Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Fourteenth Visitation of Our Lady

Last Saturday of September 2008 Priest’s Saturday Theriot, Louisiana USA

Today is a beautiful day! Two weeks ago Hurricane Ike flooded our home and whole community with almost 5 feet of water and mud. Today between thirty and forty very kind people from other states are coming to help us remove all of our furniture from our home and carry it to the roadside to be picked up.

Our Mother came to me in the midst of this at 2:00p.m. 
“My Beloved Child, I love you! I love you! I love you! I come to you through the love, the tears, the smiles, the hugs and helping hands of My children who have come to help you and encourage you. These are ALL of My children. I love them all. I love those who honor Me as Jesus’ Mother. I love those who do not know Me. You were ALL given to Me as Mother at the Foot of the Cross. I am with you all My beloved children. I thank you for your offering of self as victim soul for My priest sons. Your acceptance of God’s Will and your deep Faith in God has touched the hearts of those who came to help you out of love. I will make good out of this destruction. All will be made new. Hold My Words in your heart and soul. Many of My children are praying for you and your family. I know you feel their prayers. In the same way, My priest sons feel your prayers & sacrifice. I bring to you the Grace to persevere. I love you all, My priest sons and all of My children. Entrust all to My Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, Jesus. I love you! 
Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
End of Claire Rose. _____________ 

September 27, 2008 Last Saturday of September Priest’s Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
People started arriving around 1:30 p.m. to put their petitions in the prayer box. The whole area was blessed with Holy Water. We prayed the three Hail Marys that the children pray in Theriot, LA for Vocations and for Holy Priests. We started the 20 decade Rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m. We invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and the Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the Priesthood. We invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the Priesthood.
Our Lady says, “I am here. Oh My children all over the world who have come to pray with Me for Our beloved priests, I love you! I join you to all My children all over the world who have come together to pray with Me for Our priests. Oh how I love to hear the Rosary said in all languages.” (The Rosary was being prayed in French and English.) “Oh My children pray for all those suffering from the hurricanes and storms. Many have lost their homes. Offer their suffering through My Immaculate Heart for all the priests of the world and for vocations. Oh My children I am with you all in a special way today. I join you to My Heart, as My Heart lives in the Heart of Jesus, therefore My children you are living in the Heart of Jesus!
Oh My priest sons, I am with you. I live in your hearts. My Son Jesus lives in your hearts. Be still and listen to His whispers of Love in your hearts. Open your hearts to receive all this LOVE that is especially for you. Be kind and loving to your flocks. Be a good example to your flocks my priest sons. Your flocks need you! They especially need your good example.
Oh My youth, I love you! I am calling you! My Son Jesus is calling you!”
At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan
I was asked to pray and lead this decade. I did!
Our Lady continues, “My youth be kind to one another. Look out for the needs of each other. Help your brother and sister youth when ever you can. Be good examples to each other. Be kind to each other. Open your hearts and keep them open to receive all the LOVE My Son Jesus wishes to put into them. LOVE beyond your understanding! Healing LOVE! Holy LOVE! Peaceful LOVE! Accepting LOVE! This LOVE will help you to pick up your crosses and go forward. Oh My youth, I ask you to persevere in goodness and holiness and kindness to one another. Be good and holy examples to all around you. I love you My youth! Oh how I love you! Oh how My Son Jesus LOVES you!
Oh My parents guide your children very carefully. You have been given a big job. You are not alone. My Son Jesus and I are with you! Ask for Our guidance when you are perplexed and not sure which road to take or which action to do. Ask dear parents! Ask! We are with you to guide you!”
At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
I was asked to pray and lead this decade. I did!
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
All of a sudden I am extremely tired. Our Lady says, “Relax little one! Be at Peace! Oh My children all over the world, be at Peace. Take this time to be quiet with Me and My Son Jesus.” At this time I was taken away to a place of great quiet and Peace and Love! I am not sure how long I was there. Our Lady says, “Little one you are with Jesus and I in a quiet and peaceful place. Oh My children, all of you, My Son Jesus’ PEACE and LOVE rests upon you! It brings HEALING, HEALING beyond your understanding.
M-----, I love you. I thank you for coming to pray with Me today. Many graces come to all My children who are praying with Me today! Thank you for your YES to My Son Jesus and Me! Your family lives in My Heart! Keep praying for them and trust with all your beautiful heart!
Pray for your Bishop and all Bishops all over the world. Pray for Pope Benedict XVI. He has a big Cross. Pray for the graces to be in great abundance for him. Great responsibility falls on the Bishops, yes, all the Bishops of the world. They are shepherds of the shepherds! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! 
M---, I see you struggling with patience. Have courage My little one and continue to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. You pray with Me and I will pray for your son and all your family. I love you!
My children, in the time to come, you will be called upon to help each other more and more through prayer and kindness and giving of your wealth! Jesus and I will guide you! You will know what to do with out a doubt. Listen in your hearts! You will know what to do! I love you My children! Oh how I love you! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY FOR VOCATIONS AND FOR HOLY PRIESTS. PRAY FOR HOLY SEMINARIES. I love you! I love you! I love you!”
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus
I was asked to pray and lead this decade. I did!
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus
Our Lady continues, “C----, C------ and J-----, I thank you My children for helping to prepare for My visit today. Your efforts and labors do not go unnoticed. I love you My children. I thank you! My Son Jesus loves you and thanks you for honoring your Mother!”
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord Body and Soul into Heaven
Our Lady continues, “Oh My C-----! Oh My B----, I am with you in a special way! You both live in My Heart and yes so does A---- and G---. Simply trust and don’t be afraid of what action you are to take. Jesus and I will be guiding you all!
K------, I am with you! Fear not!
T----, take courage My little one. Jesus and I are with you!
S-------, and all My little ones, I am holding you all in My Heart! Let My Love fill you, strengthen you and heal you all! Open your hearts to feel the healing We, (Jesus and I) wish to pour into your precious family. We (Jesus and I) LOVE you! Feel Our LOVE! CLAIM Our LOVE! LOVE beyond your understanding!
L----- and J----, all things are passing. This too will pass. Thank you for all you do for love of Jesus and I. Have courage My beloveds! Have courage!”
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven
I was asked to pray and lead this decade. I did!
At the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth
Our Lady continues, “Oh My children, thank you for praying with Me today for Our beloved priests. I join you to all the children all over the world. Yes, you form a river of prayer that flows continuously all over the world as We pray together! I love you! I love you! I love you all!
Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
Thank you little one for your obedience in writing at My request. Mary Immaculate!”
End of bride from another area. ______________

september 27, 2008, Saturday