Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Sixty-Ninth Visitation of Our Lady

December 25, 2004 Christmas Day Last Saturday of December Theriot, Louisiana
Claire Rose wrote:
Today is a beautiful day! We are having ice and snow! Most of the major highways are closed due to ice. Ice and snow are very rare here in south Louisiana. My husband blessed our home in and out with Holy Water. Seventeen souls braved the weather and closed roads to come for Our Mother's Visitation. Most came from two or three hours away. Two of the seventeen are Religious, one a Brother, one a nun. A whole flock of robins is in our garden. Later heard that others tried to come but were turned around by the highway patrol. Leslie Therese` and her family could not come today because of the icy roads. Our Mother asked me to wrap one of the ladies present with a blanket because it was so cold.
At 2p.m. we began the Rosary for priests. 
At the first Our Father Our Mother Spoke to me: "Announce My Presence. I bring a special blessing on all those who braved the cold to be here today. This is extended to all of your families and those who desire to be here. This blessing is extended to those who gather in other places.
Second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation
I saw Our Mother all in white, snow white. Her Dress glistened like silk. Much Light is coming from Her Immaculate Heart. Our Mother said: "My Baby Son will Appear before you today."
Third Joyful Mystery, The Nativity of Jesus
I saw Baby Jesus lying on a bed of straw or hay. He was alive and moving. His Hair was dark brown. His Eyes were sparkling. I could not see color, only Light. I felt so deeply loved. His little garment was creamy white. I could see His arms and hands, his legs and feet were moving. Then I saw Our Mother kneeling over Him. Our Mother had a soft smile of tender love on Her Face as She looked at Baby Jesus. Then I became aware of St. Joseph, also kneeling and bending over Baby Jesus. He was guarding and watching over Him. The Light from Baby Jesus glowed and was reflected on Our Mother and St. Joseph. I was aware of others in the shadows. A new Bethlehem came to us, was brought here. And we are brought into the manger scene. We are the figures in the shadows. I saw Our Mother lift Baby Jesus up out of the straw. She kissed Him, held Him close to Her Face and to Her Heart. Then She turned him toward us and held Him out to us. Baby Jesus' Eyes were twinkling. He lifted His right Hand and gave us all a Blessing. Then all of a sudden, I saw a gold Chalice with a pure white Host suspended above it.

First Luminous Mystery, The Baptism of Jesus
The Eucharist was in the exact spot, place where Baby Jesus had been. I then saw a priest's hands holding the golden Chalice and the Host.
Second Luminous Mystery, The Wedding Feast at Cana
The priest was dressed in Royal robes, like a Bridegroom of long ago. Then I saw Our Mother again. As I watched Her bright white Dress turned to bright gold, like spun gold. There were many twinkling tiny stars throughout Her Dress and Mantle. Again Baby Jesus Appeared in Her Arms. She was holding Jesus on Her left side. In His little Hands I saw a golden globe. The globe was resting on His Right Hand. Over the top of the globe was a golden Cross of Light.
Third Luminous Mystery, The Proclamation of the Gospel
Baby Jesus looked at the golden globe, then He looked at Our Mother, into Her Eyes, Then He looked back at the globe, then He looked at us. At that moment I was shown many little groups in prayer around the world. Some were just two or three, some were alone except that each group was surrounded by angels, big angels and little angels. Next I saw Our Mother holding the priest who was holding the Chalice and the Host. Then I saw baby Jesus lying on the straw again. I saw little sheep around the manger. They seemed to be eating the straw that cushions Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus then seems to stand in the manger. He lifts His Right Hand in blessing and becomes a gold Chalice and a pure white Host. This happened three times.
Fifth Luminous Mystery, The Institution of the Eucharist
Our Mother speaks, "O My Beloved, Beloved children, I love you. I love you all so much. I thank you for gathering at My Request. I have called you My children to be here with Me. My Son Jesus honors your response with His Holy Presence. He is here today with you in a special way. O My children I thank you from My whole Heart for responding to My Call to you to pray for My beloved priest sons. All of Heaven joins Me today as I visit you on this special day."

First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden
Our Mother continues: "Today is a Celebration of Life, a sweet Mystery. A Celebration of joyful times even though many in this world are in sorrow. I bring to you a reason to be joyful, a reason to celebrate new life. O My own children I come here to you with My own Son held in my hands. He is Flesh of My Flesh, Bone of My Bone, Blood of My Blood, a great Mystery. Yet He is the Divine Son of Our Father, Our God. O My children, just as I was chosen to carry and bear the Divine Son of God, Who is also God, you, too are chosen to receive Him, to hold Him in your hearts and souls and to carry Him to others. O My children, today you are shown the Great Mystery of Life, the Great Mystery of the Holy Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. I have called you in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, to be bearers of the Christ Child to others, to the whole world. O My beloved children, consecrate your hearts and souls to My Immaculate Heart. Come My little ones and let Me love you."
Third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns
Our Mother continues: "I come to you in Love, total Love. I ask for total Consecration of your lives to My Immaculate Heart. Consecrate your families to My Immaculate Heart. Turn your whole lives into the Hands of Your Mother. I will bring you to My Divine Son. My Son desires to dwell in you in fullness. Where My Son is welcomed, He comes. And with Him comes Our Father. And with Them comes the Holy Spirit to dwell in fullness. This My children is called the Divine Indwelling of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, a profound Mystery. This is the new life I call you to."
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross
Our Mother continues: "On this special Christmas Day, let us begin anew as at the beginning of a new day. This year that is almost over was most crucial in the history of your country, My dear children of America. Heaven has heard the cries of the little and the cries of the poor. A new awakening is coming My children. A new day is on the horizon for your country, for My beloved Church and for the whole world. I encourage you to persevere in prayer. Stay faithful to My Son Jesus. Stay faithful to My Call to you, no matter what the cost. O My beloved ones, I am with you who am Your Mother."
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion
I see Jesus on the Cross. He is dying, giving His All, breathing His last breath. As Jesus' side is pierced by a lance, I see Blood and Water gush forth from His side. I see Calvary as being at the top of the world. I can see the globe of the earth with Jesus on the cross on the top of the world. In Jesus' Blood and Water I see millions of pure white Hosts like pearls, going all over the earth. I see a golden Church. It looks like St. Peter's in Rome. I see many, many churches all over the world. 

First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection
I see many Tabernacles, all glowing gold. Then I see many golden Monstrances shaped like Crosses all over the earth with a pure white Host in each. I see people Adoring Jesus in small and large groups. Some are kneeling, some are lying face down in Adoration. I see Processions in many places, always led by Bishops and priests all over the earth. In some of these Processions there are many Monstrances held high. People kneel and pray as Jesus passes by, their hearts are converted by His Presence. I see others being delivered of evil spirits as Jesus passes by.
Our Mother Speaks: "The healing of My Church, the healing of My children, the healing of this land, the healing of this world will come about through Adoration of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament of Divine Love."
Second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven
Our Mother continues: "O My children when you honor and Adore My Son Jesus in Holy Eucharist, you honor and Adore Our Father, you honor and Adore the Holy Spirit, The Most Holy Blessed Trinity, Undivided Unity. They cannot be separated. My children, Worship, Adore, Glorify the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Celebrate new life as you recognize your GOD! My Church will be renewed as My beloved shepherds are renewed. I request again one Hour of Adoration in each parish for Vocations to the Holy Priesthood."
Third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit
Our Mother continues: "Each priest who honors My Request will receive many Graces to become more holy. More Adoration Chapels will be opened. You will see the new Springtime My faithful children, even as you experience the cold and ice of winter where Vocations are concerned. Vocations will flourish where My Requests are honored and the priests and Bishops who respond to My Call will be most holy Saints. Persevere in prayer My little ones. Persevere in holiness. All Missions will come together in this Mission of Divine Love. This Diocese has been chosen from long ago to be the place where the renewal of the Holy Priesthood and thus the renewal of the whole Church begins as a small seed."
Fourth Glorious mystery, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Our Mother continues: "Yes, My little ones, satan is defeated by your prayers, by your little sacrifices and sufferings, by your little offerings. Many small specks make a mountain. Many small souls form an Army of Love, a Wave of Love to sweep the earth. It is cold today, very cold here in this little unknown and quiet place, yet your hearts are warmed by the glow of Christmas, the Gift of Christmas, the Gift you received at Holy Mass, the One Holy Sacrifice that brings to you and into you My Beloved Son Jesus, Enfleshed in Holy Eucharist, true food for your souls. O My children, this is the Wedding Feast. You have all been invited. Respond with your whole hearts. Respond with your whole soul. Our God in His Fullness came to earth to dwell among you. He came to earth to dwell within you. This is your life. Recognize My Son. Recognize Our Father. Recognize The Holy Spirit. One God in Three Persons in Fullness in Holy Eucharist. And where God dwells, I am, who am Your Mother. Come to Me. And through Your Immaculate Mother a new life comes to you and into you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity desires to dwell in you in fullness. Open your hearts. Renew your conversion to wholeness and holiness. I love you. 
Your Mother of Peace and Hope.
Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, 
of shepherds and of all the sheep. I love you. 
I give you My Heart. I give you My Son. He is totally yours."

End of Claire Rose______________________

December 25, 2004 Christmas Day Last Saturday Priest's Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. I received a phone call from a person in Sacramento saying they couldn't make it that day and could they pray at home with their family. I encouraged them to do so. She also shared that a family member received a healing. We had put the family member in the prayer box a couple of months ago and had asked for healing. People came around 1:30 p.m. and put their petitions in the prayer box. All present were blessed with holy water. At 2:00 p.m. we started praying the 20 decade Rosary for priests.
Almost immediately Our Lady spoke, telling us thank you for putting all aside and coming to pray with Her for priests.
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Lady says, "My children all over the world who have come together today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests I thank you. You form a river of prayer that covers the whole world with My weapon, your weapon of love, the Rosary for Our beloved priests."
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady continues, "Oh My children, how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages." The Rosary is being said in French, Spanish and English today. I now see Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is most beautiful. Her colors are very bright. She is smiling at us.
At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
Our Lady's Eyes are most beautiful. They change colors and then become larger and larger and seem to take us inside of them. She then covers us with Her Mantle. Yes, it is Our Lady of Guadalupe's Mantle. The color is very beautiful.
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady says, "Say this decade little one." I did.
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady of Lourdes is here. She says, "M_____, My child, My little one, thank you for honoring France and the diocese of Denver, while praying with Me for Our priests."

At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
It is very cold and Our Lady asks me to get a blanket for one of our prayer warriors.
At the second Luminous Mystery, the Wedding at Cana
Our Lady says, "My children, I thank you for the sacrifices you have made today to come together and pray for Our beloved priests. You will not be sorry My little ones, you will not be sorry. Oh! My priest sons who are praying today for your brother priests, I thank you."
At the third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom
Our Lady continues, "My children who can, I ask you to offer and Adore Jesus My Son in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I ask you to try to Adore Him at least once a week for one hour for Vocations. This will bring about the graces necessary to let this happen. Yes, My little ones, vocations to the priesthood, holy priests."
At the fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration
Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children who have come together today to pray for Our priests, I see your beautiful hearts. Tell others about this Mission of Love to pray for priests. Many, many vocations will come from the fruit of your prayers, and you will see it starting to happen in your lifetime. Yes, My children, it is already starting to happen. Thank you for your perseverance My precious prayer warriors. I love you, Oh how I love you. You all live in My Son Jesus' Heart through My Immaculate Heart. I love you, I love you, I love you! You are Mine My precious children."
At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
It has become very cold in our prayer room and Our Lady, Queen of Divine Love has asked me to bring another blanket to another prayer warrior.

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
Our Lady says, "It is no coincidence that you are here My children. You each have been called by Me to come and pray for Our priests. Oh My children, your priest brothers need your prayers. They work harder now for My Son Jesus than ever before. Encourage them My children. Pray, Pray, Pray for them My children."
At the second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar
I hear more voices than those present praying and Our Lady says, "Yes, My children, the Holy Angels are praying with you. Your prayer room is filled with Holy Angels praying with you."
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns
I now see Our Lady in simple clothes. She is sitting and Jesus is in swaddling clothes in a manger. She is silent. She is Adoring Her Holy and Blessed Son Jesus. Joseph is kneeling on the side of the manger. There is a bright light that emanates from the manger and goes out to all the world. Our Lady is still silent and in Adoration. Then the manger changes into a Chalice with the Eucharist suspended above it. Out of the Eucharist come golden rays and they go out to all of us. Love, grace, love, grace, out to all of us.
At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
Our Lady says, "My children, go to confession frequently and prepare your selves to receive My Son Jesus in the Eucharist. Oh My children, this is the Year of the Eucharist."
During the rest of the fourth Sorrowful Mystery and the fifth Sorrowful Mystery I was given some private messages.

At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection
I now see a Chalice with the Eucharist suspended above it. Our Lady says, "This is My Beloved Son! Adore Him, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. He waits for you in all the tabernacles all over the world. Do not stay away My children. Adore Him every chance you get! I Adore Him Constantly."
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension
Our Lady asks me to say the decade. I did.
At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit
Our Lady is present in front of us. She is in blue and white. She is praying with us. Her garments move in the breeze. She says,"My children, thank you for praying with Me for Our beloved priests at My request. Thank you My children from all over the world. Your prayers rise above to the throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity and are most pleasing to the Trinity. I love you, Oh! My children, Oh! How I love you. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven
I was given another private message. Our Lady then asked us to pray on each other after we finished the Rosary.
At the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven
Our Lady as Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests is standing above us dressed all in creamy white with Her Crown on with the Chalice on it with the Eucharist suspended above it. From the Eucharist come golden rays and they shine and touch each one of us. Our Lady then kissed each one present very gently on our cheek. It was so loving. Her sweetness is hard to describe in words. After we finished praying the Rosary we prayed on each other as Our Lady had requested. It was most healing.

End of bride from another area_______________Paste Message Here

December 25, 2004, Saturday