Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

March 28, 2020          Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests          Theriot, Louisiana

Praying at home due to isolation. 

Our Mother has been saying these words to me over and over: “My children of America, fall on your knees and pray as never before!  My children of the whole world, fall on your knees and pray as never before!”  Our Mother also said: “Most of My children will be praying alone today.  I will bring you all together as if you were in one room.” 

Two of our consecrated brides will be praying and live streaming our prayers for priests at the Well of Holy Mary in Lafayette, LA. About 100 miles from where my home is located.  Alone,  I was listening to the brides praying at the well on video.

Our Mother Spoke: “Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am with you My precious children.  My Heart beats with deepest love for you!  I draw you together in a special way today.  I bring you together under My Mantle of Love and Protection.  I bring you into a sacred enclosed garden near the Gate of Heaven.  I gather you!”  I saw an open doorway shaped like a heart. 

Our Mother continues: “O My beloved children your years of prayer and sacrifice for My beloved priest sons have been blessed and multiplied by the Holy Angels and Saints in Heaven.  You who are consecrated are safe in My Immaculate Heart.  Fear not!  Do not be afraid for I am with you!  I am within you!  My Beloved Son Jesus is with you!  And where He is, Our Father is…the Holy Spirit is!  Fully Present in each of you who are in the State of Grace.

My beloved Priest Sons, you are an extra-ordinary treasure to Me, Your Immaculate Mother.    You represent My Son Jesus in a way that no one else can.  You are called to be holy, holy, holy…to be a loving, living example of My Son Jesus.  You are called to be another Christ.  Be holy and whole, humble, real, compassionate, filled with all the good virtues, filled with all the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.  O My Priest Sons, Our God has left Himself in Fullness to all of His children through your anointed hands.  Each time you offer Holy Mass, at the Sacred Moment, Our God in Fullness ‘comes ALIVE’ again in your blessed hands.  The Most Holy Blessed Trinity…in Fullness…Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity within your hands! A SACRED MYSTERY!   You should tremble… as all of Heaven surrounds you at the Altar of Sacrifice, even if you are the only human present.  The same Great Mystery Occurs!  My Priest Sons ponder…meditate…reflect on Who you are called to be!  In these days of isolation, spend your time wisely.  For those of you who are in serious sin, I plead with you to repent and reform your lives.  I repeat this call to all of My children.  Fall on your knees.  Pray as you have never prayed before.  Confess your sins.  Clean up your lives.  Remove everything from your lives, anything, everything and everyone that is not of God.  A new springtime is on the horizon but first you must all go through the cleansing.  All must be made ready for the Coming of My Son Jesus!  All must be made new!  All must be restored to holiness and wholeness.  As it was in the beginning it shall be again!  For many years I have spoken to you.  Some of you have responded to My Call to holiness, many have not!

I have come to earth to warn you.  Each time I have been sent to earth, each Visitation has been a call to holiness and restoration.  In times past, one Visitation had more effect on My children than many Visitations in this time.  Why is there such a serious lack of Faith on the earth today?  My Immaculate Heart is pierced daily, many times a day by the grievous sins of My children and some of My priest sons.

Where have all the holy shepherds gone?  Why have so many sheep followed unholy shepherds?  Holy shepherds will lead holy flocks!  Our God has a plan and a purpose for each Mission that He has sent Me, Your Mother  to earth to establish.   Each mission builds upon each…with one purpose.  To cleanse souls…to save souls from the fires of hell.  To re-build the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that My Beloved Son Jesus established upon the earth.  My children both Shepherds and sheep, you have been called and called again through the centuries.  Each of you that have fallen away are called to come home.  Become One again.  When God Our Father created the world, He created it perfect.  Everything was in perfect order.  He created man and woman.  He gave them free will.  By their sin of disobedience they brought disorder upon the earth.  There was no disorder in the Garden of Paradise.  O My children I call you to help Me to bring Divine Order back to the beautiful earth that Our God created for you to dwell upon.  Each of you has a special purpose, a special mission in God’s Plan of Salvation.  Some are hidden, some are more known.  God’s desire is that no souls be lost.  My precious children, you must all be made ready for your eternal home  by the way you live your lives upon the earth.  Some of you are going to be with Me, Your Mother in Heaven…Paradise for eternity.

With tears today, I beseech all those of My children who are on the wide road to hell…Eternity is forever.  Turn around all who are in serious sin.  Repent!  Be Converted!  Come back to Truth!  Come home to My Beloved Son Jesus!  I call!  I call!”

At that moment I heard birds calling on the video of the brides praying at the Well of Holy Mary 100 miles from where I am.

Our Mother continued:  “STAY CLOSE TO MY SON JESUS NO MATTER WHAT CRASHES DOWN AROUND YOU!  I am Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”  At the same moment I heard something crashing down on the video at the well.

Received and written by Claire Rose Champagne.

March 28, 2020, Saturday