Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests 
November 27, 1999; Theriot, Louisiana
Received and written by Claire Rose 

Friday, during the afternoon, three people knocked at our door, two men and a young lady. We visited and prayed together.  I have been praying for several months that Our Mother would
send someone to lead us in music so that we can sing each month before we pray the Rosary. 
She answered my prayer because the young woman plays the guitar & sings beautifully. I invited her to come & play for Our Mother. She said, "yes." I thanked her & Our Mother.

On Friday night, Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Holy Father, Pope John XXIII visited me. I believe
they were sent by God to encourage me & to let me know that they are praying with us for holy priests and for my family, & me this includes all of us in our little mission.

At 1p.m., my husband blessed the outside & inside of our home with holy water. 
At 1:30p.m., the beautiful music began, Our Mother sent two young ladies with guitars. I was praying in my bedroom and tears of joy filled my eyes. It sounded like music from Heaven. I believe the holy angels & Saints were singing too.

At 2p.m., as instructed by Our Mother I blessed myself, our little chapel, all the pictures, statues and all the people gathered with holy water. I began the Rosary for Priests by inviting Our Mother under all Her Titles to please pray with us and for us as we offer this Rosary for holy priests. I then invited the holy angels & Saints to pray with us & for us. 

First Joyful Mystery (The Annunciation)
Our Mother asked me to Announce Her Presence. I did. Our Mother was all in white. Her dress and 
mantle were moving and flowing in the breeze. Many holy angels and Saints accompanied Her. I saw Our Mother's Face and Hands change from one race to another as I have seen Her before. I thanked
Our Mother for coming. I asked Her to please join us in prayer with others in other places who are praying with us. I presented Our Petitions to Her and asked Her to bless us and our religious articles.
I Consecrated all the priests on Earth and in Purgatory to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart and to Jesus' Sacred Heart of Love. I did the same with all of us present, our families and all the souls on Earth and in Purgatory.

Second Joyful Mystery (The Visitation) Our Mother Spoke Her Message to Priests:
"My Precious and Most Beloved Sons I love you with all My Heart. I come to visit you here 
in this small and unknown place. I call you from here. I love you.I ask you to open the door of your heart to Me your loving and Immaculate Mother. I love you. I call you to be converted. Be converted. 
My precious sons, I give to you My Immaculate and Most Sorrowful Heart. Give to Me your hearts 
and your souls. I desire to be within you. I love you."

Third Joyful Mystery (The Nativity)
"I ask you to remember always that you represent My Son, Jesus and Me on this earth to others. 
Be converted My Sons, the world and all it offers is pulling you away from Truth.You are My Hands and My Heart in this world. I am here for you, turn to Me, My Precious Sons, turn to Me. I am here always awaiting your turning to Me with all your hearts. Open the doors of your heart to My Love. I love you with all My Heart. Come to Me as a little child. Change your hearts."

Fourth Joyful Mystery (The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)
"Open the doors to My children. Open the doors of your churches, let My children come to adore My Son Jesus in The Most Holy Blessed Sacrament. He is truly Present in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. 
He awaits. He awaits you at all the hours of the day and night; most often He is alone. Where He is,
I am always in Adoration with many holy angels and Saints. I love you. 

Open the doors, open the doors to your confessionals many more hours are needed. I ask for more hours of Adoration of My Son. Your cooperation is needed My Sons. Many of My beloved children will come if you will open the doors for them. I have prepared many hearts for this.

Some of you, My sons are very holy, some of you are very tired and many of you who are close to
Me are persecuted. I ask you to offer this suffering for your brother priests who are in error."

Fifth Joyful Mystery (The Finding in the Temple)
"I am touching many hearts with love at this time. I promise many healings will occur here. 
I have chosen this place for you My sons, My beloved priest sons, I love you. Many of you are in grievous sin and error. I call you to repent, pray My sons while there is still time. I love you. Each conversion brings so much joy to My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart. I love you. Remember My sons, a holy shepherd will lead a holy flock. I love you. I am your loving Mother, Mother of all Hearts, and yours especially Mother of Divine Love Patroness of Priests

Pray for your Holy Father John Paul II. At this time he needs your prayers more than ever before. My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!" "Pray now My child"

The First Sorrowful Mystery (The Agony in the Garden)
I was taken into a prison cell in China where a priest was beaten and lying on the floor. Jesus and Mother Mary and several angels were there. I was carrying a lighted candle. We prayed a Rosary.

Our Mother said, "Pray. Pray. Pray. My children you do not know how many priests will be helped
by your prayers and little sacrifices."

I then saw through the bars of the cell a Chinese Guard outside the cell being converted, before my eyes.

The Second Sorrowful Mystery (The Scourging at the Pillar) The Chinese Guard fell on his knees outside the cell in tears of sorrow for what he had done, mixed with tears of joy, hope and peace.

I understand that Our Mother is showing us the fruit of our prayers for priests and how it will affect other souls.

The Third Sorrowful Mystery (The Crowning with Thorns)
"Please begin to write...for My children:
My Precious and Most Beloved Children I am truly Present among you today. I love you all. Many will feel My Presence today in Peace and in Love and in healing. This is My 8th visit to you here.
I want to thank you for coming. Those of you who have desired to come and could not I am bringing 
you here in spirit and I am with you wherever you are. I love you. As the final month approaches when We celebrate the Birth of My Son Jesus, I ask you to prepare your hearts and your homes to welcome My Son. I love you so much."

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery (The Carrying of the Cross)
"My Heart is grieved that the sacred holy place of a Mother's womb has been so desecrated. So many
babies are killed in their own mother's blood. My children pray for holy priests to speak out against this evil."

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery (The Crucifixion)
"Pray that they" (our priests)" will have the courage to go against the evil tide. Pray daily My little ones for holy priests. I plead with you as never before. Only prayers, sacrifice and fasting will save
the holy priesthood. My Church is in danger of shipwreck. I will never abandon you My own little ones. I will always be with you. Just as I was sent to prepare hearts for My Sons Coming the first time, I am sent to prepare hearts for He will come again. No one knows the day or the hour, but the signs are all around you. Be awake, be alert, change your hearts, ask for My Help. I am always
here for you. I hear your prayers. I am here near you. I love you."

The First Glorious Mystery (The Resurrection)
"Remind all My priest and all My children how much I love them. I am here for you. Call on Me. 
Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray for My priest sons and I will pray for all your needs. This is My Promise to you.
I am Blessing each one of you today in a special way. I walk among you My little ones." (I saw Our Mother walk among us and touch each person here.) "I love you. I ask you to fast on Thursdays for My priest sons. Visit My Son, Jesus, often in The Blessed Sacrament. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare your hearts and souls to receive My Son, Jesus. He awaits you as you await Him. I love you. Thank My Son, Jesus for these visits. I have many titles I am one Mother. I love you. Mother of Divine Love,
Lady of The Bayou"

The Second Glorious Mystery (The Ascension)
Several small children were present and Our Mother spoke these words to them:
"Let all the little children come. I love all My precious little children. Come to Me as little children. 
I fill you with Peace and with holy Love." Before She left Our Mother put Her Hand to Her Heart and Her Heart became visible. She said, "This is My Heart of Love." Her Heart became like a bright light and I had to close my eyes, and She was gone. But somehow She remains at all times. 
End of Claire Rose

11/27/99 Last Saturday of November
Received by a bride in another area.
Around 2:00 p.m. I went into my room to be quiet and pray the 15 decade rosary for priests when Our Lady began to speak, "My child you will not be able to finish the 15 decades of the rosary, as I will be speaking to you. You will have quiet as long as it is necessary." I started saying the rosary. 

At the 1st Joyful Mystery ( The Annunciation)
Our Lady spoke, "My child I wish you to use 2:00 p.m. to start your rosary in what ever location you are in. You will understand why later on". (I understood this to mean if I was in Louisiana to start the rosary at 2:00 p.m. or if I was in another area use 2:00 p.m. to start the rosary there. That in Heaven there is no time difference and it would all be the same time. This was difficult for me to totally

At the 2nd Joyful Mystery (The Visitation) 
Our Lady spoke again, "My children I love you. I come to you again today to ask you to pray for My sons, My priest sons. I will continue to ask you to pray for My priests sons until We have an army of warriors praying for priests. It is part of what is needed for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart,
and My Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Continue to pray little one."

As I continue to pray I see a vision of Our Lady of Divine Grace and then I see a vision of Our Lady of Fatima and then Our Lady of Guadalupe and then Our Lady of Lourdes and then Our Lady of Divine Love. I then feel tremendous pain in my left knee. I'm not sure why! (Our Lady) "My child continue to pray."

4th Joyful Mystery
(Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple) a great peace came over me. I could feel Our Lady's presence very, very strongly. Our Lady now asks us "to pray to be on fire for Her Son. To ask for the fire of the Holy Spirit, the Flame of Love to permeate our beings and to spur us on to be on fire with prayer for Her beloved priests sons, and to ask in Her Son Jesus' name. Continue to pray little one."

1st Sorrowful Mystery ( The Agony in the Garden)
I see a vision of the roof of my room disappear and the roof of the chapel in Louisiana disappear and the roof of Shirley's house disappear and all of us being joined in prayer and time standing still and all our time made the same with no differences. Very difficult to explain in words. I then see an army bigger than the sea. All warriors in prayer, praying for priests. Again I hear Our Lady say, "My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!" At this moment I understood that prayer warriors were needed
to help bring about the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, and that all of us here on earth were Her
prayer warriors, also with the angels and saints in Heaven and also the souls in Purgatory. I then
understood in a very deep way Her Motherhood to all mankind. (Our Lady) "Continue to pray little one."

4th Sorrowful Mystery (The Carrying of the Cross)
Our Lady spoke again, "My child pray for Bishops to be holy and good leaders. That they are good examples to their priests in each diocese, and that they are not afraid to lead their priests on the
correct path in accordance with the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. Continue to pray little one.

My children ask your families to pray together. This will bring about peace in families. Teach your children to pray from their hearts. Teach them the value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and repentance of heart. Teach them the value of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and the value of the Holy Mass and the precious gift it is for all who receive Jesus, free from mortal sin."

5th Sorrowful Mystery (The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus)
(Our Lady) "My children teach your children the value of prayer. How to bring their hearts to My Son and place their hearts in His Heart. He has given Himself for them, for all. Teach them about His Love. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you as you teach them. If you do not know how to teach your children then go to a priest and ask for help. Be persistent and do not give up."

2nd Glorious Mystery (The Ascension of Our Lord)
(Our Lady) "My children Thank you for taking the time today and praying for My priests as I have
asked you to do on the last Saturday of the month. I am with you and the Trinity is with you. Go in Peace. Our Peace goes home with you today." (I understood this to mean this peace was for all who prayed for priests at Our Lady's request on the last Saturday of the month.) 
(Our Lady) "That is all for now my child. Go be with your family. Thank you for being obedient 
and writing."

In Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese's Message: Blessed Mother Appeared all in white and gold.
"I have waited for you, My children. I come to you with much sorrow in My Heart. Some of My priest sons are not following the teachings of Our Father. Pray with all your hearts, pray with all your might that they return to Him."

I see blood, rivers of moving blood, dark and so thick.

I see Our Mother holding Baby Jesus. She was dressed in dark blue dress and mantle trimmed with gold stars. She said: "My Son's Birthday is coming. Many will be saved on this day. A Miracle of Love will happen and new doors will open for you to share what is happening here. Don't be afraid, I am always with you and will guard you against all evil if you believe in Me and by coming here you have shown Me that you do. Thank you for coming here to pray for My sons, your brothers. By your devotion, hundreds upon hundreds will be saved by your praying, even if you only pray for one priest. By praying for one priest you help to save hundreds of souls.Today I give special blessings on those trying to conceive a baby."

Mother Mary was looking at everyone here, She is smiling. "Welcome, children. All are welcome."

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery (The Crucifixion)
"I am giving a special blessing on the lady leading this Mystery. She wasn't sure that she should come today, but she came anyway. Thank you for coming."

Our Mother whispered: "Many are the seeds that will be planted in My garden today." She calls us Her little seeds of Love.

From God, The Father: "My sons, you are not listening to Me. Come to Me and I will wash away your sins. You can come here to be cleansed and reborn in My name. Your Mother is here awaiting your return."

I saw in a vision a red bird, a cardinal, and then a ring of gold light. I saw golden stars floating in the air above everyone's head. I saw Our Mother touching a baby and a baby in the kitchen began to cry.

Our Mother said in a mournful Voice: 
"My children, pray, pray, pray for the souls of My children. Teach the little ones to love one another. Many are the colors of the people of the world, they shall come together here and be made whole."

Again She whispered: "Pray. Pray. Pray. Listen...the beautiful voices." (The voices of people Praying).
I, then saw Our Lady all in white with a pink fringe trim. Her Hair was flaxen gold, almost white, curly.
End of Leslie Therese's Message.

In Theriot, during the Rosary, a young man saw Our Mother all in white and he saw Her Skin change
from light to the color of The Black Madonna. This happened several times and he was questioning if he really was seeing Our Mother. He then saw the statue of Our Lady move Her Head up 
and down. His doubt vanished.

An older man saw a Crucifix of gold light come over the Crucifix of his Rosary. Brilliant gold beams of light emanated from Jesus on this Cross.

A young woman saw a gold Chalice with a vine of roses on it. She saw 3 grapes hovering over the Chalice, then 4 grapes. They pulsated in light. This repeated several times. Then she saw a Cross of light with a Host at the center. The Host pulsated like a beating heart. She then saw a gold base form and the Cross became a Monstrance. She then saw a gold crown that looked like the Crown of Thorns and the Star of Bethlehem.

Another young woman heard a soft voice whisper "I love you."

November 27, 1999, Saturday