Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

A Priest's Summary of the Forth-Sixth Visitation of Our Lady

Our Lady came all dressed in clear white as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. 
She said "it is so pleasing to Me that you go to Confession. Go often. Your children learn what they see. Love your children and teach them. Children are a gift to us from God. Children pray with all your hearts for PEACE. Pray daily for PEACE. God made all men equal. I have come for PEACE. Pray for foolish men who think they are more important than God. I carry all your petitions to Heaven in My Heart. I bless all of your wedding rings." One of the visionaries saw a large Host pulsating Light and Gold. "Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray for My priests. Priests, come home to your Mother. I will renew you My priest. I await your visit here. Our God has asked Me to come here for you. Today is the Feast day of the Conversion of St. Paul. 

For the three priests who are here thank you for hearing the Confessions of My children. Pray and fast. Guide My children to Jesus. Teach others the value of the Eucharist. You are called to be a Shepherd to the Shepherds. I offer My Heart of Love to you. 

To the Religious I love you. Listen for the whisper of My Voice. Continue to pray for My Religious to wear their habit. Thank you for wearing your habit. 

Priests and Religious many Graces are given to you if you come here to carry you. Showers of Graces." So much Love present today. Our Mother's Eyes are beautiful. Her Eyes pull all of us into Her. 

"My priest sons are being murdered in the womb through abortions. Pray for an end to abortions.
I love to hear the song Ave Maria. Never doubt that your prayers are being heard. Persevere in prayer. Look into your hearts."Our Mother is asking more of all of us. "Prayer. Fasting. Sacrifice. Persevere." Our Mother holds out Her Heart to all of us. There is a fragrance of roses. 

A fourth secret will be given to Claire Rose. "Do not doubt yourself." Claire Rose says to Our Mother, "I cannot do anything." Our Lady responds, "But I can!"

Sorrowful Mysteries Claire Rose felt the suffering of Jesus. "A priest is presently suffering because someone wants him to deny Jesus, but he will not deny Him because of your prayers." 

"All will be made new. New Life. New air. New flowers. My Church will be renewed." 

Our Mother said to Her beloved priests, "Is My Love not enough for you? I long to bring you PEACE. Do not be destroyed by the world. Focus on My Son Jesus. Stay on the path. Many are opening your hearts to Me. Convert fully. Stay close to Me. Do not let go of My Hand. I give you new courage to stay faithful. I love you. Come back to Love. There is a safe haven in My Heart. The war I speak of is a spiritual war. This war is the greatest to befall mankind. The prize of this war is your soul. I will never abandon My Church. The gates of hell will NOT prevail against you. Turn around while it is still today. 
Be converted. Crucify your flesh. Make a holy Confession. I will strengthen you to do battle. I need you My sons. The battle lines are drawn. Will you help Me? Each one do your part. 

For all of us Our Mother says: "Thank you for praying for My priests to be cleansed. As My Church is cleansed so will the world be cleansed. I need you. I plead for more prayer to avert a terrible war. "
Forty-Sixth Visitation of Our Lady

January 25, 2003 Priest's Saturday Theriot, Louisiana

Claire Rose wrote:
Today is a beautiful day. Cold. It began cloudy and gray. My husband blessed in and outside of our home with blessed salt and Holy Water. Pilgrims arrived about 10. As we prayed the Stations of the Cross the sun came out and the clouds flew away. Today three holy priests and three Religious, one a Brother came.
One of the priests heard Confessions for over two hours. Today we celebrate his return to us from another state. We also celebrate the Birthday and 60th Anniversary of one of the other priests. He was the first priest to receive physical healing here on the Last Saturday of April 2000.

At 1:45 I went to sit by the Cross to pray with the children Our Mother was standing there all in white , floating. She said,"Come, run to Me,!" I was holding the little children's hands. She led us to the back of the property. I wondered why, but was obedient and ran. She said, "I am teaching you to be obedient and docile." I ran with the children to the end of the where the Joyful Mysteries are. Our Mother later revealed She brought us there to show us where to add the Luminous Mysteries. I said to the children, "We will begin to pray the way Our Lady has taught us to pray. In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Mother Mary we invite You to come to pray with us and for us. We love you Blessed Mother. We love you Blessed Mother. We're waiting for You, Mother Mary. Our Lady speaks, "I am here My precious, precious little ones. I love you. I call you each by name. I call you. Do you hear My Voice? Do you hear Me? Oh! My children, some of you have gone so far away. Come back. Come back My little ones. I need you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Come and be safe in your Mother's Heart. I love you My little ones. Thank you My little ones. I bless you." Our Mother has asked us to pray three Hail Mary's for Priests. Pray with me. We prayed three Hail Mary's. Our Lady continues, "My precious little children, pray tonight for each one in this world who has no bed, who has no warm blanket, and some who have no warm shoes! My precious little children remember them, help them, help them with your prayers. I love you. I love you. I love you. Would you make My Heart happy and pray three more Hail Mary's for Priests? Thank you My children, thank you. I love you. I love you. I love you." One of the children saw Our Mother.

We then went inside to start the 15-decade Rosary for Priests. A priest shared with everyone about the unusual thing that happened here on December 30, 2002. It was Monday two days after the Last Saturday of December. We were expecting a well known priest who has written many books about Our Mother to come for lunch. My husband went out to sweep the front porch. He noticed there were several small fish scattered on the cement & ground. He came to get me. We had guests from New Orleans, Ohio, and Baton Rouge. We found fish and tiny shrimp all around the house, on our truck and by the St. Joseph's Shrine where Father hears Confessions. Someone said, "let's look on the roof!" Sure enough all over the roof of our house were scattered tiny fish and shrimp. Several adults climbed on the roof and took photos. We picked some up & froze them so others could see. Father passed these around. None of our neighbors had these fish. The weather had been clear all night and on Monday. When the priest arrived he said the fish was the symbol for the Eucharist for the early Christians and the multiplication of the fish meant the Eucharist would multiply. Others said priests are fishers of men and this mission is for priests. We accept it as a blessing. Father read the Gospel for tomorrow when Jesus called out the Apostles and called them Fishers of men.

2p.m. I blessed myself, the rooms and all the people with Holy Water in obedience. I invited Our Mother to please come under all Her Titles with the Holy Angels and Saints to pray with us and for us as we pray for our beloved priests. I saw Our Mother arrive at the first Hail Mary of the Rosary. 
One of the priests also saw Her arrive. He saw Light from Our Mother on the ceiling as She arrived. Then he saw the light move and cover the Sisters who were present. She asked him to tell me to Announce Her Presence. Father leaned over and whispered to me, "Announce Her Presence." .I did. Our Lady came as Queen of Divine Love, all in white and gold. Her Dress and Veil were moving in the wind. Then I saw Her as Our Lady of all Nations. Her Face changed into many races--many colors--one after the other. Our Mother said, "Mary's toes will grow back." I consecrated all the priests of the whole world to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. "All the priests, I give them to You My Mother. I place them in Your Most Immaculate Heart." And our Mother said, "And I give them back to you. Much more will be required of you My daughter. You will be given a 4th Secret. I love you. I permeate you. I love you. Do not doubt yourself for when you doubt, you hurt Me, who am your Mother. I have shown you much My child, child of My Immaculate Heart, I entrust much to you." I said, "O Mother, I can't do anything." Our Mother answered, "I know you can't do anything, but I can. If one more unworthy could have been found, that one would have been chosen. Write for Me as I ask."
"This is for the priests who are present: My beloved three sons, I love you. I love you. I love you. I have called you here My three chosen sons. I love you. I need you. Your Mother has brought you here to this little place today. Today is a special Feast Day! The Conversion of My son Paul, who once persecuted My Son and all who believed in Him. Much conversion is needed My sons. You know the wounds and the brokeness of My children. But most of all you know the brokeness of My priest sons. I need you My special three. I have chosen you with My Son Jesus from among many. You will become shepherds not only to My children, but shepherds to My shepherds, My own beloved priest sons. To the world you are a shepherd, to Me your Mother, you are My own little lambs. I need you My sons. Do not worry or be afraid how all will come about. Have I not always taken care of you? I am your loving Mother, who loves without end, who loves constantly always and forever, forever and ever and forever."
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple,Our Lady continues, "I offer you My own Heart of Love. My own Heart filled with Peace. I am present here at all times, waiting for My beloved sons, and for all My beloved children. I need you My own three sons. I love you. I fill you to overflowing with Love and Peace. I come to you from My Son, from Our Father and from and with My beloved Spouse, the Holy Spirit." I see a beautiful white dove in red light, showering beams over all three priests. Our Mother is now above them extending Her Mantle. I see Her Immaculate Heart pulsate from flesh to gold to flesh to gold and beams of light go to and into each priest.

At the Sorrowful Mysteries. Our Mother said, "Pray and suffer My child, these Mysteries with Me." I felt a heavy weight come upon me, crushing me down. I answered, "I am already tired My Mother." "I know," She said. "Sit down." I hesitated. "Obey My priest. Do you understand?" Father leaned over and whispered, "Blessed Mother said, SIT DOWN!" I immediately sat. 
I cannot write or explain all that I experienced. During the Agony in the Garden I saw all that was going to happen. I see myself being pushed down, dragged on rocks, "Yes! I am afraid. O' Lord help me." I felt an ax cut my hand. No pain. My arms are being pulled in opposite directions. People on all sides laughing, spitting on me, jeering. Our Lady said, "A priest is being tortured at this very moment. He is given the grace to keep on. They wanted him to deny Jesus! He will not deny My Son because of your prayer and suffering. Never ever stop praying My child."
Our Mother then continues to speak to the priests who are present: "My Heart burns with Love for you, for My beloved priest sons. Today is a new beginning, a new year." I understood that Father would receive more from Our Mother. Our Mother continued: "More prayer! More prayer! More prayer! Do not complain when I bless you with a little discomfort." (I understood this was for everyone and Our Mother was speaking about the cold.) 
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, Our Mother continued: "Welcome all I send to you. Embrace all I send to you. I send you a wounded broken hurting child, who desires attention and love. One must remain small, little. Always focus on Jesus like I do. Never call attention to yourself. Focus on My Son Jesus. Stay little. Be a little seed." I am beaten on the face. I fall. My right knee is cut. Heavy Cross. Hurt! Fall! Fall again. Whole body hurt. Can't get up. Can't go on. My right hand is pierced through. Excruciating pain. I am Gone! I am taken through a Black Tunnel very fast. I see many, many souls waiting to be released. I think, "Is this when Jesus died and went to the dead to release the good souls?" 
At the First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, I Awoke! I feel like a new person. New Life. Like awakening from a long, long illness and sleep. All is fresh and new again. New air, crisp, clean, clean green trees and fresh flowers of all colors. Our Mother spoke: "All will be renewed. All will be made new, My Church, My People, My Shepherds and My sheep."
At the second Glorious Mystery, Our Mother continues, "My beloved priest sons, I love you. I love you. I love you. Is My Love not enough for you who wander away from My Son? I call you My own sons. You are flesh of My Flesh and bone of My Bone for each day you bring to life again and again My beloved Son Jesus. We are of One Flesh." (Jesus' Humanity came from Her.)"Where He is I am My sons. I long to bring you Peace. Peace that is not of this world My sons. The world pulls you in many directions. You are distracted by many things, even some that are good. Keep your focus on My Son Jesus My sons. Do not look to the left or to the right. Stay on the pathway of Divine Light My sons. The pathway of Divine Order leads to Divine Love. Many of you are opening your hearts to Me. I love you. All Grace will be given to you to convert fully. Stay close to your Mother. Stay close and do not let go of My Hand. I will guide you over the rocks and brambles of this life. I give you new courage today to stay faithful to My Son. I am your Mother filled with Love, filled with Grace, filled with Peace to give to you. I love you. I love you. I love you. To you who have wandered far from My Son Jesus, I call you back in Love. Come home to your Mother. Come home and be safe. My Immaculate Heart is the only safe refuge. There is a great war My sons and the prize of this war is your own soul. satan has deceived so many of you. Some of you even think you are safe. Do not be deceived. This war is the greatest to ever befall humanity. satan seeks to destroy My Church, the Church of My Son Jesus. Be encouraged My beloved sons. I will never abandon My Church. The gates of hell shall NOT prevail against you. Turn around while it is still today.
1. Be converted.
2. Crucify your flesh.
3. Make a holy Confession.
I will strengthen you for what is needed to do battle. I need you My sons. The battle lines are drawn. My army of Divine Love will prevail if you will only help Me. Each one do your part. I love you. 
Your Mother." 

"My beloved children. I love you. I thank you with all My Heart for praying with Me for Our priests. As the Church is cleansed and purified, so will the world be cleansed and purified. Pray without ceasing My beloved children for Our priests. I need you. I plead today for more prayer. Prayer can avert a terrible war. My Son is offering a last blessing of Mercy and Love! His Heart is pouring out over you. His Heart is beating, ever beating, pouring out Mercy and Love to you. Turn back to Him with all your hearts. Don't hold anything back. Come home today. I leave you with Love and Hope. Peace My children, pray for Peace in your hearts, in your homes, in the world. Peace will reign. Your Mother."
"Fr. Izral, My beloved son, welcome home. Thank you for all you have done for Me."
"Thank you Claire Rose for praying so long for me. Yes! I am in Heaven. It's awesome! I will help you from Heaven. Juanita is with me. Yes! It's Tammy!" I saw her face. I had gone almost 8 years ago to pray for this precious girl in a hospital. She died in the last month. She was 42. My cousin Juanita, 45, also died suddenly on the same day. They were both buried on the same day at the same hour.

I see a huge white fish! Jonah in the whale. I thought, "He was scared too." 
I hear, "it's O.K. to be scared, just keep going forward in Trust." 
End of Claire Rose_____________

January 25, 2003 Last Saturday of January Priest's Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday. We went out with Claire Rose to pray with the children. 
Our Lady came all in white. She brought with Her great peace and love and touched all the children. We then went inside to start the 15-decade Rosary for priests. Claire invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us and invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us also. During the reading of the prayers and the blessing everyone with Holy Water Our Lady spoke to me, "I am here, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
I hesitated to write and Our Lady said, "Write My child." She continued, "Oh! My children, Oh! How I love you. Thank you for answering My call to pray with Me for priests. Oh! My children, My priest sons are being murdered in the womb before they ever are able to mature to adulthood. Pray for this horrible abomination to end. Your prayers are needed My children to stop this." I am very aware of the people around me praying. I see the devil. He is cringing as we say the Rosary and as we continue the Rosary he leaves. I have seen this several times before. Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children, Oh! How I love to hear the 'Ave' in song."
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, I see Our Lady all in white hovering above us. First over the Religious and Priests present and then over us all.
To the Priests present:
"Oh! My sons, thank you for answering My call to pray for your brother priests. Thank you for hearing confessions. Such peace this is bringing to My children. Oh! My priest sons, Oh! How I love you. You are what will guide My children back to My Son Jesus. I love you. I send you many graces. Persevere in prayer My priest sons; persevere in prayer, fasting and sacrifice. I love you. I love you! I love you!"
Our Lady then told me, "Touch the person to your side. Tell this person I love her. She is mine. She is receiving a healing in her heart. Touch the priest on your left. Tell him he is My Heart. Tell him I love him. Tell him thank you for his 'yes' to My Son Jesus. Tell him I am always with him. Tell his brother priests I am always with them. Tell them I love them.
Oh! My children your prayers are working. Never doubt your prayers. They are heard by all of Heaven. So much love comes from Heaven from all your prayers. I love you My children I love you! My children, remember no matter what you see and hear stay close to My Son Jesus. Only in this way will you stay focused and on the right path. I love you My children! Persevere! Persevere in prayer. Start with little sacrifices and fast if you can. Look in your hearts My children. You will know what to do with out a doubt. I love you My children! I love you.
Oh! My priest sons teach your flocks how much My Son Jesus loves them. Teach them the value of the Eucharist and the peace from Reconciliation, the Sacrament My Son gave them. How through the priest they can start on a new path, a path to My Son.
Oh! My children, I join you to all those all over the world who have come together to pray with Me at My request to pray for priests. You don't know how powerful your prayers are!" I see a shower of roses, all different colors. They are showering down on all of us present. Our Lady says, "The roses are graces from Heaven needed for Our beloved priests." I now see a shower of crosses, all-different shapes and sizes, going to each person a different one. Our Lady says, "Yes! My children, I am going to ask more of you all. I love you. Persevere! Persevere in prayer, fasting and little sacrifices, all for Our priests. Touch the person behind you. Tell her she is My Heart. She is mine. Oh! How I love her. Oh! My children, Oh! My dear children, Oh! How I love you! Oh! My brides, My precious brides, thank you for your 'yes'! Thank you for responding to My call. I am with you. My Son is with you! Oh! My children, I love you. I am with you. I am your Mother, Mother of Divine Love, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, Our Lady says, "Persevere My children! Persevere My priest sons! You will not be sorry! I love you. My Son loves you!
My Religious, thank you for wearing your habits! I love you!
Yes! My children, it is Me your Immaculate Mother. I hold out My Heart to you. Open your hearts to My Son! He is waiting for you. Oh! How He loves you." I have never felt so much peace and love. I smell roses and other flowers. Love and more love permeates the whole room. Our Lady continues, "Oh! My Religious, My Priests, many graces come to you here today. Graces to carry you forward. I love you! I send you many Angels.
Oh! My daughter, tell My children how much I love them. Tell My priest sons how much I love them. They are all mine. My prayer warriors! My LOVES!" At this point I feel SO MUCH LOVE. OUR LADY SENDS US SO MUCH LOVE. I see a shower of diamonds falling on all of us. Our Lady says, "My daughter the shower of diamonds is grace falling on all My children, My religious, My priest sons present!" Our Lady is here all in blue and white and I see Her Heart physically pulsate and beat for each and every one of us. (Physically saw Our Lady's Heart red with blood and veins beating and pulsating on the outside of Her Chest for each of us.) The room and whole area around me was filled with Her love, sooo--- much LOVE!
I then see more diamonds---More showers of grace---So much love---Indescribable love! Love beyond all understanding. Love beyond human understanding. Our Lady's Eyes are so beautiful. She seems to pull us all inside of them. I don't know how to explain this. It is a very cold day outside and the heat I feel in my being is extreme. My being feels on fire with love!
End of bride from another area________________

January 25, 2003 Last Saturday Theriot, Louisiana

Leslie Therese` wrote:
Our Mother came today dressed all in creamy white, Her hair is dark and I can see the Holy Spirit as a pure white dove inside Her halo.
Our Mother spoke to all of us as the rosary began:
"My children. My children, it so pleases Me to see you go to Confession. It is good to clear your mind of the past. Go to Confession often My children. Bring your children to Confession. Children learn what they see; if they see your sorrow and repentance for your sins they will then know what sin is and how to avoid it. Be careful what your children hear and see. Monitor them daily. Take care to know who your child is with and where they are. Teach your children of God's Love for them. Love your children with all your hearts. They are ours to cherish and be thankful to God for. Children are a gift to you from God. My children pray with all of your hearts for peace to come into the world. God made no man better than the other. God made all of you equal to one another, but some of God's people have forgotten their humanness and have made themselves to be worshipped. Pray for these My children. Pray for these men who think themselves better than God. Pray. Pray. Pray for them My children. I have come today to bring you hope. Hope of a peaceful future. Pray daily for peace My children. All of Heaven prays with you. Pray for God to have mercy on these foolish men. Pray for God's Mercy on His church and on His people. Pray with and for your children. 
I love you My precious little children. You are My Heart. I hear all of your petitions and I carry them to Heaven in My Heart. I love you My children. I bless all of you today with peace in your hearts and minds. Continue to pray for My priest sons. I bless all wedding rings and marriages, and all children of these. I love you and thank you for praying here with Me your Mother today. All of My children make Me complete. I see and bless all of you who wanted to be here but couldn't. I hear your prayers for My priest sons at this time also. I love all of you My darling children."
I now see a host right in front of me it is golden and pulsating with light. Light to gold, light to gold. I then hear Jesus speak:
"Forgive. Forgive. Forgive all who have sinned against Me. Come to Me in all your needs. I am your God. I love you My children. Forgive those who live to desecrate My Name and My Church. Pray for My priests. Listen My priests to the cries of My people. Listen My people to the cries of My priests. Pray. Pray. Pray for them. My Mother has come here for you My priests. Come home to your vocation. Come home to your Mother, Our Mother, Mother of the world. We are here, all of Us together today. We come here today to pray for you My priests. We gather here with all of the faithful who pray for you daily. There are many all over the world who pray together with Us for you."
Our Mothers message for Her priests:
"Come to Me here My sons. I can renew you, body and soul. I can wash clean the sin you hold in your hearts and minds. I am here for you My sons and I await your visits to Me here. Do not fear Me. I am your Mother. I love you just as you are. You are a child of My Heart and I love you there. God has asked Me to come here for you and I gladly said YES. Come back to Me. Come home to your Mother where all of Heaven will welcome you."
Our Mother spoke to the three priests present:
"My three precious sons what an overwhelming joy you bring into My Heart and Soul. I love you My special three. I have chosen each of you. Thank you for answering My call to you. I love you beyond love. Thank you for doing all you can for My children. Thank you My sons for hearing the confessions of My children whenever asked, and for giving them the ability to reconcile themselves with God. God loves His children very much to have chosen you three to care for them. My children love you very much. Pray for My children and for your brother priests. Welcome home My sons, welcome to the refuge of your Mothers Arms and My Love for you. I give Myself for you and your brothers. All will come to Me here."
To the religious present:
"My little religious, how I love you. You bring such a tenderness into My Heart. Continue to pray for all of your sisters and your brothers in habit, as always I pray with you and for you."
Our Mother Mary spoke to everyone again in a whisper: 
"People will hear Me today. Listen. Listen, My children. Listen for the whisper of My Voice within your hearts. I call each of you to pray for My priest sons. Release to Me all of your sorrow, all of your pain. I will bathe you in the light. The light of My Son Jesus in Who all good things come. I love each one of you My children… My loves…
Our Mother spoke to one of Her daughters:
"Andrea, I love you My daughter. All will be done in Gods Name. Surround yourself in love. Pray for those who have hurt or burdened you in anyway. Forgiveness can complete you."
End of Leslie Therese`________________

january 25, 2003, Saturday