Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Ninety-eighth Visitation of Our Lady

May 26, 2007 Last Saturday of May Priest’s Saturday Theriot, LA

Claire Rose writes:
Today is a beautiful day! My husband blessed inside and outside of our home with Holy Water. Today we are blessed by the presence of two holy priests who heard Confessions. Also by the presence of two holy Religious Brothers and three Sisters. About 125 pilgrims were present.
At 1:45 p.m. we called the children to pray for priests at Our Mother’s Request at the foot of the Holy Cross for Priests. Our Mother came as soon as we begin to pray the three Hail Mary’s. On Her Head is a beautiful white Veil like the veil of a bride. I see Her Face up close, very close, and both Her Eyes are flooded with tears. Our Mother speaks: 
“My precious, precious little ones, Oh how I love you! I love you! I love you! My Tears today are Tears of Joy. I thank you My children for coming to pray with Your Mother, for coming to pray for My beloved priest sons. I love you My little ones! I am blessing each child here today with healing, with love, with peace, and with joy. Help Me, parents, grandparents! Help Me! Teach your little ones how to pray, how to speak to My Son Jesus. I am here for you My children because I love you. I love you! I love you My little ones. Open your hearts. My parents, protect what your children see and what they hear. You were given children to guard them and to teach them to honor God. I love you all My little ones. I invite you. Come to this Cross, come and pray for My priest sons. Pray that they will become more Holy. Pray that their numbers will multiply. Pray for My priest sons who have left the priesthood to return, for once a priest, always a priest! I promise you My children, if you will pray for My priest sons, I will pray for all of your needs. Many have been healed at this Cross. The healings will multiply. Vocations to the priesthood will multiply. This is My Promise to you if you will be faithful to prayer. I invite many of you to pray the Life Consecration that I have given here. A wave of Holy Love is sweeping the earth. I am guiding you My children. Come; pass through the Doorway of My Heart. I invite you! I call! I call! I bless each one of you. I thank you for responding to My Call!” I see the most beautiful golden triangle, much light. 
2 p.m. In response to a special request by Our Lady, Holy Mass was offered by a very holy priest and
another holy priest Con-celebrated.
Just before Holy Mass as we sang “Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest” Our Lady spoke: 
“I establish here the fullness of the Mission of the Two Pillars of Our Holy Church. The Two Pillars become One here. Trust Your Mother My children, even if you do not understand. I am bringing My Mission here to a new level. I am with you My own little ones. I have always guided you. I will always guide you!”
Father’s Homily during Holy Mass was very touching. He said:
“There is One Spirit, undivided, He in whom the Spirit dwells, out of him will flow a river of flowing Love! We must learn to get along. Father shared about his years in the Seminary and how sometimes all they had for supper was a bowl of peanut butter and syrup. Share your peanut butter and syrup! There are too many divisions, in groups, in the church. We must learn to get along! Come together, work together! 
Father spoke of the Priest’s promise of obedience to his Bishop at ordination.
All through the priesthood we have to do what God says. He spoke of the moving of priests and how difficult this is for the priest and the people. This is God’s way of sharing a priest’s gifts among all the people and also letting the priest know different people. 
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart! Open the door!”
After Holy Mass we prayed the Rosary. I announced that we would pray the Luminous Mysteries. 
Our Lady says, “Announce My Presence!” I did.
Our Lady asks, “Pray the Glorious Mysteries.” So we did!
Our Lady continues, “My beloved priest sons (who are present), Oh how I love you! I thank you My precious priest sons for all your years of faithful service to My Son and all of My precious children. I thank you for your holy presence here today. An extra-ordinary blessing of abundant healing Grace is showered upon you and will flow through you to renew and restore you. In appreciation for your faithfulness in coming here to be with My children, I will heal your hearts and your eyes. I am among you My precious children. My priests, My religious and all of My precious children, I love you, I love you, I love you!
Fr. D, I love you. I know your desire to be here My son. I thank you that you place your duty as priest above your own desire. Oh My son, I allow your spirit to be present today! Thank you for your open heart. I enfold you in My softest Mantle. Thank you for the new chapel of Adoration. Oh My son, thank you for placing My Son Jesus in a place of honor and quiet. I am with you My son as you continue to guide My children to a deeper Union with My Son Jesus. At the same time I am calling you to deeper Union with the Most Holy Blessed Trinity through the open doorway of My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.

My beloved children, today I bless you. You have been each called and chosen to be present here today. For those who desire to be here you receive the same blessing. (Jesseye I love you!) To those who are gathered in other places, I bring you together as if you were all here in Theriot, under My Motherly Mantle. I am moving My Holy Mission for Priests to a new level. Continue to remain faithful to My Son Jesus, to prayer and sacrifice offered for My priest sons. I love you all My children. I envelop you within My Immaculate Heart. Much healing will take place today of body, mind and soul as I touch each one of you. My precious children thank you for loving My beloved Son Jesus. Love My priests for they are My little lambs.
Do you love Me? Then Feed My lambs! Do you love Me? Feed My priests! Do you really love Me? Then feed My priests! Spread My Mission! Renew your Consecration often My brides. Encourage others to make this Holy Consecration.” (Consecration as a Victim Soul for Priests) “This is the Wave of Love I speak of. My children, what I ask of you, what I have given to you, the ‘Victim Soul for Priest’s Consecration’, is multiplying over all the earth. My children, this has never occurred before in the History of Holy Mother Church. It is needed now so in God’s Will, it happens now! God will always provide for the needs of His Church. NOW is the appointed time!”
Our Mother Appeared over us with both arms raised over us. Her Hands were palms down. I have never seen Her more clearly, more serious, more strong! It was as though She was commissioning us: 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love!”
Earlier this past week I received:
In this time of Memorial Day and Pentecost: 
“Funeral Bells are tolling for America. Funeral Bells are tolling for your country. Funeral bells are tolling for America.” (I understand that She means the death of all that is in error in our Church in America.) “Your prayers will help to bring My Son’s Church in America to holiness and wholeness.”
End of Claire Rose’s message. _______________________

Theriot, Louisiana Claire Rose: Additional message June 15, 2007 3 p.m. Our Mother Speaks:
“I am calling all Missions to become ONE under My Mantle of Divine Love!
My Priest sons, My Religious, ALL of My children, just as you always try to divide yourselves, just as you always try to divide the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, I, Your Immaculate Mother, am calling you to become ONE as the Trinity is ONE! All will come to pass as I have spoken here. All Missions will come together under this Mission because the Renewal and Restoration to holiness and wholeness of My beloved Church must come through the renewal and restoration to holiness and wholeness of My beloved Priest sons!”

May 26, 2007 Theriot, LA
Leslie Therese` received:
I see Blessed Mother all in white lace with a Crown of diamonds and purple jewels. She is wrapped in what I think is a flag, red, yellow, white and green. Our Lady says, “Welcome My children. Welcome home to My Heart. You fill Me to overflowing with joy and peace but most of all, Love. My Love I give to you, to share with all you meet. I carried in My womb, true and pure love and I share Him with all of you My children. My Son Jesus makes Me complete and in this wholeness, I share of My self with you at His request. I can refuse Him nothing. I have heard your petitions and requests and lift these up to My Heart and shall present these to Our Lord today. Continue to pray each day for My priests. Some of you will begin this today. Open your heart to Me and I will make you whole. You will begin here in this little place a new life, a new hope and most especially a new Love. Today you will know and remember true Love; this Love has no boundaries, no end, no top, no bottom. This Love begins here but remains with you always and wherever you may go in your lifetime this Love will remain. Nourish and cherish this Love I share with you. This Love is My Son Jesus. He is whole and complete Love. All will come together through Jesus. For through Jesus only, will we truly begin to understand what God the Father has in mind for us to do and be in His world. Pray, Pray, Pray for true discernment in your lives My children. Pray especially for My priests, My sons who are in great need. Pray for them to come to Me here in this small place and seek healing and Love. Pray that they are renewed and refreshed here to continue in grace to offer to you My children all of the Sacraments, especially Confession and most especially the Sacrifice of the Mass. Pray, Pray for holy and devout priests. Please My children pray! I bless you today as you have blessed Me by your presence. I bless all marriages and Weddings bands. I bless all children of these unions, whether by blood or Love. I give you these blessings each month because I know that it is not an easy task to remain faithful and true in this world of many temptations. But with true Love and Faith in God the Father and all who seek His Love through His Holy Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit, All things are possible. I send each of you home today with an Angel of Protection; to guard this new and special Love you have been given. Call to Me My children in all of your needs. I am here to intercede for you also. You have only to call My Name for I now reside in your heart as you have always been in Mine. Oh My little ones, I Love you most especially when you come to Me with no reservations, walking by Faith alone. You are so very precious to Me, so very special. I Love you! I Love you! I love you!
Thank you to My special ones. You who listen to My children in Confession, You who hold My Son Jesus in your hands as you offer the Sacrifice of Mass. Bless you My sons, bless you! I awash you with My Love and Peace from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Be renewed and refreshed in My Love and the Love of My Son Jesus. My children are blessed by your offerings to them. Thank you, and continue to pray for your brother priests. Thank you for your ‘yes’ when I called to you so many years ago. You have done well for Me My sons and I love you. I called you to be here today and you have blessed Me and My children with your presence. Thank you again My sons. I love you with all that I am. I love you. Your Mother.” When Our Mother was speaking to Her priests, I saw Her lay Hands on one priest’s eyes and then on both priests heads. Then I could see Her Love flowing out of Her Hands into these priests. I could see this Love flowing through their bodies to the soles of their feet. 
“My little ones, Oh how I Love you, and thank you also for your yes. You continue to bless My children by your presence. Thank you for your devotion to My Son Jesus and in wearing your habits with true love in your hearts. With no doubt, My children can seek you out because of your dress and manner. I am truly blessed by you. You too will someday in Heaven meet all who have been blessed by you. I love you My little butterflies and wait with open arms to greet you someday in Heaven. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! Continue to pray daily for your brothers and sisters. Continue to pray!” Then as Our Mother spoke to Her religious, I could see hundreds of thousands of butterflies flying from flower to flower, touching each one. I could also see Our Mother standing with Her Arms wide open to the butterflies. They were Black, Brown, White and Yellow butterflies. 
“All who have come here today seeking My Love will be filled as never before. Thank you for your Faith in coming to Me here in this little Holy place in the Swamps in Louisiana. It is I Your Mother who comes here in Love to ask your prayer for My priests. Pray! Pray! Pray!
M. I love you My son and I know your heart as no other can know you. Soon, soon my son you will be healed and called to be My special priest. Soon.”
End of Leslie Therese’__________________________________

A few days after the Last Saturday a consecrated bride called us to say that the colors of the flag that Leslie Therese` saw was the same as the flag of Ghana. An official from there was involved in a serious planned terrorist attack that involved JFK Airport in New York that was uncovered after the Last Saturday. 

May 26, 2007 Priest’s Saturday Last Saturday of May Theriot, LA
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
It is a beautiful day here in Louisiana. There is a nice breeze from the gulf. The whole area was blessed with Holy Water inside and out. Pilgrims started arriving around 11:00 a.m. There were two holy priests hearing Confessions. Around 1:45 p.m. the children were called outside to the Priest’s Cross to pray the three Hail Mary’s for priests. Several children came outside and sat at the base of the Priest’s Cross. I saw Our Lady all in white. Her garments changed to all colors of the rainbow very quickly, first one color, and then another. Colors I have never seen before and cannot describe. A young boy ran in front of me with blue shorts on and a light blue t-shirt. Our Lady said, “That boy is being called to be a priest. Many vocations will come from this place, from this Mission of Love!”
We then went inside around 2:00 p.m. On the last Saturday of April Our Lady had asked for a Holy Mass on this last Saturday. Fr. Simone offered the Holy Mass. It was very beautiful and most humbling as Fr. Simone is legally blind and has difficulty reading the different parts of the Mass. Another holy priest Con-celebrated Holy Mass. After Mass we prayed a five decade Rosary for priests. Our Lady requested the Glorious Mysteries be said.
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus
Our Lady says, “Oh My children, I bring you the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. As you received the Trinity into your hearts at (Holy) Communion realize ALL that you carry in your hearts and souls. Great responsibility goes with this to bring that supreme Love out to all your brothers and sisters you meet, those who My Son brings to you. Pray for all! Pray for all priests! Fear not to share this Mission of Love for the entire priesthood to all the world. Pray My children, pray My religious, pray My priests for all Our beloved priests, My lambs, My loves. This special flock brings Jesus to the whole world, to all parts of the world. Pray! Pray! Pray!
Today is a special day. It extends this Mission of Love that Jesus and I have given to you to all the world in a special way! Love and Peace beyond your understanding. Total Peace! Total Love! 
Today on this special day for priests, I bring great healing. Healing throughout the whole world. Open yourselves My children, My all, to all this Grace and Love that the Most Holy Blessed Trinity wishes to pour into you. Let this Great Grace and Love pour through you all to others, to all you meet, to all We bring to you! Share this great Love and Peace to all your brothers and sisters. Oh yes My all, this Mission of Love from Heaven is for you all. As We have more and more Holy Priests, more and more of My children, My all, will come and live in My Son Jesus through My Immaculate Heart! Oh My children, My all, I love you! I love you! I love you! 
Oh My beloved priest sons, I love you! This Mission of Love is for all mankind. Oh My priest sons, as you are filled by this great Grace and Love you will give more and more to all mankind. You will be holy lambs as you are meant to be. Oh My beloved priest sons, I love you! I love you! I love you! I bring Love and Grace beyond your understanding. Holiness beyond anything you can imagine. Open your hearts My sons, My beloved lambs, My special flock to all this Love, Peace and Holiness! I love you! I love you! I love you!”
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary Our Mother into Heaven
Our Lady continues, “Oh My all, I join all who have answered My Call from all over the world to pray for priests at My request to form a river of prayer from all over the world, this river of prayer seeking all the places in the world, low and high where it is needed. Nothing is missed! No one is missed! You cannot imagine My all, how all this prayer affects the whole world, nothing and no one is missed. All of Heaven joins you in this prayer. It all is joined and flows before the Holy Throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity as incense of LOVE permeating all of Heaven and earth. Nothing, no one is missed, all combined for all, all over the earth and Heaven. LOVE rising from everywhere, Heaven and earth before the Most Holy Throne of Our God! Oh My all thank you for answering My Call! I love you! I love you! I love you! Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, your Mother!” Our Lady is hovering above us as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is wearing her seven pointed Crown with the Chalice on the front and the Eucharist suspended above it. Golden rays come out of the Eucharist. It is most beautiful! Her Hands are outstretched, holding a Rosary of light. The Rosary looks liquid, like water and seems to move. Golden rays come out from Her Hands to all of us in Love. She says, “You hold in your hands a weapon of love for all the world. Use it often My children against the evil one. As you say this weapon of love, the Rosary from your hearts the evil one cannot stay, but has to leave. I love you! I love you! I love you!
Your Mother
That is all for now My little one! Thank you for your obedience in writing at My request!”
End of a bride from another area. _______________________

may 26, 2007, Saturday