Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

August 26, 2000 Priests Saturday Theriot, LA Claire Rose wrote: At 8:30A.M. pilgrims began to arrive and were praying outside. About 9 A.M., my husband sprinkled Holy Water inside and around the outside of our home. Pilgrims began to come inside our home about 9:30 to pray quietly. Some friends brought us a beautiful statue of the Cure` d'Ars. He is the Patron Saint of Priests and one of our patron saints. We are very pleased to have this gift to share with everyone. Through the kindness of someone who loves Our Mother very much, a speaker system was loaned to us today so that everyone could hear as we pray the Rosary & later read Our Mother's Message. We thank Our Mother and these kind people for this. About 11:30A.M. two young ladies from Mississippi began to play music for Our Mother. By this time, our house was filled with pilgrims who sang along. Soon after another friend came to help lead music. This is an answer to prayers. At 1:30P.M. I invited all the little children to come pray with me in my bedroom. They came, knelt and sat around Shirley, Leslie Therese` & I as we prayed over & over, "Hail Mary, full of Grace! The Lord is with Thee. Blessed are Thou among women and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, JESUS! Holy Mary, Mother of God! Pray for us, sinners, NOW and at the hour of our death. Amen." Our Mother Came and Spoke a Message for the children. She was in a bright pink dress with a blue mantle and white veil. She said, "My precious little ones, Come to Me, come to your Mother. I love you with all My Heart. I have come here to you, for you. I thank you for coming here today to pray with Me for Our priests. Please pray for them every day. I am wrapping you in My softest Mantle of Love and of Protection. I am hugging each one of you. I am holding each one of you inside My Immaculate Heart. You fill My Heart with joy. I love you My dear little children. I am Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love." At 1:50P.M. a holy priest arrived. I thanked him and Our Mother. I asked him if he would please hear my confession. He was a most gentle confessor. At 2P.M. Leslie Therese', Shirley & I came out to begin the Rosary. Our house was filled with beautiful pilgrims who had come to pray a Rosary for Priests with us. . My heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving for the presence of a holy priest! I was so happy to see two holy nuns in habit. As instructed by Our Mother, I blessed myself with holy water. I then blessed all the people present throughout our house. We began the Rosary in the usual way, with The Sign of The Cross. I invited Our Blessed Mother under all Her Titles, all the holy angels & Saints & souls being made holy in Purgatory to please pray with us & for us as we offer this Rosary for priests. As we began the Rosary for priests, Blessed Mother asked me to announce that She was already Present. I saw Her as Queen of Divine Love, all in white. Her Arms were open. There was a mist and white clouds all around Her. Her Mantle had an edging of gold. Her Immaculate Heart beat from gold to flesh over and over. Her Crown was a simple shiny gold, medium height with 7 points. On the front was a gold Chalice with a pure white Host suspended above it. Brilliant beams of gold light shone all around the Host & Chalice. It looked like a Monstrance. She was beautiful as She always is. She was accompanied by multitudes of holy angels and saints. It was as if ALL of Heaven opened up and came with Her. I'm sorry, I know I do a poor job of describing. Our Mother said that She was joining all those all over the world who were praying for priests as if we were in the same room. Today I am in tears as Our Mother Arrives. I am overwhelmed with sorrow at my own sins and mistakes. I'm certain that my failings, shortcomings and sins are the main reason more priests are not coming. I've so far to go in my conversion. I'm sure I will never be holy. I beg Our Mother for forgiveness and help. I know if priests truly believed that Our Mother is Appearing here for them, they would come on their knees. I ask God's forgiveness for the many mistakes I have made. I have failed Our Mother so many times. In tears and with a broken heart, I consecrated all the priests of this world and all priests souls in Purgatory to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. I consecrated all future priests to Her Immaculate Heart. I consecrated all of us, all our families and friends, all those we had ever met and would ever meet to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. I consecrated the whole world to Jesus' Sacred Heart through Our Mother's Immaculate Hands and Heart. I presented to Her all our prayers, sacrifices, joys and sufferings offered for priests. I gave to Her our petitions and our families. Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple Our Mother Speaks: "My precious and most beloved child, I have come to an earthen vessel. I love you. I love you. I looked for the most broken earthen vessel. I chose to come here to you My beloved child to show forth God's goodness and power. You worry about too many things, My beloved child and this makes you tired and makes you feel helpless. This is the way I want you, small and helpless, then you will turn to Me and to My Son Jesus more and more. I love you. I love you. Have I not always taken care of you and of everything needed for My Mission? Remember always it is My Mission of Love for My beloved sons, My priests; My Hands and My Heart in this world. An earthen vessel made of dust that is what you are and I treasure you for I am molding you with My Immaculate Hands within the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. My beloved child it is My desire that you share your brokeness with others. I love you. I love you." Our Mother then Spoke a Message to the priest who was present: "My precious and most beloved son of My Immaculate Heart, I love you tenderly. I thank you for coming here today to be with Me, to pray for My beloved sons, your brothers. I love you. I have called you here today as I have in the past. Your faithfulness will be rewarded. I love you. I love you. I love you. Be assured of My constant love and protection. I have a special job for you. I will reveal all to you. You will receive many confirmations of My Love and of My Words to you. You are precious to Me My son." I saw Our Mother totally enfold Father in Her Mantle of Divine Love. Second Sorrowful Mystery The Scourging at the Pilar Our Lady speaks, "My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, Where are you My sons, My shepherds? Where are you? Is it so hard for you to believe that I Appear here for you? Why?" Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns Our Lady speaks, "No other place has been chosen just for you My sons. I hold you between My Immaculate Hands." (I saw Our Mother's Hands in prayer and between Her Hands I saw a priest.) "I cry for you. I grieve over you. Why are you so far from My Son Jesus, who you hold each day? How can this be? I ask you. Ponder My Words. Ponder My Visitations. Ponder the state of your souls. Ponder the state of the flocks. O My beloved sons, only Mercy and Love from Our God would cause such Visitations of Grace...for you! A God who is not merciful would banish some of you and turn away from you. I love you My beloved sons. I come to you in Love, filled with Divine Love for you." (I understood & saw this Love come from Jesus through Our Mother to all priests.) Fourth Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of the Cross Our Mother continues, "I am your Mother. What loving Mother would not desire to snatch Her children from evil and untruth? I look into your hearts and I plead for Mercy for you. Mercy from the Heart of My Son Jesus floods out. All Grace is being provided for your conversion and your repentance. Come back while there is still time. I love you. I love you. Where are you, the precious jewels of My most beautiful Crown?" (priests) Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord Jesus, Our Lady speaks, "I need you My sons. I need you to be holy. I love you." I experienced and saw some of Jesus' Suffering. Right before I saw Jesus Die on the Cross I heard, "One day soon My daughter, this room will be filled with priests." First Glorious Mystery The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Our Lady Appears all in glorious white as a Bride. Our Lady speaks, "My precious and Most Beloved children, I love you. I thank you for being here today to pray with Me for your brothers, My priests. I love you all. Thank you for your sacrifices and for offering your suffering for Our Beloved Shepherds. I come to you today as a Bride. And as a Bride I represent Our Church, the church My Son established on this earth. The state of My Son's Church is in a critical state." (I saw the huge skirt of Our Lady's Bridal Dress deteriorate. Before my eyes as holes formed in the beautiful fabric.) "For satan has entered within the ranks of My beloved Son's Church." Second Glorious Mystery The Ascension "I love you and I will never abandon you. I am Your Mother. Mother of all priests and Mother of All My children. I am Mother of My Son's Church for I am His Mother. My Son, Jesus will never abandon His Church. I will never abandon you,. My children, pray. Pray, Pray, Pray for holy priests and I promise you holy priests. My church will be restored to holiness. I promise you this. My Word is faithful and filled with Love. I come in Love and in Peace to call you all to holiness and to conversion. My priest sons will respond to your prayers and to your sacrifices. I am with you always. Cleanse yourselves of sin My beloved children. I am here to help you. A new time is coming. I bring you hope. I love you. A new dawn will break upon the horizon. Grace from God's Throne will break upon you. Trust in My Son. Trust in My Son My beloved Son Jesus. His Love for you like Mine is unending and without limit. Turn to Him. Give Him your hearts and all your sins, all your troubles and worries. Do not be like a people who have no hope. Look to My Son Jesus. He is there for you. Waiting. Waiting. Many times alone in longing to see you. Visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament Exposed and in the Golden Tabernacle. Visit Him while you still can. Visit Him while it is still today. Have the courage I bring to you from Him."(I see Our Mother bring to us the gift of courage from Jesus with Her very own Immaculate Hands after passing through Her Immaculate Heart.) "He loves you all so much. Be cleansed of your sins in Holy Confession and receive My Son in holiness and purity. I love you. It is through My Son Jesus, you receive salvation, Heaven at the end of your life. But remember My beloved ones, there is No Heaven without The Cross. Embrace your crosses. Do not run away. Offer your crosses to My Son Jesus as a suffering for My Beloved Priest sons. Your efforts will be rewarded. Give your children to Me. Consecrate them all to My Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart will triumph! Do not worry or be afraid. Lift your heads. I bring you hope, joy and love. I fill you with Peace from My Son Jesus, from Our Father and The Holy Spirit. All Heaven joins you in this final great thrust of Love. My Church is in My Immaculate Hands and Heart. I love you all. Your Mother Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love Love one another with My Love and the Love of My Son." end of Claire Rose_______________ August 26, 2000 Theriot, Louisiana Leslie Therese wrote: I see Our Mother, Mary in gold with a white mantle trimmed in gold thread. She is holding Baby Jesus. He is also dressed in gold and a crown of green leaves. I then see Baby Jesus at about 2 years old dressed in glowing white lace. A private Message: "Do not give up My child. I am here for you. I will renew your body and refresh your soul with My merciful Love and devotion. Continue to kneel My child. You are My child as though I carried you in My own Womb. I love you." Message to Father from Our Lady, "My son I see that you are listening. Thank you for your yes. I Love You My Son. You are My own Heart. Spread My Love and devotion to your brothers. Share with them. Your courage is great. Your smile so dear, your devotion so sweet and gentle is your heart. I Love you with all that I am. Thank you for hearing My daughters Confessions today. Your Mother." Message to Father (another priest) from Our Lady, "My Son by all means you wanted to be here on time. The Lords time is not always what we expect but always what we must live with. I love you My Son with all of My Heart. Today is your day, the day the world was blessed with you. You are a good son and brother to many and I thank you for hearing the call of your Father to serve Him on earth with your life. Rest. Rest. Rest. I Love you. I Love you. I Love You My precious son, your devotion to My Son is great. Through Me you will always come to Him. I Love You My Son. Your Mother" "My children I hear you and with every utterance of My Name I bless you with the Grace of My Love for You. My Love grows more each day each moment for you all. Thank you for coming here for your brothers. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for them each day. Your voices are being heard. God will forgive all who come to Him in confession." (I see a rose dark red almost black it is bleeding) "My heart bleeds for My children, they do not realize how close they are to having no priests. Pray with all your hearts for relief. Teach all of your children to pray. All prayers are heard. Even a small one. I am blessing all here today with special graces. Especially the gift of Faith. Do not be afraid of your faith for God has chosen this for you. Tell all you know to pray for My sons. I am touching everyone and blessing wedding rings. For married couples, thank you for loving one another above all" (others) "on earth. Continue to Make God part of your lives together and you will be blessed in abundance. Pray for My sons as a family. Pray that the world does not take them away from you. Pray for all who have fallen prey to the world and those who are trapped within it. Linda, I Love You My child more than you know. John, Come to Me and you will then receive My Son. Sherrie, I will calm and comfort you in My loving Arms. Derrick, I am your Mother your search is over. I Love You. Anna, You too will believe. This is what My Son has chosen for you." "Pray for My sons who have been falsely accused and those who are losing faith. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray, My children with all of your hearts. Pray together. Share all things with each other. Be there for those who need you." (Our Mother Mary appeared in white and diamonds. There are no words to say how beautiful She is. If Heaven is as beautiful as Our Mother how lucky we will be to be with Her in Heaven one day.) "The walls of Jerico are falling again with the sound of your voices." (The angels are praying with us again its so loud. It is wonderful it shakes the ground.) Jesus speaks, "I bleed for You!" My people I am here for you. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY without ceasing. I hear you calling out My Name in fear. I will not abandon you." end of Leslie Therese`____________ 8/26/00 Last Saturday of August Priests Saturday Received by a bride from another area, Lin. I am not in Theriot, LA. this month. Around 2:00 p.m. I went to the quiet of my room to pray the rosary for priests as Our Lady requested. I joined myself with all those around the world who were praying for priests today at Our Lady's request. I invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and souls being made holy in purgatory to pray with us and for us. I invite Our Lady to pray with us also. At the First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation Our Lady spoke, "I am here little one." I did not see her at this time. At the Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, Our Lady said, "My child thank you for being obedient to My request to pray for priests. Where are the others you invited to pray with you?" They were unable to come dearest Lady. Our Lady continues, "Continue to pray little one. You will not be able to finish the whole rosary because I will be speaking to you and I am asking you to write as I speak." O.K. Blessed Mother. Our Lady continued, "It is O.K. little one." (I understood this to mean that I wouldn't be able to finish the whole 15 decade rosary because of Her speaking to me.) At the Third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord, Jesus spoke, "I am with you My child. You are not alone. Thank you for being obedient to My Mother and praying for priests." At the Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, a great peace came over me. I felt Jesus and Mary's presence with me very very strongly. Our Lady spoke, "My child invite your children to join you in prayer again." Yes! My Mother. At the Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the child Jesus in the Temple, I see a vision of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Love with her beautiful crown on. It is gold and has seven points and on the front is a gold chalice with a white Eucharist on top of it and gold rays coming out of the Eucharist. She is very very beautiful. Her garments are very simple. They are creamy white with a white mantle and veil with a gold edge around it. Her hands are outstretched to us and she has a rosary on her right hand and she is smiling and thanking us for praying for priests. Her garments are moving softly, fluttering in the breeze. Her son is standing next to Her with His Arms outstretched to all of us, and the whole world. He has a white garment with a red robe knotted at the waist. He isn't saying anything, simply reaching out to us, to the whole world. I cannot explain the peace I feel all around me. It is awesome. At the First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, I receive a private message. At the Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar, I see a band of angels all around me. At the Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, Our Lady speaks, "My child I know how hard it is for you to be away from your sisters and brothers in prayer. Pray for My priest sons who are all alone and have no one to lift them up and encourage them. Pray for My priest sons in great poverty and who are on foreign soil and in missionary fields. Pray for them to have courage and perseverance in their trials. Pray for the grace to be released for them to walk through their trials." At the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross, Our Lady speaks, "Little one pray for Fr._______. Pray for him to have courage as he starts a new school year. Pray for him to remember to rest when he has the chance." Again a great peace all around me. Now I see Our Lady of Divine Grace, Our Lady of the Bayou, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Mt Carmel. The second two titles were holding Baby Jesus. In the vision of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Baby Jesus' foot is missing! Our Lady then speaks,"Where are My priest sons to take it's place, to spread His word and administer the Sacraments. Pray My precious children, Pray for an increase in vocations and pray for all priests to be holy." At the First Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, I see a beautiful vision of Our Lady all in cream color. Her garments flutter in the breeze. Our Lady speaks, "Oh My children, Oh how I love you, My precious prayer warriors. Thank you for coming together today all over the world to pray for My priest sons as I have requested, all who gathered today to pray for My priest sons all over the world. I have joined you all together, to multiply all your prayers into one huge prayer. It is most pleasing to My Son Jesus, to My Father and to My Spouse the Holy Spirit. My precious children, your prayers are heard in heaven by all. Thank you My priest sons who are praying today for your brother priests as I have requested. Your generosity will not be forgotten. Many blessings flow to all who are praying today for My priests. You! My children and My priest sons will bring all those blessings to all you meet. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you all for your answer to My call. I love you. Your Mother, Mary Immaculate, Mother of Divine Love. That is all now little one. I love you. Thank you for your obedience. I am always with you." End of bride from another area.

August, 26, 2000, Saturday