Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Seventy-eighth Visitation of Our Lady

September 24, 2005 Last Saturday Houma, Louisiana

Written by Claire Rose

Today I am sad because for the very first time we have had to cancel the public Day of Prayer since Our Lady’s first public Visitation on the Last Saturday of April 1999. Last week-end we were on an Inner Healing Retreat in Houston, Texas. There were 115 from several states that attended. I was invited to lead the Rosary for priests each day and to give a talk about Brides and Our Mother’s Visitations. This all went very well and on Sunday during the closing Mass of the Retreat, 25 new brides made their Consecration. We arrived home on Monday evening. On Tuesday my grandson, Anthony came home safe after spending a year in Bagdad, Iraq. Our hearts are overjoyed at his safe arrival. Many months ago Leslie Therese` had a vision of Anthony coming home safe. In the vision he was dressed in civilian clothes. When he walked into our home he was dressed in civilian clothes. Thanks be to God!

On Wednesday our Spiritual Director instructed me to put a notice on our Web Site to cancel today’s public Rosary because of the approach of Hurricane Rita. Father did this with everyone’s safety in mind. He asked that we all pray on Saturday wherever we were. On Wednesday and Thursday we lifted many things in our home to above three feet for the fourth time this summer. As I was working I was very tired and I wondered why is this happening to us? Swiftly, Jesus answered my thought


My heart was pierced as if by a sword! I understood instantly. Jesus and Mary suffered while here on earth. Why not us? He is our Bridegroom, She is Our Mother. We belong to Her Household. When one suffers in a family, all suffer. In God’s great plan of Salvation this is what Redemptive Suffering means. Our suffering is used by God for the good of our souls, our family’s souls and in our case for the good of our beloved priest’s souls and for an increase in holy vocations to the holy priesthood. Our Lady has been telling us that She would ask more of us. I suppose this is part of what She meant. In Her Message to us last month, Our Mother said that much more suffering lay ahead of us and the very next night Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana to the east of us. The devastation and havoc in New Orleans, surrounding parishes and the Mississippi Gulf Coast is still on the world news. Many lives were lost. Many lives turned upside down. Many years ago when God turned my life upside down, He was really putting my life right side up! In many of Her messages in the past, Our Mother Spoke of Divine Order. Last month we were told very clearly what Divine Order meant. Divine Order means putting God first in our hearts, lives, homes, families, parishes, dioceses, schools, states and countries. Divine Order means putting God first in every part of our lives. As I went to bed just before midnight on Wednesday, September 21, Jesus said,

"I want My people to obey My Commandments. Make this known throughout the world! I have sent My Mother to earth to warn you. The Time of Justice is upon you! Take heed of My Words, My people! Turn AWAY from evil NOW! Many innocent will suffer along with those who are evil. The evil that has entered My Church and My people must be cleansed. Heed My Words! Turn to Me while it is still today! Do not delay another day! DIVINE ORDER WILL REIGN! JESUS, DIVINE LOVE."

A few hours later on Thursday, Sept. 22 we were put under a mandatory evacuation order in Theriot and had to leave our home. Last night, Friday evening there is water surrounding our home. Sometime during last night water enters our home and many other homes. This happened on the Last Saturday. One of our daughters, Taryn and one granddaughter, Taryn’s daughter, are also flooded. All of Theriot, Bayou duLarge is flooded all the way into Houma. My parish Church and the rectory are both flooded. A total of over 10,000 homes flooded in a few hours in my civil parish of Terrebonne. Terrebonne was settled by my ancestors. Terrebonne means ‘Good Earth’ in French. Our home has almost 5 feet of water inside. Many homes that never flooded before are now inundated with salt water from Hurricane Rita, four weeks after Katrina. My brother and his wife have kindly taken us in. A friend has taken in my daughter and her whole family.

At 2p.m. I went to pray my Rosary alone in my room, knowing that my home was flooded. I was lying on the bed. When I began the First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Mother Appeared much larger than life-size. She was wearing a most beautiful white lace Mantle covered with sparkly jewels. She enfolded me in Her Arms and said to me: "My child, you are in the Palm of My Hand. I cover you with My Mantle. It is not necessary that you pray the 20 decade Rosary today. All the rosaries that you have prayed in the past surround you and reach Heaven. Go to sleep!" I saw a swirl of rosaries like a curtain surround me and I was out like a light. I slept like a baby in Our Mother’s Arms totally surrendered and protected.

End of Claire Rose______________________________

Leslie Therese`s message to follow.

September 24, 2005 Last Saturday of September Priest’s Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin

The last Saturday in Theriot, LA was called off by our spiritual director due to mandatory evacuation from Theriot, LA with the pending arrival of hurricane Rita. It was just too dangerous for people to try to come to Theriot on this last Saturday. As you must have figured out I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday. Claire Rose, Buddy, family and myself left Theriot, LA 9/22/05 Thursday afternoon with a few belongings after lifting up things about three feet, thinking that would be high enough to be free of the water if we flooded. We jokingly said, if the water gets higher than the beds, none of what we raised up would matter anyway. We went to stay with family in Houma until the threat of hurricane Rita was over. On Friday the water started coming up. Little did we know that it would come up 5 feet in Claire Rose and Buddy’s house. Our Lady told me that no matter where we were on the Last Saturday, She would speak to us and we would see Her.

On Saturday around 2:00 p.m. I went to my room and started to pray the 20-decade Rosary for Priests.I invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and the Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us. I invited Our Lady to pray with us. As soon as I started praying the Rosary Our Lady came. She said, "I am with you My children! I am with you. Persevere My children! Persevere! Oh My children all over the world, your brothers and sisters are suffering. Pray My children, pray!


At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus                       Our Lady says, "I come today at the request of My Son Jesus. My Visits here have been extended, yet not without much suffering. DO NOT SIMPLY LISTEN TO WHAT I TELL YOU, BUT DO AS I ASK MY CHILDREN, DO AS I ASK! Theriot is under water. Much suffering is happening to My people, My children, My prayer warriors. Those who are doing as I ask, I am now asking you to TRUST in the TENDER MERCY OF MY SON. Much good will come from all your suffering. It is hard to see when you are in the midst of it. I love you My children, My priest sons, My religious!


At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation                                                       As I pray Our Mother is sitting next to me praying with me. She is in blue and white with a Rosary of light in Her Hands. She is silent and simply praying the Rosary with me.

At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus                                                   Our Lady continues to pray with me. She says, "I join your prayers to those all over the world who have come together to pray with Me at My request for all the priests of the world. Persevere My children, persevere! You do not know the great value of your prayers from your hearts. It can change things."

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple   Our Lady continues, "My child you are not alone. All your brothers and sisters all over the world are praying with you. Have courage My daughter, have courage." (I knew this was not just for me, but for all those suffering from the ravages of hurricane Rita and those who are suffering all over the world.)

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the TempleOur       Lady says, "My children, look for My Son in your hearts. He is there waiting for you. Think of nothing but saying your Rosary and TRUST!" Our Mother is still with us, praying with us and for us.

At the first Luminious Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan                         I prayed, please Mother Mary, help Claire and all the people on the Gulf Coast whose homes are underwater. Our Lady answered, "I am helping them little one. In time you will see. This is an answer to your prayer to Me to save the Gulf Coast. TRUST! My daughter, TRUST! Know you are not alone. The Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory are praying with you and for you! Trust My daughter! TRUST!"Several years ago seeing the danger of the erosion in the Gulf I had prayed at the foot of the Cross for Priests in Theriot, LA, that the Gulf Coast would be saved.

At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana                          Our Lady says, "NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Continue to pray My daughter!"

At the third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom                       Our Lady continues, "My daughter, I am still with you." Our Lady is all in creamy white. She does not have Her Crown on. She has a light blue apron on and She says, "I AM CLEANING HOUSE!"

At the fourth Luminous Mystery TheTransfiguration of Jesus                              Our Lady says, "My children, YOUR PRAYER AND SACRIFICES ARE TRANSFORMING THE PRIESTHOOD. Pray for Pope Benedict XVI at this time. Pray for his Bishops to support him. Pray for holy Bishops. Pray for Bishops to stay on the correct path. Much depends on this. Pray for the Bishops to be Holy Shepherds, holy examples to their priests and their flocks. PERSEVERE MY CHILDREN, PERSEVERE IN PRAYER!"

At the fifth Luminous Mystery and the first Sorrowful Mystery                            Our Lady was silent.

At the second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar                                   Our Lady says, "Never give up My children!Always have hope! The devil does not wish you to have hope because if you don’t have hope then he knows he has won! Your prayers are changing things."

At the third Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crowned with Thorns                             Our Lady speaks to Her priests: "Oh My priest sons who are on the wrong path, come to your senses. The time of waiting is over. Pray for your own conversion of heart. Pray for all your brother priests. A time of testing is fast approaching. You do not want to be in the path of the Father’s Wrath. HEED MY WORDS, MY PRIEST SONS, HEED MY WORDS!"

At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus carries His Cross                                   Our Lady continues, "Pick up your crosses My priest sons and follow after My Son Jesus, your Redeemer. I love you My priest sons. Awaken your hearts. Those who are holy, pray for your selves to stay holy and pray for your brother priests."

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus                       Our Lady continues, "Conversion My priest sons, daily conversion of heart. This will bring you closer and closer to My Son Jesus. This will give the correct example to your flocks. I love you My priest sons. I love you My children. I love you My religious.




Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

Our Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love!


I see a map of the Gulf Coast. Then I see Our Lady hovering above it. She covers the whole area with Her Mantle. Her Garments are white and Her Mantle is blue. Her Hands are outstretched, holding out Her Mantle. She looks almost transparent, yet you can’t see through Her. She says, "My child stop now. Thank you for your obedience little one. Rest now." It is around 4:00 p.m.

End of a bride from another area. _________________________

September 24, 2005, Saturday