Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Eighty-Second Visitation of Our Lady

January 28, 2006 Last Saturday of January Theriot, LA

Claire Rose received and wrote: Today is a beautiful day! My husband blessed inside and outside our home with Holy Water. The sun is shining and we have a breeze from the Gulf. Little spring flowers are poking out here and there! We are blessed by the presence of three Religious, one nun and two brothers. About 115 pilgrims are present.

**I want to insert a word of caution here because today’s message is probably the strongest that we have ever received. The caution is this, Our Mother always speaks to us in love. Her Words today should not be taken without all of Her other messages given here in Theriot. Just like one verse in the Bible should not be taken out of context, Her Words today should not be taken out of the context of Her other Words to us over the past seven years. All of Her Words to us have been very serious and brought to us with all the Love of Her Immaculate Heart. Her Words to us in the past three months seem to go together.**

At 1p.m. we prayed the Chaplet of Divine Love for our priests. At 1:45 we gathered with the children at the foot of the Priest’s Cross. We began with the Sign of the Cross, then prayed three Hail Mary’s.

Our Mother is with us. Again today She is dressed as a bride on Her wedding day. Her veil is very full. There is a pure white dove that is flying around our Blessed Mother, around Her Head.

"My precious little children, I love you. I love you. I love you. I am with you My little ones." A little boy is touching my shoes and saying over and over, "Shoes! Shoes! SHOES!" Our Mother often teaches us through the children, the little ones that are here. And what comes to mind, when this little precious child was touching my shoes, is: where do we go? Where are we going? Everything we do has a spiritual meaning. When we come to a crossroad in our lives, do we stop to ask God to guide us and to keep us on the right path? Our Mother uses the children to teach us many times on the Last Saturdays. I have noticed several times that Our Mother uses the children’s Message to introduce a subject that She continues to speak of in Her Message to priests and to all of us as the Rosary is being prayed. Our Mother continues:

"My beloved children, I love you. I love you. I love you. Give to Me your heart. Give to Me your hand like an innocent child. Let Me lead you. Let Me take you to My Son Jesus. I walk with you My children. The path is not always easy or simple. Put your total trust in My Son Jesus. Surrender all. Surrender all My little ones. Give to Your Mother all that troubles you. Be holy My little ones. Be good and docile children. I bless you today with renewed courage to persevere in all that I have asked of you. I walk with you My children. I stand with you. Open your hearts. I speak to your heart. I gather you together beneath this Cross. I help you. I love you. I gather you here to pray, to pray for My beloved priest sons. They need your prayers as never before. Pray here at this Cross and I will pray for all your needs."

Again Our Mother holds out to us a Rosary of Light in Her right Hand as She says: "Pray the Rosary My children. Pray the Rosary."

Then Our Mother is holding out to us the Holy Bible. It is open and She is holding it out to us in both of Her Hands. "I love you My children with a love that is not of this world, a love that will never die. I ask you My children to love one another as I love you. Forgive one another in peace." I recall that last month also on the Last Saturday of December that Our Mother held out to us an open Bible.

At 2p.m. we began the twenty decade Rosary for Priests, for priests souls in Purgatory and for more vocations to the priesthood. During the first three Hail Mary’s Our Mother asked me, "Announce My Presence. You must now bless the rooms and everyone present with Holy Water because you forgot!" I thanked Our Mother for reminding me & did as Our Mother asked.

Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, Our Mother Spoke: "Thank you for your obedience. O My children I hear your prayers. I hear the cries of your hearts for My beloved priest sons. O how I love you all My children.

Many years I have called you to conversion, to repentance. O My beloved priests sons, I renew My call to you. I need you My sons, to be converted, converted to holiness and wholeness. I love you My sons with My whole Heart."

Third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus, Our Mother continues: "O My sons, I love you! From the depths of My soul I call you to holiness and wholeness. I have come to earth to warn you My sons." (All of a sudden, I was being physically choked by the evil one. I reached for the Holy Water, blessed myself, the area around me and took a sip of Holy Water blessing my throat. I understood that the evil one is trying to stop us from praying for priests and trying to stop the spreading of the messages and this mission. I then realized that today’s message must be most important.)

Our Mother continued: "This small and unknown place was chosen from the whole earth especially for you my priest sons. A great basilica will be erected here My sons at My Request, to honor Your Mother’s Visitations here, especially for you My priest sons. O My sons, holiness in My Son’s church has eroded like the land here in this small and holy place chosen for you." I saw a tattered cloth, rotten and full of holes. There seemed to be some strong places in the cloth, but the edges of the cloth were shreds and strings.

Fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding in the Temple Our Mother continued: "This cloth that you see represents My Son’s Church. I speak to you clearly. This cloth represents My priest sons and the Religious Orders. This cloth represents the state of holiness and wholeness in the souls of priests and Religious in My Son’s Church. O My sons, more than anyone you will be held accountable for the souls placed in your charge.

A few of My priest sons are holy." I hesitated to write this as I felt a sword pierce my heart and thought that I was being deceived. Our Mother said, "My child, WRITE as I have spoken, you have heard Your Mother correctly! A few of My priest sons are holy. O My sons, I treasure you as you bring much comfort to Your Mother’s Heart."

First Luminous Mystery, The Baptism in the Jordan, Our Mother continued: "Many of My priest sons are lukewarm – like Pontius Pilate – more concerned about pleasing people than of being obedient to and pleasing to God. Turn around My sons for this path is the wrong one for you.

I call you to holiness and wholeness before it is too late!

Many of My priest sons are on the road to hell. I speak plainly to you today. Let there be no doubt! Come back to My Son Jesus while there is still time. You have been given many chances, opportunities to return to My Son Jesus."

Second Luminous Mystery, The Wedding at Cana, Our Mother continues: "O My beloved sons I love you all. I call you, return to My Son Jesus! Do what He tells you to do. Those of you who are in serious sin, you have one foot in hell. Your Mother intercedes for you. Your Mother is your advocate. I plead for you for I love you. O My sons, you are the precious flock that I have been given. To the world, you are a shepherd, but to Me, Your Mother, you are My own little lambs. Yes you are a chosen flock My priest sons."

Third Luminous Mystery, The Proclamation of the Kingdom Our Mother continues: "The time for repentance is now – today – do not delay another moment. What awaits you at the end of your life’s journey My sons? Is it Heaven or Hell? The choice is yours to make! Stop fooling around. Heaven awaits your decision. Your numbers dwindle. Your seminaries are empty. Do you wonder why? Our Father has taken all that He can take. His Hand of Justice is about to strike."

Fourth Luminous Mystery, The Transfiguration, Our Mother continues:

"A line has been drawn in the sand. Our Father says, "Enough!" Humble yourselves and repent. Plead for Mercy and Mercy will flow upon you. But you must be sincere in your repentance.

O My beloved sons who are in grievous sin and in error, turn to Your Mother. Open your heart to Your Mother. I will take you by the hand. I will cover your wounds with My softest Mantle. With My Immaculate Hands I will cleanse you and bind up your wounds. O My sons, O how I love you. Cast your eyes upon My Immaculate Heart. Come My priest sons. Come into My Immaculate Heart, it is a safe refuge for you, the only safe refuge for you. For My Immaculate Heart is safely encased within the confines of the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus.

Will you come and dwell in this Holy Dwelling Place? There I will renew you, I will restore you to newness." I saw a priest in prayer. He was kneeling with hands folded in prayer at the foot of a statue of Our Mother. He was looking up toward Our Mother’s Heart. All of a sudden it was Our Mother he was looking at and not a statue. Her Immaculate Heart lit up like a bright Light. The Light from Her Heart went down in a wide stream that totally encompassed the priest in bright Light.

First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, Our Mother continued:

"Kneel My child for these mysteries. Kneel and pray. A priest needs your prayer and sacrifice. Much suffering lies ahead. My Church must be purified and made holy and whole. The suffering like the suffering at the beginning of My Church must come to pass. The chastisement was delayed by many years and lessened because of sacrifice and prayer. Offer every little sacrifice that you can My sons and all My children. The cleansing begins with My priest sons. Persevere My little ones through the trials and tribulation that lies ahead. There will be times when the darkness will seen so thick around you that you will be unable to see the light except for the Presence of My Beloved Son Jesus." I understood this meant the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.

Third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns, Our Mother continued: "I do not come to frighten you. I come to warn you in love. Defend your faith. Defend My Son Jesus in the Holy Sacrament. Love, pray for and support My beloved priest sons. Through your prayer and sacrifice many will be set free from the evil bondage of sin. I thank you My children and My priest sons who have responded to My Call. Many great priest saints will spring up and walk among you because of your prayer, because of your sacrifice.

The Church will be saved and renewed, restored to holiness and wholeness by the Blood of the Martyrs, who walk among you now.

As it was at the beginning it will be in the end.

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross, Our Mother continued: "Carry your little crosses My priest sons and all My children. Embrace your cross for My Son Jesus and I, Your Mother carry it with you. The Way of the Cross leads home! Home is where your heart is, where will your eternal home be? Choose now, today. Empty yourselves of all that is evil. Remove from yourselves all that leads you to sin.

O My beloved priest sons and all My children Your Mother pleads with you. I envelop you in My Mantle of Protection. Come! Come home with Your Mother. A seed must fall to the ground and die to bring forth new life, to sprout again." (There is suddenly a very strong scent of roses.)

First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection, Our Mother continues: " I thank you all My priests and My children for answering your Mother’s Call. Be holy My little ones. Spend time with My Beloved Son Jesus. Adore Him. Glorify Him. Worship Him.

For each one who has come here today for the first time I give to you an Angel of Protection. I love you all My children.

I know that you miss the presence of the holy priests who used to join you on these days of My Visitations. O My children you must pray more for more vocations to the Holy Priesthood. You are in a time of great need, great drought. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray more. Heaven will honor your prayer – for you honor your Mother’s request to you."

Second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension, Our Mother continues:

"My mission of Love will continue to grow despite many obstacles. I love you all and I multiply your prayer and numbers over all the earth.

Pray with one heart, one voice, do not be divided. Come as one in My chosen place, My Immaculate Heart. I encase you as if you were in an Adoration Chapel. One. I call you to be One.

I love you. I bless you with Peace. I bless you and your families.

I bless all of your religious articles and ask that you always have these blessed by a priest. I come to you in Love and in Peace. My beloved and chosen son His Holiness, John Paul II joins Me today as also St. Peter and St. Paul and the Apostle of Divine Love, St. John."

Third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Our Mother continues:

"Use Holy Water in your homes My little ones.

Pray together as a family."

A little boy, the same who touched my shoes outside, walks by me, climbs onto the kneeler, dips a Rosary in the dish of Holy Water and turns and blesses everyone. Our Mother spoke: "He is chosen to be a holy priest, this child who was blessed in the womb of his mother by Pope John Paul II."

Jesus Spoke: "My Precious Bride, thank you for your years of faithful service. I love you. You are My bride. I love you. You are Mine, Mine alone and I am yours!…Jesus…I Am Who Am. Your Bridegroom."

Our Mother continues: "My beloved Religious, did you think I had forgotten you? I love you. I assure you of My protection in the times ahead. Keep your total focus on My Son Jesus no matter what goes on around you. Houses will break and fall to be rebuilt on new foundations by your Mother. Thank you for your years of faithful service I am taking care of you within My Immaculate Heart. I love you. You bring joy to My Heart."

Fifth Glorious Mystery, The Crowning of Mary in Heaven, Our Mother continues: " I am Your Queen, Your Mother, Mother of your hearts and souls, Mother of your vocations as priest, religious and laity. I embrace you all. I love you all. I am one Mother, Your Mother. Come together My little ones. I have many Titles. I am one Mother, Your Mother,

Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

All will return home safely today."

At the end of the day I shared with everyone that the first week of this New Year the Shrine has received four very special gifts from three kind and generous people who did not know about the others. These gifts are a pair of very old Confessional doors, the gates for a Communion Railing, a large and beautiful Icon of Our Lady of Good Counsel, (from a priest) and a life size statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

End of Claire Rose_________________

January 28, 2006 Last Saturday of January Priest's Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.

I am in California for this last Saturday. It is still winter here, yet there are small signs of spring here and there. People started coming around 1:30 p.m. and put their petitions in the prayer box. Blessed the whole area with Holy Water and the people present. We started the 20 decade Rosary for Priests around 2:00 p.m.

We invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory, and Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests.

The first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation of Jesus

Our Lady says, "Announce that I am here!" I did. Our Lady continues, "Oh My daughters, thank you for answering My call to pray for Our beloved priests. I join you to all those all over the world who are praying with Me for all Our priests."

The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation

Our Lady says, "I love you My children, Oh how I love you! I hear you praying in different languages. Oh how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages." (The Rosary was being said in English, Spanish and French.) Our Lady continues, "I am here today as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. I wear a seven point Crown. In the front is a Chalice and above the Chalice is My Son Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity."

The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus

I see the Eucharist suspended above the Crown and golden rays coming out of it. Our Lady says, "What you see little one is grace coming out to all of you from the Eucharist. You receive all when you receive My Son Jesus in the Eucharist. Graces and Love beyond your understanding. Receive My Son Jesus in the Eucharist often."

The fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Our Lady says, "Oh My children, go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation often to prepare your self to receive My Son Jesus in the Eucharist."

The fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

Our Lady speaks to Her priests: "My priest sons, make the Sacrament of Reconciliation available to My children often. Encourage your flocks to receive this Sacrament often. It prepares their souls and hearts to receive My Son in the Eucharist with clean and pure hearts. It helps to open their hearts to all the graces that come from this Sacrament of forgiveness and love."

The first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist

Our Lady continues, "Oh My beloved priest sons, teach My children to know My Son Jesus. Teach them of His great LOVE for them. Teach them of the Sacraments My Son gives them for their growth in holiness on their Pilgrimage to Him. As My children grow toward My Son Jesus with deep love for Him their holiness increases. Oh My priest sons, I am counting on you."

The second Luminous Mystery, the Wedding Feast at Cana

Our Lady asked me to pray this decade. I did. I see Our Lady all in white. She hovers just above us. Her garments move softly in the breeze. She is most beautiful.

The third Luminous Mystery, Jesus Proclaims the Kingdom

She prays with us. She holds a Rosary out to us in one of Her Hands. It is the Rosary of Light. The beads are clear light and sparkle like diamonds. As we pray they give even more light. They move softly in Her Hands as we pray and She prays with us. She says, "Oh! My daughters, My faithful daughters, you never let Me down and are so diligent in your prayers for Our beloved priests."

The fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration of Jesus

Our Lady continues, "All of Heaven prays with you. Your prayers rise before the Throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity and are most pleasing to Them. Your prayers are multiplied by all of Heaven as they pray with you for Our priests. Vocations will increase due to your perseverance in prayer and sacrifices you make for them. Pray for young people to listen to their call as My Son invites them to the priesthood and religious life."

The fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist

"My children, My priest sons, My religious, this Mission of Love for the priesthood will grow and grow. Love, Divine Love will conquer all. More and more hearts will open to receive all the love that is coming from the Most Holy Blessed Trinity through My Immaculate Heart from the fruit of this Mission for priests. Remember My children, Holy priests attract holy flocks."

The first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden

Our Lady continues, "The example of Holy Priests is irresistible to their flocks. M---, M---, and M----- you are most pleasing to My Heart. I live in you and you live in Me and I live in My Son Jesus' Heart, so know you are there also."

The second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar

Our Lady, "Oh My priests, My children, My religious, My Son and I ask more of you. Embrace your little crosses as I place them in the Heart of My Son Jesus. They bear much fruit. Each sacrifice and prayer bears fruit, so persevere My beloved children, priests and religious. Your prayers are needed now more than ever. Things are starting to turn in the right direction. Persevere My children! Persevere! Yes, many are suffering at this time. These are blessings in disguise. Accept your sufferings graciously and give them to My Son Jesus as He turns them into great fruit. I love you My children, Oh how I love you."

The third Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crowned with Thorns

"Rest now My daughter!"

The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus Carries His Cross

Our Lady asked me to pray this decade. I did.

The fifth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crucified and Dies

Our Lady is here all in white with a blue sash. She is now Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is most beautiful. She is now Our Lady of Divine Grace. Her garments move softly in the breeze. Her Hands are poised in prayer. She says, "My children, I come to you under many titles, I am but one Mother, Mother of all, Mother of all nations and countries all over the world."

The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus

Our Lady continues, "I love all My children. I thank you all for coming to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. I ask each and everyone of My children who have come to pray with Me today to go out and sow the seed of this Mission of Divine Love for priests, to all they meet. Do not be faint hearted about this My children! My Son and I will open many hearts with grace as you do this to bring great great fruit of vocations all over the world."

The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven

Our Lady, "Yes, My daughter, Holy, Holy priests to spread the love of My Son Jesus to all. Yes, All over the world! I know you cannot fully understand this little one. Do not worry about this!"

The third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit

Our Lady continues, "My children, so much grace comes from this Mission of Love and opens the hearts of many souls. Yes little one, it is Me, Queen of Divine Love! Much healing is happening here today. Healing of Hearts and Souls. Oh My children keep those beautiful hearts open and let this great healing happen. Much grace and love is being poured out to you all today. Yes, for you My priest sons, and you My religious. Love, pure Love!"

The fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary

Our Lady, "Remember I am with you My beloved children. I never leave you. Have confidence in this My children, My priest sons and My religious. I love you! I love you! I love you all. Not one soul is left out. Know of My Son's gracious love for you. He (Jesus) does not want to loose you. He does not want to loose one soul, thus this Mission of Love for priests. As priests will bring My children to My Son Jesus. Yes! Holy, Holy priests!"

The fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Mary in Heaven

"I love you My priests, I love you My children, I love you My religious. I thank you all for answering My Call!

Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

If you have joined us all in prayer, it is because you have been called by Me to pray for Our beloved priests. Thank you My children, My priests, My religious!

Thank you for your obedience My daughter in writing as I have requested."

End of bride from another area. ____________

January 28, 2006, Saturday