Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

QUEEN OF DIVINE LOVE, PATRONESS OF PRIESTS, please send us holy priests! Please pray for us and ALL our priests!

Our Lady has asked that Claire Rose share this with all:

1952 Our Lady's statue in St. Eloi Church, Theriot, Louisiana "comes alive" to claire rose, age 12. She runs out of the church, frightened. She tells her mother who tells one of the sisters. claire rose wants to go into the convent. The sisters say she is too young. 

1955 Our Lady Appears in the night to claire rose, age 15. She is very beautiful. She looks like a young girl. She has long medium brown hair and beautiful brown eyes filled with love. She is wearing a rose colored dress and a medium blue mantle or cape. 

1960's and 1970's Our Lady, Jesus, the Holy Spirit as a pure white Dove and many of the Saints Appear and sometimes speak to claire rose. A few messages for priests & about priests.

1969-81 This land in Theriot, Louisiana, where Our Lady is Appearing was purchased in four parts. Each piece was Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & the Sacred Heart of Jesus after it was bought. 

1981-1986 Total silence from God, Our Mother & the Saints.

Last Saturday of November 1986 Jesus Appears and fills my soul with total PEACE.

1987 Visitations from Heaven increase. claire rose's husband, children, grandchildren and some others begin to witness and sometimes to see what she sees. She begins to share with others.

June 1987 First Spiritual Director, a holy priest. Claire rose shares with him a calling to minister to priests. She does not understand this as priests have one another & she feels that they don't need her.

July 1987 (Last weekend of) Many see the "miracle of the sun" in Theriot, Louisiana. There is a Holy Spirit Conference in New Orleans.

August 21, 1987 Two holy priests come together to bless this home and family with blessed salt and holy water. Both said they could feel no evil here. 

September 1987 Holy Father John Paul II visits New Orleans, Louisiana.

December 8, 1987 Our Mother Appears to claire rose and asks in a Message to a priest that St. Eloi Parish and it's neighbors be Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. She also asks that a Shrine be built on the edge of the road near the bayou. She calls Herself Mother of Divine Love. She looks like Our Lady of Fatima without a crown. Her Hands are folded in prayer. All white.

Spring 1988 In a message to a second priest in a neighboring Parish, Our Mother made the same request, "Please ask Fr. Caillouet to Consecrate Holy Family Parish to My Immaculate Heart."

August 15, 1988 The second priest responds to Our Mother's Request and even tho' he was killed in a car accident in June, he had been preparing his parish for Consecration and his Parish is Consecrated to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart on August 15, 1988. 

December 8, 1988 Fr. Scott Dugas, Pastor of St. Eloi Parish Consecrates St. Eloi Parish to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart to fulfill Our Mother's Request during a special Mass. 

March 1989 In a message to a third priest Our Mother asks that he Consecrate his Parish to Her Immaculate Heart.

1989 Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus First Holy Mass held here at this site. Our family, home and land are Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

October 7, 1989 The third priest responds to Our Mother's Request and Consecrates his Parish to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. Our Lady Appears to claire rose during Holy Mass in the church in Larose, LA.

Last Saturday of October 1989 Our Lady asks that the Last Saturday of each month be set aside as a Day of Prayer for Priests. She said that one day there would be those who would understand the connection between the First and the Last Saturdays. 

December 8, 1989 While in Spiritual Direction claire rose saw the priest become Jesus, human size. (Today there is a Perpetual Adoration Chapel in that same room.) 

Last Saturday of December 1989 The First Priests' Saturday. Two are present.

August 13, 1990 A birthday Message for a priest from Our Mother, 
"Father, Father Never Doubt Your Vocation as a Priest."

December 8, 1990 following the example of St. Therese` the little flower, claire rose offers her body to the Holy Blessed Trinity through Our Mother of Divine Love as a victim soul for priests. 

1990-91 Our Blessed Mother asks claire rose to build a 15 decade outdoor Rosary. She also asks that Stations of the Cross be erected. Our Mother says that a Well of Healing Water will be found near the 6th Station. 

Holy Thursday 1991 In obedience to Our Mother, even tho' she was very scared, claire rose gave a little scroll with the Words from Our Mother, "Father, Father Never Doubt" & a letter of Appreciation to Bishop Boudreaux and all the priests of the Houma-Thibodaux Diocese after the Holy Chrism Mass. Our Mother reveals that "Father, Father Never Doubt" are words from Her to all priests. Bishop Boudreaux was very kind & asked for her prayers. Most of the priests are also very kind.

Ascension Thursday 1992 St. Eloi Church claire rose and Lin are blessed by Father Scott Dugas to begin Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity, an Apostolate to pray for Priests. Both were given the name separately and Lin was told that "today is the first official day of your order." Our Lady gave us the nickname "Holy Rejects." At the same time a third founding member, Shirley, was being anointed by a holy priest in South Carolina. 

May 1992 Last Saturday during the Rosary for Priests Our Lady Appears & gives a message of love for priests & those who pray for priests. Five present.

June 1992 Our Lady begins to reveal Her Crown as Queen of Divine Love. It is medium height, simple shiny gold with points. All the messages for priests come from Her under the title Mother of Divine Love.

August 1992 Brides first "fact sheet."

May 1993 First Anniversary, Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity. Our Lady gives us our Rule while we are at Mother Angelica's.

June 1993 Our Lady gives us Promises for Priests if we pray for priests and Promises to those who pray faithfully for priests. These are listed under PROMISES.

October 1993 Our Lady says that the messages for priests will be published. claire rose believes that these Messages will be published without her name because some people pay more attention to the person receiving the message than to the Messages. 

March 25, 1994 Our Lady reveals to claire rose that She has come to Theriot with messages for priests under the Title Mother of Divine Love in response to a Prayer prayed to Her under this Title by Holy Father John Paul II. This was when he was in New Orleans at St. Louis Cathedral speaking to priests in September 1987. 

April 23, 1994 Our Blessed Mother asks claire rose to build a big Cross, an upright cement cross for priests. She said She would send helpers.

1995 Morning Offering is received. We are told to spread it to the whole world.

February 7, 1998 After a visit from a holy priest Our Lady Appears with a message for this priest. Within the message She reveals that She will appear here in Theriot on the Last Saturdays of the last 9 months of 1999. Morning Offering receives church approval this same day!

March 25, 1999 Our Lady of the Bayou Shrine and Stations of the Cross are now completed. These, our home and the site for the Holy Cross and Rosary for Priests are blessed by a holy priest. Our Lady reveals to Lin that the 9 Visits represent the 9 months that Jesus spent in Her Holy Womb. Little did we know that the Last Saturday of 1999 was Christmas Day!

Holy Thursday 1999 Our Mother Appears and reveals that in addition to the 9 Visits that She will Appear 33 more times, one Visit for each year of Jesus' Life. A total of 42 Visitations.

April 24, 1999 Our Lady's first public Visitation. Our Mother says this Visit is to represent the first month Jesus spent in Her Holy Womb. It is exactly a month since the Shrine of Our Lady of the Bayou has been blessed.

September 1999 Childrens Group, Little Knights, Protectors of the Eucharist are formed in West, Texas. They begin to pray daily in front of the Blessed Sacrament for priests.

November 1999 Brides join with an Apostolate that has been inspired to make & give away Divine Love Rosaries. Both missions increase as a result.

Christmas Day 1999 The last of the first 9 Visits. Our Mother asked that we begin the Holy Cross for Priests today! Everyone present dug a shovel of dirt to start the foundation. Our Lady also asks that Her Promises be revealed.

Friday, January 14, 2000 the cement foundation for the Holy Cross for priests was poured, by the Grace of God!

January 2000 We are inspired to ask everyone for Rosaries, Masses & Hours of Adoration for Priests. We call this Blessed Mother's Jubliee Bouquet of Love for Priests.

February 7, 2000 Jesus Appears and says, "LOVE MY PRIESTS!" Today is the 2nd Anniversary of the day Our Lady announced Her public Visitations in a message to a priest. A Shrine to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is built as Our Mother requested in the early 1990's.

February 26, 2000 Last Saturday, Priests Saturday. For the first time two religious are present, a nun & a brother. Two Brides make victim soul vows in our chapel. There are now 5.

March 25, 2000 Last Saturday. For the first time a priest is present for Our Mother's Visit. She gives him a message. He experiences healing. Two holy nuns and a religious brother are present.

April 29, 2000‚Äč Last Saturday. Another priest has come. He can hardly walk. Our Mother tells him that She will heal his body. Yes, he is healed! Two holy nuns also present.

May 13, 2000 Our Mother Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests reveals the rest of Her Crown in an instant. It has 7 points and on the front is a gold Chalice with a pure white Host suspended above it. Beams of gold light surround the chalice & Host. It is beautiful. The 7 points represent the 7 Sacraments, 7 days of creation & the 7 sorrows.

June 1, 2000 Ascension Thursday 8th Anniversary of our Apostolate, Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity. 9am a holy priest, Fr. Juan Alers has come to offer Holy Mass here for us. It was very beautiful. This was the first time Holy Mass was offered here for us on our Anniversary. 33 were present. We feel very blessed in this Jubliee Year by this Holy Mass as we begin with God's constant help our 9th year as a Blessed Apostolate. The Holy Blessed Trinity through Our Beautiful Mother of Divine Love has inspired three others to join the original three as victim souls for priests in this special Jubliee Year, one is a holy priest. We thank God, Our Father; Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Our Mother Mary Immaculate, all the Holy Angels and Saints for Their constant help, guidance, care and protection for we are nothing but little vessels and seeds of Their Love.

October 2000 Our Lady asks that groups be formed to meet on the Last Saturdays of each month to pray a Rosary for priests. Where two or more are gathered together...

December 8, 2000 Response to Blessed Mother's Jubliee Bouquet for Priests is very good, from many countries & states. Thanks be to God!

January 31, 2001 From Claire Rose
My kind & gentle Pastor, Father Jerome "Jerry" Weber, a friend of our mission, died peacefully & suddenly in his sleep in the night of Jan. 30-31, 2001. He would have been 59 years old on Saturday, February 3. Please pray for the repose of his soul and for our parish. Pray also for our Bishop as he goes about the difficult task of trying to replace him. There are no "extra" priests.

February 4, 2001 Blessed Mother's Jubliee Bouquet for Priests is presented to Bishop Jarrell at St. Eloi Church by Lin & claire rose in behalf of all the Brides from all over the world. 

February 13, 2001 a holy priest blessed Our Mother's new Crown. 9 months ago today on May 13, 2000 Our Mother revealed this Crown. It was ordered in November, received late yesterday. Blessed today, all unplanned except by God. 

February 16, 2001 a holy priest came to Theriot and Crowned Our Mother as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. This day is also Buddy & claire rose's 44th Wedding Anniversary. We pulled weeds and planted roses.

February 24, 2001 Last Saturday two priests & three religious present. Our Lady gives us the Chaplet of Divine Love for Priests. Six Brides renew victim soul vows in our chapel including a holy priest. Two more join making eight victim souls.

MARCH 10, 2001 At 9AM the wooden form for the 33 foot Holy Cross for Priests was begun! A holy priest was present to bless the site and the workmen present. We prayed a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Priests as Our Mother has taught us. Our Lady, Mother of Divine Love Appeared to Lin and Claire Rose. Her Message is posted under Messages 2001.

March 12, 2001 Blessed Mother's Jubliee Bouquet for Priests given to Pope John Paul II. The first Chaplet of Divine Love for Priests is blessed by the Holy Father. It is presented to the priest who has joined us in victim soul offering. 

March 15, 2001 the form for the Holy Cross is completed! Thank you Jesus & Our Mother for all those who have helped to fulfill Your Request in any way, by their prayers, work and in other ways. God Willing, the cement will be poured on St. Patrick's Day! 

MARCH 17, 2001
Thanks be to God and to Our Mother and all those who helped in any way in Heaven, on earth or from Purgatory! The cement was poured today for the HOLY CROSS FOR PRIESTS! All was very peaceful and the rain did not start until all the work was completed. Thank you all for prayers. 

In the cement of the Holy Cross for Priests, on the 4 ends, we put St. Benedict medals & Miraculous medals. Near the base, a scapular. At the very top we put my husband's St. Benedict Cross on a string, then a triangular piece of brick from Ascension of Our Lord Church in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, the site of the first priests' Ordination in Louisiana. Next we put a small white Rosary blessed by Pope John Paul II that was a gift to claire rose from a holy priest, a triangular piece of marble from the floor of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. At the very center, Mr. Darrell Guidry from Larose, Louisiana, the man who designed the Cross, put in a priests collar from his Pastor, a Divine Love Rosary made by Leslie Therese`, a 3rd class relic of Padre Pio, a picture of an old painting of St. Eloi ( the Saint this parish in Theriot is named after), a small angel from St. Jude Shrine. On the reverse side of St. Eloi's picture is a memorial picture of our Late Pastor & friend of our mission, Fr. Jerome Weber & the prayer of St. Francis. Blessed salt & Holy Water was sprinkled into & around the Cross. 

We had a blessed day. Almost all those who helped build this Cross are physically disabled. God uses our brokeness and puts the gifts & talents of all together to fulfill His Plan. I am reminded of the day Our Mother asked for this cross to be built & how my husband looked tired when he first heard of it. I remember saying to him that Our Mother would send others to help. She always keeps Her Promises.

Some of the wives came to help me cook fried oysters & shrimp. From these we made sandwiches on french bread that we call "poor boys" here on the bayou in south Louisiana. 
We will always remember this St. Patrick's Day.

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