bringing love to each of us. Our Lady says,"My children, open your hearts to all this love. Let this great love permeate your entire being. Let it heal you, purify your hearts and bring you closer and closer to My Son Jesus. LOVE, My children, pure, pure LOVE!"
The third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit
Our Lady continues, "My children, My priest sons, My religious, thank you for coming together today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. Many have been called to do this. Thank you for responding to My call. If you are here, it is because I called you to be here. I love you My children! I love you My priest sons! I love you My religious! Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
End of a bride from another area___________________________

March 27, 2004, Saturday