Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Sixty-First Visitation of Our Lady

April 24, 2004 Last Saturday of April Theriot, Louisiana
Claire Rose wrote:
Today is a beautiful day! The roses and other late spring flowers are in full bloom. My husband blessed inside and outside our house with holy water. Today we are blessed by the presence of two priests, three Religious Sisters, and two Religious Brothers. One of the priests heard confessions for several hours. Pilgrims arrived early. They prayed, walked the grounds, and visited with one another. Our Mother seems to be forming a large family with all of us. This makes me think of how the early church must have been. My husband has been ill and so many have prayed for him and for us. This touches our hearts and we are very grateful. I knew today would be special for my husband and that seeing everyone would lift his soul. 
At 1:45 p.m. we gathered at the Foot of the Holy Cross with the little children. Our Mother came as soon as we said the first Hail Mary.Today I see Her all in white, Her veil is blowing in the wind. She is so beautiful! She has the veil of a bride today. Our Mother speaks: "My precious, precious, precious children. I love you. I love you so much. Open your hearts and feel My Love for you. I bring to you the Love of My beloved Son Jesus. Feel His Love as He heals you. Feel the blessing of His Love. Let It touch your whole being. Be open, My children, to all that I have to give to you. Many holy angels and holy saints accompany Me today. Be open to the gift of Heaven My children. Open your hearts, open your souls. I am touching you with LOVE! Let this LOVE transform you. Let this LOVE change you. Let this LOVE renew you. I am changing you, My children, to be vessels of DIVINE LOVE. I come to you from the Holy Blessed Trinity. If you will be open to My gift to you of LOVE, this LOVE will transform the earth. You must love one another My children. My Son Jesus desires to dwell in Fullness in each one of you. We need you My children. I thank you and I love you. I appear here as in no other place for My priest sons and for you, My children. I plead with you! Pray more. Sacrifice more for My beloved priest sons. Love them with a pure love that I give to you. Never speak wrong of them. If you see something that one of My beloved sons is doing wrong, then speak to Me about it. Speak to My Son. I love you. I love you. I love you. My little children, My smallest children I am blessing you today with a special blessing. I thank you that you have come to pray with your Mother. Please pray each day for My beloved priest sons. I speak to your heart. I am calling one of you to become a holy priest. The child to which I speak already knows this in his heart. This is a call from Heaven. Parents encourage this call. Nurture My little one in truth and in love. I bring you peace, a peace that the world cannot give you. I bless you." Our Mother was speaking about the little boy who was seated on my right. I see Our Mother Mary's veil blowing in the wind and all of a sudden Baby Jesus is in Her arms. And He is holding out His little arms to us and moving His little hands. I now see a pure white dove with its wings wide open above us. The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Our Mother asks us to pray three more Hail Mary's for our priests. 

At 2 p.m. one of the priests blessed the rooms and all who are present with holy water. He then brought Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament out and placed Him in a Monstrance for Adoration. We sang the songs of Benediction in Latin and in English. Our Mother came as Mother of Divine Love all in white. There was no crown on Her Head. Our Mother kneels in Adoration of Jesus. Our Mother speaks: "Announce My Presence. I will remain with you throughout the Rosary. Worship Jesus My Son! Worship Our Father! Worship the Holy Spirit as I do!"

Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation
Our Mother Speaks: "My beloved priest sons I love you. I love you. I love you. I thank you for answering My call to you this day. O My sons today is a special day. A day set aside in all of time as a Day of Blessing for you. A day chosen by Your Mother." I understood this to mean the Last Saturdays of the month. 

"Your Mother in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, the One true God, comes to you.
I love you My own sons with a Love that the world cannot give you. My Love will bring you to Peace--eternal Love--eternal Peace. I hold out My Immaculate Heart to you." (I saw this) "Come My sons. Come into your Mother's Arms and Heart. There awaits you Pure Divine Love and true and everlasting Peace. Come My holy shepherds. Come My unholy shepherds. Come home to your Mother's Heart.
There in My Heart is your only safe refuge for My Heart is enclosed within the Sacred Heart of My beloved Son Jesus. I call. I call. I call. I await your response with much longing in My Heart. Many of you My chosen sons have responded to My call. Some of you, My holiest priests undergo persecution and false accusation for your devotion to My Son Jesus in the Holy Sacrament and for your devotion to Your Mother. These are the steps of your sanctification My dear sons." I saw three long flat steps going up. "Purification comes first; then Illumination; then Sanctification. O My sons it's not an easy road to Heaven, but I hold your hand as you turn away from the world and I carry you in My softest Mantle to My Son Jesus."

Fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation in the Temple
Our Mother continues: "O My beloved sons, to the world you are a shepherd but to Me you are My own little lambs. I treasure you. I embrace you. I kiss your anointed head. I kiss your anointed hands for I love you as-a gift from Heaven to this earth and its people." I saw Our Mother bend over each priest and kiss him on the head. "You bring My children to My Son Jesus and My beloved sons, you bring My Son Jesus to all My children. In all the Holy Sacraments you bring My Son Jesus to My children. But the Holy Sacraments of Confession, Holy Reconciliation and Holy Communion are the two where My children encounter My Son Jesus in a Fullness that brings Heaven to Earth-in its Fullness. For this you were born My sons. For this you were chosen. I embrace you on your Ordination Day." (I saw a new priest P.J. Madden lying face down in front of our Bishop at his Ordination. I then saw Our Mother cover him with Her Mantle. P.J. will be ordained for our diocese on May 14th.)

Our Mother speaks to one of the priests present: "Fr. S., My beloved son, thank you for all you do for My Son Jesus and for Me, Your Immaculate Mother. In your life as a holy priest you have touched many lives. Some you will only recognize and know in Heaven. Yes, My son, you will be in Heaven one day with Your Mother but not a minute too soon, there is still much for you to do for My Son Jesus. The zeal with which you pursued souls for My Son Jesus has been purified and slowly sanctified in these many years. O My son I love you. Understanding for it to last comes slowly, one holy drop at a time. You have received wisdom as you have received gray hairs. I love you My own little ebu, as you understood My meaning. More will be revealed to you in the coming days. One day at a time for that is how Your Mother teaches her young. Yes you are young My little one. Remember to God a thousand years is as one day and one day as a thousand years. Pray more for your priest brothers My little one. Your perseverance in prayer for them will bear much fruit. I do speak to Your heart. In Heaven the dove and the hawk dwell together."

Fourth Luminous Mystery, The Transfiguration
Our Mother speaks to another priest who is present: "My beloved priest son, I love you. I love you. I love you. Like most of My children you too have been broken and wounded. You were especially chosen for this mission of My Heart My son. I thank you as I give to you My Heart." (I saw Our Mother take Her own Heart into Her Immaculate Hands and She placed It inside of Father where his heart is.)
"Your response to My Call in Love is bringing you to new life My son. You are often persecuted and hurt by others My own beloved son."

Fifth Luminous Mystery, The Last Supper, the Institution of the Holy Eucharist
Our Mother continues: "Your wounded heart causes you to be more compassionate as My Son Jesus was to those who hurt him". (I saw Jesus on the cross.) "Let the prayer of His be ever on your lips and in your heart, 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do.' Day by day I draw you to deeper holiness. I love you and I thank you for all you do for My Son Jesus and for Me your Immaculate Mother. Much of what you do for Us is hidden from the eyes of those who are in the world. But Your Mother sees and knows My son all that you suffer. This will help to sanctify many of your brother priests. And as an extra gift to you for your response to My call this diocese, then all of Louisiana will be blessed with many, many vocations to the holy priesthood and religious life. 

First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden
"You will live to see this My son. I have given much to you and you have responded with you life."

Then Jesus spoke: "Remember when you are persecuted for My Sake, you walk in My Footsteps. I am within your heart." I saw Jesus put His Finger into the wound in His Sacred Heart. There was Blood on His thumb. Jesus made a cross on Father's forehead with His Precious Blood. Jesus spoke: "My consecrated Brothers and Sisters who are present here today, I love you. I thank you. Your presence is a holy encouragement to My beloved family here. I am Jesus, Divine Love." I saw Jesus all in white, our Resurrected Jesus. Then I saw a huge white Host!

Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar
I prayed: "O Jesus let every cell in my poor body carry a priest to somehow help him carry his cross." 
I hear the sound of the whipping of Jesus. I feel the burning of His scourged Flesh in my own flesh. I see all of Jesus' Precious Blood all over becomes the most precious and beautiful jewels in all the colors of Heaven. Light of Heaven. Gold of Heaven. Colors not seen on earth. I cannot describe this.

Third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns
Our Mother speaks: "My beloved Bishops who are standing up for My beloved Son Jesus I am with you. I love you. Do not be afraid to speak Truth to My children, to the priests in your charge and to your brother Bishops. I applaud you. I exhort you to persevere in holiness. Your reward shall be in Heaven. I need you to be holy My Shepherds. I need you O My sons I love you. You were in My Heart and in My Mind at the Foot of the Cross. There we are together My faithful sons. What better place to be. Yet the world and those in the world will not understand. It is God you are chosen to serve, not man. You are to bring Truth to My children who have gone astray, lest you be accountable for their sin."

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross
Our Mother continues to speak to Her Bishops: "This is not a life of luxury My sons. My Shepherds, you are servant to all, priests and all My children. Serve in holiness and in Truth. Heaven is on your side in this war between good and evil." I see the Precious Blood of Jesus as Jewels again in Heavenly colors. Our Mother continues: "The souls of My children were purchased at a great price. Do not let this be wasted. Engrave My words into your minds and into your hearts. I am with you forever and ever. Let these words echo through the generations to come."

Jesus speaks, "I call My church to become One again. One again as the Father and I are One as the Spirit and I are One. Pay heed to My Words to you. I bless you, My beloved Bishops and all My priest brothers from this little place chosen, set aside for you."

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion
Jesus continues: "Come to Me clean in your heart and in your soul. I send My Mother to call you to holiness, to wholeness and to Truth. Come back to Me with all your heart. You will see the fruit of your holy obedience each one of you. I speak from the Cross. I speak from the Tabernacle. I speak to you. I come Alive in your hands each time you offer Holy Mass. I come again and again from Heaven to earth. Fully Present. Yet there are some of you who no longer believe in My Presence. O My beloved Shepherds, I call you. I love you. I give to you My All. Can you do less for Me?"

First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection
Our Mother speaks: "My beloved children, I love you. I love you. I love you. Five years ago today My little ones I invited you to come here to pray with Me for your brother priests. I thank you who have responded to My Call with your hearts. I have multiplied you around the world My little ones. I have called the broken and rejected of this world to form the order of Love that I have begun here. For many years I have prepared your hearts to receive the message of Love I bring to you here. I call you to reform your lives. I speak to your brother priest. Through him I speak to you. Listen to him! I have chosen him to lead My Mission of Love. Announce the Anniversaries of My priests and Religious who are present here today. Ask each religious and priest present how many years they have served My Son Jesus and all My children." 

"My children, I want to purify you and your families, for it is through holy families that vocations will come. I love you. I bless you. My children love one another. My Son has no body but yours. 
No ears but yours. No hands but yours. No arms but yours. No eyes but yours. No heart but yours. 
Love one another! Come home! Spring is here now. Come home now! I love you. Your Mother is calling you to begin the new era of Love. Divine Love will win the war. I call you to holiness in Love. I am here for you. Your Mother Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."

Our Mother speaks to me: "Entrust your grandsons to My Immaculate Heart. Trust. Practice what you preach to others." Two of my grandsons are being sent to Iraq. 

"K. you are doing the right thing! You have made the right decision. I am taking care of you."

I ask the priests who are present to please bless us and our religious articles. Before I read Our Mother's Words to us I told those present that if they thought that Our Mother had come to a perfect home, a perfect family or a perfect soul that they werevery wrong. Our Mother has come to a broken and wounded soul, family and home, very imperfect, struggling daily as all other souls and families struggle. 
End of Claire Rose___________

April 24, 2004 Day of Prayer for Priests Theriot, Louisiana
A holy Priest who is present received:
Our Mother speaks: "Thank you my children for coming today. I ask you to be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit in this little place. If you open your heart great things will happen. Expect an Easter miracle. My Son said ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. Have faith and do not lose faith in the asking. You ask and you do not persevere under trials. Root yourself in My Son Jesus Christ. Just as a plant must be rooted in good soil, so must you. Acknowledge your need, acknowledge your brokenness and ask for healing of mind, body and soul. Be open! The bud of the plant must open to become what it is fully called to be. Do not be afraid to open yourself to the Holy Spirit to become what Jesus is fully calling you to be. Do not be afraid I am with you as Your Mother."

Second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation
"I spread My Mantle over all who come to visit Me today. My blessing upon all My children young and old. You are all My children no matter what age. I bless Sister Elsie on her 50th Anniversary as a Religious daughter of Mine. I am happy with the witness you give of your love for My Son Jesus and for Me. Thank you for wearing your habit for being a visible sign to the world that you belong to Me. I bless you abundantly on your 50th Anniversary. Thank you for your faithful visits to Me."

Third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord Jesus
"Be born today. Come to the fullness of life that Jesus has for each one of you. I am calling holy vocations to the priesthood to be born today. The young boy to the right of Claire at prayer at the cross is being called to the holy priesthood. Parents accept Jesus' will for your son and foster that vocation to the holy priesthood. I am blessing your diocese with many vocations to the priesthood by your faithful prayers prayed here for holy priests. You will see the fruits of your prayer by an increase of priests in your diocese. Birth is taking place, new life, a spring time is happening right here in this little place. I am renewing My church with many vocations to My priesthood. More prayers, more priests as an end result. I am blessing this diocese with many holy priests who work unceasingly for the building of the kingdom. I see and hear all your prayers and all you do for the building for the kingdom. Never tire in your work, offer it up with great joy."

"Continue to pray the rosary daily for world peace especially in Iraq. Pray that there may not be another 9-11. The rosary is the weapon against all evil. The war between good and evil is ongoing. satan wants to win the war. satan wants to conquer the world with evil. That is why you must pray because the world is in a warfare. Your prayers will bear good fruit always doing the will of God the Father." 

"Bless yourselves and your families with holy water daily. Consecrate your families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray together as a family at home and at meal times. Do not be afraid to be a witness to holiness. The world will not understand but don't give in to the world. There are ways to remain holy and close to My Son and Me. Persevere under trials and don't give up. Go to confession often and receive the graces not to sin again. This sacrament helps you to grow in holiness."

"Go to Holy Mass and receive My Son Jesus in Holy Communion. Pray for our little ones who receive My Son in Holy Communion for the very first time that they will continue to be holy and innocent. From holy families come holy vocations to the priesthood. Go to Adoration and spend time in prayer with My Son."

"Once again, if you want to be holy, pray the rosary, go to confession, go to Holy Mass, and Adoration.
Stay close to My Son and to Me. Let your light shine. Do whatever My Son tells you to do. Your little light will grow and become more bright."

"I am enlightening you My priest and priestly children to go forth and to do good works. Be a witness to others. Tell others about what My Son and I are doing in your life. The more you evangelize the more abundant your life will be. Come and be open. Be born to a new life and more abundant life. Just as a baby struggles to come to life so must you struggle. The cross is the price of eternal life. Jesus said, 'if you want to be My disciple, you must embrace your cross.' Take up your crosses with great love just as My Son did. Stop fighting the cross and embrace it with love. Once you do, your cross will become lighter. You are trying to carry the cross alone. Surrender and accept it then you will notice how light it is. Remember that others are carrying heavier crosses than you are carrying at this very moment."

"Forgive others who have hurt you in your past. If you want healing, you must forgive otherwise you will be unhappy and miserable. Forgiveness is the key to new life. Unless you forgive you will not be forgiven. The measure in which you measure out will be measured back. Stop judging and you will not be judged. Change is needed in your life. Do not continue to crucify My Son Jesus through your sins. He has suffered enough. Be compassion as My Son is compassion. Love one another. St. Faustina teaches us in our devotion to Divine Mercy that we must trust in Jesus. Jesus' Compassion is His greatest attribute. Rely on My Son, acknowledge your sinfulness, and come to My Son in your brokenness and He will heal you."

"Praise be the Holy Blessed Trinity. God is Your Father who loves you and calls you into being. Jesus is your brother who died and rose, so that you might have eternal life. Keep your eyes open and focus on Jesus. Do not look away. When you do, you go astray. Keep focused on the finish line. JESUS! The Holy Spirit is your beloved bridegroom. Power is yours through the Holy Spirit. Worship the Blessed Trinity!"

"Invite others to come to discover this little place. A great pearl of prayer is here that is transforming those who come here. Healing is taken place in those who come to believe. Marriages are being restored and healed. Vocations to the holy priesthood are being born here and ordained priests are growing in faith, hope, and love here. Thank you for coming here today. All religious articles are blessed today and your extended families are blessed today; for you intercede for them. Much grace and blessings are being poured out. Persevere in your prayer. Pray unceasingly, offer every little step up as prayer. Do extra acts of kindness. Your love will touch the hardness of hearts. I invite you to come fully to My Son and Me. Do not hold back-now is the acceptable time."

"Easter is here and I want to bless all of you with new life and Resurrection. There is new life all around you. Flowers are in full bloom. Come to full bloom. Now is the acceptable time, a time of favor from the Lord. All this is for you because I love you. I love you. I love you. Come to know more fully My love. I am your Mother and I love you with a Motherly Love. You are My children. I want to embrace each one of you and wrap you with My soft mantle. Come My little children, for I love you.
My love is changing you at this very moment to be more loving. The world needs your love the love that is pure and holy. Jesus will never abandon His church. The church has been built upon Jesus the cornerstone. I am renewing My church. I am cleaning house and purging away what is evil in the church. The church is coming to full stature. It is becoming all that it is called to be. My Son will win the battle. He will be victorious at the end of time. Prepare your hearts for the end of time. Be ready for you know not the hour, nor the day when you will be called from this life to give an account of your actions. Be as holy as you can be. My Son is coming soon. Jesus is always with you."

"When you come to Jesus you come to life and love. I invite you today to discover Our great love for you. It is Our love that will heal you in your brokenness. Thank you for your openness today. Come often to this little place. You are always welcome for I await your visit. Your Mother of Divine Love."
End of priest present____________________

April 24, 2004 Last Saturday of April Priest's Saturday Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese' received,
D: "Tell my love how much I love her and thank her for bringing me into herself and sharing with me the true church. Tell her how very proud I am that she is moving forward in her life. Tell her I am with the children, she will know what I mean. (I see him walking with thousands of children then every one has a red glow and they disappear.)

Our Mother speaks to everyone: "To the four corners of the earth and out beyond the universe known reaches the Hand of God. Where He goes, so goes His love for His people. Pray My children. Pray for peace to come into the hearts of your enemies. Pray for this peace to come into the world and into all of the hearts of it's people, God's people. Pray for the protection of all of My children who fight to bring peace to unpeaceful lands. Pray for not only the protection of their bodies, but also of their minds and hearts, but above all the Protection of their Souls. This world that God has blessed with life can come to peace through Love and Prayer for others. Teach this special gift to all of your children, share this with all of your friends and family. Share this with all you meet. Do not be afraid My children of what may come. Call to Me for guidance and love My children, for I will lead and guide you only to My Son Jesus. My children, I thank you and bless you again for coming here in faith each month. I bless each of you here with an angel of protection. This angel, this gift, has been allowed by the Father because He has seen that this was needed. This angel I give to each one of you as you come here for the first time will follow you through the rest of your lives here on this earth. I Love you My children! Oh how very much I love all of the children of the earth. I bless you to have peace in your hearts. My peace, My love I give to you. I wash you in My love. I hold you in My Arms. I embrace your burdens as My very own and carry them with Me back to Heaven. Don't turn away from Me, My children. Come into and share the great love I have for you. Pray for My sons, My priests. Offer all that you can for them. Pray also for those to whom I am calling, that they may hear this call loud and clear within their hearts and be open to listening and understanding what I ask of them. Pray! Pray! Pray My sweet children, Pray!"

"Jessica: I love you My sweet child. Thank you for taking such good and loving care of My children. I bless you especially today."

"Jonathan: I am calling to you My son. Listen for My Voice within your heart. Do not be afraid of Me My special child. Open your heart to Me. I love you!"

"My Religious: Thank you again My special children, My daughters, My sons. Oh how I love you.
Welcome to you My son. You know who you are. It was I who was with you on your journey here. Thank you also for bringing your faith. My children are blessed by your presence in habit. I also am gladdened by this sign. I love you My child, My son, I love you."

"I celebrate this glad time with My special daughter today. Thank you and bless you My darling daughter for the faith and goodness you have shared with your sisters and brothers and all of My children in these past years. Such a short time really. I bless you with a new beginning, a renewal and refreshment of your body and soul. My Son Jesus thanks you for your dedication to Him and your honor to Me, His Mother. Continue in love My daughter. "

"My little Martin, thank you again My son for sharing the love you have for My people by praying in different languages. All are welcome here in this little holy place and many will know this by your presence. I love you son."

"To all of My precious Religious present here today in body or spirit, know that I love you. Know that I see your faith and love, and that as you wear your habits My children see this also. I love you!"

"Father ______: Your faith has brought you here again My son. Thank you for blessing My children with the hearing of their confessions. Thank you for setting their souls free. I love you My son. You touch My heart to the deepest depths! I awash you in this love I have for you. Share with your brothers what has happened here so that they may share in this love. Pray for your brothers. Teach My children of the love of My Son Jesus, and how very special and important the sacrifice of the Mass is, and all of the Sacraments. Pray! Pray! Pray for My children! I love you! I love you!"

For my daddy: "My son, you know in your heart how very much I love you. Your journey is a long one and the struggle may be great, but you are not alone. I am always beside you. I suffer what you suffer. I feel what you feel. I am where you are. Look to Me for guidance. Come to Me in your fear and I will relieve you. I will console you. I will carry you in My Arms. I love you and thank you for allowing Me into your house where you have made Me welcome. With great love you have shown your children love and obedience. It was not easy I know. You are the one I chose so long ago to be a husband and father to this family that has welcomed Me. Know that you did your best for them. I love you My son, so very much. Continue to pray as you have for your family. Bring them in close to your heart and just love them, and know deep in your heart that they love you fully and completely."

"Father D.: As I guide you, take care of My children. I love you My son. I love you! Your Mother of Divine Love."
End of Leslie Therese' __________________________

April 24, 2004 Last Saturday of April Priest's Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. Our Lady has been with us since early morning. I see Her as Our Lady, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests with Her beautiful Crown on. She is so very beautiful. On the top of Her Crown is a Chalice and suspended above it is the Eucharist with golden rays coming from it that radiate at different lengths.

I have been very, very sick and had to call the prayer warriors who usually come to tell them that I was sick and wouldn't be able to have them come to my house and pray with me for our beloved brother priests. My sickness made me realize how very important it must be for us to pray for our priests, otherwise I wouldn't receive so much opposition from the evil one. Our Lord reminded me that I must persevere in spite of all difficulties and that He was with me as was Our Mother Mary.

I started the 20 decade Rosary for priests at 2:00 p.m. by my self. I said the beginning prayers for my diocese and all the diocese' all over the world and all the priests all over the world. I invited all the Holy Angels and dear Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for all the priests of the world. I invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for holy priests and more priests.

The first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Lady says, "I am here little one. Do not be discouraged because it is only you praying. You are joined with all the people all over the world who are praying with Me for Our beloved priests at My request. You are not alone little one. Believe Me, little one, you are not alone!"

The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady continues, "My daughter your suffering for priests today will help many. Persevere My daughter, persevere! Say your Rosary the best you can. Thank you for your obedience in writing little one."

The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
"My daughter, you will not get the whole 20 decade Rosary said, as you are writing to the world for Me. Do not worry about this My daughter. Simply do the best you can. I love you My daughter, I love you! Many are praying with you My daughter, you just can't see them. They are from all over the world."

The fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation in the Temple
As we start this Mystery, I pray to Jesus, "May my suffering, as little as it is, please help a priest somewhere!" Jesus says, "It is done little one." Thank you Jesus with all my heart. I feel the presence of all those praying with us in Theriot, LA. It is awesome! This is very hard to explain.

The fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady continues, "Oh My precious children, Oh how I love you! Thank you for answering My Call to pray with Me for all the priests of the world. More of you are listening to My Call My children! Thank you! Tell others of this Mission of Love to pray for Our beloved priests. Tell others to be kind to their priests. Tell them to give them encouragement whenever they can."

"Oh My priest sons, many are praying for you from this Mission of Love from all over the world. Open your hearts to all this love and grace that is coming to you from all these prayers. I love you My priest sons, I love you! Pray for your brother priests every chance you can. Pray for daily conversion. Pray to be holy. If you are holy, pray to stay that way. Holy priests attract holy flocks. When you are holy My beloved priest sons you bring souls to My Son Jesus. I love you My priest sons! I love you!"

The first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan
"Thank you My daughter for your obedience. Continue to write."

The second and third Luminous Mysteries
Our Lady says, "My children, time is of the essence. Clean your hearts and souls. Make room for My Son Jesus to live in your hearts. Let Him use you in His service for His Plan and Purpose. Don't wait My children, now is the time! My Son Jesus is waiting, My children. He is a gentleman. He waits until He is invited in. What are you waiting for? Go to Confession. Make yourself ready to receive Him, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. You will grow closer and closer to My Son Jesus when you do this. Receive this gift of His Love. I love you My children, I love you. I want you to know this great LOVE that awaits you."

The fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration
Our Lady continues, "My children, consecrate your priests to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through My Immaculate Heart. Consecrate your families and parishes and the whole world to My Son's Sacred Heart through My Immaculate Heart. My Mantle of Love covers all and all rest in My Son's unlimited Heart. Do not waste this great grace. Do it daily and every time you are concerned about a loved one or an enemy. You cannot imagine or even fathom the greatness and generosity of God's Love for you. He wants to give that Love to you, but you pursue other avenues to make yourself happy, things and places, when true happiness and peace is found only in My Son Jesus. Think about it My children, think about it! Conversion of heart My children, yes daily conversion of heart brings peace back into the soul. I love you My children. My Son Jesus loves you. That is why I come to you! To tell you to change your ways and come back to My Son Jesus and to ask you to pray for priests, holy priests. Holy priests bring you to My Son by their example and their witness of His Love."

The fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady continues, "I love you My children. I love you My priest sons. I love you My religious. Thank you for coming together today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. If you are praying with Me it is because you have been called by Me to do so. Thank you for answering My Call. I love you, Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

Thank you My daughter for your obedience. Blessed are they who do not see and believe. They have the great gift of Faith. I love you My children! I love you! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray for holy priests. I am with you always, Mary Immaculate. All of Heaven prays with you! I love you! I love you! I love you!"
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April 24, 2004, Saturday