Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Visitation of Our Lady


October 29, 2010      Friday, Day before Last Saturday     Theriot, La.

 Claire Rose received and wrote:  With mixed emotions many Consecrated brides were gathering from many states in the evening as tomorrow is Our Mother’s Last public Visitation.  While praying the Rosary in the Apparition Room, Our Lady speaks, “My Precious and Most Beloved Children, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

I am with you My children.  I am gathering you from many places, both near and far to pray as one body, with one voice, with one heart.   I bring you together in Peace and in Love.

O My children, I thank you for your response to My Call to join with one another and with Your Mother to pray at My Request for My beloved priest sons!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  An extra-ordinary Grace will be given those who join with Me in Prayer on this next day.  A day chosen from long ago by Heaven to be a day set aside as a Day of Prayer for Priests.  I love you.  Rest in My Arms this night My children, as you rest in the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus!

I love you as I bless you.

Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

I will always speak to you and guide you My children.  Keep your hearts and souls open to Your Mother’s Love.”

Our Mother Speaks to Lin:

“I have come with My Well-Beloved Spouse.”  Lin has a vision of the Holy Spirit as a white dove.
Lin receives: “The warmth you feel is Grace.  Open your hearts to all this Grace and Love that is present to you.  Thank you for being obedient and sharing as I have asked you to do.”

Lin still sees the Holy Spirit.

Lin receives: “You will each receive a gift especially for you.”

Claire Rose receives:  

“A wellspring of Grace has been opened here by Heaven, never to be shut, never to be closed.”

Lin receives: “Open your hearts!  Open your hands!  You will feel a warmth!”


October 30, 2010     Last Saturday of  October         Theriot, La.

 Claire Rose received and wrote:  Today is a beautiful day!  Autumn has arrived on the bayou.  We are blessed by the presence of four holy priests and nine holy Religious Brothers and Sisters.  Three of the priests heard Confessions for several hours.  About 600 pilgrims and Consecrated brides are present from many states and as far away as Nigeria.    

 2 p.m. At the Cross to pray three Hail Mary’s for priests with the children, I see Our Blessed Mother almost exactly the same way that I saw Her when I was fifteen.  She has a rose colored dress and a sorrowful blue mantle.  The only difference is that today I see Her Immaculate Heart.

“My precious, precious little children, oh how I love you.  I love you so much.  Come to your Mother, My little ones, come to Your Mother.  I have come from Heaven to love you.  I have come to teach you to love My Son Jesus with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your understanding.  And I have come to teach you to love one another.  Today open your hearts, open your souls, as love from Heaven, Divine Love, pours into each one of you.  I remind you that your bodies are living tabernacles where God desires to dwell in fullness.  Open your hearts, open your hands, open your hands!  Receive all that I have brought to you.  This gentle, purest love will heal your bodies, your minds, your souls.  Be still My children and receive all that I have come to bring to you.  I am Mother of Divine Love.  I am Mother of Divine Grace. All grace comes from the Most Holy Blessed Trinity through My Immaculate Heart and Hands to you My children.  Receive!  Receive!  Receive!”

 As we began the 20 decade Rosary, Our Mother Spoke:

“Please announce that I am present with you!”

I am blessed to again receive a portion of the Love Our Mother has for Her priest sons.

Our Mother is before me as this Love pours from Her Immaculate Heart and Hands.  In Her Hands is a beautiful flower, it changes from red to gold like Her Immaculate Heart.  Streams of Love flow from Her over us all.  Our Mother asks me to look at my hands.

I am so absorbed by Love that I am slow to respond.

“Open your hands My child, look into your hands!”  I was obedient.   

I see the earth.  I see a tiny germ standing on the earth near a big cross.  I look at my hands and I see many, many priests in my hands.  Our Mother Speaks:  

“My child I thank you for your yes.  I thank your faithful husband and all of your children.”

 Second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation

Our Mother continues:  “My Beloved Priest Sons I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  My Visitations to this small and holy place begin with you, my precious sons, My priests.  All of Heaven accompanies Me today as Our Beloved Church is made ready to begin to be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness through you My beloved priest sons!  The new Springtime is close, My Priest sons and all of My children.

The new Pentecost, the new Springtime will open the Doorway of Heaven for the Eucharistic Reign of My Beloved Son Jesus!  This time will usher in the Glorious Coming of My Beloved Son Jesus!  All must be made ready!  Many Eucharistic miracles will occur all over the earth.  Tabernacles will glow with The Light that is Uncreated. 

There will be one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to welcome My Beloved Son Jesus!”

 First Luminous Mystery,

Our Mother continues:  “My precious priest sons, I thank you for your ‘yes!’  Keep in mind always WHO you represent!  I call upon you to be living examples of holiness and wholeness.  I know that you are broken and wounded vessels.  Come to Your Mother and I will help you in this journey of life on earth.  I will guide you and lead you to a deeper union with My Beloved Son Jesus.”

 Second Luminous Mystery,

Our Mother continues: “Open your hearts and souls fully to your Mother.  I take you by the hand as I carry you to My Son Jesus. ‘Do whatever He tells you to do!’  I have spoken words of Love to you.  Words of Love to encourage you to persevere to the end in holiness and wholeness.

A Wellspring of Grace and Love has been opened here by Heaven, never to be shut, never to be closed.

My Visitation today will end with Holy Mass.  My Mission here enters a new plane.

I will continue to appear to, speak to and guide My priest sons and My daughters.  I have guided you and I thank you for your response.”

 Fourth Luminous Mystery,

Our Mother continues: “My mission will multiply beyond anything you can imagine.  All I have spoken to you from here will occur.  I will be with you through the darkness!  You must remain holy, pure and faithful My priest sons and all of My children, faithful to My Beloved Son Jesus!  I will never, ever leave you.  The gates of hell shall never prevail against Our Beloved Church.  I ask again that you Consecrate yourselves, your families, your homes, your parishes, your Dioceses, your towns, your states, your countries to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus through My Immaculate Heart.

Remove from your lives, your homes, your churches anything that is not holy.  Remove anything or object that is not of God.  Fill your lives with holiness, O My priest sons and all of My children. 

Pray, fast, confess your sins, reform your lives, be open to be restored to holiness and wholeness.

I have asked you many times to carry your crosses in Love and in Peace and to offer your lives as living sacrifices for My priest sons.  O My children when you pray for My priest sons and for more priests you are praying for yourselves and your children for all generations.”

First Sorrowful Mystery,

Our Mother continues: “Some of you will be chosen to be martyrs, for the seeds of the new and restored church will be the drops of blood of the Holy Martyrs, both priests, religious and my other children.

My precious little ones, I am spreading you like little seeds of love all over the earth.  I have asked that the Last Saturday of each month be set aside as a special Day of Prayer for My priest sons.  I ask each of you to invite others to join with you in prayer wherever you live or travel on the coming Last Saturdays.

Gather in your homes, gardens, and where you can in churches.

I am commissioning each of you to heed My Call to spread seeds, to multiply, wherever you live or travel.  Pray your Rosaries.  My precious ones, as you gather, I will be present with you.

I will continue to speak to you through My daughters and although My Words will be very short, you will receive them.  I cover you all with My Mantle of Protection and Peace, My Mantle of Divine Love.  When you gather to pray for My priest sons on Last Saturdays I ask you to go back to the beginning of My Messages to you.  Read them.  Meditate on them.  Pray with them.  Study My Words to you and live as I ask of you.”

Third Sorrowful Mystery,

I see Jesus’ Sorrowful Face.  Our Mother comes to Jesus and covers His Precious Head with Her Mantle.  Every Wound that Jesus received Our Mother felt in Her Body as She was given the Gift of Jesus’ Wounds in a Mystical Way.

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery,

Our Mother continues: “Remember a seed must fall to the ground and die before new life can spring forth to multiply and spread and seed again!”

I see the lonely hill of Calvary.  The sun is setting.  I see Our Mother at the Foot of the Cross.  The wind is blowing.  Close to Our Mother I see Mary Magdalen and St. John the Apostle of Love, one of the first priests, and another Mary. They are overwhelmed with grief and washed in Jesus’ Precious Blood.  Then I see many Visitations (Titles) of Our Mother, some I recognize some I do not.

First Glorious Mystery

I see Our Lady of Walshingham, Our Lady of LaSalette, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima.

Our Mother continues: “My precious priest sons and all of My children, each time I have visited the Earth has been in obedience to Our God to fulfill His Plan of Salvation.  I come to do His Will.  I come for His purpose.  Each Visitation has been like a stepping stone on the pathway to Heaven for you all My priest sons and all of My children.  I always come to you in Love and in Peace.

In the ‘new Springtime’ the Holy Mystery of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity will be more fully revealed and understood.  You, My Church, together with Your Mother we are One, the Bride of Christ.

Last Saturday of October 2010 continued

And where God’s Son and My Son, Jesus the Christ is, where He is the Whole Trinity is!

Keep the temples of your bodies holy and pure My beloved priest sons and all of My children.  For through the Holy Sacraments, ‘The Holy Trinity’ dwells within you.

All of life is precious for it is a gift from Our God.”

 Our Mother spoke to the priests present:

“My Beloved priest son, Pere Simon J’ai taime!  J’ai taime!  J’ai taime beau coups!

My precious son Father S.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I have brought you here My sweet son. You have been given gifts for the whole church My son.  I know you do not understand God’s plan at this time.  My son, continue to trust My Son Jesus and Me, Your Mother.  We are with you.  You must be patient and persevere in holiness and wholeness.  Remain in peace and quiet My precious priest son!  A little while longer My son!  All will be revealed and made clear to you.

My precious and most beloved son, Fr. Gregory, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Thank you for your response to My Call to you!  See I made it possible for you to be here today.  You are a gift to Our Church My son.  I do speak to your heart.  Turn to Your Mother in trial and suffering.  I will give you direction and understanding.  The compassionate Heart of My Son is yours, as you help others and lead them to holiness and wholeness one step at a time.

My precious and beloved priest son, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Yes My son you are here today! Through much prayer and suffering you and My other 3 priest sons are here present.

It has been a long journey My son, 21 ½ years!  My son,  21 years ago today, this day, the Last Saturday of October 1989, I first asked that this Day be set aside as a Day of Prayer for My priest sons.  Much has occurred in Our Church and in your lives My children.

I thank you for your response to My Call.  I will continue to guide and multiply you.

My little Brides of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, I commission you.  This is a new beginning.  Go forth, live My Messages, spread My Messages!  Go forth and multiply!  I love you!

My precious Religious Brothers and Sisters, I have not forgotten you!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I thank you for your response.  Thank you for wearing your habits.  I treasure you!  I love you.  I bless you.

I have many titles I am one Mother.

 Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”

Holy Mass concelebrated by four priests.  During the Holy Consecration one of the priests saw the ‘miracle of the sun.’  Three of the priests distributed Holy Communion at the foot of the Holy Cross for priests.  After Holy Mass many witnessed the ‘miracle of the sun.’

October 30, 2010                                 Last Saturday of October                                          Theriot, LA


Leslie Therese received and wrote:  Our Mother speaks:

“Why wouldn’t I appear here My child?  These My children.  My precious children in the Swamps of Louisiana have always been holy.  Many generations before have been holy and prepared the way for My Visits.  Yes, My children I am here.  I am your Mother, the Mother of All.”


First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation

P – My son oh how very much I love you and all that you have done for Me.  You are most precious to Me and all of Heaven joins with you in prayer today for your family.

D – You will be at My side when the time is right.  I love you My Son and thank you for your faith in coming here to Me.  Your faith has brought many into my presence and I thank you again for all you have done for Me, My most special Joseph.  I wrap you in My Mantle and bless you especially today in My love and peace.”


“Touch the woman’s hand on your left.  Tell here she is Mine and that I love her.”

I see Our Mother walking among Her children, She loves all of us.  She knows all of us inside and out.  Our Mother is dressed in creamy white lace.  She is surrounded by stars that shine like diamonds.  Then I see that She is also surrounded by Heaven.  It is bright and filled completely with light.  Thousands are kneeling in prayer at Her feet.  I see both sets of My grandparents, they are holding babies 2 boys and 2 girls.  There are many saints here too. St. John the Baptist, St. Therese, St. Rita, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II, St. Claire, Padre Pio, and many more.


Our Mother continues: “Welcome home to Me, My children, welcome home!  Oh how very happy I am to Welcome You.  I can see all that you bring to Me here.  Give Me your all, give Me your burdens, sorrows.  Leave them in My capable hands.  Rest in My love for you, Rest and be whole again.  I will make you new and whole.  I will make you into what God Our Father wants for you to be.  Trust in Me.  Trust in My Love for you.  Your faith has brought you back to Me.  I will renew and refresh your life if you but only come here to Me.  I could not love you more My children and in all your brokenness I am blessed in your love and faith.  I bless all of you My children with an Angel of Protection on your first visit here, this angel will Never leave your side.  Never. This angel of faith is a special gift to you My children from God Our Father who makes all things possible.  Do not doubt this love He has for you, for without this love I would not be here.  I am here at God the Father’s request and I can refuse Him nothing.  I am the Handmaid of the Lord, His Servant, His most precious Spouse.  I will refuse nothing He requests of Me…

I bless all marriages and wedding bands.  I bless all children My little ones of these unions, by blood or love.  Again I do this at the request of God the Father, Jesus Our Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Come My loves and rest in My arms.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray for My priests, this is all I ask of you and I will make your burdens as My own.  I will carry all that you give to Me.  Again I say give Me your all.


My Religious, My adoring little doves.  You give My Heart wings in your faith in coming.  You are never to wonder at My Love for you for I love you as no other can.  I am Your Mother.  I am at your side daily in prayer, works and deeds done in the name of My Son Jesus.  Thank you again for wearing your habits as a sign to My children of who and what you represent.  I so love you My little ones.  Oh how very much.

Bro. Martin, Oh my most devoted, thank you for all of the help and assistance you have given to My children.

St. Elsie and St. Robert, I know what you have been through My daughters.  You are My most blessed little doves.  I love you and I am with you daily.  Yes My loves thank you for your yes and for getting the word out to your brothers and sisters of the cloth. As you look today upon My children, know that because of you many are here to be with Me.  I have told you before you would see all that you have saved because of your yes.  This is but a taste of what is to come…

Continue to pray all of you, My children of the cloth.  Pray for My priests and for your own brothers and sisters daily.  Pray for My children in good faith that you will see the fruit of your prayers upon your entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Oh how very, very much I love you, My precious doves.

Fr. Simon – Mon petit, Jai taime!  Jai taime! Jai taime! Merci Beaucoups! Thank you My Most special little priest again for hearing My children in Confession.  You are My Heart.”


Sorrowful Mysteries

“All priests, My priests, My sons, look at all of My children who are here for you in prayer.  Look at the love and devotion on their faces as they give their all for you and your fellow priests.  Come and rest in My love for you, rest in My Arms.  Let Me surround you in My peace.  I am here for you My Sons.  Be renewed and refreshed and washed clean in My love for you and in the love of My children.  Come to Me here in this holy place day or night.  I am here for your renewal and refreshment.

T – You will know today how very much I love you.  I feel the love you have for Me.  Your pain and burdens are mine and I am with you daily.  Tell your children daily how much you love them… I am with you through all.  Continue to pray.

Everyone – I have suffered much for you My children, I will suffer more for I love you so very much. Continue in prayer for My priests…


My child, go upstairs and sit with Me a while…

Relax, Rest and just be with Me My child listen to your heart.  Let go of all that burdens you.  Here in this spot, lay these burdens at My feet.  Do not hold on to what you can safely give to Me.  I want with all of My Heart to free you of these burdens today. Open your heart to My love, open your all to Me and walk free and safe in Gods true pure peace and love.  Enjoy the great comfort I am offering you.  Rest, Rest, Rest, in my My love.  Much will be happening soon.  Have faith and know that I am with you each moment.  The things of this world mean so little.  God the Father sees only what you do for His glory, not the glory to be had in this world.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray for My priests.”


I see Jesus standing in front of Me.  St. Michael and many soldiers are behind Him.

Our Mother continues: “S – I know you wanted to be here.  I know your heart.  Trust in Me, My child.

A – You are the Rock and foundation of your home and family.  Do not abuse or neglect this power given to you.  Speak by love, listen by love, correct by love.

Everyone Again – Bless your home daily with Holy Blessed Water.  Bless and anoint each doorway and room of your house without ceasing daily.  I love you My little ones Oh how very much I love you…

Your Mother.

As I go I give you My peace and gratefulness at your coming and I welcome you into My Heart…

Be healed and loved in your Mother’s arms.  Mind, body, heart, and soul I give you My all…”


October 30, 2010                                 Last Saturday of October                                          Theriot, LA


Received by a bride from another area, Lin

We gathered to pray the 20-decade Rosary for priests in Theriot, LA  under Claire Rose home that has been raised ten and ½ feet above the ground.  The underneath of the house has been cemented in and makes a huge area for people to gather.  It was a nice day.  There were about 600 pilgrims present, and all fit underneath the house.  Amazing!  We started with the children gathering around the 33 foot Cross for priests.  The children started to pray the three Hail Mary’s for priest and Our Lady appeared all in white with a bridal veil on Her Head.  Our Lady has a Crown of roses on top of the veil.  There are jewels in Her Crown.  Our Lady says, “The jewels in My Crown are the Hail Mary’s prayed at the foot of the Cross by the little children.  They belong to Me!  I protect them with My veil.”

(Holy Spirit) “My Spouse is here!”  Our Mother is present!

Our Lady is here as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  She says, “Oh My children, I bring the Holy Spirit to you all in a special way today.  Many of you will feel His presence in a strong way.  A special grace that will go home with you today!  I love you!  I love you!  Oh My children, Oh how I love you!  Many Saints are with you today.  So much grace My children!  Open your hearts My children, open your heart for all this grace and love!”

I see a Dove, very large, above all of us.  He covers us all with His size.  Rays of light come out from Him to all present.  Our Lady says, “The grace from the Holy Spirit comes out to you all!  Each has been given a special grace pertinent to that soul for it’s healing and progress in grace!  Open your hearts My children all over the world and receive all this GRACE, LOVE, PEACE and HEALING!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I unite all My children in My prayer groups all over the world.  You become one group joined!  Benefits from all groups join this day!  This Mission of Love joins all together into one big group!

Oh My priest sons, My seminarians open your hearts for all the Grace and Love and Peace from this Mission of Love that it brings you!  Grace and Peace beyond your understanding!  Oh My priest sons and yes, Love, LOVE beyond your understanding.  I ask you My beloved priest sons to pray for your brother priests through your hearts.  I ask you to stay Holy and to pray for your brother priests to stay Holy!  Oh My beloved priest sons, if you are Holy, your flocks will be Holy.  Carry this request from Me in your hearts and carry it out!”

I am taken to a place of refreshment, light and peace!  I am not sure how long I was there!

The Rosary was being prayed in many languages.  Our Lady says, “Oh how I love to hear the Rosary prayed in all languages.  Thank you My children!  I love you My children!  I love you!  I love you! 

Oh My religious, Oh how I love you!  You are Mine!  Thank you for coming to pray with all My children for Our beloved priests.  Oh My brothers and sisters, thank you for wearing your habits to show My children your devotion to Us.  You show My children of your love for Jesus and I and also Our Father and the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for your example My brothers and sisters!

Oh My priest sons who are present today.  Receive the out pouring of the Holy Spirit.  Today is a special day and the Holy Spirit brings Peace and Love and Grace.  Open your hearts to receive all!  Yes, all the Grace and Peace and Love that is here for you!  My beloved priest sons, many of you will grow in Grace and Wisdom from this Holy Mission of Love for you from all the prayers and sacrifices and fasting of your brothers and sisters for you My sons.  I love you!  My priest sons this Mission is for all of you all over the world.  Oh My priest sons My children need you to teach them about My Son Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.  I am depending on you, My children, My priest sons, My religious! 

Love abounds here!  Come often to Me!  Pray often My all!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

Oh My precious youth, yes, I am here for you!  It is time My youth to change your path.  Oh My youth, you will not be sorry!  Come to your Mother of Divine Love!  Open your hearts to My Son Jesus.  Learn from My priest sons about My Son Jesus.  Seek Him out!  Do not be afraid.  Follow your hearts!  You will know what to do from inside your hearts.  Listen to the still small voice inside your hearts.

My children, My priest sons, My religious, thank you for coming today to pray with Me at My request for the entire priesthood.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you all! 

            Your Mother Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

J, My daughter, thank you for your devotion to Me.  I am with you My daughter!

M and G, thank you for coming to pray with Me in Theriot.  Many blessings go home with you!  Continue your work for Me!

L, My precious daughter I am with you in a special way.  I bring you many blessings for you and all your family.

T, My daughter, thank you for your service and love today!  I am with you and all your family!

A,  My little one, I am with you!  I see all you are doing for your family.  I send special blessings to you today and all your family!  Open your heart to me My little one!

Each bride here today will go home safely.  Those who are here for the first time a Holy Angel will accompany you on your travel home and stay with you.  A Holy Angel of Protection!

Oh My children I love you!  You cannot fully understand this love!  You will understand one day when you are with Me in Heaven!

Oh My children, We are one big family of love!  Use all the Grace present to love better all your brothers and sisters.  I love you! I love you!  I love you! 

My children, I ask you to pray for the Holy Father, and continue to do so!  Prayer is needed for His protection and care and his journey for Jesus and I!  Pope Benedict XVI has a big job and great responsibility for the priesthood and Holy Mother Church and to you all!  Remember this when you are praying! 

Oh My children I love you all!  I remain with you all!  Each and every one of you!  Make no mistake! Know that I am with you!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you! 



A great, great PEACE now surrounds each and every one of us.

A Holy Mass was celebrated by four Holy priests.  Our Mother says, “I thank you My priest sons for celebrating Holy Mass for My children who have come from near and far to pray with Me for the priesthood and for you all!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

This Mission of Love will flourish beyond your understanding and imagination.  Listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.”

End of bride from another area. ________

October 30, 2010, Saturday