Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Twentieth Visitation of Our Lady

Last Saturday of March 28, 2009 - Theriot, Louisiana
Today is a beautiful day!
After many months of not being called to gather at the cross with the children, on this Last Saturday Our Mother called us to gather at the cross just before 2 pm.

Our Mother came as soon as we began the first Hail Mary.  She is surrounded by a golden light.  She is dressed all in white and on Her head is the veil of a bride.  I see Her crown as Mother of Divine Love.  I see the Holy Spirit come from Her Crown to Her Heart as a pure white dove.  I see Jesus, Jesus Divine Mercy.  The Blood and Water which comes from His Heart is washing over us.  His Mercy.

Our Mother speaks:

“My precious, precious children, oh how I love you!  I love you! I love you!  Open your hearts My little ones, open your hearts to your Mother.  For many months I have not spoken to you at this Cross.  Now once again I call you to the Foot of the Cross.  Each of you is special to God Our Father.  You are each chosen and called to be here today for God’s Plan and God’s Purpose.”

I see the most beautiful pure white Cross that is glowing.  Tremendous light is coming from the Cross.  Beams of light to touch every corner of the earth. 

Our Mother speaks, “My children, be open to receive the blessing that our Father bestows on each of you this moment.  Leave your burdens at the Foot of the Cross.  Walk away from here healed and renewed in your body, in your mind, in your soul. A new day is coming.  I ask you again to pray, pray, pray and pray more for My beloved priest sons.  Through your prayers the hearts of many young men are being opened to the call of Our Father, the call to the holy priesthood.  Many young women are being called to religious life. The wave of Holy and Divine Love is sweeping the earth in many places that are hidden.  Persevere My beloved, persevere.  I am with you.  I will never, ever leave you.”

We prayed a 20 decade Rosary.

Our Mother spoke. “Please announce that I am present with you!” 

Pope John Paul II is with Our Mother. 

2nd Joyful Mystery

Our Mother spoke. “My precious priest son I love you!  You are Mine My beloved priest son!  I renew you today mon petit! J’ai taime.  J’ai taime. J’ai taime beaucoups! Se la vierge du vou ancetes qui vous parlé.  La vierge du vout grandmere and grandpere. Mon petit, merci pour tout ta vie.  Ta mere au ceil!”

3rd Joyful Mystery

“My precious Religious Brothers and Sisters, I love you.  I love you. I love you!”

4th Joyful Mystery

“I appreciate and bless you for your many years of service to My Son Jesus and to - for My beloved children.  I bless your years of love My precious Religious!  As well I bless your orders because of your prayer each will be renewed.  I will renew each of you today, as the eagle you will be, renewed in strength, spirit, and in holy perseverance.  I hold each of you My priest, My Religious and all of My children, I hold each of you in the palm of My Immaculate Hands.  You are in My Immaculate Heart My little ones.

I ask each of you to be examples of hope, peace and love in this world.  You are all My little seeds My beloved children.  The new Springtime is at hand and must begin in each of your hearts.  To open your hearts to your Mother means to open your hearts to God, Our Father, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit.  Open your hearts to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  To open your hearts means to seek forgiveness and healing.  Seek Our God My children.  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.  God must be first in your life. First in your heart.  First in your home.  This is Divine Order My children.  You are the Church My little ones.  Divine Order must reign in our Church.  And all else will be place for the Coming of My Beloved Son Jesus!  Open your hearts to healing.  Open your hearts as you seek forgiveness.  My children you must also forgive with all your heart. You must forgive to be forgiven.  As you open your hearts to healing and forgiveness your wounds will be healed.  Many weeds will be pulled from the garden of your heart.

I come to you as you are My beloved Church.  I come to your broken and wounded hearts.  I come to love you.  I come to heal your wounds.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.  Come to Me as children My little ones.  Come to your Mother as children.  I love you.  I love you.  I come to you as you are and I ask you to repent of your sins.  I ask you to make a holy and sincere Confession.  This is a time of enlightenment, a new beginning My Church.  You My children must be renewed like the wings of an eagle.  Open the doors and windows of your hearts and let the healing Grace of the Holy Spirit come into your hearts and souls.  You must become the Light of Christ, My Son, in the darkness of this world.  All that is good and holy will multiply in you!  Seek holiness and wholeness My children.  You are the Body of Christ on earth.  My Beloved Church is broken and wounded.  My Beloved Church must seek to be renewed.  To be healed one must acknowledge and be aware of one’s broken woundedness. 

 O My little ones: First Purification, Second Enlightenment – Illumination (Light on the darkness), Third Union – becoming one with the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.

 Each one of you, by virtue of your Baptism, are holy, living Tabernacles, where the Holy Spirit dwells.  Your soul is a temple.  Your body where your soul dwells, is a temple.  That is why all life is sacred to God.

 You are a special creation of God Our Father, Who created each of you.  Those who do not recognize this truth offend Our God in a grievous way. You, My children, above all creatures are the only ones given an eternal soul at the moment of your conception. Treasure, respect and reverence one another.  Each of you is a holy dwelling place where Our God desires to dwell in fullness. 

You must have a clean soul filled with Grace to become a holy dwelling Place. 

Remember My children in the Kingdom of God the first will be last and the last will be first.  O My children, be patient and loving with one another.  Only Our God can see into another soul.  Only Our God knows the wounds and hurt of another’s heart. 

1st Sorrowful Mystery

“Kiss your cross My child.  Embrace your cross.  I help you each day to carry your cross.”

I saw Mother Cabrini, Curé d’Ars, Padre Pio, St. Anne and St. Joseph.  I prayed for C.A. on her confirmation day.

2nd Sorrowful Mystery

Our Mother continues, “My beloved priest sons, My Religious Brothers and Sisters and all of My children, as you approach the holiest of Weeks, make a special effort to spend more time in quiet prayer.  Some of you spend much too much time talking and worrying.   This time would be much better spent in quiet prayer. 

Turn off your television.  You will be surprised at the Peace that will overcome the chaos in your life if you will only LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! 

Some of you say you seek Peace and healing but you will not change.  Today I give you the opportunity to change and to be healed. 


O My beloved children listen for your Mother’s Voice in your heart.  Look for My Son Jesus in one another.  Do not be consumed by the world or the things of this world. 

Do not seek the highest place.  Seek the lowest place.  Remember that My Son Jesus came not to be served but to serve.  Reverence one another. 

Quiet is needed.  Quiet in your heart. Quiet in your soul.  Quiet in your home.

Disturbance in your heart and soul, disturbance in your home comes from the evil one. he desires your soul.  he desires to distract you from the holy purpose of your life here on earth.

5th Sorrowful Mystery

Our Mother said, “Kneel and pray my child.”

I said, “O Mother Mary I love you!  I surrender all to you.  I renew my consecration to Your Immaculate Heart.  I renew my consecration to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity through Your Immaculate Hands and Heart as a victim soul for priests.  I desire to be a quiet and holy dwelling place where God’s mission for my simple life be lived out in fullness.”

Our Mother continued.  “I thank you all of My children for your response to My call to pray with Your Mother for My beloved priest sons. I renew you today as you pray with Your Mother.  I fill you with Grace.  The more completely you turn to Your Mother, the more completely you are filled with Sanctifying Grace.  Turn to My Beloved Son Jesus in the Holy Sacraments of Holy Confession and Union with Him in Holy Communion. 

Come to My Beloved Son Jesus with complete surrender in Holy Confession and when you receive Him in Holy Communion, ask Him to consume you as you consume Him!

Come to Him in fullness as you seek to become one with Him.  Remember My children as you receive My Beloved Son Jesus in Holy Communion you receive God Our Father and the Holy Spirit, for the Most Holy Blessed Trinity is One, and cannot be separated. 

Ask for the Grace to fully understand the Gifts of the Holy Sacraments that Our God gives to each of you.  He gives to you Himself that you may become more like Him.  He has come to you to share His Divine nature with you.

He is with you in fullness and asks that you become seeds of His Love on this earth.

 For each new person here today you will receive a new Angel, an Angel to protect your Faith.

Thank you for coming.  All will return home safely. 

I ask you to pray at home or in a church in small groups on the next Last Saturday.  My home here is and will be under renewal and construction.  I will speak a message to you each month.  I will guide you and inform you each month as I have done in the past. I will be with you through this time of renewal. 

 Be at Peace My children, I am with you.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you!

 Your Mother, I have many titles, I am one Mother, Your Mother.  Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

As part of your daily prayers pray – make a sincere Act of Contrition each day, several times a day.

My Beloved son D, thank you for your faithful life.”

As we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for priests I had a vision.  I saw Calvary, three crosses.  There was light behind the crosses.  Then the crosses became a three mast sailing ship, crossing the ocean coming to Louisiana.  When LaSalle, the explorer, first set foot in Louisiana a forty foot wooden cross was erected and Mass was offered along the banks of the river.  The river was called The River of the Holy Spirit.  It is now the Mississippi River. In my vision I saw this happening.  I saw the cross being put together like two trees and erected.  I saw an altar with a cloth and there was a priest offering Mass.  I remember seeing the chalice being lifted.  By erecting this cross, they claimed this land in the name of the Blessed Trinity. 

Our Mother spoke.  “To say Jesus I trust in You is to throw yourself and all your cares and concerns into the Ocean of Mercy, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

- End of Claire Rose. _________

march 28, 2009, Saturday