Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

JUNE 26, 1999, Saturday

Our Mother came, all in white with Her Arms & Hands extended over us. Over Her Heart was The Holy Spirit in the form of a pure white Dove. 

At The Annunciation, She asked me to "Please announce My Arrival, My Presence.." I did. She then said, "Thank you for being obedient." I believe She also meant for opening our house.

At the Nativity, "And a sword, too, shall pierce your heart."

At the end of this Mystery, Our Mother spoke Her Message for priests: 

"My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, I love you. I love you all. I come to you in love. I come to you in obedience to My Son, Jesus; to My Spouse, The Holy Spirit and to Our Father.

I love you. 

You have been called to a precious vocation, chosen from among all men. You are in My Heart, My Immaculate Heart. I love you. You are My Hands and My Heart in this world. You represent My Son, Jesus, in a way that no one else can. I ask you to remember this always, at all times.

I know that many times you grow weary and become disheartened. I am always with you. I am always there, waiting to help you. So many of you have forgotten me, but I have not forgotten you. I will never, ever abandon you. 

I am never too busy for you. 

I await your return. Come home to Your Mother. I will guide you to a deeper union with My Son, Jesus. I will take you by the hand. I will take you home.
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."

At The Agony in The Garden, I felt a burning heat over all my body, then I felt like I was bleeding from every pore. 
At The Scourging, I heard, "You are evil, you are so evil." I grabbed the holy water and sprinkled it all around me. I knew that was not from God. Our Mother then said, "Thank you for sprinkling the holy water."

At The Crowning with Thorns, a child was leading the decade, at the 3rd Hail Mary, I felt a sudden and painful piercing into my heart.

Our Mother spoke: 

"My Precious and Beloved Children, I love you. Thank you for coming. You bring joy to My Immaculate and Wounded Heart. 

Your prayers, My dear little children, are like sweet music in My Ears and in My Heart. 

Thank you for praying for holy priests. This pleases Me. I thank you. So many of My dear children and priest sons have been led astray. Your prayers bring comfort to My Heart. Your prayers are heard. If you will pray for holy priests, I will pray for all your needs. 
Bring to My Immaculate Heart all your fears, all your cares and worries. This comforts Me. Bring to me your joys as well. I am a loving Mother and I care about every detail, every moment in your life."

During The Crucifixion Mystery and into The Resurrection Mystery:

"This is My third Visit, my third Message to you. These 9 visits, at the end of this Century, represent the 9 months that My Son and Our Savior, Jesus, spent in My Womb.

My dear children, how many babies do not live the whole first 3 months because they are unwanted by their mothers and fathers. They are killed in their own mother's blood. 

My precious children, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that more and more of My priest sons will speak out against this evil which plagues the whole earth, especially in countries like this one who profess to be Christian. Your country and the whole world is deep in the blood of the innocent. 

I love you, My children. I am blessing you and all your families today. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, My children, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. 
I cover this house with My Mantle of Love, My Mantle of Protection. I love you all. 

Thank My Son, Jesus, for these visits. We call you to a deeper union with Our Hearts. Our Hearts beat with One Love, with One Voice."

During The Third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of The Holy Spirit: 

"I fill you with love and peace. I love you. I leave you, but I remain with you always. Let My Immaculate Heart be your Home and your Refuge. Seek forgiveness one from the other, Forgive one another in love, as Jesus forgives you.

Your loving Mother, Mother of Divine Love."

End of Claire Rose


6/26/99 Last Saturday of June
The following was received by another Bride while saying the rosary in another area on the last Saturday of June. Around 2:00 p.m. I started saying the Rosary for priests in the quiet of my apartment. During the Annunciation Our Lady began speaking to me. "My daughter, I have come to you today to speak to you about My Son. His Heart is heavy with those who do not listen to what I am asking of you. Again I shall ask. It is of upmost importance my children that you turn your hearts to My Son. I am asking you to pray for holy priests, as they will guide you to My Son. Again I tell you not to be afraid of what others think of you. Be more concerned with what My Son thinks of you, and what you think of Him. Look into your hearts my children. What can you do to correct your hearts my precious children.( I understood this to mean each heart on an individual basis. Very personally between each soul and Jesus.) Each soul must look into it's heart in a very deep way and search out what is not of My Son and stop doing it. My Son gives you the means to help your selves. This means is prayer and the Sacraments. Consider the last time you went to Confession and Mass and Communion for My Son's greater honor and glory? When is the last time you said a Rosary or even part of a Rosary? Seriously consider these things my children. I come to three specific brides of the Most Holy Trinity because I have given them a job to do for Jesus and I. We, Jesus and I have given them an apostolate to spread, which is to pray daily for our priest sons and to encourage others to do the same. I am challenging you all today to pray daily for holy priests. No matter how small or how simple the prayer is, it is heard by the Most Blessed Trinity in heaven. Holy priests are needed to cure the ills of your era of time on earth. You will not have them (priests) unless you pray for them my children. I come to you publicly through these specific brides to give you these messages and for you to carry them home with you to your families and friends. Hold them deeply in your hearts and share them with each other. The whole purpose of the messages is to bring each of you closer to My Son." 
3:00 p.m.
Finished saying the rosary at 3:30 p.m.

End of a bride from another area