Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Before we began to pray the Rosary, I blessed the room, myself and the people present with Holy Water as Our Blessed Mother has asked me to do. A bowl of holy water was then passed around and each person blessed themselves.
We began with The Sign of The Cross. I invited Our Blessed Mother, under all Her Titles, but especially as Mother of Divine Love and Our Lady of Guadelupe` to pray with us and for us as we pray and offer this Rosary for holy priests, for all the priests of the world. I also invited the holy angels and Saints to pray with us and for us. Lastly, I invited the souls being purified in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests. I reminded everyone that they (the souls in Purgatory) cannot pray for themselves, but that they can pray for us and that we must pray for them. 

Our Mother Appeared just as The Annunciation Mystery began, She asked me to Announce Her Presence. I did. 

She Appeared in silence, just in front of the big picture of Our Mother, surrounded by moving white, white clouds. Her Face changed from one color to another and I saw Her as many different nationalities.
Then, I saw Our Mother as I have never before seen Her. She had on a black veil with a bright white band around the edge. Her Face had gotten smaller than it was just moments before. Her eyes were twinkling and almost black, but very alive. Her eyes reminded me of Padre Pio's eyes when he was a baby that I have seen before in a vision.
This happened very quickly and surprised me. It seemed to be like a black and white photograph, but She was moving. 
Our Mother knew I was surprised for She smiled. Because I was unsure if this was really Her, I said to the vision in thought, 
"Do you worship God? Do you worship Jesus, God's Son? Or do you worship satan or are you satan?" I was going to splash more holy water but Our Mother said, 
"I worship God, Our Father. I worship Jesus, My Son. I worship The Holy Spirit, My Spouse. I am The Blessed Virgin Mary. Thank you for testing the spirit, and for not trusting in yourself, but in My Son and Me."
I know that the evil one cannot read my thoughts, that is why I spoke to the vision in thought. 

At the Visitation Mystery, I presented to Our Mother all the priests of the whole world, those who would be priests and the priests souls in Purgatory.
Then I gave to Her all of us, our petitions, our brokeness, wounds, even our failings and sins, for She is Our Mother and knows our hearts. I surrendered to Her all those who were praying with us in other places in the world, all our families. I asked Her to join us in prayer as if we were all here, together in this room. I surrendered to Her all those we had ever met in our lives and all those that we would meet. 
I said to Her, "Oh Blessed Mother, I fail you so often."
"Yes, My child, you fail me, sometimes many times a day, but I love you more and more each day."
This is an encouragement, not only for me, but for everyone. 

At the Mystery of The Birth of Jesus, Our Mother began Her Message for priests:
"My Precious and Most Beloved Sons,
I love you. I Appear in black and white today in honor of you and of your priestly clothes. I ask you to wear your special clothing, this is an honor given to few men on earth and sets you apart for you are chosen from among all men. 

Today is the Feast Day of the great Saint, Augustine, your brother priest. He was snatched from the door of hell by the prayers of his holy mother.
I Appear here for you, My sons, in a way I have not Appeared anywhere else.
I call you here for healing and for peace." 

At The Presentation Mystery:
"I understand your humanity. I ask you to turn to Me, to turn to Your Mother. I call you to holiness. I ask you to rid yourselves of all in your life that keeps you from being pure and holy. You have been chosen and purchased at a great price." 

As Our Mother said this, I saw Her holding Jesus after He was taken down from The Cross. I felt Her Pain and understood in a deeper way, as I never have before, how Her Suffering at Calvary also helped in our Salvation. She bore His Holy Wounds in a hidden way, in a way that no other human being ever will, for They were truly of ONE FLESH. She suffered His Suffering and also Her own grief and loss. 

"I Appear here to ask for a return to holiness. 
I Appear here to ask for repentance and reparation for sin. 

Many of you, My Beloved Sons, have been led astray by satan himself.
Many of you are on the road to hell.
Many of you are lukewarm and teach untruths. 

I ask you to return to holiness and to truth. 
Be obedient to My Beloved and Chosen Son, Holy Father John Paul II. Those of you who have been disobedient, be reconciled to him and to Truth.
He represents My Son, Jesus in a special way. 

There is much desecration of My Son's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity on the altars all over the world.
This must stop. 

My sons, you have been given an awesome responsibility, the souls of those placed in your charge. 
You will be held accountable in a way that none other will. 

I plead with you to return to holiness and truth while there is still time. 

Many of you are holy and do your best each day, I ask more. I ask that you pray for and do reparation for your brother priests. 

I am with you all in a special way. If you listen for My Voice, I will speak to your heart.
I love you. You are Mine, My special sons. 

It is My Heart's desire that a new order of priests spring from this mission of love.
You will be called Divine Love Missionaries and your special mission will be to your brother priests.
Holy shepherds will lead holy flocks." 

At The Agony in The Garden Mystery,
"I love you ALL. Come home to Your Mother, I will return you to My Son, Jesus. He desires a deeper union with all of you." 

At The Scourging at The Pillar, I felt a tremendous heat come over and through me, it felt like my whole being was on fire and bleeding. 

"My Beloved Sons, I love you. I come to bring you My Comfort. I come to bring you My Love and to encourage you ALL. 

My Immaculate Heart is open for you, a safe refuge for you and for your flocks. 

The hour grows near, My Sons, the hour is late, this is a critical time, do not wait... 

Come home to Your Mother." 

At The Crowning with Thorns Mystery,
"I ask you to be bold with a holy boldness.
Speak out against the evils you see around you. 
Do not look the other way and pretend you do not see. 
Speak out and do not be afraid, for you speak for Me. 

My children have lost their way, many, many millions have lost all sense of sin. 

My Sons, your sins and your falls grieve Me and pierce My Heart...
but those of you who know the Truth and remain silent grieve Me more. I love you." 

At The Carrying of The Cross Mystery, 
"I ask for Masses for holy priests, for the healing of priests. 
I ask you, My Sons to do this for Me. The Offering of one Holy Mass can do much to atone for the sins of your brother priests. This is the finest offering to make reparation for and to restore My Priests to holiness.
Thank you, My sons, I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love" 

A little child was leading the Crucifixion Mystery and Our Mother said, "Thank you, Catherine." 

Just before The Ressurection Mystery, I saw Jesus' Holy Face, just like on The Shroud of Turin, except His Face was Gold, surrounded by white light. Our Mother spoke:
"My Precious and Most Beloved Children, 
I love you. Thank you for coming to pray with Me. I will bless you in a special way for your sacrifice. 
I ask you to pray, pray, pray and do reparation for your sins and for the sins of priests. I need your help. Offer up to My Son Jesus many small acts of love, sacrifices and sufferings in reparation for all sin and desecration which occurs every day.
I ask you to repent of all your sins and to live a simple and holy life.
Seek forgiveness in Confession for many receive My Son in grevious sin. Turn away from sin and turn to Me, My children. Consecrate yourselves, your families and your homes to My Immaculate Heart.
Persevere in prayer even under extreme duress. 
Offer your daily works in reparation for sins. I love you.
Love My Priests, all of them, through your daily offerings and little deeds. I love you ALL.
I bless you and all those who are with you today in prayer. I am blessing the wedding rings of those who are married. I touch each heart present here today and those who pray with you in other places. 

Thank My Son, Jesus for these Visits and Messages.
I need an Army of Love to pray to turn back the darkness that threatens to swallow the whole earth.
Pray in Faith.
My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.
I promise you that I will pray for all your needs if you will pray for holy priests. 

Rise up, My holy ones and do not be afraid, the days of evil are numbered.
Use Holy Water often. Bless your homes, your families and yourselves often.
I love you. I remain at all times near you.
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love" End of Claire Rose ________________________________________ 8/28/99 Last Saturday of August Received by another Bride in another area. Went to another Bride's house for the day. After lunch invited her to say the 15 decade rosary with me for priests. She said she would be glad to. We started saying the rosary around 2 p.m. At the 4th joyful mystery I received a vision of the Annunciation, the angel Gabrielle asking Our Lady to be the Mother of God. I was very aware of her humility and her yes! I was also very aware that at that moment in time she became pregnant. And at that moment Jesus became subject to time as all humans are. At this mystery Our Lady began speaking to me. "Thank you my children for being obedient and coming today and praying for our priests. I come to you today in love. I give you My love and I ask you to give that love to others. Continue to pray little one". 5th Joyful Mystery The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple (Our Lady) "My Son is with Me today. He brings you His love and He gives you His love and wishes you to give the love He gives you to others. Continue to pray little one."(Our Lady) " He asks you to pray for our priests. The time is critical to pray for priests, for holy priests, for vocations. I ask you to spread this devotion to others, to encourage others to spread this devotion also. A world of my children praying for priests. Prayer is what will make it all happen. Continue to pray little one." 1st Sorrowful Mystery I received another vision of Our Lady standing in a blue mantle and a white dress with her hands outstretched to all her children. (Our Lady) "Many people will receive deliverance's today." (I understood this to mean freedom from long standing bondage of sin.) The vision of Our Lady of Divine Grace was still present. Again Our Lady spoke, "Many of my children will receive healing today." A tremendous peace came over me and Our Lady said, "I bring you My Son's peace." 2nd Sorrowful Mystery The Scourging at the Pillar (Our Lady) "This great grace of peace comes to each of you and fills your being. Those who don't feel it today will feel it later on when desperately needed. This peace you will bring home with you today. It will go out to those you meet and are present with." Thank you Blessed Mother. 2:30 p.m. 4th Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of the Cross (Our Lady) "I love you my children! Oh! How I love you." I then received a vision of the blood of Christ running down in a strip. I cannot explain in earthy words. 5th Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus (Our Lady) "The bride you are with today will receive a healing. Many brides will receive a healing. Many people will receive healings because of your prayers. Many priests will be healed because of your prayers. You will see some of the fruit of your prayers in your lifetime. Persevere in prayer my children. It is the only thing that will change the state of the world at this time. Continue to pray my child." 2:50 p.m. 1st Glorious Mystery The Resurrection I received a vision of the crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It was awesome. I then saw a shower of Blessings, like a shower of grace, flow on all of mankind because of our prayers. I began to understand in a very deep way the power of prayer. It is awesome. It is invisible to the naked eye, but in the eye of faith it is unlimited. 4th Glorious Mystery The Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven I received a vision of the crowning of Mary again with the understanding that she is the most perfect human adorer of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. (Our Lady) "The Trinity is with me sending many blessings on all of you that came here today to pray for our beloved priests and thanks you for your prayers. The love and grace of the Blessed Trinity is present here today to all of you in a special way. A special special grace for praying for our beloved priests." I understood this to mean where ever brides gathered together today to pray for priests, they would receive this blessing also. 3:00 p.m. 5th Glorious Mystery The Cornation of Our Lady in Heaven I now received a vision of the Trinity and grace flowing out to all from it. (Our Lady) "The peace and love of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity will go home with all of you today. Thank you for coming today and thank you for praying for priests. I love you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Go in peace my children. Again I received the understanding that wherever brides gathered together today to pray for priests, they would receive this blessing. The area where I live has been having dire need of rain, and today at 5:40 p.m. it started to rain. A real nice down pour. At this time I was in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. (Jesus) "My child the rain is a gift, a blessing for your obedience to My Mother. End of a bride from another area ________________________________________

August, 28, 1999, Saturday