Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Fifty-Fifth Visitation of Our Lady

October 25, 2003 Priest's Saturday Last Saturday of October Theriot, Louisiana
Claire Rose wrote:
This morning Our Lady said, "Many will see Me today, also the Miracle of the Sun as a gift to all." Today is a beautiful day. Autumn has arrived on the bayou and many wild flowers are blooming. The sun is shining and there is a nice breeze. My husband blessed our house inside and out with Holy Water. As I prayed the Stations of the Cross with many pilgrims, I saw souls rising to Heaven. I was then told, "Pray at the Foot of the Cross." A beautiful family brought us a picture of Our Mother holding Baby Jesus and a lamb.This makes me think of Our Mother's Words to Her priest sons: 
"To the world you are a shepherd, to Me you are My own little lambs." We are blessed today with two holy priests who hear Confessions. Also two holy nuns and a Religious Brother are present.
At 1:45p.m. we gather with the children by the front door. We begin with the Sign of the Cross and pray three Hail Mary's. Our Mother Mary is with us. She is all in white and today I see Her Heart, and Her Hand is pointing to Her Heart. Her Heart is flesh. I see a flame of love coming out of Her Heart, out of the top of Her Heart. "My precious, precious little ones, I love you! I love you! I love you! I am with you My little ones. My Heart beats with joy and with love for you. Joy that you have come here to pray with Me for My beloved priest sons. I love you! I love you! I love you! Once again today I give to you the Rosary of Light. Pray the Rosary My children! Pray the Rosary! It is the means that God is using to heal you, to heal your soul, your body, your mind. But also, as you are being healed, as you pray My priest sons are being healed. Pray My little children the three Hail Mary's that I have asked you to pray. Pray them faithfully. You will see in your own lifetime the healing of our priests. I love you My children! I love you My children, I love you! If you knew how much I love you, you would die of joy. I come to bring you love. I come to fill you with peace. Open your hearts. Open your souls. I love you. I come to set you free of many things that keep you from being totally for My Son Jesus. Focus on My Son Jesus always. I love you My children. I love you! I love you! My Son will be with you in fullness very soon. I love you! Go in peace." Thank you Blessed Mother. Thank you Blessed Mother. Our Lady continues, "I am choosing three of the young girls who are here today to be holy sisters. The vocations to the priesthood and the Religious Life because of My Visitations here will astound you. This will be one of the signs that I leave in this holy place. Be faithful to prayer My children. I carry your prayer to the throne of God Most High. I carry your petitions within My own Immaculate Hands. Nothing is too small or too big for My Son Jesus. I love you, Your own Mother."

2p.m. We went inside to begin the 20 decade Rosary for priests. I blessed the rooms and people with holy water. A holy priest brought Jesus to us for Adoration. We sang and prayed the prayers of Benediction. I announced that Our Lady was here as She asked me to.Our Mother came all in bright white. Glorious. The Glories of Heaven accompanied Her. She was carried by many Holy Angels, surrounded by many little Angels and many tumbling roses. A Rosary of Light is in Her Hands. There is an edge of gold on the edge of Her Mantle. She speaks to one of the priests present: "My beloved priest son, today again I speak to you, to your heart. I love you My own son. My love for you grows stronger each day, multiplying much Grace into you. Your heart is fully open to Me now My son. The more open you have become the more My Love multiplies in you and through you to others."
The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
"You are a living tabernacle My son, where The Holy Blessed Trinity dwells. Where Our God is I am, who am Your Mother. I thank you with all of My Heart for all you do for Me and for My Son Jesus. Thank you for bringing My Son Jesus to others. I love you! I love you! I love you! My Immaculate Heart beats with Love for you and for all My priest sons and for all My children.(I saw Our Mother's Heart beat from Flesh to gold, Flesh to Gold.) "Thank you for Adoring My Son Jesus. Thank you for the Chapel of Adoration that you have made for My Son Jesus. I am present there with Him at all times. I am always present where My Son Jesus is."
The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord Our Mother speaks to the other priest present:
"My beloved little shepherd I love you. I gave birth to your holy vocation. I thank you for your years of faithful service to My Son Jesus and to Me your Immaculate Mother. I am healing you My own son. For the times when you have been hurt, especially by your brother priests, I have been there with you.
O' My beloved priest sons who are present, I bless you today in an extra-ordinary way. You will be surprised at how your ministry as a pastoring shepherd will increase. To the world you are a shepherd, to Me your Mother you are My own little lambs. Let Me hold you close to My own Heart of Love My sons. Let Me love you. Let Your Mother heal all your wounds My own little lambs. I love you! I love you! I give to you My own Heart of Burning Love." I saw this. Mother Mary's Heart of Love, a flame of Love burned brightly. I could hear the sound of the flames of Love.
The fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation
Our Lady says, "My beloved priest sons, I love you so much. I come here for you My sons. This small place on all the earth was chosen from long ago to be set aside as a place of healing LOVE for you My own sons. I have chosen this small and unknown place with My Son Jesus. This very spot on the earth is a consecrated place for you My own little lambs. Here you will find peace and healing. Here you will be delivered of all that is not of God. I wish to establish here a healing place for My priest sons. My beloved sons I come to you here in obedience to My Son Jesus, to Our Father and to My Beloved Spouse, The Holy Spirit. I come to you in Love. I come to bring you Love. This holy place is chosen for you My sons. The Church that I have asked for here is to honor every Visitation I have ever made to this earth. I will with My Son Jesus provide all that is needed for My Mission of Love for My own sons. O' My sons, some of you are My greatest skeptics and doubters. I come to you for you, out of My Motherly concern and love."

The first Luminous Mystery, the Lord's Baptism in the Jordan
"At the beginning of this century I came to you My children at a tiny place that is today called Fatima. From there My sons I spoke to you a few words. There I began the 1st Saturday devotions that many of you have been faithful to observe. I said to you there that I was the Lady of the Rosary. I am the same who comes here. I am the Lady of the Rosary. I come to you with the New Rosary of Light. This completes the Holy Rosary My children. O' My beloved children, I love you! Here I have given to you the Rosary of Light before Our Holy Father gave these Mysteries of Light to you. I held out this Rosary of Light to you, yet you did not understand. I have come here to this small and unknown place in response to Our Holy Father John Paul II's prayers to Me under the Title, Mother of Divine Love. I was with you on your Pilgrimage. This Mission will bring to fullness My many Visitations to this earth. Many hundred years ago in an open field, a pasture, a small band of shepherds were with their sheep watching over them. Suddenly a pack of wolves began to howl and attempted to surround and overtake the flock. These holy shepherds fell to their knees and called upon Me their Mother to help them, to protect their sheep and to protect them."
The third Luminous Mystery, Our Lord Proclaims the Kingdom of God and Calls Us to Conversion
"As soon as they prayed I heard and I came to their aid. No sheep or shepherds were lost. They called Me as their Mother of Divine Love. In reverence, in love and with grateful hearts they erected a small shrine in My Honor and adopted Me as the Protectress of Shepherds and Sheep under this title. This occurred on the outside of the Walls of Rome, the Holy City. O' My beloved Shepherds, My beloved children, My beloved lambs, I love you! I love you!"
The fourth Luminous Mystery, Our Lord's Transfiguration
"My beloved priest sons for you I have come, for you are My own little lambs. I need you My priest sons to be holy. Above all else be holy. Give to your Mother your hearts. I will gently and tenderly replace your broken wounded hearts with My own Heart. As in no other place have I come to you in this way to speak to you, to heal you and to fill you with gentle tender Love. I love you! I love you! I love you! My Immaculate Heart beats with tender LOVE for you My sons. Many of you are broken, wounded, tired and so many of you wonder who will take your place."
The fifth Luminous Mystery, Our Lord's Institution of the Eucharist
"I come to assure you, to encourage and renew you. I refresh your souls. I promise you many many vocations to the holy priesthood will spring forth from this holy healing place chosen for you My own sons. The vocations to the Religious life will also multiply from the prayers said here on your behalf. I have given you Promises My beloved ones. They are from My Immaculate Heart. God has not abandoned His Church. God will never abandon His Church. The gates of hell shall never prevail against Her. When all seems lost, look to the dawning light, the new springtime is already on the horizon, even as the darkness seems to envelope the world and Our Church. After the darkness is the dawn of a new day, a new springtime, after the cold and dry dark winter. Light will rise and sparks of light will light the darkness from one end of the earth to the other. The light will melt the ice and the snow and bring all that is appearing dead to life."

The first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
"O' My children await with hope, with joy, with faith and trust in My Son Jesus. Place your total trust in Him and do not fear, all will be provided by Him for those who love Him and trust in Him. Remember in your hearts My words of Love to you. It is always darkest just before the dawn. Hold on to Your Mother and to My Son Jesus. Stay focused on Him always. Give to Him your hearts and do not take it back. Trust! Trust! Trust!"
The second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar
"A new day is dawning for Our Church. Offer your hearts, your sufferings, your heart beat, your breath as a prayer for My beloved priest sons. They with My Son and I Your Immaculate Mother will lead you to holiness. Confess your sins My children. Change you hearts and your lives. Live in accord with God. Live in Peace. Love one another My children. I love you! I am with you to hold you. My Son is with you in fullness in Holy Eucharist, Holy Communion, the Bread of Life from Heaven. He is in fullness, worship Him. In fullness in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and where He is the whole Trinity is, God, Our Father, God the Son, Jesus, My Son and God the Holy Spirit, My Beloved Spouse. Heaven on Earth dwelling in Fullness, in Totalness with you and for you, through the Holy Consecrated Hands of My beloved priest sons. (I saw a huge golden Chalice with a pure white Host suspended above it. Much Light shone from both.) O' My children who else stands in the place of My Son Jesus? NONE OTHER! Who else can forgive your sins as My beloved priest sons? NONE OTHER! O' My children love and honor the gift that has been given you in the holy priesthood. I love you! I love you!"
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
"The Cross! Carry your Cross My beloved sons and all My children. Embrace your Cross as a gift chosen especially for you. Offer this little suffering for My beloved sons, for without them you would have no Eucharist. No opportunity to receive forgiveness of your sins and no opportunity to receive My Son Jesus in Holy Communion. No one to shepherd and pastor you. No one to help your soul to heal. O' My little ones I love you! Time is now to convert! Time is now to repent of your sins. Time is now to turn to My Son Jesus with all your hearts. Give to Me Your Mother all your hurts, your sins, your pain, all. Give it all to Me. I am here to help you and to love you."
The fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion
"Kneel and pray!" I saw the Holy Blessed Trinity in the Sacred Host. Then I saw Jesus on the Cross, bleeding. His precious Blood was flowing out and covering the whole earth. Our Mother was kneeling at the Foot of the Cross. I saw St. Theresa of Avila, St. Padre Pio, Mother Theresa and our present Holy Father John Paul II. "I will give to you as a gift a Eucharistic Miracle here. This will be the holy sign needed for many of My priest sons. Always in the History of our holy Church all that is needed is always provided."
The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord
"In it's (Church's) darkest hours many great saints are raised by God for He always provides for the needs of His Church. Because Our God is a loving Father, He will never abandon His Church although many in His Church among His chosen and beloved have nearly abandoned Him." I see many religious orders disintegrating like a piece of fabric full of holes, rotting and coming to nothing. Suddenly new light comes upon the cloth and it is rewoven with new and shiny very strong threads and a new fabric is made more beautiful than before, stronger, more pure and holy than before, gold and white.
The third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit
"My beloved children at the ending of the same century that has just passed I come to you in Theriot, this little place. I am the same Mother who came to you in Fatima, the Lady of the Rosary. Here I come for My priest sons and establish devotion of the Last Saturday. My priest sons were the first called, the first apostles, and they are now the last called. The First and the Last, the First will be Last, the Last shall be First. You do not yet understand this Mystery My children."
The fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Our Lady Body and Soul into Heaven
"You cannot live, you cannot have true life within you without My priest sons to nourish you with My Son Jesus in Holy Communion. You cannot have true life unless your souls are cleansed in Holy Confession. O' My children, treasure the gift given you in the holy priest hood. Love My priest sons with all your hearts. Love them, pray for them. Offer your suffering and prayer for them. Your offering will help each one of them to come to greater holiness. Appreciate your priests with all your hearts. Be always loving and compassionate; patient with them for they have only human hearts. They are imperfect creatures chosen by God to truly represent Jesus, Our Son. O' My beloved children, treasure this gift with all your hearts."
The fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven
"Thank you for coming here My children to pray with Your Mother. I am touching your hearts today in a renewed way. I fill you with Peace. Thank you for your sacrifices. I love you with all of My Immaculate Heart. I bless you as I depart. I bless your families and I carry within My own Hands and Heart your petitions. Please live in Peace. Forgive one another. Love one another as I love you. I remain always in this small place. I am here for you. Many will experience a new Peace today as I heal your hearts of wounds from long ago. Be still My children and live in Peace. Love one another as I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Jesus, Mother of Divine Love."
I shared with everyone two visions that I was given on our Pilgrimage. I had thought since May 13, 2000 that Our Mother's Crown was complete. It is not. One vision was to add priests hands to Our Mother's Crown, holding the Chalice. This happened in Assisi during Holy Mass over St. Francis' tomb. The other was to add a tear drop pearl on each point of Our Mother's Crown connected by little round pearls. Our Mother said the tear drop ones represent the tears of a Mother that She has shed over Her priest sons. In last month's Visitation Our Mother also showed drops of Light on Her Crown and Mantle. These represent Her sons. There were also red drops to represent Jesus' Precious Blood. Our Mother spoke a message for my husband: 
"Thank you Buddy for opening your home and your heart to Me and to all My children. You will be greatly blessed for your cooperation and work."

After the messages were read Father invited all those who had expressed a desire to make their vows to please come forward. Twelve came forward and one child of five who made the children's promise to pray three Hail Mary's a day for priests. Father then blessed us with Jesus in the Monstrance and blessed our religious articles.
End of Claire Rose_______________________________

October 25, 2003 Priest's Saturday Theriot, Louisiana
Received by a holy priest present.
Our Mother Mary is with us and Our Lord is present in Adoration. Our Mother speaks: "Thank you for the gift of your hearts this day for holy priests. The priest is another Christ for you."
Jesus Speaks: "The priest represents Me," says the Lord God. "I Bless you with My true Presence in Eucharistic Adoration."
Our Mother continues, "I am pleased that so many of you came today to pray for your priest in your parish and for all priests. Be sure to tell your priest thank you for being a holy priest. It will affirm them in their vocation to the priesthood. It will give them courage in difficult times. It will let them know they are appreciated and give them strength to continue on. Your prayers are needed more than ever in these dark times. Pray that your priests may be a light in the darkness, that they will not water down the truth but rather be a beacon of the truth.
Vocations to the priesthood will multiply because of your faithfulness to prayer for holy priests. I will bless our parishes and diocese with many young people to answer the call to be priests and to the religious life. May our youth be open to hear the invitation and have the courage to answer the call. Help them in these difficult times of peer pressure. I thank the youth who are here present today and ask you to invite your friends to come here. I am so pleased that 51 brides came together to pray a pilgrimage. It was a first in the history of My ministry here. Continue to pray, pray often, pray unceasingly. Offer your day as prayer. Offer your work as prayer. Make your entire day holy by offering it up for holy priests. I am at work in your life and My ministry will flourish. I am so pleased with your meeting with the Cardinal and for your courage to speak out so boldly, not only to the Cardinal, but to all you met. Your ministry will multiply as a result of your invitation to others to join."

Jesus speaks: "Whoever welcomes the least of My brothers, welcomes Me. Know that I love you so much and that you are My instrument on earth to be used in a powerful way. Open yourself up and allow Me to work through you, so that I may be glorified by your witness."

Our Mother speaks: "Pray daily My Rosary for world peace and let peace begin with each one of you. I will give you peace that this world can not give you, but rather a peace from on high. Die to your sins and be born again. I want to give you new life, to transform you. Let Me heal you of all your hurts. Trust Me and surrender. Let go and let God. Put God first in your life before all things. Let go of the worldly pleasures and you will truly find peace. I thank the sisters for their persevering and know that I am truly Your Mother who watches over your convent. Do not be afraid about things that may be occurring in your convents. I will deal as a Mother deals with a child; because I want all of you to be of one faith and one mind. Thank you for wearing your habits and do not lose hope for I am with you as your Mother.
Brother I am pleased when you pray the Rosary in different language; for I am Mother of all people. Continue on the path of holiness and know that I love you very much. I am with you to encourage you."
With a strong and firm voice Our Mother continues, "My people listen to My messages and take them to heart. Many of you come not in faith, but just to see what's going on. You go just through the motions of daily living. Come to the abundant life that I want to give you. Come to know My Son Jesus in a real and personal way. If you only knew how much We love you. Do not be afraid for where I will lead you. I am with you always. I walk with you and I work through you. It is not you, but I rather that chose you. I am calling you to new heights. Surrender yourself and walk with Me. 
Trust! Trust! Trust! Trust is what is needed! Go to Confession---Go to Adoration---Go to Holy Mass."

Jesus Speaks: "Some may be upset about changes in Mass. Do not be concerned about changes in the Mass, whether you stand or kneel after Communion. Just know Who is present. It is I your Lord and God! Your worship of Me is what is needed, not if you stand or kneel! My Presence in the Eucharist will never change. Focus on Me at Holy Mass and know that I am with you always. I was present at the Last Supper and have been present at every Mass since then and will continue to be present for all eternity. Do this in My memory," says the Lord God. "Come to Mass and allow Me to heal you at Holy Mass of all your hurts." 

Our Mother speaks: "Blessed be the Holy Name of Jesus; now and forever."
Jesus Speaks: "Through the holy hands of priests I am Present to you. Recognize the gift I am to you. Recognize the gift your priest is to you. Let your priests know that you love them and pray for them daily. To those who are parents, and grandparents, bless your children and grandchildren with holy water and consecrate them to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This should be done at Baptism and on a daily basis. I have entrusted these little ones with you to care for and to bring them to Me. What an awesome responsibility, to be the steward, the caretaker of these little ones. Your vocation is to lead them to Me," says the Lord God. "Speak to your children about My great love for them, that I died for their sins and wrong doing. Teach them right from wrong and let them know how their sins offend Me and hurt Me. Don't be afraid to be parent rather than a friend. By being parent you are truly being a friend to them. Encourage your children and grandchildren to be priests and religious. It is the greatest vocation; to be another Christ. Tell your children and grandchildren to pray three Hail Mary's each day for their priest to be holy. To adult children, take care of your parents in their old age. Your reward will be great in Heaven. Be patient with them. See Me in them. Help them to accept their limitations and their weakness. What a privilege I am giving you to take care of Me through your parents."
Our Mother speaks: "It is time to begin the Confessional and prayer pavilion. Now is the acceptable time. Your holy Bishop Sam Jacobs is to bless them when they are finished. Because of his blessing and leadership this diocese will be renewed and transformed. Many more will come to this holy little place, because of your Bishop's acceptance. I will bless you with new brides today. Invite them to come forth. Know that I am Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, who is here with you." (In a soft voice) "I love you! I love you! I love you! Come often here, do not stay away. For I await you here. Know that all are welcome here. The broken and weak are welcome."
Jesus speaks: "You will find peace here, so come often. I will give you Resurrection. Mary Queen of the clergy is your model. Thank you for coming today. As All Saints Day and All Souls Day approaches, pray for all souls both living and dead. All the Holy Saints surround you, including Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta."
End of holy priest present ___________________

October 25, 2003 Priest's Saturday Last Saturday of October
Received by Leslie Therese'
Our Lady says, "My Son Jesus loves you My children. He offers Himself to all who honor and welcome Him. Take Him into your hearts into your whole selves. Praise Him, Love Him and Honor and Obey only Him. I come here at His request."
Our Lord says, "Pray My brothers and sisters, pray the Rosary that honors My Mother for She is truly honorable, She, who carried the Son of God, the brother of all mankind. I love you and thank you for caring so much about My FATHER'S Church, that you come here each month to pray for His priests, Our priests. Pray! Pray! Pray My sweet gentle ones. I love you. Come and rest gently in My Peace and My Heart." I see drops of blood falling all over us like rain. I can see each drop as it lands on people; it just goes into them.
Our Lady continues, "My Son Jesus has come today in honor of My special daughter, Theresa. He requests that you ask her aid, help and guidance for she sits in a place of honor and awaits your requests for her aid. My children, how I love you! Today is a day of celebration, a day that I pour out all of My Love to you. I bless you all with My Peace and Love as never before. I wash you all in My unending Faith. I Love you My sweet children! My Son Jesus loves you! Our Father in Heaven and all of Heaven Loves you. Look for Me today in every face you see. My love for you will shine in you. All who meet you will know that I am there within you. Be gentle, loving and giving to all of My children and you will be truly blessed." I see Our Mother. She is hugging everyone of us, one at a time. She is passing through each of us to the next person. She is all in white and Her veil is all the way to the ground and blowing in the wind. She is very happy. She continues, "Come to Me My children, give to Me your burdens. Give to Me all of your sorrows. I can set you free. Give all to Me, there is no prayer too small, there is no prayer too big. Pray every second of every day if need be. I am always here to listen and comfort. My children, suffering can be a blessing here on this earth, for some of those who do not, will! Pray for them My children. Continue to pray."
For all priests: "My sons, My sons, come and see My children who pray for you. Come see My children who have given their lives to pray for you. Hear the Confessions of My children. Hear the Confessions of your brother priests. Offer Confession more in your parishes. My children need this Sacrament offered to them as much as possible. Accept the help of My children. Accept the prayer they are offering for you. Know above all that I come here for you at the request of My Father, My Son and the Holy Spirit and the request of all of Heaven. We all pray for you here. We all await your visit to Us here. Come My sons, come to your Mother. I will wash you clean. I will replace your sorrow with My love for you. Your fear will be washed away by the sea of Grace I will shower upon you. Each of you can and will be renewed in the Faith you started your priesthood with. I can make you strong again. I love you My Sons! I love you so much. Come the celebration of My love for you has just begun. Bless My children often with Holy Water. Clean their Souls through Confession. And show true Adoration of My Son Jesus in the Sacrifice of the Mass. Come to Me for guidance and counsel. I love you My sons. I love each of you. I know your faults, I know your sin, but most of all I know and love you. Come to Me here in this little Holy place and seek forgiveness, seek the love of God. Bless Me with your Faith in coming and I will bless you with renewal and refreshment and a new beginning, a new mission, a new vigor, a new Faith unending and unbreakable. Pray for your brothers. Pray for My precious children who come here each month to pray for you. I love you! Your Mother 
My dearest little religious, again your Faith has brought you here to this little place in the swamp. Continue to do all you have been to pray for My children here. They are blessed each month with your presence. I am most happy and filled by your presence here each month in body or spirit. I have seen you praying when you couldn't be here. I was with you then, right beside you. I love you My darling ones and I thank you again for wearing your habits. I will do this for you because you wear them for My Son Jesus. I do love you so very much My precious ones. I come here for you also. Invite your sisters and brothers here, even thought they refuse. Someday they will know that I am here and they will come to Me." For a sister present: "Do not forget My daughters all things happen in HIS TIME, NOT OURS."
For a priest who is present: "Bon Jour Mon Simon! Mon Amore! I love you My son and thank you for hearing My children's confessions. Thank you for traveling so far to visit Me. I wash you with My love and My peace, you who honor My Son Jesus so reverently. I bless you My son with a complete renewal and a new and complete refreshment of mind, body, spirit and soul. I LOVE YOU! Continue to pray for My children. Continue to pray for My son's your brothers. I love you!"
For a holy priest present:
"My son, you are truly blessed today My son. You who have been a good son to a good Mother here on earth. I bless you with all of My Heart. I pour Myself into you to make you complete. Oh how I love you! Rest My son and listen to My children praying for you and your brothers. Bless My children today before they leave. Tell them I love them."
"Again My children I say to you thank you for praying for My priests. I love you all and as I always do, I send each new person here home with an angel of protection. I bless all wedding rings. I bless all marriages and all children of these. Teach your children of My love for them. Teach them of My Son's love for them. I love you My children! I love you! I carry all of your petitions home to Heaven with Me today. Continue to pray for My sons, My priests. Do all you can to pray for them to be holy. Pray for your new Bishop. He is a good and holy priest. Pray pray for My son John, he is weak of body, but still strong in Faith. Pray for him! Pray for him! I love you My children. I hear and see all that you do for Me and I will continue to bless you for it. I am at peace here and I give this peace to you to share with all you meet. Go forth and spread the word of God. For only His love is truth."
"Pat stop hiding in this world and come to Me here for guidance. I love you!
Simone, I am watching over him my child. I love you!
L - Why didn't you seek Me here sooner. I did call to you. Yes! I am here. Believe it child. I love all of My children.
John - All will be well soon.
J or G - It was I who saved this place for you to be close to My son John. Thank God for all His blessings and continue to put Him first in everything you do. I love you! I am sending a special angel to watch over you and your family. Pray for My priests.
I love all of My children and I am blessed again by your presence here in your great Faith and Love. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
End of Leslie Therese'__________________________

October 25, 2003 Priest's Saturday Last Saturday of October
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday. Our Lady has been with us since early this morning. She said, "You will feel Our (Jesus and Mary's) love in a special way today." I wasn't quite sure what she meant and left it in Her and Jesus' Hands. Later on as the Pilgrims started coming to pray with us, I was told, "Bring your petitions to the foot of the Cross. Tell others to do the same. They do not know the power of the Cross." I did.
Around 1:45 Claire Rose called the children outside to pray the three Hail Mary's for priests. While this was happening I saw Our Lady all in white, pure white. Her garments moved softly in the breeze. She was very beautiful. She walked among the people who were outside praying with the children, moving ever so gently and lovingly. It was most humbling to see.
We then went inside to start the 20 decade Rosary for Priests. As Claire was blessing the people present with holy water Our Lady reminded me what She said earlier about She and Jesus being with us in a special way today. At that point a holy priest present put the Eucharist in the Monstrance for Adoration. It was then that I understood what Our Lady was talking about. Yes! She and Jesus were with us in a special way. Jesus was present with us in the Monstrance, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist. Claire started the prayers and announced that Our Lady was present and had been since early this morning.
The first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Lady says, "My daughter, I am with you in a special way today. I am here in Adoration with you Adoring My Son Jesus the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Thank you My priest sons and Religious who came to pray with Me for My priest sons."
The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady continues, "Thank you My children for coming to pray with Me for our beloved priests, for answering My call. If you are here it is because I have called you here. I love you all with a special love only a Mother could have for Her children."
The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
I said in my heart, "Jesus and Mary, it is going to be hard to leave Louisiana. Our Lady then said, "Little one We have work for you to do for Us in California. You will be joined in spirit in a stronger way then ever before. Leave all in Our Hands and simply trust My daughter. Feel Our Love! Our Love goes out to all present today and to all the world who have joined you in prayer today to pray for your brother priests."
The fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple A private message.
The fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the child Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady, Mother of Divine Love, Queen of Divine love is present in front of us. She is all in white. Her garments move softly. Her Mantle has a liquid gold edge. Her Crown is beautiful. It is gold with seven points. On top of each point is a small pearl. In front of the Crown is a chalice with the Eucharist suspended above it. From the Eucharist golden rays emanate at different lengths. She smiles and says, "My children, My precious children, Oh! How I love you! Oh! How My Son Jesus loves you. You are all precious in His sight, each unique and each beautiful. He asks for you each to open your hearts and receive the special love and grace that is present to you today in a special way, as My Son Jesus is present to you in the Eucharist. Grace and love beyond your understanding."

The first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan
Our Lady continues, "Open your hearts My children, open your hearts! Receive all this love and grace that is especially for each of you." I now see Our Lady bowing in Adoration to Her Son in the Blessed Sacrament. She says, "Do as I do My children. Adore My Son. Receive what He has to give you."
The second Luminous Mystery, the Lord's Self-Manifestation at the Wedding of Cana 
I see the devil cringing as we pray the Rosary. As we continue to pray the Rosary he leaves completely. Thank you Jesus and Mary Immaculate. Our Lady says, "My daughter he cannot stand to hear the Rosary prayed from your hearts. Whenever you feel in danger from the evil one, depend on your Rosary. It is a weapon against him. he cannot tolerate what it stands for."
The third Luminous Mystery, the Lord Proclaims the Kingdom of God and Calls Us to Conversion
Our Lady speaks to Her priests:
"My priest sons, My beloveds, pray for your selves and for your brother priests. Time is of the essence! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray for holy priests to stay holy. Pray for priests who are on the wrong path to get back to My Son Jesus and Me. Do not waste time My priest sons. It is most important if you are on the wrong path to get back in line with My Son Jesus' teaching, not watered down."
The fourth Luminous Mystery, Our Lord's Transfiguration
Our Lady continues, "I love you My priest sons, I love you! My Son Jesus loves you! Come back to My Son Jesus. Come back to your Mother! We love you!" I see Our Lady's Eyes. They change from blue to green to hazel to brown to dark brown and then to black. She says, "I am the Mother of all Nations. I am your Mother. I love you!" Her Eyes become larger and larger. Now they seem to take us all inside of them. We are now in Her Heart and it is inside Jesus' Heart. We are all inside the Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary our Mother.
The fifth Luminous Mystery, Our Lord's Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady says, "Rest now My daughter!" I am very aware of all the people around me praying.

The first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
Our Lady says, "Many people are receiving healing today because of the Presence of My Son Jesus in the Eucharist. Open your hearts My children! Open your hearts to His Most precious Love. It is there for all to receive. It is up to you My children to open your hearts and receive it. I love you My children, Oh! How I love you! It is music to My Ears to hear you all praying the Rosary from your hearts."
The second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar
I am taken away for a short time. I am not sure where.
The third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns
I hear, "Seminary in trouble. Pray for that Seminary. Pray for all Bishops and Archbishops to be true and holy Shepherds to guide their sheep and to guide Seminaries to be holy and true in their teachings. My children pray for holy Seminaries. Pray for all Seminarians to persevere and to be holy and stand up for their calling to My Son Jesus. They will one day represent Him on earth to their flocks! Pray! Pray! Pray!"
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
Our Lady says, "My priest sons, thank you for hearing confessions today for My children. Much healing comes from this holy Sacrament. Much healing comes from the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Receive these Sacraments often. Receive My Son daily in Holy Communion as often as you can. Strengthen yourselves to be holy with these two Holy Sacraments."
The fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion
Our Lady continues, "These two Sacraments bring you closer and closer to My Son Jesus. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life! Your Way to Salvation, Salvation for all!" At this point I am being harassed by the evil one. Our Lady says, "Yes! My daughter it is part of your Cross." As we pray the Rosary the peace comes back.
The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection
I see souls rising to Heaven! Now Our Lady comes in blue and white, then in midnight blue, now in white. Her Mantle gets larger and larger. It covers all of us all over the world with love and protection. We are like chicks under a hen's wings. Her Mantle covers us all. Thank you Blessed Mother, thank you. Angels, holy Angels all around us. They fill the space around us.
The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension
Our Lady says, "My priests, My religious, My children, thank you for coming here today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. Many many priests will follow the correct path because of your prayer, prayers from all over the world for our beloved priests." I now see the Monstrance with the Eucharist exposed get larger and larger and larger! Blood flows from it over all of us, cleansing and purifying each and every soul.
The third Glorious Mystery, the Decent of the Holy Spirit
Our Lady continues, "My children, My priest sons, My religious, you do not know how powerful your prayers are. Pray! Pray! Pray! Persevere in Prayer My children, persevere in prayer for Our priests. I love you! I love you! I love you! Your Mother of Divine Love, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
The fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven
"Pray My children, Pray! Families that pray together stay together! Your brother priests come from families! Pray for holy families. By praying for priests you are praying for families. Love each other with My love, My Son Jesus' love! Pray! Pray! Pray! You will not be sorry! I love you! Thank My Son Jesus for His Presence with you in the Blessed Sacrament. A gift beyond your understanding!"
The fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I feel great peace and great love. It goes out to all of us. Love beyond our understanding, love beyond all measure. Pure pure love! Rays of love shoot out from the Eucharist in the Monstrance to all of us. The Rays appear as beams of white light, small to begin with and as they come out of the Eucharist they expand and become wider and wider encompassing us all.
End of a bride from another area, Lin.Paste Message Here

October 25, 2003, Saturday