May 25, 2019, Saturday

Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

May 25, 2019              Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests              Theriot, Louisiana

2 pm Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Our Mother Speaks:
Our Lady Speaks:  “Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep, Ask for miraculous healing!   I am bringing all of My Missions together under and within this Mission of Love for My priest sons.  Gather together on Last Saturdays in My Chapel, The Mary Chapel.   For all priests…..

My beloved priest son, I love you!  I am with you and within you.  I am taking you through a time of purification, a painful time, yet a time of much growth.  I speak to you from the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus.  The pathway to becoming a Saint is not an easy pathway.  There are many obstacles, much suffering along this journey.  The pathway to the top of the mountain requires serious perseverance in holiness and wholeness.  I enfold you within the confines of My Immaculate Heart, for the mission that you have been chosen for.  It is God’s desire that you be filled with Peace and Divine Love.  Open your heart and your soul in fullness to My Beloved Son Jesus.  He desires a deeper and more intimate Union with you.  Your body as a priest is sacred.  You are Ordained, Chosen, Set Aside to be a living ‘Other Christ’, to walk daily in Peace, in Holiness.  You are chosen to show forth God’s Love and Peace in a world of chaos and turbulence.  You are chosen to be a Light in a world of darkness.  I am with you and within you as you receive healing, as you are purified, as you are cleansed.  As you are renewed, as you are restored to Holiness…. Holiness and Wholeness as you were on the day of your Baptism.  The time of Purification is upon you.  Each day as you Celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, within your anointed hands, simple bread and wine become the Living Flesh and Blood of My Beloved Son Jesus.  And where He is, Our Father is, the Holy Spirit is, in Fullness.  Yes, within your consecrated hands, o priest of My Immaculate Heart, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity comes alive!  Open your heart and your soul to receive your Purification.

Our beloved Church, the One True Church that My Son Jesus established upon the earth must be cleansed and renewed, restored to Holiness and Wholeness.  The Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, from the bottom up, from the top down.   I call.  I call.  I call.  Come home to Your Mother on earth, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Become One!  My priest sons, I know your hearts and souls, a gift that Our Father has given to Me.  Many more of you are good and holy priests.  Many of you have been given heavy crosses.  At the same time you are given daily the sanctifying Grace needed to rebuke sin and to carry your cross as you lead others to My Beloved Son Jesus.  Again I ask you to Consecrate yourselves, your parishes, your families, your Dioceses, your states and your countries to My Immaculate Heart.  I carry you to My Son Jesus.  Consider daily all that My Beloved Son Jesus has done for you.  My priest sons, you are at the forefront in the battle for souls.  Every soul, every priest, every family, every parish is being attacked, bombarded by evil on all sides, from all directions.  BE ALERT!  PRAY!  PRAY!  PRAY!  AND PRAY MORE!!!  Ask for My Help and Intercession as you walk the path of Purification.  I am here to help you.  My priests, each one of you has been given a flock to shepherd.  You are the flock that I have been given.  You are My little lambs.  I embrace you.  I enfold you.  I call you.  Come home.  Come and with My own Hands I will help to cleanse you and lead you to deeper holiness, into a deeper Union with My Beloved Son Jesus, with the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, in Peace and Divine Love.  I pour out much Grace and many blessings upon you My priest sons who are celebrating Anniversaries of your Ordinations at this time and throughout the year.

My little flock, little brides, as you approach the 27th Anniversary of your blessing, your foundation day, I bless you and I encourage you to persevere in the mission to which you have been called, My Mission of Love for My priest sons.  I pour out a special blessing and healing on your Spiritual Director, on the priest, Fr. Scott (Dugas) who was chosen to bless you, upon all the priests who have helped to guide you, who have loved and encouraged you through the years, upon the Bishops and the Cardinal who have blessed you.  Saints Holy Father John Paul II and John XXIII accompany Me today and extend their blessing upon you.  They and many others in Heaven assure you of their presence daily and their prayers as they accompany you on your journey of Faith, your journey upon the Holy Mountain.  ‘Prens courage, Mais enfant, ta Mere et avec vous!’

The ’New Springtime’ is on the horizon.  Remember it is always darkest just before the ‘Dawn’!  The drops of blood of the martyrs are the seeds of Our Beloved Church made new, made One, made Holy, made Catholic and Apostolic.  A Church renewed and restored to Holiness and Wholeness.  My priest sons, the Holy Apostles, you were the first called, now you are the last called.  For through you, Our Beloved Church will be restored to holiness and through the Church, the world.  I love you!  I bless you, your families and parishes as I leave you.  I will remain with you always.  I have many Titles.  I am one Mother, your Mother.  Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”