Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

 Last Saturday   Day of Prayer for Priests  October 27, 2018

Our Blessed Mother Appeared in tears today.  Her Eyes, Her Holy Face were flooded with tears.

Our Mother speaks

“Children of My Immaculate Heart, I love you!  I call you!  I am forming an Army, an Army of Holy Souls, Prayer Warriors.  I need your help, your faithfulness to My Son Jesus.  By your prayers and sacrifices, by offering your suffering to My Son Jesus, you help Your Mother.  You help My Son Jesus to win back Our Church from those who would destroy Her.  There is rot at the core, rot at every level.  Satan seeks to destroy Our Church, the one true Church, by destroying the Holy Priesthood.  The gates of hell shall not prevail against Her, but the evil one has entered every level of Our Church.  There must be cleansing and repentance at every level.  Satan seeks to destroy Our Beloved Church because It is the One True Church.  I am calling out to you all, shepherds and sheep, Holy Angels and Saints, Holy Archangels, holy souls in Purgatory, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I call out to you on this special day.  I call you to be holy, to repent of all of your sins.  I call you to a change of heart.  Make a holy and sincere confession.  Rid yourselves of all sin.  I need a holy Army of prayer warriors.  I am leading you My precious children, I am leading you to holiness and wholeness.  Much Grace is being poured out upon the earth at this time, Divine Grace, more than at any other time.  Our God will never abandon His Church, Our Church.  The Most Holy Blessed Trinity will always provide for the needs of His Church.  Much Grace is needed now for the cleansing of His Church, Our Church.

I will lead you to Victory, My beloved Church.  St. Michael the Archangel with all the angels of Heaven will protect you and your families.  As the cleansing occurs and continues the renewal and restoration to holiness and wholeness occurs and continues.  My holy Army, your Rosary is your greatest weapon.  When you pick up your Rosary, satan cringes.  Pray your Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Pray your Chaplet of Divine Love for Priests that I have given you.  Arm yourselves in holiness, Holy Confession, Holy Mass, Adoration of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament.  Stay close to My Beloved Son, Jesus.  Ask for deeper union with My Beloved Son, Jesus!

Simplify your lives.  Be living examples of My Beloved Son Jesus.  Ask for abundant Grace to fill you, to fill your hearts and souls.  Ask for Divine Love to fill and permeate your hearts, your souls, your lives, your families and homes.  A change of heart is needed.  All of Heaven is present at every Holy Mass.  Love God with all your strength, all your hearts, all your soul.  And love one another as God loves you.  Forgive all who have hurt you with all your heart and soul.  I love you!  Again I ask your help to spread My Messages of Love for priests.  I come to you in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  I come to lead you all to holiness and wholeness, My broken, wounded children.  Put on the whole Armor of God, My holy Army!  Put God first in Our Church, in My priest sons and in your hearts and homes.  Peace will come.  Divine Order, shepherds and sheep, then Peace shall come to the earth.  Thank you for your response to My Call.   I am your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

October 27, 2018, Saturday