Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Forty-Third Visitation of Our Lady

    Priest's Saturday     Last Saturday of October, Theriot Louisiana

Written by Claire Rose. On October 3-4, our house flooded with two feet of sea water and mud due to Hurricane Lili. In spite of this we are counting our blessings. It has been a lot of work to clean up and we will be repairing for months to come but we are most grateful to God that no one was hurt and that we still have a home to live in. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and all those who have helped us in any way by their work, cleaning supplies, food, encouraging calls, letters and gifts to help make our house a home again. We did lose some furniture and things but these can be replaced. Thank you especially to the precious priest who daily encouraged us. He brought us food and helped us to clean up! He gave us courage and strength when it seemed the mountain before us was insurmountable. Thank you all.
Today is a rainy gray day, but my heart is filled with peace and joy. A holy priest has come to hear Confessions. Many pilgrims are present including two Religious. Many have called to say they will join us in spirit. They cannot come because of weather. 
At 1:45p.m. I called the children outside to pray at the Cross. I asked the children to make the Sign of the Cross very slowly. When we make the sign of the Cross a stream of light from God to us is opened. "Blessed Mother we invite you to pray with us and for us as we pray for our priests today. Our Lady asked us to pray three Hail Mary's. Our Mother says that three Hail Mary's from a child can save a Priest.
Our Lady is with us." I first saw Her in a beautiful dress of blue. Her dress turned white. She is holding a beautiful Rosary of Light. I have seen Our Mother many times holding out this Rosary of Light to us. "My precious little children, I love you. I love you so much, you are in My Heart. Thank you for coming. I love you. Be good little children, be good for your Mother. Thank you for praying for our Priests. I will choose many of you to be priests." "I feel a breeze. It's from Heaven. Her dress is blowing in the breeze. She is touching us with her Mantle." Our Mother continues, "I love you. I love you. I love you. Open your hearts to Jesus. Soon we will celebrate My Son's birthday. Be ready." "Thank you Blessed Mother." Our Lady asks that we say three more Hail Mary's for priests. As I was walking away from the Cross Our Mother said, "Something very special will happen here today in the sky above the Cross." I told this to those who were gathered there.
At the First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation Our Lady asked me to announce that She is present. I tried to describe Her. I see Our Lady all in white, bright and She is surrounded by Eucharist's, pure white Hosts. She is Mother, Queen of Divine Love. There is so much Light coming from Jesus on Her Crown I close my eyes. But I still see Her & Jesus. The Hosts multiply into infinity.
At the Third Joyful Mystery the Birth of Our Lord I see Jesus and the apostles at the Last Supper. Our Lady all dressed in gray is waiting on them. She speaks to the priest who is present: "My beloved and chosen son I love you. I am giving to you My own Heart. My Heart of Love, My Heart of Peace, My Heart of Joy. I love you. I love you. Yes you do hear My Voice within your heart. You are a treasure to My Immaculate Heart. Many are called, many were called as you were My son, son of My Immaculate Heart. Many called, few, so few respond. I love you." I understood that we should have an overabundance of priests the same age as Father at this time but that many had not responded to God's Call. Father asked me to sit down. I was obedient.
Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Mother continues, "Much grace, extra ordinary grace is being given to you today My beloved son. Thank you for all you do for Me. Thank you for all you do for your earthly mother, your mamma. I see all you do My son I love you. Thank you for hearing the confessions of my beloved children. My son you have seen the fruit of My Mission here within your own heart, in your parish and in your own community. All has been allowed to strengthen you My son for My holy Mission has only just begun. I see inside your heart My son. I love you. Yes the Rosary of Light I brought to your Church, to the blessed Chapel of Adoration is the new Rosary, the new Mysteries that I have given to My chosen son your leader, His Holiness, John Paul II." 
I felt in my heart that I wanted to kneel for the Sorrowful Mysteries. Our Lady knew what I was thinking. She said that I must ask Father if I may kneel for the Sorrowful Mysteries. He told me "yes."
First Sorrowful Mystery the Agony in the Garden I saw Padre Pio and Father Joachim. 
During the Sorrowful Mysteries Our Mother asked something more of me. I said "yes." This was shared with seven people in private including the priest, Lin, Shirley, three of my daughters & one grandaughter. After I said, "yes." Our Mother said, "Look at My Son Jesus on the Cross." I looked down at the Crucifix in front of me. Jesus was bleeding and alive. I closed my eyes. I could not bear to see Him like this. Our Mother said, "My child, open your eyes, My Son desires to speak to you." Jesus spoke: "Rest in My Heart, My beloved bride, My dove. You will be with Me in Paradise and with you all the priests your life, your sacrifice will touch. Your family will also be with you as I have promised you."
Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension Our Lady continues, "My beloved and precious priest sons I love you. I love you. I call you to be holy my sons. I call you to come to Your Mother. I want to wrap you in My softest Mantle, My Mantle of Peace, of Love, of Protection. My Mantle of Truth. I bring you to My Son Jesus. He awaits you. Focus on My Son Jesus. Do not let the world and those in the world lead you away from My Son Jesus. I need you My sons to be holy. Speak truth to your flocks. Teach My children, they are hungry for truth and guidance. Lead them to holiness My sons. I need you. You are My Hands and My Heart in this world. I need holy priest who will not compromise Truth. O My beloved sons you are a shepherd but to Me Your Mother you are My little lambs. I love you. I call you. I await your response in love. For those who have responded I thank you. I love you all My beloved sons. I love you all with My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart filled with love. I come here for you. There is much you do not understand about God's plan My sons. Just be faithful to your vocation. You were called and chosen. Be faithful to My Son Jesus My own sons. I hold you close within my Immaculate Heart. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of all hearts, Mother of Divine Love. Under this title, My sons, I am Your Patroness. I ask that you all go to Confession on a regular basis, often My sons. I love you. My son Jesus awaits you in Holy Confession. His precious Blood washes away your sins. I love you. I am Your Mother."
Fourth Glorious Mystery the Assumption of Our Lady, Our Lady continues "My beloved children I love you I thank you for coming here today to pray with me Your Immaculate Mother. I ask that you forget about yourself and concentrate on My Son Jesus. Focus on My Son Jesus. Trust in My Son Jesus. No matter what happens around you do not be disturbed or discouraged. I am always with you. I come to you in love. I ask you always to love My Son Jesus, Love Our Father, Love the Holy Spirit. Worship the Holy Blessed Trinity Our God, My God, Your God. Worship Them as I do. Give to God your heart, your soul, all your being. And My children love and forgive one another as God forgives you. I leave you today with a blessing of extra-ordinary grace. Many will be healed today in body, in mind and soul. As you receive My Son Jesus in Holy Eucharist ask Him to 'consume you as you consume Him.' Love one another My children and live in peace and in joy. My mission here is but an extension and a coming together of all My other Missions. I come here under many Titles. As Mother of Divine Love I am dressed as I was, at Fatima, where I appeared to three children as the Lady of the Rosary. I thank you and I bless you My little precious children. Thank you for your prayer and sacrifice. Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray more and more for our beloved priests I love you, Your Mother. The darkness I have spoken of is a spiritual darkness both within and without the Church. Here I have opened a door of light. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
As Leslie Therese` read the message she received from Our Mother to everyone present, I see a multitude of saints. I see clearly St. Claire of Assisi in brown and white holding Jesus in a Monstrance high above her head for all to see. St. Francis is by her side. Our Lady revealed today that the crystal Rosary of Light that we found by the Holy Cross for Priests many months ago was put there by Her.
End of Claire Rose_____________________

October 26, 2002 Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese` wrote:
Our Mother spoke to me at the beginning of the rosary:

"Come to Me My child. Never doubt My child how very much I love you. Each of you are so precious to Me. What you are all going through is for the betterment of God's Church. Have no doubt that I am with you through each day, each trial, each heartache, each sigh, each tear, each everything. Give to Me all that burdens your hearts, minds, souls and bodies. Release all to My Immaculate Heart."
I see Our Mother dressed all in creamy white, Her mantle is made of lace, pink roses and rosebuds surround her. 
Our Mother speaks again:
"Thank you My special sons who walk and guard for Me each month. I love you. I feel your pain and anxiety. I will comfort you today with My presence and My love, but most of all My peace. These graces I give will settle and rest within your hearts. I love you My special Josephs. I will strengthen you in spirit to continue what I have asked of you My sons."
Our Mother spoke to the nuns:
"My precious daughters here you are again. Yes My loves I am with you even though you are not here. I love you. You are My heart. I will be with you always. Continue to do all you can, and pray for My children, My priests, your sisters and brothers in habit, and especially those who have left their habits behind because of what others have told them. Continue to pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. "

Our Mother spoke to the priest present:
"A special place will be set for you. I love you My son and thank you for listening to My children in confession. I love you. I love you. I love you. Seek My guidance in all of your decisions and trials. You have done well for My daughters and they have learned much. They look to you each month on this day. I will help you to guide them to what I have asked of them. Bless My children with your presence here in this place of holiness. Do not forget their humanness, nor your own. Be loving and forgiving. I have chosen you My son for this, because I know the true love you have within your heart for My Son Jesus, for God the Father and all of Their people. My precious children see this love pour out from you to them. You will be blessed today to carry and share My, Our love for you to all who meet you. When you are ready share with your brothers what you have received here in this little blessed place. Tell them of the love you and many others have received here. But most of all tell them, I love them and I await their presence. I love you My precious and dutiful son. You I carry within My Heart to Heaven." 
At this time I see Our Mother kiss the top of Father's head. She is wrapping him in Her Mantle to comfort and relieve him of his burdens. She speaks again:
"Come to Me My son at any time day or night. Come to Me your Mother, for if you call to Me within your heart I am helpless, I must answer. I love you. I love you.
Thank you again for welcoming My daughters and their families into your heart. Thank you also for welcoming and accepting My children. My children love you. Many will come here for salvation and guidance. Welcome these, My children."
Our Mother spoke to everyone:
"My children. My children, so faithful, so good. I will bless you especially today, all of you even those who pray across the world at this time for priests. No earthly words can describe the joy in Heaven at your prayers here today for My priests. Those of you who doubted My presence here will walk away at peace, at peace with the world, at peace within your hearts. I love each of you My precious children. I come here only in love; there will be room only for My love within your hearts. So great is My presence here today that it will be known all over the earth. Protect and guide your children to goodness and holiness. Teach them to be respectful and to do for others. They, My little ones need you to be strong in your faithfulness so that they can learn the same. I love you My parents, My guardians, for your unselfish hearts, your willingness to open your hearts, and give your bodies to bear children. Thank you for saying yes to the special vocation of being parents. Continue My children to pray for priest daily in all that you do. Receive My Son Jesus into your hearts daily and I will be present also in spirit. I love you. Pray for priests and religious to come in abundance back to the call of the church and for them to leave behind the world and all of its selfishness. There is another here today that I am calling to the holy priesthood. Pray that he hears My Voice calling into his heart. I am blessing all wedding rings here as I have done before. I am also sending each new person here today home with a special angel of protection, even those who pray with us elsewhere and especially those who are within their mother's wombs. Always I feel blessed at the sight of these babies. Thank you again for your yes. I love you MY children." 
Our Mother spoke to three men who do special work for Her:
"My special Josephs, I have seen all that you have done for My children. You are blessed in abundance for all that you do to guide your families to do in My name. I love you My precious and most special sons. My Josephs." 
Our Mother speaks to all of those who helped or prayed for Claire and her family after her home was flooded by hurricane Lilly:
"Thank you to all of you who came together even in a small way to help My children this past month. I love you all…"
Our Mother is crying tears of joy. She let me see all of the work of people gathering things together to help out with the clean up. She let me see the joy in a priest as he gathered and brought things to help. She let me see the joy in people's faces and hearts.
End of Leslie Therese`_______________

October 26, 2002 Priest's Saturday Last Saturday of October
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
We just finished cleaning after hurricane Lili which put 2 ½ feet of water in Claire's house from a tidal surge. We were most grateful that the house was ready for Our Lady's visit. An experience I will never forget. We started the Rosary around 2:00 p.m. Claire blessed everyone present with holy water. While she was doing this Our Lady began speaking to me. "My child, you have come through a huge trial. Many priests will have conversion of heart because of this trial. Be at peace. Love one another and go forward. I have been with you all since early morning. I love you. Be at peace. I am here as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. My love for you My children is beyond your understanding. I thank you all for answering My call to come together today to pray for priests at My request. You form a river of prayer from all over the world for Our beloved priests. Oh! How I love you My children, Oh! How I love you." I am very aware of all the people around me praying. "Pray now My daughter."
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, I feel great love and peace all around me. Our Lady says, "My daughters, I am bringing this Mission of Love to a new level." I do not understand what this means Blessed Mother. "Do not try to understand this little one. You will know in time. My Son and I will guide you all. Go get Claire a glass of water." I did.
"Oh! How I love to hear the Rosary in other languages." Some people were saying the Rosary in French. I see different saints, St. Padre Pio, St. John Vianney, St. Philomena, St. Joseph and many holy Angels all above and around us. Our Lady then gave a private message.
Our Lady continues, "All My Josephs, l love you. You are My Heart. Stay close to Me My Josephs. My child, I took you away for awhile. You will not know or remember where I took you. It was a place of healing. You have been through a trial. You did fine child of grace. Yes! Little one, you do see the devil and he is cringing and leaving because of all your prayers, your powerful prayers from your hearts.
To My priest sons who are waiting to turn back in conversion to My Son, don't wait any longer. Time as you know it is running out. This is a great time of Mercy and Love from the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Do not waste this time, this special time of Mercy and Love.
To you sister and brother brides, thank you for your yes'es. It has been heard in Heaven. Many graces flow to your brother priests because of your prayers and consecrations as victim souls for priests. You are beginning to see the fruit of your prayers. Many priests have turned back to My Son Jesus. Oh! These priests who have turned back to My Son, pray, pray, pray you stay that way. My children, continue to pray for all your dear brother priests. Oh! My children you will not be sorry. My daughter thank you for your perseverance. It gives courage to those around you. Oh! My children many blessings come to all of you who have come to this place to pray at My request. Many blessings come to all, all over the world who have come together today to pray for Our beloved priests."
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, I feel a cool breeze blowing softly, refreshing the soul, the breath of the Holy Spirit. Great Peace! Great Love seems to permeate the entire room. Our Lady says, "That is correct, little one. It is the Breath of the Holy Spirit." It comes to all present, even though it is very warm in the room the Holy Spirit touches each soul individually in a special way. Our Lady says, "You will understand more fully down the road."
To the priest present, "My son you are holy. You are a holy priest and you are My special son. I have given you a big Cross. I thank you for your perseverance and love of My call and your responding to the graces I send you. You are a special son. I love you. Continue on this special journey My son. You will not be sorry. Remember eternity is forever! Oh! My religious in habit, thank you for your perseverance. You make a difference in the world that you don't even know. Trust Me My religious you make a difference. I love you. Thank you for answering My call."
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, Our Lady says, "Continue to write My child. My children, My precious children, you are in a perilous time. Much prayer is needed at this time. Pray! Pray! Pray My children. Persevere in prayer. Prayer is what is needed at this time to turn the world around. First My children many of My beloved priest sons must turn around in order for the world to turn around. Holy priests, holy flocks!
Pray for families to be generous in encouraging their children to be priests and to enter into the religious life. My children pray for reform in the church as the cleansing continues. Much, much prayer is needed. I love you My children. My Son, Jesus loves you. All of Heaven prays with you My beloved children. My Son does not want to see one soul lost! Pray! Pray! Pray!"
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, Our Lady is present as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is most beautiful. Her smile brings peace and love to all. Her garments are creamy white and move softly in the breeze. She is present without her crown. Her garments move ever so softly. Her Crown is now present. It has seven points with a chalice on the front and the Eucharist is suspended just above it. Golden rays come out from the Eucharist and radiate at different lengths. Our Lady then says, "My children I love you. My priest sons I love you. My religious I love you. I am your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. 
Rest now My child, rest!" I can't keep my eyes open. "Do not try My child! Relax! Little one thank you for your obedience in writing. I love you. Queen of Divine Love."
End of a bride from another area.

October 26, 2002, Saturday