Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Priests' Saturday of January, 2000 Theriot, Louisiana At 1:00P.M.

I asked my husband to bless our house in side & around the outside with Holy Water.

At 2P.M. Shirley, Leslie, a bride from another area & I (claire rose) walked out of my bedroom where we had been praying. Our house was filled with many beautiful people who had come to pray a Rosary for Priests with us. As instructed by Our Mother, I blessed myself, the whole room & people present with Holy Water. I invited Our Mother, all the holy angels & Saints & holy souls in Purgatory to please pray with us & for us as we offer this Rosary as a plea for holy priests. At The First Joyful Mystery (The Annunciation) Our Lady asked me to Announce Her Presence. I saw Her briefly all in white with little glimmers of gold. I saw in front of me a Crown of Thorns with Blood on it. This was placed on my head. I felt no pain, but only felt blood flowing all around my head. I do not fully understand this. In silence, I consecrated all the priests of the world and those still in Purgatory to The Sacred Heart of Jesus through The Immaculate Hands and Heart of Our Blessed Mother, Mother of Divine Love. I also consecrated all of us present, those who were praying with us in other places, our families, friends, parishes, all those who had asked us to pray for them. I gave to Our Mother all of the petitions in our box and those in our hearts. I lifted in prayer all those we had ever met and would ever meet in our lifetimes. I simply surrendered all especially this little mission of love to Our Mother’s Immaculate Hands and Heart. I asked Our Mother to please join us together with those who are praying with us in other places at this time for priests, as if we were in the same room. Second Joyful Mystery (The Visitation) Our Mother Spoke: “My Precious and Most Beloved Children, My Heart is filled with joy that you have come here to pray with Me. I thank you for responding to My Call.” Our Mother usually gives me Her Message for priests first, so I was surprised at this change, but obediently wrote as She Spoke. Third Joyful Mystery (The Nativity of Jesus) A lady was leading this Mystery & began to get mixed up in the words of the Hail Mary. Almost everyone in the room began to pray the words with her. It was like a wave of Love. This happened 3 times, so everyone prayed the rest of the Hail Mary’s with her. Our Mother Spoke: “Thank you, My precious children, for supporting and helping one another. I love you.” I realize the profound lesson in this. Our Mother said, “This was allowed to happen.” Fourth Joyful Mystery (The Presentation of Jesus in The Temple) Our Mother came in a blue dress with white mantle. All through this Mystery I could smell the fragrance of roses. Our Mother Spoke: “My precious children, you form a garland of roses as I join you to all those who are praying with you today. I love you. Today we celebrate the first year and birthday of My Son Jesus. This is the first Visitation of the 33 Visits.” First Sorrowful Mystery (The Agony in the Garden) I began to experience Jesus’ Suffering. Our Mother began to cry. Tears flowed from her eyes. I felt a piercing in my heart. I could feel Our Mother’s grief over the sins of priests. This continued throughout the Sorrowful Mysteries. Second Sorrowful Mystery (The Scourging at the Pillar) Our Mother spoke, “Pray, Pray, Pray for HOLY priests. Do not be distracted by things of the world or by those who are in the world. I love you all.” Third Sorrowful Mystery (Crowning with Thorns) In front of me I saw a huge crown of thorns. Much bigger than the one I had seen earlier. I understood it was Jesus’ Crown. It was placed over my head, but it was so big it came down past my shoulders and encircled my body. Our Mother spoke, “I love each one of you with all My Heart.” Fourth & Fifth Sorrowful Mystery (Carrying of the Cross and Crucifixion and Death of Jesus) Our Mother Spoke: “Carry your little crosses my little ones. Carry them with joy and I ask you to offer them to My Son Jesus for holy priests and in atonement for the sins of unholy priests. I love you.” I felt very weak. I asked forgiveness for every time I have ever hurt anyone in my whole life. Our Mother Spoke: “My children I love you. I welcome you all here. Come to Me all who are wounded and hurting. Today I touch each one of you in a very special way. I bring to you My Love, and the healing Love of My Son Jesus.” First Glorious Mystery (The Resurrection) I saw our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II in deep prayer. Then Our Mother Spoke, “Today there will be no message for priests.” Except for Her Tears and “Where are you my sons?” Does She mean "where are you spiritually?" Our Mother said: “No messages for priests to be read today.” I believe this was Our Mother’s way of telling me that She did give a Message to our priests through the other three brides, but not to read these out to those present today. Second Glorious Mystery (The Ascension) Our Mother Spoke: “ Thank you My precious children for coming here to pray with Me for Our priests. I love you all and I bless you and all your families. I love you. I love you. I fill you with My peace. Do not ever doubt My Love for you My children. I call you to come home to Your Mother. I give you courage and perseverence to live out your life in God’s Will. All is going according to Our plan My daughter. Sit down, rest now and pray.” Fifth Glorious Mystery (The Coronation of Our Lady) Our Mother Spoke: “My Immaculate Heart will Triumph! Pray, Pray, Pray for Our priests and I promise to pray for all your needs. I love you My little ones. Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you. I love you. I love you. Love one another with My Love and the Love of My Son Jesus. I am here in obedience to Him and I ask you to thank Him for these Visitations of Love. I have chosen this little unknown place and I will make it known throughout the world as a place of Healing of Peace and of Love for all My children, but especially for My priests sons. No other place on earth has been chosen in this way. I leave you, but I remain here always. I love you. I shower you with many graces today. I ask you to thank all priests who are holy and courageous and faithful. I love you. Lady of the Bayou Mother of Divine Love” End of Claire Rose’s message. There were between 80-90 people of all ages present. _______________________________________ Last Saturday of January 1/29/2000 Received by a bride from another area. I was able to be present in Theriot Louisiana on the last Saturday of January 2000. We started praying the 15 decade rosary at 2:00 p.m. as requested by Our Lady for priests. Around 2:10 p.m. Our Lady announced her presence to me. At this time I was kneeling, but in a lot of pain in my hip and leg joints. 1st Joyful Mystery The Annunciation Our Lady spoke,"Child of grace sit down." I did so immediately as She was very firm in Her request. While I was praying Our Lady Began to speak,"My child, many blessings to all here today as you come to pray for My beloved priests. I love you My children. Thank you for coming My children." 2nd Joyful Mystery The Visitation Oh My Mother, I am very aware of us saying the rosary and how important it is to pray for each other. Our Lady then spoke, "My children, My Son wishes you to visit each other in Love. It is all about Love My children. Praying for priests and loving each other." Our Lady then asked me to kneel. 3rd Joyful Mystery The Birth of Our Lord I see a vision of Our Lady holding Jesus in Her arms. Our Lady then speaks, "I am holding Love Divine in My arms. He came to earth because of His love for you all." 4th Joyful Mystery The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple (Our Lady) "My children, present all Our priests to My Son for His saving grace to flow over them, to continue to sanctify them. Pray for their conversion of heart. Oh! My children I love you so. My Son loves you so! If you only realized how much! His love is beyond your understanding." 5th Joyful Mystery The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple (Our Lady) "Oh! My children find Jesus My Son in your heart. He is there waiting, patiently waiting for you. Pray for HOLY priests My children and for parents to not be afraid to give their sons for the priesthood for My Son." I now see a vision of Our Lady of Divine Grace then Our Lady of Mt. Carmel then Our Lady of Prompt Succor then Our Lady Mother of Divine Love and then Our Lady of Perpetual Help. She is saying she is with us always. I see a vision of angels all around the room, hovering above all of us. I see the devil cringing as we pray and fleeing. 1st Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden (Our Lady) "Pray for My priest sons so they will not give up. Pray that My priest sons will have perseverance." I see a vision of the Eucharist hovering above us all and drops of blood falling down over all of us. (Jesus) "I am with you My children. Thank you for being obedient to My Mother's request to come and pray for My, Our, priests on the last Saturday of the month." 2nd Sorrowful Mystery The Scourging at the Pillar I see a vision of Our Lady gently, sadly, touching the Wounds of Jesus. I cannot describe this in words. It touched my heart deeply. Our Lady then spoke, "My children you don't realize or understand the price My Son paid for your souls. If you did you would never sin again. My priest sons think of this when you consider taking the wrong path. Search your souls and follow My Son with zeal and perseverance." 3rd Sorrowful Mystery Crowning with Thorns (Our Lady) "Pray for moral courage My priest sons. Pray for your bishops. Pray for them to be Holy. My children pray to have perseverance in moral courage, not afraid to stand up for the Faith. Pray for your brothers and sisters to have moral courage also." 4th Sorrowful Mystery Carrying of the Cross (Our Lady) "My children pray for the grace of all mankind to have the courage to carry their crosses. It leads to the sanctity of all your souls. My priest sons pray for your flocks to have courage and not to give up. Give your flocks good example. Remember the fruit of perseverance. My children Oh how I love you. Oh how My Son loves you." 5th Sorrowful Mystery Crucifixion and Death of Jesus (Our Lady) "Much deliverance is happening here today because of your obedience to come here today on the last Saturday of the month and pray for our beloved priests, for answering My call, many, many graces My children. Thank you for this sacrifice of love." 1st Glorious Mystery The Resurrection (Our Lady) "Oh! How beautiful is your AVE in song to Me My children. Keep close to My Son and one day you will enjoy Him first hand in Heaven, face to face. Oh! My children how I love you. My children many of you are in pain today. I send many graces for you to endure. Continue to pray for each other." 2nd Glorious Mystery The Ascension of Our Lord I see a vision of Our Lady of Divine Grace and from her hands flow grace to all present and to all the world because of our prayers. I see incense floating toward Heaven. (Our Lady) "My children it is because of your prayers. My dear little ones how pleasing it is to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity your prayers. They are being taken to Heaven. Be assured that they are being heard." 3rd Glorious Mystery The Decent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and Our Lady (Our Lady) "Where two or three are gathered in My Son's Name He is in your midst. If only you knew how pleasing your prayers are to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Pray for My priest sons to be HOLY as My Son wishes them to be." 4th Glorious Mystery The Assumption of Our Lady (Our Lady) "My child sit. Oh! My children how pleasing it is to Me when you are obedient to My call to pray for priests. My child I have allowed you to kneel for penance for Our beloved priests." 5th Glorious Mystery The Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven (Our Lady) "My children thank you for coming here today to pray for Our priests. Many graces are being released today because of your prayers. Many graces will go home with you today. You will bring grace to all you meet because of your prayers today. I love you My children. I love you. My Son loves you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. You all have been given a special job to be seeds of love for all the world, for all the priesthood. You are My special children. You will experience My Son's great peace and love in a special way. It will go out to all you meet. I love you. Your Mother of Divine Love, Mary Immaculate." End of a bride from another area. _______________________________________ January 29th, 2000 in Theriot Louisiana 2P.M. Leslie Therese’s message: When I first walked into the room I saw an Angel, soon after I noticed we are surrounded by Angels praying with us and for us. First Joyful Mystery ( The Annunciation) Mother Mary Appeared in a white Mantle with gold and diamond trim and a Crown of Diamonds on Her Head. (Words cannot explain Her Beauty.) Mother Mary spoke: “Thank you My children for coming here. You can be assured I am here always. PRAY with all your hearts, OPEN your heart to Me. Your brother priests need you to pray for them.” I then saw a spinning Heart it was deep red. Mother Mary Spoke again: “Wedding rings will be blessed today. Rosaries also and those trying to concieve, will soon. Everyone here has come to seek Me, their Mother. They will all be blessed for coming. Thank you again. Thank you to all of My Josephs for coming and praying with Me. I will bless you all for bringing your families here, as the head of your household. This will keep your families strong. Nothing and no-one will divide what GOD has put together.” I am to touch everyone who welcomes it, Jesus will use my hands for healing. 2nd Sorrowful Mystery (The Scourging at the Pilar): I saw Baby Jesus looking all around the room at everyone here and smiling. 3rd Sorrowful Mystery (The Crowning with Thorns: I see golden crosses and rosaries above everyone in the room. I see Jesus Crucified on a metal Cross and Mother Mary crying at His Feet."Your Petitions are heard by GOD at the moment of thought." Mother Mary Continues: "Pray also for all of the aborted children, and their mothers, PRAY that these mothers are forgiven their sins, and come back to GOD Our Father." (While receiving this message I smell roses.) “Pray to Saint Therese.” “Let the chidren, be children, but do teach them to pray. Also teach them Love and Forgiveness. Teach them to speak well of others, softly." “Pray for them.” (Claire Lin & Shirley) “Thank you for the beautiful flowers.” (Some friends had brought many beautiful camillias for Our Mother.) Mother Mary Appeared in pink with a Pearl Crown. Mother Mary Appeared in a ruby red Mantle with a Gold Crown. Her Mantle had gold stars all over it, she is all skin colors at once (all nationalities). She then says: "I can and will, heal many souls today because of your prayers and devotions. A miracle of Love is happening here. Continue to pray, as you are with all your Love. I will touch you all today with My Love for you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love, Lady of the Bayou."

January, 29, 2000, Saturday