Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

April 27, 2002 Last Saturday of April Priest's Saturday

Received by Claire Rose.
Today is a beautiful Spring day. The sun is shining & it is a little warm but there is a good breeze from the Gulf. My husband blessed inside our home and outside with Holy Water. Pilgrims arrived early & were praying at the Bayou-side, at the Stations of the Cross & by the Cross. Four Religious have come & two priests. This fills my heart with joy. Both priests heard the Confessions of many pilgrims. Some of these pilgrims share with me that they have not been to Confession in many years. Since Our Mother's Visits many marriages have been blessed. Our Mother says this is part of the fruit of Her Visitations here in Theriot and that this will help open the priest's hearts to Her messages. At 1:45p.m. we gathered with the children by Jesus' statue. As soon as we began to pray "Hail Mary's," Our Lady came all in white. Her Mantle was very full. She bent over each child. "My precious children, I love you. I love you. Thank you for coming here to pray with Me for Our priests. I ask you to pray for Our priests each and every day. My little ones, if you pray three Hail Mary's this will save a priest. Only three Hail Mary's to save a priest. Please do this for Your Mother every day. I love you. Be good My little ones. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
At 2p.m. I blessed myself & all present with Holy Water. First Joyful Mystery, Our Lady came as Queen of Divine Love accompanied by multitudes of Holy Angels & Saints. She asked me to announce Her Presence. Then Our Mother said, "Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray My beloved children. Pray with renewed hope. Out of the depths of My Soul...I call to you." She surprised me by asking me to speak these words out. I was obedient.
Then I heard Our Mother crying, deep, deep, grief. I have never heard Our Mother cry like this before. I feel helpless to comfort Her. I feel like my own heart is bleeding. 
I was begging for Mercy for our Holy Father. Our Mother said: 
"The Holy Father must live out the Pathway of Love that has been pre-ordained for him."
During the Fifth Joyful Mystery I felt very weak and asked Our Mother if I could please sit down, but I was willing to suffer this for a priest if that was God's Will. She did not answer.
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, I lived through all the Sorrowful Mysteries & was so weak I asked Our Mother again if I could please sit. I was passing out. I felt cuts and lashes all over my body. I could feel my whole body bleeding. I could feel myself walking & falling to the ground. I heard nails being nailed into my hands & feet.
At the second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar, I knew that I was about to fall. I asked Our Mother again if I could please sit. I was very weak. One of the priests gave me water to drink & he said, 'Our Mother said "Sit down." I obeyed. Father later told me that Our Mother told him to tell me to sit down during the Fifth Joyful Mystery & he asked Our Mother if this was from Her to please say it again. She did and he was obedient to Her.
Over and over Our Mother said, "Embrace your cross, embrace your cross."
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, I heard, "Kiss your cross My beloved and when it becomes too heavy bring it to Me. I love you so much. Do not ever doubt My Love or the Love of My Beloved Son, Jesus. Just meditate on what He has done for you, all done out of Love. One day this room will be filled with priests. Take courage and persevere. My Mission here has only just begun."

At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, Our Lady said: "From now on the Priests Messages will be given at this time. My beloved and most precious faithful sons, I love you. I love you. I love you. If you only knew how much I love you, you would die of joy! I thank you for your faithful lives of service to My Son Jesus and to all the flocks. I need you now as never before My sons. I love you. You are My Hands in this world. You are My Heart in this world. My Hands are broken and wounded. Please help Me in every way you can. Help Me to mend My Hands. O! My beloved priest sons, I love you. I call you. A priest is being delivered of evil spirits at this moment."
At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Our Mother continued: "My Son Jesus has left Himself to all through your hands My sons, and through your hearts. A horrible stench has entered My Son's Church. There is rot at the core, My beloved sons. There is a crack in the very foundation of My Son's Church, a chasm, satan himself has entered My Son's beloved Church, but he is exposed, and he will be defeated. The gates of hell shall not prevail against My Son's Church. Now that satan is exposed and recognized he will flee, but only by your prayers and sacrifices. My Son's Church will be cleansed and renewed from top to bottom My beloved sons. It will be stronger, greater and holier than it has ever been. The Immaculate Heart of Your Mother will Triumph. Yes, My beloved sons, My Immaculate Heart will triumph! A new springtime is about to dawn, is in fact on the far horizon. Look to the East. A new star will come from the East. This will signal the dawn, the breaking of the dawn, a new sunrise. A renewal of My Son's Church, a restoration of the wholeness of Truth. My beloved children, I love you. I love you. Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray and offer sacrifices, joys and sufferings to My Son Jesus for Our Beloved Church, for Our beloved priest sons. I love you forever. I remain with you forever. I will never abandon My Church My children. I love you. My beloved priest sons, in the same way I held My beloved Baby Son Jesus moments after He was born, you hold Him each and every day. I beg you My sons, hold Him in Holy Reverence, never desecrate His Body, as at this very moment His Holy Birthplace is being desecrated. All will be made one again. Look to the East. I bless you all as I leave you in Love. Love one another as I love you. Thank you for responding to My Call to you. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." 
End of Claire Rose_______________

April 27, 2002 Last Saturday of April Priest's Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in Louisiana for Our Lady's visit this month. Claire gathered all the little children around the Sacred Heart statue outside to pray Hail Mary's for priests. Leslie and I went outside also. While Claire was speaking a message from Our Lady to the children I saw Our Lady standing among us. She touched each person present. She was in pure white that looked transparent, like water, but you couldn't see through her garments as they flowed softly in the breeze. Our Lady spoke to Claire with a message for the children. After we prayed with the children we came inside to begin the Rosary for Holy Priests. It was around 2:00 p.m.
Claire blessed everyone with Holy Water and said some opening prayers and then we started the Rosary. Our Lady said, "I am here little one. Touch the lady on your right." I did. Our Lady was all in white. I seemed to fall asleep and was taken to another place. I don't know where or for how long. I felt great peace and when I returned, Our Lady spoke, "The man to your right needs a healing." I prayed, 'I place him in Your Son's Heart through your Motherly Heart.' Our Lady then continued, "Thank you little one." Claire then announced that Our Lady was here. I heard Claire say out loud to all present the following from Our Lady, "Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray with renewed hope." This was very unusual. I felt great peace all around me.
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady spoke to one of the priests present, "Father _____ I love you My precious Son. Thank you for all you do for Me." She then spoke to the other priest present, "Thank you My son for all you do for Me. I love you My son."
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, I see Our Lady of Fatima, now She is Queen of Divine Love. She is standing above the priests present. Her garments move in the breeze. She is very beautiful. I am very aware of the people around me praying. Our Lady then says, "Write My child." She spoke to the Religious present. "I love you My dear Religious present. You bring joy to My Heart. You love others with My Son's love. Thank you. I love you. My dear children present. I love you. Thank you for coming here today to pray with Me for your brother priests at My request. I join you to all those, all over the world who have come together today to pray with Me. You are one voice, one heart of love with the Most Blessed Trinity...for Our beloved priests. I love you. You are My Heart. I love you. Tell all you meet about this Mission of Love for Our beloved priests." 

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation, Our Lady continues, "All Missions come together in this Mission. This Mission of Love for all priests brings My Son to all in a closer and deeper way. Open your hearts to My Son, My children. Pray! Pray! Pray for your brother priests. Your prayers are working My children. You are starting to see the fruit of your prayers. Now! My children...Now! It is crucial for you to pray for your brother priests. It is a turning point. Pray for your brother priests to make correct choices. Pray especially My children for the Holy Father. He needs your prayers at this time. Do not be afraid to encourage others to pray for priests. Do not worry about what others think! Keep close to My Son. Speak to Him frequently through each day as it comes to you. Know that He is waiting for you to come to Him. He waits patiently and lovingly. Love Him! Be open to Him! He loves you. Oh! How He loves you!" 

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, a company of Holy Angels are above us. The roof of the chapel is being removed....gone! We are now one large river of prayer from all over the world praying.

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, I see a flame of Love above each and every one of us. It hovers above each one of us. Great Peace all around us...great love all around us...our prayers rising to Heaven!
Our Lady then tells me the following, "My child you are feeling the pain of your brother priests in their struggle to stay close to My Son...satan is waging war against the priesthood. My Son has won! Have courage My children! Have courage! Do not be dismayed by what is happening all around you. My Son is cleaning house. He will continue until all is as He wishes it to be. Your prayers help your brother priests to stay close to My Son. Thank you My children for your prayers. Persevere in prayer My children. You will not be sorry! All of Heaven hears your prayers. It is like incense rising to Heaven before the Blessed Trinity. All of Heaven prays with you for holy priests." I see Our Lady all in white. She is most beautiful. She is now Our Lady of Divine Love. Her mantle is blue and it spreads out over all of us. I now see Her holding a Chalice with a Eucharist above it. Now the Eucharist spreads out by the millions and millions all over the world from the Chalice. I now see the devil shrinking from us as we pray the Rosary. Our Lady, "My children, you hold a powerful weapon in your hands. Use it often. Be living prayers for the priesthood. Pray for holy seminaries and for holy teachers for the seminarians. Know how they need your prayers to persevere. Prayer My children, prayer is the key! Prayers from the heart, they are like diamonds floating to heaven before the Most Holy Blessed Trinity."
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, Our Lady asks me, "Continue to write My child. There is a person here who has received a healing of an old grievance. Continue to come closer to My Son Jesus. Pray now little one. Rest now little one."
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, Our Lady continues, "My children, I know many of you suffer at this time. I am asking you to persevere and offer your sufferings in My Son's Name for all the priests of the world. You will not be sorry. Offer your daily duties and be living prayers for priests, holy priests all over the world. I love you My priest sons. I love you My children. I send you many graces from heaven. They go out to all you meet. My prayer warriors, you are vessels of grace. You do not know how your example helps others in God's Plan. Open your selves to Him. Give your selves to Him. Keep your selves open to Him. If you fall, start again. Do not give up. Pick your self up and come to My Son and ask for His help and try again. He will never refuse a humble heart open to Him. Know that My Son loves you. He gave His all for you. Give Him your all."
At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Our Lady continues, "Healing is happening all around you to your brothers and sisters. Healing is going out to all the priesthood. Today is a day of healing for all the priesthood, a day of healing for many brothers and sisters all over the world. Pray for the world to open their hearts to My Son."
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary, Our Lady says, "My children thank you for answering My call to pray with Me for Holy Priests, 
Your Mother Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
I see small white angels. I see darkness, then a shimmer of light and more light, and then more light! Our Lady continues, "My child the darkness you see is the sin in the world and the light you see is your prayers extinguishing the darkness a little at a time. Have courage My children! Have courage and pray! Pray as if there is no tomorrow! I love you. Pray! Rest now little one! I love you My daughter. Thank you for your obedience in writing at My request. Thank you for your yes! More and more yes'es are happening because of all the prayers of all...all over."
End of bride from another area, Lin___________

April 27, 2002 Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese' received 
Our Mother appeared just as the rosary began. She was dressed all in creamy white, with Her seven point Crown on Her Head. She is Our Mother of Divine Love. Her halo was also Gold. As usual Her skin is all colors one after the other. 

Our Mother spoke to the nuns present: 
"My precious daughters I carry you within My Heart. You are cherished here in My Heart. I am so proud of you My daughters for never abandoning My Son Jesus for this world and what it has offered you many time over. My children here are grateful for all you do. You will be blessed in overabundance here in Heaven for all that you have done in My Son's and in My name to and for the children of God.
You shall wear crowns with the many souls saved because of your presence and faith in God. Know My daughters that you are truly loved and cherished by US all." (I can see Our Mother placing a small crown on a nuns head, the crown is made of hundreds of thousands of parts of jewels, gold and silver. She wants them to know that for each person's life they touch with Gods love , it is then multiplied throughout their families and friends. IT IS A LIVING LOVE THAT NEVER ENDS.)

Our Mother speaks to everyone present: 
"I bless each person here today with My Love and My Peace. I will send each one of you home with this, to surround you so that others will see Me within your hearts. In overabundance I will fill your spirits to overcome all that will come. Pray for your brother priests. My precious sons need an army of prayer soldiers to help them fight this battle against evil. Pray for them My children. Pray for the renewal of your church. Do not be afraid to speak out about any wrong you see. I am calling you My children to be the servants of God and His Church by doing all you can to pray for His priests sons. My Heart cries out with each passing day with the pain and shock of My children. I will renew and refresh Our Lord's Church one soul at a time if I need to. Pray. Pray My children, pray for My priest sons. Pray for those who have been mislead, pray for those who have been abused and so abuse. Pray for those who have become so lost in the world that they no longer hear My Call to them. Pray for those who have forgotten that they are only human and that perfection is only accomplished in Heaven. Pray for all of these My children. For without your priests how can you receive the sacrifice of My Son Jesus in Mass and in Confession? I love you My children and thank you for praying with Me today. Please continue in prayer for My priest sons.

Janice, he is with Me now, praying for all of you.
Sister E. I love you My darling and most precious one.

John, you never thought for a moment to find Me here, but you came anyway. I thank you for following your heart to Me here. You have found a place to be free with the Lord and you are welcome. I am calling you to the priesthood. Rejoice and be glad. Listen for My voice and never forget who, or what you are called to do. My children are praying also for you today to hear My voice calling you. Listen. Listen. Listen MY son , it is I who call you priest." 

This is the message Our Mother spoke to Her priests present and those who have yet to come:
"I thank you My sons for hearing again the confessions of My children. They are truly blessed by your love for them. You are so precious to Me. I carry you both within My Immaculate Heart. Advise My children well. I am giving you a special blessing of Love today. I give you the Love I have for My people. This Love that a Mother has for her children is beyond explaining but you will know it today. I love you My precious, precious, precious sons. I carry you here in My Heart." (As Our Mother speaks She is pointing to Her Heart over and over) "My Love for you is never-ending and fills My Heart with peace and joy. I need you to pray for your brother priests. Offer your help and guidance to all of those in need. Pray with and for your Bishops and Cardinals. And especially for My beloved , your Pope. Anything can be forgiven if we are contrite and in sorrow for what has been done. Pray that your brothers find Me here in this small place of holiness. Pray for those who pray for you My sons with all of their hearts and minds. Some have even died calling your name, priest. You have truly been blessed by the Father with a special place to call upon His Love for you. Come here to this little place and give yourselves back to the place God has given you. Come home to Your Mother so that I can wrap you in My loving Heart and rock you in the cradle of My Arms to comfort console and make you whole again through forgiveness. My priest sons it is not only MY children who need confessions. Do not be afraid, go to Confession and offer it to your brothers and especially to My children for they are in great need of this Sacrament. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." 

End of Leslie Therese

April 27, 2002, Saturday