Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

May 27, 2000 Priests' Saturday Theriot Louisiana By Claire Rose At 10:00A.M. My husband blessed our house inside & around the outside with Holy Water. Pilgrims began to arrive early and were praying outside. A holy priest began to hear Confessions on our back porch. Soon there was a long line of people wanting to go to confession. Father heard confessions until 2p.m. 1:45p.m. As we were praying in my bedroom Blessed Mother came. She spread Her Mantle over our whole house and property. At 2P.M. Leslie Therese` Lin & I (claire rose) walked out of my bedroom where we had been praying. Our house and outside were filled with beautiful pilgrims who had come to pray a Rosary for Priests with us. As instructed by Our Mother, I blessed myself, the whole room & people present with Holy Water. We began the Rosary in the usual way, with The Sign of The Cross. I then invited Our Blessed Mother under all Her Titles, all the holy angels & Saints & holy souls in Purgatory to please pray with us & for us as we offer this Rosary for holy priests, for unholy priests, for more priests, for the return of many priests who have left the priesthood & for priests souls in Purgatory. My heart was filled with joy for two holy priests had come, also two holy nuns in habits and a Deacon. As we began the Rosary for priests, Blessed Mother asked me to announce that She was already present, before we began to pray. I saw Her as Our Lady of Fatima with a beautiful jeweled crown. Then I saw Her as Queen of Divine Love, all in creamy white. Her Mantle had an edging of gold. Her Crown was a simple shiney gold, medium height with 7 points. On the front was a gold Chalice with a pure white Host suspended above it. Brilliant beams of gold light shone all around the Host & Chalice. It looked like a Monstrance. She was beautiful as She always is. She came with many angels and saints. Multitudes! First Joyful Mystery The Annunciation She began to Speak a message for Fr. Izral. "My precious and most beloved son. I love you. I love you with all My Heart. You fill My Heart with joy each time I look at you. You are one of the treasures of My Immaculate Heart. My precious son, you are Mine." Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation I saw a globe of golden light encompass our Mother. She continued Her message to Fr. Izral, "I have called you here from long ago My son. I have chosen you. I will reveal more to you at a later time. As they crucified My Beloved Son, they crucify you My chosen priest. I love you. I am with you each and every moment of each and every day. I love you. Do not ever doubt yourself. I chose you from long ago. I called you here today." I feel the bleeding the Crown of Thorns. I understand that this means false accusation. Someone is making false accusations against this saintly priest. Third Joyful Mystery The Birth of the Lord. Our Mother spoke to both priests that were present. "I have given birth to your vocation. From long ago I knew you and I chose you to be My special son. I love you My dear son. Thank you for all you do for Me. Thank you for coming here today to pray with Me. I love you. I love you. For all My priest sons, You are so precious and beloved to Me. I call you to be holy as I am. I call you to conversion. I call you to truth, to My Son Jesus. I call you. I call you. Oh! My dear sons, how much do I love you? With all My Immaculate Heart. I will take you into My Heart with My very own Hands. Once there you will be safe. My Immaculate Heart is yours, a safe refuge. Return to holiness My sons while there is still time. I call you. I love you. I know that within each of you is a holy priest. You are My Hands, My beloved sons. My Hands are broken. Please help Me to mend My Hands. Pray for your brother priests. Love one another with My pure Love. Some of you are in serious error My sons and you pierce and grieve My Heart. Pray for your Bishops. Offer Holy Masses especially for them and for the protection of My Precious Son, your Holy Father, John Paul II. Obey him in all things. Do not stray from him or from truth, My Son Jesus. Etienne! Etienne! Come back to Me. Come back to Your Mother." (Our Mother Spoke these words in deep grief from the depths of Her Being) "Come home My sons. Come home to Your Mother's Heart. Come back home. You are going on the wrong path. My beloved sons I call out to you. Do you not hear Me call? Come home. I love you. I love you. I call you in love. I beseech you come home. You are My treasures. The jewels of My Crown, My beloved priest sons. I love you." I am taken to China to a jail cell where a priest is imprisoned. Our Mother is there too. We are praying a Rosary with the priest. During the Sorrowful Mysteries, I experience Our Mother's Suffering as She followed Jesus through His whole Passion, Suffering & Death. Our Mother and Jesus meet. The Love in Their Eyes I cannot describe. At that moment, I again offered every cell of my body as a sacrifice for priests. Our Mother said, "All My Suffering this Day (the Day of Jesus' Death), was offered up for My priest sons, My beloved sons. My Immaculate Heart will Triumph through your return to holiness, My sons."Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord. I see Jesus' Blood all over the wall in front of me. I see Jesus on the Cross, alive. Jesus Said, "My Love for you has put Me here." I asked, "O Jesus, please heal everyone here & all those we are praying for. Deliver all of us from all evil." First Glorious Mystery The Resurrection. "My precious and most beloved children, I gather you here from every nation. I Love you. Thank you for coming here to pray with Me Your Mother. Thank you for praying for My priest sons. I ask you all to pray more. To help Me, Your Mother to spread this message, this mission of My Heart. Help Your Mother My dear little children. My priests are My Hands. Help me to mend My Hands. My priests are broken. Pray for your brothers. Offer little sacrifices and all your sufferings for them. satan wants to destroy My precious sons. He knows if he destroys My priest sons, he destroys My Church. I need your help My little ones. I need an army of Love, an army of Prayer to cover the earth, an army of Prayer for priests." Second Glorious Mystery The Ascension of Our Lord. "I have founded this army of Love right here in this little place. A special day was chosen to bless this holy mission, the Day of My Son's Ascension into Heaven. The day He left Our Church in the Hands of the first priests. Much prayer is needed to defeat the evil forces that are attacking My beloved sons both from within and from without My Church. I am leading you My beloved children. Turn to Me. I am a loving Mother. I will lead the army of Love. I am Your Mother. I am Mother of My Son's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. I will never abandon you. I will never abandon My Church. satan will be defeated. But you must help Me each day. The evil is being washed out of My Son's Church. He must be at the Center of every heart, of every family, of every church, of every community. Help Me My little ones. I call you. I bless you today in a very special way and I join you to those who are praying with you in all the world. Take courage and do not be afraid. I am with you always. I am here at all times. My Son Jesus is here at all times. Worship Our Father. Worship My Son Jesus. Worship My Beloved Spouse, The Holy Spirit. Many blessings, many graces will flood the earth in the coming days of celebration. Do not be afraid. Go forth from here filled with grace, with Peace and with My Love in your hearts. I love you. Love one another with My Love. I Love you. Please thank My Son, Jesus for these Visitations. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love" End of Claire Rose. ______________________________________ 5/27/00 Last Saturday of May Priests Saturday Received by another bride, Lin. I am in Theriot Louisiana for Our Lady's visit. It is 2:00 p.m. I see Our Lady as Mother of Divine Love and then Our Lady of Divine Grace. She is so beautiful. At the First. Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady begins to speak. "Oh! My children your prayers are music to my ears. Oh! How My priest sons need your prayers. Thank you My children for coming here today to pray for Our priests. Oh! My children how I love you. How My Son Loves you. How the Father loves you. How the Holy Spirit loves you." Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation, I am very aware that the angels and the saints are with us. I am very aware the souls in Purgatory are with us, praying. Our Lady speaks again, "Yes My precious children, My prayer warriors, I am with you. Thank you Father Izral for coming today. Thank you dear Carmelite Sisters for coming here today. Thank you Sisters for wearing your habit. Thank you Fathers for wearing priest's clothes. Thank you Deacon for saying yes to My Son. Thank you for coming today." Third Joyful Mystery The Birth of Our Lord. Our Lady speaks again, "Thank you Father for hearing confessions. Pray My children. Prayer is the answer. It is the only thing that will cure the ills of Our times. Prayer is the only thing that will bring vocations about. Prayer is the only thing that will release the Grace necessary to make this come about. Prayer is the only thing that will change the world to be holy. Prayer will bring about holy priests." Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation of the Lord Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My children we need holy priests to have holy flocks. Your prayers will make this possible." I see a cloud with Our Lady as Mother of Divine Love. Her dress, mantle and veil is cream colored. The light shines through it and it moves in the breeze. Our Lady speaks, "Yes My child, that is Me your Mother of Divine Love." During the First, Second & Third Sorrowful Mysteries. It seems that time stands still, yet moves without my knowing. I don't know how to explain this. The love pouring into all here is awesome. It is as though it is rain permeating every being here. Soaking into each soul here with great grace. Grace to take out into the world to all we meet. Our Lady speaks, "Yes My child it is Me, Our Lady of Divine Grace. Much grace is being poured out to all here and all who are gathering today to pray for Our priests. You cannot understand how much grace is being poured out to you all. It comes with so much love. Grace that will go home with you and to all you meet. Do not be afraid of what others think. Keep focused on My Son. I am still with you all little one." I see rays coming out of Our Lady's Hands. Out to all of us. Touching each of us with Her Grace, the Grace from Divine Love, Her Son. Our Lady speaks, "Yes My little one, Grace from My Son through My Immaculate Heart." I see Her again in blue with a white dress. She opened Her Arms wide and spread out Her blue mantle and veil. It covers the entire priesthood. Light is shining out through it. It covers more priests than I can count. She also covers all the world. It seems it is unlimited. This is the second time (See April 2000 message) Our Lady shows me this vision of Her mantle covering the entire priesthood, but this time Our Lady extended the vision to include the whole world. Our Lady speaks, "I love you My child." I love you my Mother. Our Lady speaks, "Thank you for being obedient and writing. Child of grace keep kneeling and offer it up for My intention. Dying to self is hard little one because of our humanness. Continue to strive to do so as an example to others, to teach them to sacrifice for others. You do not know how your example effects others. Pray to persevere. Ask others to pray to persevere. Pray for priests to persevere." Our Lady is so pleased to see priests, a deacon and religious here. She again thanks them for coming. Our Lady speaks, "You may sit at the Glorious Mysteries My Little one." I will need Your help My Mother to do this. I hear the thud of the cross with Jesus on it going into the ground. My body shudders with the sound. It is so clear. I then feel the great, great Love Our Lord has for us all. It is overwhelming. Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross. At this time the pain to kneel is great. Our Lady speaks, "My child no greater than the sin that nailed My Son to the Cross." My legs feel like they are stumps ending at the knee and are on fire. Oh! My Mother, I can only stand it with Your help.Our Lady Speaks, "Continue to kneel little one." Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord. Our Lady speaks, "Dying to self little one, that is the key. Pray for the Grace to die to self for My Son's greater Honor and Glory and for the rest of the Trinity." Oh! My Mother, I have so much of dying to self to do. Our Lady speaks, "My little one you have so much to die for." (I understood this to mean to die to self for the greater honor and glory of God.) "If only My little children knew how much their dying to self help our priests and other souls." Do you wish me to continue kneeling My Mother? Our Lady speaks, "No little one you may sit now." First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection of Our Lord. I see the roof leave the top of the house and angels all over the top of us. They seem to be fanning the air making it cooler. There are many angels. Many angels going in and out of the opening in the roof, comforting all here. Second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension. I am turned facing the people sitting on my kneeler, and I see Our Lady in blue on a cloud. She is ascending into Heaven. As She goes, Grace and Love flow out to all here. Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My child how I love all the different languages of My Hail Mary." In this vision Our Lady was showing Herself to me as the Lady of the Assumption. During the rest of the Glorious Mysteries. Our Lady speaks, "Oh! How I Love you My children. Oh! How the Trinity Loves you My children. Your prayers are heard in Heaven, My children, please be assured of that. Thank you for your love My children. Oh! My children, My dear children, My dear clergy and religious, I again thank you for coming today to pray for our beloved priests. When you go home today spread this message of love for the priesthood. Encourage others to pray for Our beloved priests. Encourage all you meet to pray for priests. That is all for now My precious one. Your loving Mother Mother of Divine Love I leave you now, but know that I am still with you." (I don't know how to explain this. She left in the vision, but Her Spirit did not leave nor did Her Love.) Our Lady spoke one more time, "Thank you little one. Thank you for being obedient and writing." End of Lin. _____________________________________ 5/27/2000 Last Saturday of May Theriot, Louisiana Received by Leslie Therese' 2:00 p.m. At the beginning of the Rosary Our Mother Mary appeared in a pale blue mantle. She had back hair and blue green eyes. She is surrounded in pure love for us. She wears a crown of mother of pearl, which reflects all the colors of the rainbow. Our Lady speaks, "Open your eyes My children, for I stand before you. My sons I am here for you. All of these prayers are for you, to keep you strong in your faith. I know your sorrows. They have become mine." And when She said that I see a Eucharist a Host surrounded in darkness and the Host shines brighter than the sun. Our Lady continues, "Do not, My sons, be misled by satan and the world. Do not stray. I am holding you in My Heart. Surrounded in Your Mother's Love, you will not be harmed. Come to Me. I await you. I love you. I cherish you. I am your Mother. Come back to Me. Open your heart to Me, and you shall have My Son Jesus in heaven. My Son Jesus awaits your presence here." (in this house) "We are calling you here to be healed, refreshed, renewed and forgiven. You are My most precious sons. Here on earth without you My sons, the earth and it's people could not receive My Son in the Sacrament of the Mass. I am here for your renewal like you are there to renew each person who receives My Son in Holy Eucharist. Anything can be forgiven, ANYTHING, you need but ask." This ended at the Third Joyful Mystery. Fourth Joyful Mystery the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple. Our Mother Mary places Her Mantle over Fr. Izral. Her Mantle totally enveloped him. She speaks again; "My son, you and you alone were chosen to be first to cleanse the souls of those who come here." (The hearing of confessions). "Thank you for coming today. I have a special place for you in My Immaculate Sorrowful Heart. I love you My son, and I will meet you in Heaven. I will hold you forever there. You are a good and special son, obedient, just, pious, compassionate, prayerful and ever faithful to your Father God. I am blessing you today with special graces to continue. I have chosen for you to guide, guard and protect this mission." (When She said that I saw us.) "Again I thank you for coming My special one. I love you, Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." At the beginning of the Sorrowful Mysteries, forward Our Lady spoke for everyone. "My children thank you for your yes! In coming here you will receive special blessings in your life. By your prayers for My holy sons, you will receive Jesus. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray without ceasing. For as you pray for My sons" (priests) you are praying for yourselves. Thank you again for coming. I will bless each wedding ring and marriage here. I am here for all who come to Me. I LOVE ALL. Pray for My son Pope, John Paul II, that he remains strong and well. Pray, Pray, Pray with and for your children. Pray with their innocence and purity. I am touching everyone here today, especially My daughters (two nuns) with My peace. This is for My two daughters. I love you and like a rose that has beauty and fragrance, so I think of you in My Heart. Thank you to all of My Josephs. You are the strength of your home and family. Continue in a strong faith and you shall be rewarded for it. Children are being blessed with special graces. Let them be innocent, and teach them modesty. I place My Lips on each of you. Continue to pray for My sons." I see Mary kissing everyone on the forehead. I see angels all around us. They surrounded us in prayer and song. We are never alone. Mary speaks again, "Never be afraid of what others say to or about you. Only think of what Our Lord thinks and says."Private Message from Jesus. "Hello My child. I am here for you. Continue to pray to and worship My Father, and His Love will surround and protect you always. I am always here for you. I just await your call to Me." Another private message. "Lillian is here with Me." (Jesus) A message for Maria from Our Lady. "Your prayers are answered with deepest Love and compassion."Another private message from Mary. "Your child is already present within your womb." A message for Mary R. from Our Lady."I love you and send you My Peace and Love for others, even though they might hate Me." The initial J came to my head, "You are forgiven." Mary appeared to me in white with gold edging around Her Mantle. She had dark brown hair. I saw many crucifixes today. One huge crucifix with a deep red rose above it. I saw butterflies everywhere in the house. I heard Mary speak again, "Thank you Emile for coming again. I hear you all in all languages. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." End of Leslie Therese' _______________________________________ 

May 27, 2000, Saturday