Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

JUNE 27, 2020, Saturday

June 27, 2020          Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests          Theriot, Louisiana

Praying at home with one of my granddaughters and 4 great grandsons. 

Rosary and other prayers for priests are being live streamed from the Well of Holy Mary in Lafayette. 

Our Mother Speaks:
Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and Sheep, I am with you in this very room, at the Well and with each one who joins with Me in prayer today for My beloved priest sons.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  There is no limit to God’s Power and His Love!  No limit!  No bounds!  My Visitations to you were extended because of your response to My Call to pray for My beloved priest sons and for more Vocations to the Holy Priesthood.  Much has taken place in Our Beloved Church and in the world since My Visitations to you began.  I call you all to holiness, to put God first in your lives, in your hearts and souls, in your families and homes, in all you say and do.  Each of you who hear My Voice, who live the messages of Love that I have given you, each one has become or is becoming an Oasis of Peace, an Oasis of Divine Love, a living example of My Beloved Son Jesus.  Come to Jesus with all of your heart and soul.  The little birds accompany Me as I visit you today.  I bring to you a Peace that the world and all it offers you cannot give.  I bring to you a Love that the world and all it offers you cannot give.  I call you to live in Peace with one another.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  And pray more every day, many times a day.

As an Oasis of Peace, you will spread Peace.  Peace and Divine Love are one.  You cannot have one without the other.  Peace multiplies when you are filled with God’s Peace.  Others will receive this Peace, this love of and for others just from being in your presence.  Remember always that your bodies are living tabernacles where the Most Holy Blessed Trinity dwells.

My children, Shepherds and Sheep if you are in sin, repent.  Reform your lives.  I am here to help you.  My priest sons offer the Sacrament of Confession to My children.  My children, Shepherds and Sheep My Beloved Son Jesus awaits you in this great Sacrament of Mercy and compassion, in the person of the priest.  The forgiveness you will receive will wash your sins, your guilt away.  Your soul will be washed by the Precious Blood of My Beloved Son, Jesus!  You will feel this with your whole being.  Turn to Jesus and be set free from the sin and evil that the world offers you, from every direction.

Be alert.  Be aware, My children, Shepherds and Sheep, the evil one, the devil wants your soul.  You, each belong to God.  You were each purchased at a great price, the suffering and death of My Beloved Son Jesus.  He gave His All for you.  You were created by God, Our Father.  You belong to God.  Return to Him with all of your heart and soul.

My priest sons speak Truth to My children and to your brother priests and Bishops who are in error.  Do not be afraid for the Most Holy Blessed Trinity is with you.  All of the disturbance you see in the world is a war for souls.  The war between good and evil is no longer hidden.  Evil has exposed itself and many, many souls are being led astray, are on the wide road to hell.  Turn around while there is still time.  Speak to your children.  Speak to your brothers and sisters.  Do not be afraid for God is with you.  I, Your Mother is with you.  May God’s Peace and Love fill your hearts and souls, your families and homes, your parishes, your Dioceses, your states and countries as God’s Peace and Love renews the priesthood, the Church and the world.

Days are coming upon you where many of you will run to the mountains and ask the mountains to fall upon you.  Many will beg God for forgiveness for all will see the state of their soul and will grieve for having offended God by the way they have lived their lives.  I am with you My children.  I will remain with you.  I will never leave you.  I love you with all of My Heart.  Love one another as I love you.  I am here ever ready to help you.  My Son Jesus is here.  He comes to bless you.  You are in His Heart forever.  I am Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

Jesus Appeared and blessed us with His Right Hand with the Sign of the Cross.

Received and written by Claire Rose.