Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Fifty-seventh Visitation of Our Lady

December 27, 2003 Priest's Saturday Last Saturday Theriot, Louisiana
Claire Rose wrote:
Today is a beautiful day. The weather is cool and clear. My husband blessed our house inside and outside with Holy Water. Pilgrims began to arrive about 10 a.m. Three Religious came today, but no priest. Several brought roses today especially white. There is a lady here from Japan. The oranges are ripe and many bring some home today. At 1:30 we gathered the children by the Holy Cross to pray with them for our beloved priests. I asked the children and everyone to please pray with me for my granddaughter who is pregnant and is threatening to mis-carry our baby. I begged God to let this baby be born healthy and live. The doctors had told her that she would never conceive a child. That she has conceived a precious child is already a miracle gift to us. As we prayed three Hail Mary's for our priests Our Mother came. She has a beautiful white dress on with a blue veil. Around Her Head is a Crown of small white roses. Our Mother is holding Baby Jesus close to Her Face. Many, many little lights surround Her. The lights look like a rosary of light floating around Her. Our Mother Speaks: "My precious, precious, precious little children, I love you so much. I come to you in Love. Today I carry My Baby Son, Jesus. I bring Him to you. I love you. Let the little children be. Let the little children be." (in my heart I understood that She was speaking about abortion) "I love you, My little ones. You are precious to Me. I love you. When I visit you here, at the same time I am visiting all the little children of the world. My Words go forth from here. I have chosen a little place. For many generations My Words will go forth from here to My precious children. Love one another My little ones, love one another. He has the heart of an innocent child. I love My little ones. Colby, I love you. I love each one of My little boys. I love you. Janee, I love you. Feel My Love for you. Let My Love soak into your hearts, into your souls. I will renew My Church through these children. O My beloved children who have gone astray, return to your Mother. I long to hold you. Let the little children be children. Learn from them. Learn from them how to love, how to be joyful. Woe to him who hurts My beloved little ones." (At this moment I thought of someone who was molested as a child and how it hurt him.) "Woe to him who hurts My beloved little ones. Woe to him who destroys the heart of an innocent child. I love you My little ones. Pray each day with Me for when you pray I am there beside you. I am praying with you. Today as a sign of My Visitation and as a gift to you for your sacrifice in coming here My Son Jesus has promised a most spectacular miracle with the sun. Trust My Son Jesus with your whole heart, with your whole mind and with your whole soul. I love you My little ones. I love you.
Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."

2 p.m. We went inside and I blessed the rooms and everyone with Holy Water. We began the 20 decade Rosary for our priests. Our Mother came all in white with an edge of gold on Her Mantle. She is Mother of Divine Love but there is no Crown on Her Head. All of a sudden Baby Jesus Appears in Her Arms. He is all dressed in white, luminous white. She holds Him tenderly next to Her Face, then Our Mother holds Jesus out to us. His little Arms reach out to us. A perfect baby, born to die out of Love for us, born to die for our sins so we can live forever. Our Mother has allowed us to experience the absence of a priest today so we would appreciate them more and realize how it feels not to have a priest. We must never take our priests for granted for where would we be without them.

"My beloved children of America and of the whole world, I love you. I love you. I love you. I come to you in Love. Your nations are at a crossroads. One road leads to peril. Much atonement must be done for the sins of the nations. O My beloved children, when your morals began to slip downward, the downward spiral affected vocations to the priesthood and religious life. This My children is part of your chastisement" (not having vocations) "for the sins of the flesh. My beloved children a time of darkness is upon you. Look around you. If I had Appeared here a hundred years ago even with no communication or transportation these grounds would be filled with My children. O My beloved ones I love you who have come for Your Mother's Visitation. I love you. I call you anew." 
Third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord Jesus "Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray and Pray More. Sacrifice My little ones for My beloved priest sons. I love you. I stand with you. My Immaculate Heart leaps with joy when I see you gather to pray for My priest sons. Ask My children. Ask and you shall receive. Many priests will be healed because of your prayer. Many holy vocations to the priesthood will come from here. My Son Jesus has much love to give you. Love in abundance. Treasure and embrace your cross for through it you will be sanctified and as you are made more holy so will our beloved priests be made more holy by your persevering Love. I know you do not understand your suffering but know that you are seeing the Face of My Son Jesus in your suffering. My beloved ones, long have I warned you, pleaded with you to be reconciled to God, to be converted, to love more and more in Peace. O My beloved children I love you. Feel the Love I carry to you from My Son Jesus, from Our Father and from My beloved Spouse The Holy Spirit."
Fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation in the Temple
Our Mother : "I am blessing you by these Visitations of Love. Many of your hearts will be pierced. Offer this to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity as an offering of Love in thanksgiving to God for all that He has done for you." I see Bethlehem a little unknown place, now known throughout the world. Our Mother : "Many times I have pondered in My Heart when My Voice wanted to call out. I accepted all in humble obedience, the call of My Life and the Call of My Son's Life on this earth. I accepted My cross in Love. Be still. Be accepting for your reward shall be great in Heaven. A heavenly Crown awaits those who are faithful. I come to bring you hope in Love. My children the war is here, the war for your souls. The war is in every place upon the earth. The war is between good and evil."
Fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding in the Temple Our Mother continues:
"Find My Son Jesus in your heart. Hold on to My Son Jesus. Take My Hand I will help you to walk the Pathway of Love. My beloved children, the whole world will shake and tremble. High places will be made low. Low places will be raised up. Heed My Words My beloved children, heed My Words. I come to you in obedience to My Son Jesus, to Our Father and to My beloved Spouse The Holy Spirit. Give to Me your hearts. Give to Me all your families, all your trials and suffering. These will be used to renew our beloved priests to holiness and wholeness. Your priest is the best friend of your soul. Pray for him. Love him. Entrust your soul to him in Confession. You will become an inspiration to him and will perhaps lead him to make a good, sincere and holy Confession. O My children your part in God's Plan is very important. Please say yes to My Call to you. Your only safe refuge is My Immaculate Heart for My Heart is safely within the Heart of My Son Jesus."
First Luminous Mystery, The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
Our Mother continues: "Long ago this small and unknown place was chosen as a turning point. The erosion of the land you see here is a sign to you of the erosion of morals both from within and without the Church. Nothing is impossible for God. Remember My children as the church goes, so goes the world. I will never abandon My Church. She will be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness. I am with you-for all times. Suffer these Mysteries with Me My child."
Second Luminous Mystery, The Wedding at Cana
I felt Weight of a heavy cross. Our Mother said: "Do whatever He tells you to do."
"Yes, Mother, help me. I accept your Will O God.." Our Mother continued: "Suffering here on earth is a temporary condition. Your reward shall be great in Heaven with Jesus and Me for eternity. Choose the lowest place in Joy. Your faith is being tested this day. Your mourning will be turned into joy."
Third Luminous Mystery, The Proclamation of the Kingdom
Our Mother: "You must speak truth to your sisters and brothers who are living in sin, in error. If you do not speak truth to them you will be held responsible for their sin. If you do speak to them and they do not change their ways their condemnation will be upon their own heads. For My shepherds who have led My little ones astray, it would be better for them on the Day of Judgment, that they would be thrown into the deepest sea with a heavy stone around their necks. Their responsibility for the souls entrusted to their care is great."
Fourth Luminous Mystery, The Transfiguration of Jesus
"O My children a time of accountability is coming for each one of you, but none will be judged more severely than My beloved priest sons. Pray and fast for them My children. I ask you to fast on Mondays and on Thursdays for the conversion to holiness of My priest sons who pierce My Immaculate Heart by their grievous sins. I love you My dear children."
Fifth Luminous Mystery, The Last Supper, The Institution of the Holy Eucharist
Our Mother: "Choose this day whom will you serve with your life. Let this be the most important decision of your life for it means life or death for your soul. Yes choose this day. Choose life My children. For this New Year that approaches is crucial to the final outcome of the great war between good and evil. I need your help."

First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden
Our Mother: "No one can serve two masters. No one can serve two masters. Stop playing games with the devil. he is out to gain your soul. he has no other desire than to bring your soul to the pits of hell where he dwells. Do not let yourself be deceived by evil no matter how pretty the package that the evil is wrapped in. Your Faith in God has been given you as a gift.Do not abuse it. Your life is a gift. Choose life. Choose good over evil. Choose God over satan. Let your life be a living Gospel of Divine Love."
Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar
"I come here to bring you hope. Trust totally in My Beloved Son Jesus. He is Your Hope and Your Salvation. I come to you with Him in My Arms today. I worship Jesus, Son of the Living God. Follow My example My children. Place your total Trust in Him. Put your Hope in Him who loves you so much. Give Him your hearts and your lives. Entrust Him with all that troubles you and walk through the darkness that threatens to overwhelm you in Total Trust and in Joy. If you will stay focused on My Son Jesus, you will see His Light in the darkness. Trust. Trust. Trust. Decide to follow Jesus. Walk in His Footsteps, for He will carry you through the darkest hours."
Third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns
Our Mother: "My beloved priest sons, I love you. Stay faithful to My Son and your reward shall be great. There is no sin that you have committed that cannot be forgiven. Turn around now if you are on the wrong path. Do not wait another moment. Turn around now! I am with you. Some of you who hear and read these words will not see the light of tomorrow's day. You will be called tonight. Decide now and ask your Mother to help you each day to persevere in holiness. I am here to help you, to heal you of all your brokenness, your wounds and your sins. I love you My beloved priest sons. I love you all My children. Persevere under trial. Persevere in holiness under trial. Persevere in Prayer under trial. 
Carry your cross as best you can. Daily ask My Help. I am here for you."
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross
To me Our Mother says: "Kneel and pray now." I was obedient.
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross I prayed in tears, "Out of the depths I cry out to you O God. Please hear My prayer to you. I beg you to spare the life of my great-grandchild. Please send us a happy healthy baby. Take this cup from us, O Lord, let Your Will be done. I consecrate this baby to Jesus' Sacred Heart through Our Mother's Immaculate Hands and Heart. Please choose this child to be among the holiest of priest saints." TOTAL SILENCE.
First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection of Jesus
There was a noise near me, like something fell. Padre Pio Appeared. He was smiling.
Our Mother Spoke: "This little life shall be like the unfolding of a rose. Look for the Light in one another. Seek out the good in one another. Speak out the good to one another. Love one another My children with the Love I offer to you."
Little Jesus Arms were open wide and I could see His Heart like a gold Light, like a glowing Host.
Little Jesus then Spoke: "Open your hearts and let My Love flow through your heart to all that you meet. My Love will heal all your hearts. O My Loved Ones, I am here with My Mother. I send Her for you. I am here with you. Love one another as I have loved you. As I still love you. Faith I have given you. I am your Hope. Love pours forth from My Heart to you. Each one of you is precious to Me. I love you. Love. Love. Love. That is the greatest gift I bring to you here-in this small and hidden place. Stay open My beloved ones. This is a final outpouring of Love upon the earth. Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love. I am yours, Your Bridegroom and Savior Jesus." 

January 17, 2004 It is with heavy heart that I share with you all that my beloved granddaughter's precious baby in her womb died last night. We are all grieving the loss of this child and we thank you all for your prayers. We believe that we now have our own little Saint in Heaven. We know that our baby is with Jesus and Mary, yet our hearts still hurt. We trust in Jesus and ask Him to help us to continue to accept His Will in the midst of our grief and hurt. We hope to be together one day, never to be parted again.
End of Claire Rose___________________

December 27, 2003 Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese receives:
Our Mother: "Touch her for I love her with all of My Heart. Tell them I love them and will watch over them. That I see all they do and say. I will guide them. Tell D. I love her and that she has done well in her care of you and My other children. Her love is here with Me today as a sign of her great love and devotion to Us. I love you My child and I carry you within My Heart. Continue to pray and do all you can to protect My special little babies as they begin and grow within their Mother's Wombs. Pray for My loves (A. and L.) that they put their complete trust in Me. I know the burdens of My children and I will make them My own. Life is so precious especially one that has just begun. There is great hope in this beginning. All of Heaven prays with you today."

For everyone: "Trust My children trust in Me for I love you with all that I am. I give My love to you freely, openly and forever will I be Your Mother. I come here only in love. I am witness to all you do and say My children. I have seen what you have done for Me (R. and J.. ) I have also seen the labor of those who can give nothing else. Both are most precious to Me. Both honor Me and both are seen by My Son Jesus. Continue to do all you are able My sons and daughters and I will do the same in your names as I pray for you. I love all of you My children. You are each very special to Me and I am gladdened by your faith in coming here to this little place the Lord, Our God has chosen. Come to Me here, come and pray for My priests, My chosen sons. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. Thank you My children for opening your hearts to Me as I ask you to pray with Me for My precious sons."
Second Luminous Mystery, The Wedding at Cana
Jesus speaks, "These My brothers that you pray for are what has brought Me to you. At each Mass you celebrate My Life that I willingly gave for each of you. Trust in this My loves. Trust in Me. I am always where My Mother is present. I am always Present where good is done in My Mother's name. My Love is the most precious thing I can give you and I do this by presenting My Mother to you with all of My Heart. I Love You My most precious ones. If you carry My Mother in your heart you carry Me also for where ever She is I am always. Thank you for honoring My Mother. She should be honored, for She carried the Son of Man, the Son of God one in two, one in the same. I am because the God of all allowed Me to be and the Mother of all embraced and accepted Me from the moment She was asked to bear Me into the World. Love is what She is and Love can conquer and renew all that has come before."
First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden
Jesus continues: "PRAY AND LOVE. PRAY AND LOVE. PRAY IN LOVE AND YOU SHALL REJOICE IN ALL THAT YOU DO! I love you, come to Me, bring to Me all that you suffer and I will make it My own."
Blessed Mother then continued:
"Trust in this Love with all that you are My children. Trust in the Love that My Son Jesus has for you."
Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns
"Oh My little Martin again I hear you and see you My son. You are Most precious to Me and your faith in Me is wondrous. Thank you for wearing your habit My son and for all of your prayers for your brothers and sisters. Continue in prayer for them. I love you My son. My son Vic I know you are here in spirit and I pray with you also and thank you for wearing your habit as a sign to My children of your love for My Son Jesus. My son John I see you also as you kneel in prayer. Do not doubt that I have called to you My son. Wear your habit in love and devotion and My children will know who you are and that you were chosen to be a special son of Mine and most especially that you love My Son Jesus. I love you My son. Mary I call to you My daughter. Come and embrace your calling to be a servant of My Son Jesus. Rachel, Joan, Lisa, and Ann Mary come My daughters embrace the cloth. Come my little doves come and witness truth and love. Join Me in My great love for Jesus. Give your lives to Him, for Him. I love you. My darling daughters, you have done well in your prayer and obedience. Thank you for wearing your habits. I am calling to your sisters and brothers to show this sign to My children of their love. Continue to pray My daughters. Continue to do all that you can for Me. I love you. Come to Me in prayer whenever you need and I shall be with you in your need. L.-My daughter you have done well My child in coming to Me today. I love you with all that I am. I love you. Pray that God's Will be done.
My precious E. I will greet you soon My son. I have awaited your coming home to Me for a long time. The time for rest has almost arrived. I love you My son. Oh how I love you. Faith and love have brought you this far and Faith and Love will bring you home to Me your Mother."

"My Priests, My sons I know that sometimes you are frightened of Me but you have no need to be. I am not your judge. I am Your Mother and I come only in love. I am here for you to come to for healing and renewal. Your lives can begin anew here in this little holy place. Come to Me here My sons. I can only make you to be complete again. Honor Me as the Mother of your churches. I was chosen to be the Mother of God and His world. Honor Me as such. Teach My children to worship only God the Father, Jesus our Son and the Holy Spirit. I am but a vessel who brought forth God's great Love into the world. Each time He has called to Me I answered 'yes'. When I called to you so long ago you also answered yes. Come and begin again here. Let My faithful children see you. They are in need of your presence. Teach My children of the Love of My Son Jesus and offer confessions more often in your parishes. Bring My Son Jesus to all of My children when they cannot come to Him. I love you My sons and await your coming home to Me here. Your Mother."

"J.-Speak with your actions and not with your words, listen as I call for you. Listen My son, I love you.
G.-God's will be done My child. K.-I love you, Yes I am present in this little place. I am here for all to witness. As always My children I leave you My peace and a special Angel of protection to all of My children. I bless all marriages and wedding rings and all of the children borne of these. Yes Mothers I bless the children you carry within your wombs. I love you. I love you. I love you. Look to Me for guidance and love in all you do. PRAY. Your Mother of Divine Love."
End of Leslie Therese`__________________

December 27, 2003 continued
December 27, 2003 Last Saturday of December Priest's Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this visit. I blessed the whole house with holy water. People came around 1:30 p.m. to put petitions in the petition box. Around 2:00 p.m. we started the 20 decade Rosary for priests. I invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and the Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for all the priests of the world. I then invited Our Lady under all her titles to pray with us and for us for priests. We said the beginning prayers and then started the Rosary. The Rosary is being said in three different languages, English, French and Spanish.
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Lady is here. She says, "Oh! How I love to hear the Rosary in all the different languages. Thank you My children for coming together to pray for Our beloved priests at My request. I love you My children, Oh! How I love you."
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children, oh how I love you. I come to you at My Son Jesus request. He wants you to look inside your hearts to see what you need to get rid of and sweep clean. As you do this My children, you make room for My Son and I to come into your hearts. We need you to clean your hearts out so We can do this. We want to give Our love to you, but it is up to you to have open and clean hearts to accept all the love We have for you."
At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
Our Lady is here as Our Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. Her garments are cream color with a golden edge. She is smiling at us as we pray the Rosary. She has Her beautiful Crown and says, "Oh! My children, oh how I love you. Oh! How My Son Jesus loves you. Thank you for praying with Me for Our beloved priests."
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation
Our Lady of Guadalupe is here. She is most beautiful. Her Eyes are a dark color. They shine brightly. Her Hands are folded in prayer. She is most beautiful. Her garments move softly in the breeze. She says, "My daughter, My children, I bless all the holy articles here with you and all through the house. All bring your holy articles to a priest and have them blessed. These are reminders of Jesus and I and help you to pray more often. Oh! My children your prayers, prayers from all over the world are needed so greatly at this time. Pray for the grace of daily conversion. Pray for your brother priests to have daily conversion."
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady says, "Thank you My children for your patience and compassion for each other. Patience is a hard virtue My children, but it has great merit. More merit than you can understand. Many times when you pray My children, you think your prayers are unanswered, but you must learn that Our Time, God's Time is different than yours. Yes! My children many times you must wait on Us until the Time is right and trust totally in Our tender Mercy and Love."

At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan
Our Lady is in the middle of the room with a bright white light all around Her. She is Queen of Divine Love with Her beautiful Crown. The Eucharist is suspended above the Chalice on the front of the Crown and has golden rays that emanate at different lengths from it. Now She is Our Lady of Guadalupe. She has a bright white and gold light behind Her. She seems to be floating a little off the ground. She is very beautiful. Her garments are very bright colors. Her Hands are outstretched to us, to each of us present. Golden white rays come out of Her Hands to each of us. Love! Pure love!
At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana
Thank you Jesus for sending Your Mother to us. Then Jesus speaks, "I send My Mother to ask you to pray for your brothers, Our brother priests. It is very difficult for your brother priests at this time. Your prayers are what sustain them. Your prayers from your hearts have great, great merit. They are needed desperately at this time. I love you My children. That is why I send My Mother to you. Love! Pure love." Our Lady then says, "My daughter say the fourth Luminous Mystery."
At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady has a very serious look on Her Face. She says, "Oh! My children, some of your brother priests are on the wrong path. Pray for them to get back to My Son and the true teaching of the Church. Oh! My priest sons, your flocks need you. They look to you to teach them about My Son Jesus. You have a big job My priest sons. My children are praying for you. Join them in praying for your brother priests."
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
Our Lady stands in the midst of us. She is Queen of Divine Love. Now she is Our Lady of Guadalupe. She moves and touches each one of us most gently as only a loving Mother would. She says, "My children, oh! My precious children, if you only knew how much I love you. A love beyond your understanding." Now Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Lourdes. She says, "Oh! My children, many blessings come to you My precious children for answering My Call to pray with Me for Our beloved priests."
At the second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar
I see a great darkness, a great void of pure darkness. I then see a small dot of light. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Our Lady says, "My children the light is your prayers from your hearts. It is heard by all of Heaven. It floats before the Throne of the Trinity. Much grace flows from the Throne of Our God, from your prayers from your hearts from all over the world. I love you My children, Oh! How I love you."
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion
I see Our Lady carrying the Baby Jesus in Her Arms. She has a golden crown on Her Head and She is embracing Jesus ever so lovingly. She then looks at each of us ever so lovingly and says, "Oh! My children, I see the love you have for Us in your hearts. We are with you. We are always present to you. Turn inside your hearts and We are there! Yes! It is Jesus and I who are there."
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection
Our Lady says, "Oh! My children, oh! How I love you!"
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension
Our Lady says, "Oh! My priest sons who are so holy, thank you for your example. Thank you for all you do for My Son Jesus. My priest sons pray for the grace to stay holy. You are needed so desperately for My Son's flocks. Many vocations of priests and religious are coming from this Mission, this Mission of Love for all the Priests of the world. You are beginning to see the fruit of your prayers."
At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit
Our Lady continues, "My priests, My religious, My children, persevere in prayer. Pray! Pray! Pray! Families pray together. This is what keeps you together. Help each other My children. Love each other with My Son Jesus' love. Let Him use you in His service."
At the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven
Our Lady is now standing in the middle of us. She is all in midnight blue with golden stars all over Her garments and a gold edge on Her mantle. It moves softly in the breeze. She says, "Oh! My children, My religious, My priest sons, I send many, many blessings to you all today in a special way. Graces to sustain you all on your journey to My Son Jesus. You have answered My call to pray with Me for your brother priests. Many priests will have conversion from your prayers this day. Thank My Son Jesus for sending Me to you for His Plan and Purpose. I love you My children! I love you My priest sons! I love you My religious. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
End of bride from another area, Lin_______________

december 27, 2003, Saturday