Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity


June 30, 2001 Priests Saturday Theriot,La. 
Written by Claire Rose
Today is a beautiful summer day. Lots of big white clouds in the blue sky. Everything is green as we have had lots of rain. My husband blessed all around the outside & inside of our house with Holy Water. Pilgrims arrived early. My heart is filled with joy to see everyone responding to Our Mother's call. A priest friend called to pray with me. This is very encouraging to me. A very holy priest has come to hear Confessions. Also five religious have come. Our Mother surely must be happy to see them, I thought. We had a sudden & short summer shower. About noon I walked alone in the rain to the bayou to speak with Our Mother at Her bayouside Shrine. I watched as water drops fell on the surface of the bayou. The sun was out but the drops were still falling. The fish were jumping in the bayou. I felt like I was being sprinkled with Holy Water. Our Lady Spoke: "These are tears falling from Heaven for all the souls who are being lost because they are going in the wrong direction. I need your help to save these souls. By praying for priests this will be accomplished."

Before 1pm our house was full & there were many outside. We began singing. A kind friend has come to play the keyboard. A lady named Mary from Texas has come to play on her silver flute for Our Mother. They played "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman." Even though these two ladies have never met or played together until this moment they played the new song we received last month "Queen of the Bayou." This was very beautiful like music from Heaven. We thanked Our Mother for this extra blessing. In my soul I can hear thousands of voices singing this song. 
At 1:45 we called the little children to come under the orange tree on the back porch to pray with us. They came walking & running from all directions. I invited Our Mother to come. I thanked Her for these Visitations of Love. As soon as we prayed "Hail Mary..." Our Mother came. She said, "My Precious little ones, I love you. I love you. Thank you for coming My little ones. Please thank your parents and grandparents for bringing you here to pray with Me. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
I felt led to hug each one of the children. We prayed 3 more Hail Marys.

At 2 I asked the holy priest who was present to please give us a blessing. He prayed most beautifully over us three, Lin, Leslie Therese` & I. He became Jesus in front of me as we kneeled before him. I said, "thank you, Jesus." In obedience to Our Mother I blessed the rooms & all present with Holy Water. We began the Rosary for Priests. After making the Sign of the Cross I invited Our Mother to come under all Her Titles. I invited all the Holy Angels & Saints & the holy souls being purified in Purgatory to come join us. I asked them all to pray with us & for us for holy priests, for unholy priests, for more priests, for the return of those priests who have left us and for priests souls in Purgatory.

First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation
Our Lady asked me to announce that She is Present. All Heaven opened and multitudes of Holy Angels, Saints amid floating and tumbling roses carried Our Mother, as Queen of Divine of Divine Love. Her Dress & Mantle were white & flowing. Her Mantle was edged in a liquid living gold. On Her Head was Her beautiful Crown as Patroness of Priests. Her Hands were moving. She was smiling. As She looked around at all who were here I saw Her Face and Hands change skin color. I saw Her as many different colors and nations. She continued to look at everyone and She was happy.
In silence I gave Her my own heart again. I thanked Her for coming for all of us. I told Her that I love Her & that everyone here & those praying around the world loved Her. I consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart all the priests of the world, all future priests, priest souls in Purgatory, religious, our families, homes & parishes. I gave to Her all the petitions in our box & those in our hearts. I asked Her to please go & touch those who desire to be here for Her Visit & cannot. I asked Her to join us together with all those praying around the world that are praying for priests as if we were in the same room. I asked Her forgiveness for all the times that I fail Her each day. 
Our Lady first words were, "Martin I am happy to see you again."
Second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation Our Lady spoke to the priest present, "My precious and most beloved son. I love you. I have called you here today on this special Feast day," (The First Martyrs of the Church of Rome) "I love you. Thank you for coming here to pray with Me, your faithful Mother." I began to see very clearly the face of another priest. I saw his face through out the Rosary. He is praying with us in another place. These personal words are also for him.
"The tears in My Eyes are tears of joy that you have responded to My call to you. To My invitation to you, to give your entire heart to Me. I love you. You are a jewel in My Crown of Divine Love, My priest. I love you."
Third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, was said in French. Our Lady loves us to pray in French for that is our native tongue. Our Lady continues to speak to the priest present, (and to the one I see who is not present.) "My own son, I have chosen you. I have given birth to your holy vocation. I need you My son. I am always with you, always, at all times. I fill you with My Peace and with My Love for My Son Jesus and for other's souls, especially your brother priests. I have chosen you from long ago to be a part of this Holy Mission of Love, this Mission closest to My Immaculate Heart. I love you."
Our Mother then speaks to all priests: 
"My priest sons, I love you. I grieve over some of you. You have gone away from your true Mother. You have gone away from My beloved Son, Jesus. I love you My shepherds. To Me you are My own little lambs. Please return to your own Mother. Return to Me. I will help you. I am awaiting your return to holiness. I await your return to wholeness."

Many pilgrims had brought big bouquets of fragrant roses of all colors. I said to Our Mother, "O Mother You are more beautiful than all the roses in the world. My Mother, please forgive me all the times I have grieved Thee!"

Fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Lady continues, "All is forgiven My child. All is forgiven. You must let go of the past and go forward. I await you. I love you completely."

Our Mother speaks again to the priest who is present & to the one who's face I see: "My beloved son, a door will be opened for you to respond to My Call. Walk through in complete Faith and Trust. I love you."

I hear & see many deliverances from illness & evil spirits taking place here & in other places because of our prayers. 

Our Lady continues, "My beloved priest sons, you are My Hands and My Heart in this world of grief, of pain and of sin. My Hands are broken. Please help Me to mend My Hands. I need you all My sons. I call. I call. I love you. I am here for you."

First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden Our Lady speaks, "Each time one of My priest sons returns to My Immaculate Heart, My Immaculate Heart Triumphs! You begin to understand the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart. A wave of LOVE is sweeping the earth, Divine Love. I love you. I call you to holiness. Live a simple life and leave behind all that keeps you from Me and from My Son Jesus. I love you. Listen, be still, you will hear My voice in your own heart."
Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar
I saw the most beautiful big white rose bud and I watched as it grew bigger and bloomed.

Third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning of Jesus with Thorns
Our Lady Speaks: 
"There is a hidden treasure in your suffering. A gift of the finest kind."

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross
I am asked to pray the deliverance prayer. I asked St. Benedict, Our Lady and Jesus to come and please deliver all who needed it, including myself if I need deliverance of any kind. 

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion
Jesus came Alive on the Cross, and said, "Embrace your cross. Kiss your cross. I kiss your lips. I love you My beloved bride."
I was taken away to a place in China. A priest was being physically tortured for our Faith, for Jesus. 

First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection
I see Our Lady in a Mantle of Light.

Second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension, Our Lady speaks, "My own little brother I love you. My heart is filled with joy by your presence. My daughters, thank you for your faithfulness. I am with you. My precious, precious little children, I love you. I thank you for coming here to pray with Me. I am your Mother, Mother of All Hearts. I love you My children. That is why I continue to come to visit you in so many places. I come to you in total obedience to My Son Jesus, to Our Father and to My Beloved Spouse, The Holy Spirit. I come to this little unknown place for your benefit My children, for the benefit of your souls, for the souls of your children and grandchildren. I come in Love. I come here to ask you to pray for My beloved sons, Our priests. I give them to you My children. I need your help. I ask today that you increase your prayers, your sacrifices and offerings for Our priests. I ask this in no other place as I ask it here. I desire that a Shrine for Priests be erected here. I will guide you."

Our Lady then turned to me & said, "Your house has been chosen to be a place of healing for priests." She continued "Many priests even Bishops will come here and receive healing. My beloved children, I need your help. Your prayers, your offering of suffering, joy and sacrifice will release all the Graces needed for this healing to take place. There is much evil in the world, as satan has declared all out war on My priest sons and on all My children. his plan is to take as many souls as he can away from My Son Jesus and from Me, your Immaculate Mother. Do not focus on the evil around you. I want you to see the reality of this evil and turn totally to My Son Jesus and to Me. REPENT! Change your life. Give Me your total heart. Pray and fast. Trust My Son Jesus. Trust Me, your Immaculate Mother. I come to bring you hope, to bring you Peace and to fill you with My Love which comes from the Divine Heart of My Son Jesus. As I depart, I leave you with this Joy, this Hope, this Peace and Love from Heaven. I bless you as I go, and I remain always here for you and in your heart. Love one another with Our Love. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
I asked the holy priest who was present to please bless us & all our religious articles. He shared that twice today he had received a message, once while he was hearing confessions and once as we prayed the Rosary during Our Lady's Visitation. The words he heard were: 
"A church must be built here."
He said that he was hesitant to tell us this. He did not know that we have received this from both Our Mother and Jesus in past messages, nor that we have been given the design of the church by Our Mother. We were grateful to God for such an unexpected & beautiful confirmation of Our Lady's Visitations and Her Mission for Priests through such a holy priest. Our Lady did say She would take care of everything!

End of Claire Rose.______________
June 30, 2001 Last Saturday of June Priests Saturday
Received by Leslie Therese.
I see Our Mother Mary approach. She is all in cream. Her Crown keeps changing. She is smiling at the two children in front of the kneelers. She says, "My little children, how I love you. You are My daughters. You shall bear great men."

Our Lady continues, "Take -----'s hand. She needs the comfort of touch. She is in a spiritual warfare. Pray for her. She will win the battle."

I see Our Mother Mary walking around the room. She prays with us. She speaks, "To My priest son, welcome My son. I have waited for you. Thank you for blessing My daughters so beautifully. I was there with you. I was standing beside you. In your prayer I was also. I will wash clean all who come to Me in faith. And you shall be present for this miracle of faith. You shall witness over and over again the miracle of My love for these people who come to pray for My Son's priests month after month and day after day. They are praying for you My son, for you and your brothers. Pray for your brothers My son. Tell them of this place God has made especially for them. Bless all who are here praying for you and your brothers, all priests. I will kiss you on your cheek so that you will know My presence here." I see Mary in a green dress kissing Father on the left cheek. "Keep holy God's House. He is Our Father. Obey only Him. You were chosen from conception. Do not let the world interfere with what God has done." Padre Pio is praying with us. Our Lady continues, "My sons, I call to you here in this special place. I love you My sons. Come to Me here. By your faith many many will be brought back to My Son Jesus. We wait for you here, for where I am so is My Son Jesus also. Come and listen to My children pray for you. I will renew and refresh you to go and begin anew your lives as God's special chosen sons, who bring many into God's House. I await you My sons priests. I love you as a mother. My Heart mourns and weeps for your presence. Your Mother." I saw a priest here with us today. I felt his presence with me in the room I was praying in.
Our Lady continues, "My beautiful children, you come to Me each month. You are My Heart. Please keep praying for My Son's priests. Pray also for those of My children who have been led astray. Pray for those who do not listen to the doctrine of the church because it is not what they want to hear. Pray for those being called to the priesthood and their families are against it. Pray also for the religious that they remember who chose them. Pray that they come back to modesty! So that they clothe themselves, so that you My children will know who they are. I am here for you My children. Come to Me here. I will continue to bless all who come here with My Love and Peace. There is nothing that God Our Father cannot forgive. He is an awesome God. He is a gracious and loving God. Many Graces are being poured out upon you all today. Marriages are being blessed, children of these marriages also. Many healings will take place today. I have heard your petitions on behalf of family and friends. I will take them up to Heaven with Me and present them to God Our Father. I Love you. I Love you. Continue to pray My child," She said to me. I see many gold Crosses, thousands and thousands. I see Angels and many Saints praying with us."My daughters do not give up what you know to be true."

"----- I love you My child. What you suffer is not a punishment. You are My Heart. All will be well soon. I am always here for you. I will listen with love. I open My Heart to carry your sorrows, for I love you. I chose you within the womb of your mother. Your beauty shines bright as the sun. It is blinding. You are a good mother. Contunue to pray. Your prayers are heard."

"Sherry and Cheryl thank you for all you do in My name."
End of Leslie Therese.________________

June 30, 2001 Last Saturday of June Priests Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in Theriot, Louisiana for Our Lady's visit this month. In the early afternoon I went outside by the large 33 foot Cross dedicated for priests, to pray. I saw the most unusual cloud formation. There were two clouds side by side. One was in the shape of the face of Our Father. The other was in the shape of Jesus as a small child with a crown, and was stretched out long ways. Suddenly I watched the face part of the two clouds come together and appear to kiss. I shook my head unbelieving what I saw. I then turned in another direction still facing the Cross when I saw another two clouds with faces on them facing each other and then move together and it appeared they were kissing. Very unusual. I had never seen anything like this before. I then heard a voice say, "My daughter heaven and earth shall meet here today."
The children were then called outside to pray Hail Mary's. As all the children prayed I saw Our Lady touch each of them ever so gently. She was in transparent garments, yet I couldn't see through them and She walked all around us in the midst of us. It was most humbling.
We then came inside and the priest present gave us a most beautiful blessing just before we started the 15 decade rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m.
As a prayer was read by a sister bride for priests, I was shown a vision I had never seen before. A golden Monstrance appeared on a white cloud. In the center Jesus was present in the Eucharist, white in color. Surrounding the Eucharist was the miracle of the sun with rays emanating in bright gold, changing color and length with their brilliance. There were letters in the center of the Eucharist, but I could not tell what they were. Then Our Lady spoke, "My children I come to you today to pray with you for all My priest sons. Thank you for coming here today to pray with Me for My priest sons at My request. I come as Mary your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. This title is special for this mission. All missions will come together with this mission. Touch the lady behind you. Tell her I am healing her." I am very aware of the people around me praying. Our Lady continues, "Touch the man to your right. Tell him thank you for coming to pray with Me. Tell him I love him. Thank the dear priest who came to pray with Me today. Tell him I love him. Tell the dear brothers who came today and the dear sisters who came today thank you for coming to pray for Our priests. Tell them I love them. Thank all My precious children. Thank them for coming today to pray with Me for Our priests."

At the third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady continues, "Oh! how I love to hear the rosary in French."

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding of Our Lord in the Temple, Our Lady speaks, "Many here today will receive healings. This is a very special day. Heaven and earth shall meet today in this holy place because of your prayers. Your prayers release the Grace necessary to heal many, especially My priest sons. Your prayers are needed for this to happen." Again I see the vision of the golden Monstrance, but this time on a golden cloud with the miracle of the sun around it.

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Our Lady continued, "Many people will receive deliverance here today. Many many Graces abound this day for My precious children, for My precious priest sons. Take the message of love, to pray for priests, out to all you meet. Help spread this mission of love for the priesthood. Oh! my children, My priest sons need your prayers so desperately. It is your prayers daily that will help heal them, convert them and make them holy."

At the second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar, Our Lady says, "Pray My children, My priest sons for My priest sons who have gone astray and are following the wrong path. Your prayers My children and My Religious and My Priest sons will bring them back to Me and back to My Son on the correct path. Pray! Pray! Pray My beloved children." I am very aware of all the people around me praying.

At the third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns, Our Lady says, "Continue to pray My child Rest now and pray." 

At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross, Our Lady says, "Tell the sisters I love them. My dear brothers, thank you for coming. I love you. Oh! My children! Oh how I love you. You are My precious prayer warriors. I love you. Thank you. My children thank you for coming great distances to pray with Me today. I love you."

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion, I see many Angels praying with us. Our Lady says, "My child all of heaven is praying with you. Yes! My child, with all of you. Your prayers are heard by all of heaven." I see the devil fleeing as we pray the rosary. Our Lady then says, "I am blessing the man on your right and the person sitting behind you. That person will feel the blessing and will be very aware of My love." I feel so much love and so much peace. Our Lady continues, "My child, many will feel the peace and love that you feel today. Many graces are being released from heaven today because of your prayers." (I understood this to mean everyone's prayers.) "I bring My Son's love in great abundance here today. Many will feel His presence in their hearts."

At the second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension, I see Our Lady all in blue and white. She is standing above all of us. Her Hands are outstretched and rays come from Her Hands and she says, "My children many Graces come to you all today. Thank you for praying for My priest sons all over the world. I join you all to those all over the world today who have come together to pray for priests at My request. You make a river of prayer for priests all over the world. You are joined to each other all over the world." I see many Angels all around us.

At the third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, Our Lady says, "All your prayers. All your beautiful prayers. They go out all over the world. Many blessings go out to all you meet today. You take My Son and My love out to all you meet. Love that is not of this world. Love that this world does not understand. Make your stand for DIVINE LOVE! My Son goes with each of you. Take that love into your hearts and give it to others, to all you meet. There is more than enough for all. I love you. My Son loves you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Open your hearts to that LOVE. Do not waste it, but take it into your hearts and use it and give it to others, to all you meet. I love you, Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. Continue to pray now My child." I see Our Lady all in pure white, almost transparent, yet you cannot see through Her. She is about 2 feet tall. She travels around the upper edge of the room and stops over different people and then continues to move again. Her love is so very strong and so sweet and loving. I see graces going to each and everyone here. They move out of Her Hands like strings of rain drops. Our Lady, "Thank you My child for being obedient and writing."
End of bride from another area.

June 30, 2001, Saturday