Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Fifteenth Visitation of Our Lady

Last Saturday, October 2008 - Written and received by Claire Rose
Today is a beautiful day.  2 pm Holy Mass. After Mass we prayed a five decade rosary.  
Intention of Holy Mass asked for by Our Mother – 

Thanksgiving for the gift of the Holy Vocation of the priesthood.
Thanksgiving to God that we begin to see the fruit of our prayers.
Note: On the Last Saturday of June (2008) Our Mother asked for Holy Mass to be offered on Last Saturday of October.  I got chills when She asked this for She did the same in June of 2005 – we flooded September 2005.  Same thing again.  We flooded September 15, 2008.

Our Mother asks that I tell everyone that She has been present throughout Holy Mass and She will remain with us.  Jesus was visible and present many times during Mass.  

Our Mother was dressed in a brilliant white lace Mantle – with many jewels.  I cannot describe what I see.
“My Precious and Most Beloved Priest Sons – O how I love you! I love you! I love you!  I am with you today in a deeper way, My beloved sons.  In time you will understand more deeply – more fully how very much I love you.
I love you! You are Mine.  O My priest sons you were called and chosen from among all men – to be a true reflection – a true representative of My Beloved Son Jesus!  You are called to be holy My sons in your daily life.  I call and choose you My sons – to reflect the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.  This is how you spread the “Good News” My own sons – by living the Gospel Message of My Son Jesus in your daily life.  I love each one of you so tenderly.  I am with you at all times My sons.  I wrap you in My softest Mantle as you sleep My sons.  Many angels surround and protect you My precious sons.
Call upon you Mother in times of trial and temptation.  I am always near to you!  Always.  I need you My sons.  You are My Hands in this world.  My beloved priest sons, you like all of My children are broken and wounded human vessels, chosen from among all men to be living sacrifices, your lives given for the salvation and conversion of souls.  O My priest sons, I call you to deeper conversion, deeper repentance.  I call you to a deeper prayer life.  My Son Jesus and I, Your Immaculate Mother are with you and within you.  You are beset with many trials and daily must re-commit your life to Your Mother and My Son Jesus.  You are tested sometimes many times a day.  Remember who it is who desires that you fall, that you stumble.  O My sons, offer your sufferings your trials for the good of the souls placed in your charge.
You have many duties as priest but first is the souls placed in your hands and heart.  
Nothing is more important!  Your patience will be tried many times.  This is a gift for you to offer.

It is through suffering that you are purified.  It is through suffering that you are illuminated (enlightened).  It is through suffering that you are sanctified.  This is the pathway of the Saints.  You are all called to become holy Saints. It is on the earth and through human suffering and trial that one becomes a Saint.
Remember I am with you always and forever.
My children, My beloved Religious and My other children, I call you together to pray for My priest sons and for more vocations to the Holy Priesthood.
I pray with you and bring you all together from the ends of the earth as if you were in one room.
I thank you for your response to My Call.
I am happy to see you here again My children, in My Home here.  You come to a broken house that is being renewed again My children.
I am with you.
I bring the gift of Peace and Perseverance today - to you! 
Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

End of Claire Rose. _________

Last Saturday, October 2008 - Written and received by Leslie Theresé

Received in Mass:
Our Mother speaks, “Come to Me, My child.  Battered and bruised, broken and weary. I am your rest, your peace.  You are just as I expect and Our Father knows just who you will always be.

You are called to be the sons and daughters of Heaven.  You are called to be Holy. You are called to be forgiving and faithful.  Open your hearts to Me.  I love You My sweet ones.  Oh how I love you.  Thank you for coming here to pray with Me today.  All of Heaven is here also in prayer.  You may wonder why I thank you My children for your faith in coming. God Our Father has made this little Holy place available to Us.  He has asked that I come here to speak to My small ones.  It is for them that I thank you in this way as well as for Our Father and all of Heaven.  I have been made welcome here and, so too, have you been welcomed.  Look about you now My children and know that by your faith in praying for My Priest sons you have been called here.  Come as you are come in Holy and true love, Come in the Name of My Son Jesus who has given all for you.  Oh My children how I love you.

My little Holy ones, My religious you are so very precious to My Heart.  I pray with and for each of you every day.  I am with you in each moment of your prayers and offerings.  I love you My little ones.  I am truly blessed by your yes.  I am overjoyed at your continued faith in wearing your habits.  I am filled with love for your selfless dedication and love for My children.  Continue to pray daily for all of your brothers and sisters in faith and they will be enlightened as to what they must do to please Our Father. Please continue to pray also for My priest sons.  Many are on the fence between their vocation and the world.  Pray with all your hearts.  Pray. Pray. Pray.

My sons, My priests, you have made My children welcome, and I say to each of you I Love You.  I open My Arms and Heart to you, My little sons of faith.

Je m'appelle ta mère. (I am called Your Mother.)

Come and rest in My love for you.  Come and pray with Me.  Come and be refreshed and reopen your heart to Me your Mother.  For I love you as no other can.  You are Mine as though I bore you Myself.  It was Me who called to you so long ago to bless My children with your yes.  Thank you My sons for being My priests, My little black birds.

- Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”
End of Leslie Therese'. _______

One Hundred and Fifteenth Visitation of Our Lady
October 25, 2008 Last Saturday of October Priest’s Saturday 
Received by a bride from another area
It is a beautiful day here today. I am in California for this last Saturday. In Theriot, Louisiana at 2:00 p.m. today they will be celebrating Holy Mass in Thanksgiving to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity for allowing us to see the fruit of our prayers by the numbers in our seminaries. People came around 1:30 p.m. and put their petitions in the prayer box. We said the three Hail Mary’s for priests like the children do in Theriot, LA before the 20-decade Rosary for priests. We invited all the holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood. We invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood. We started the 20-decade Rosary for priests at 2:00 p.m. Our Lady asked me to announce, “I am here!” I did. Our Lady continues, “Oh how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages.” (The Rosary was being said in French, Spanish and English.)
Our Mother continues, “Thank you My children for coming together today to pray with Me for Holy Priests and for Vocations at My request. I love you! I love you! I love you My children! Thank you My children for praying for Our beloved priests. 
Oh My priest sons, your brothers and sisters are praying for you all over the world this day. As this Sunday is Priest Sunday extra prayers are coming your way. Open your hearts to all this grace and love coming to you. I love you My priest sons. Pray for your brother priests to be holy and stay that way.
Oh My youth, I speak to you today. Open your hearts to the LOVE of Jesus. I place you all in My Heart and My Heart lives in the Heart of Jesus.” 
At the fifth Joyful Mystery; The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple I was asked, “Lead this decade!” I did. 
Our Mother continues, “Oh My youth pray the Rosary. If you don’t know it, find someone to teach it to you. Oh My youth you don’t know the power the Rosary prayer is. It is very powerful. The evil one cannot stand to be in the presence of the Rosary said from your heart. It is a powerful tool of Love My youth. Pray it often. I love you My youth! I love you! I love you! I love you! 
Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, I thank you for being with Me and praying with Me. Many graces come out to you all. Do not be afraid of these graces. Open your hearts to receive them all! Oh My children, My all, you do not understand the power of prayer the Rosary is. If you did, you would pray it continuously. Oh My children My message today will be shorter. 
M-----, I see sadness in your heart. Have courage My daughter. I thank you for praying with Me. I love you My little one! L--, Oh My daughter thank you for your obedience in writing. Oh My children all over the world, I thank you for answering My Call. I am with you all. I never leave you. My Son Jesus is with Us all. I love you! I love you! I love you! M---, I love you. Thank you for your perseverance in praying with Me for Our beloved priests. Many priests will have the graces they need from your prayers. 
C------, C---- and J-----, thank you for preparing for My Visit. I thank you My children. Thank you for opening your home to Me. 
M----, My daughter thank you for being here. Thank you for praying with Me. Oh My children, if you are here today praying with Me it is because I have called you here. 
Oh My children, Pray! Pray! Pray! For holy priests. Pray for My youth to open their hearts to the Voice of My Son Jesus. Be still My youth! Take time to listen. Now is the time My youth! Now is the hour! I love you! Oh how I love you! Your Mother Mary Immaculate 
A--, I love you! You are a special daughter. You have had a heavy cross. Know that I am with you and I never leave you. I love you! Oh My children, I see each of you struggling with your ‘cross’. Have courage and persevere. You will not be sorry! Continue to go forward and trust in My Son Jesus. He is with you. He is taking care of you! Pick up your ‘cross’ and follow after Him. Remember He is with you, waiting for you to come to Him. Ask and you shall receive! Always ask and then leave all according to His Will. 
C-----, I am with you. I love you. My Mantle covers you! Oh My brides all over the world, I am with you all! My Mantle covers you all! I love you all! 
L-----, I love you. I am with you. Fear not, you are not alone. Many Holy Angels surround you. Thank you for all your love. 
A----, My little flower, I love you! 
Oh My religious thank you for praying with Me at My request. Thank you for wearing your habits. This witness helps My children see My Son’s presence among them. I love you! I love you! I love you! 
K------, thank you for all you do for love of Jesus and Me! I love you! 
S--------, My little one. Know I am with you! I love you! You are Mine! Oh My children, I thank you all! I love you all! I am with you all! Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.” 
End of bride from another area. ____________

october 25, 2008, Saturday