Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

May 29, 1999, Saturday

Last Saturday of the month......

About 1:30 PM, I was praying in my bedroom with a friend. Our Mother came. She was dressed in a white bridal gown and veil, with a crown of fresh flowers on Her Head. She told me there would be less people than last month. She said this was like the Wedding Feast in the Bible, that many were invited, many were called, but few responded. She said that this is never to concern me, that this will be part of Her job, to prompt the hearts of those She has chosen.

A few minutes before 2PM, Our Mother asked me to go into our chapel, to bless the room, the people gathered there and myself with holy water. She said that in time She would bring priests to do this. We began to pray the Rosary for priests. We were being joined in prayer by several small groups in this country and abroad. There were many who expressed a desire to be here with us, but could not. Our Mother said that we were all joined together in prayer as one, no matter where we were. At the beginning of the First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Blessed Mother asked me to announce Her Presence to those present. Several of us in our house had either seen Her or felt Her Presence since early morning.

I began to see Her during the second Mystery, The Visitation. She was so beautiful, mere human words can never describe Her Beauty nor Her Presence. She was dressed all in white with a bridal veil and a circle of small roses around Her Head. Her dress was different than the one She was wearing earlier, it was more simple. Her dress and veil were blowing in the wind. She was accompanied by many angels and saints. The ones I remember are Padre Pio and Fr. Joachim Tierney, a priest, a holy monk and friend of my heart and of our mission since Holy Week of 1992, who died just a week ago.

Our Lady walked around the room and physically touched each person present. I received the understanding that She was also touching those who were with us in spirit and that many healings were taking place and petitions (prayers) were being answered.

Just before the Third Joyful Mystery, The Nativity, She began Her Message for priests. As She spoke Her Immaculate Heart beat from gold to pink, over and over. There was tremendous light coming from Her, especially from Her Heart and Her Hands.

"My Beloved and Most Precious Sons,

I love you. I am calling you. I love you. Do you not hear My Call? Have you lost your hearing? There is so much noise around you, you can no longer hear My Voice. I love you.

I have given birth to your vocation. I have called you to be a priest...a holy priest. Many of you remember this call, but so many do not. I assure you of My Motherly Love. No longer can you hear Me and this causes My Immaculate Heart to grieve. I love you. I ask you to ask My help. I will bring you back to holiness. I am waiting for your call. Your heart is Mine. Your heart belongs to Me and to My Son. It has been purchased at a great price.

Do not be troubled, just return to me. I love you.

Pray for one another. Encourage one another to return to Your Mother. To return to Your Mother will assure your return to holiness and your return to My Son. I love you ALL. I am a loving Mother. I am your loving Mother. Do not be afraid. I am with you. I have never left you, although some of you have left Me and I am often in tears over you. I come to bring you peace of heart and of soul. I love you.
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love"

As we began the First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Our Mother began to speak again:

"My Beloved and Precious Children,
Thank you for coming here to pray with Me & My Son, Jesus.

Your prayers bring joy & comfort to Our grieving Hearts. Our Hearts are pierced many, many times each hour.

My beloved children, I cannot plead with you enough to pray, pray, pray for holy shepherds to lead you. I love you all so much.

I am blessing you in a special way today.

Do not be afraid of what others will say about you. I ask you to persevere in this prayer and I invite you to return. I hear all the prayers in your hearts. You will be so surprised at how your prayers will all be answered.

Pray for My sons, the priests who are all called to shepherd you all. I will pray for all your intentions. This is a holy promise. You will see an increase in holiness in your priests. I am present here at all times. I love you.

Many, many healings will occur here through your faithfulness.

Open your hearts to Me and to one another.

Love one another with My Love. Be at Peace.

I will return here each month as I have promised. I love you all. Always thank My Son, Jesus, Our Father and My Spouse, The Holy Spirit for these visits and messages.

Each one of you is special to Me and has a special place in my Heart.

Be patient with one another, My dear little children, as I am with you.

I have called each one of you here today, called you by name. I come to call you to a deeper union with The Holy Blessed Trinity, Our Father, My Son, Jesus and My Spouse, The Holy Spirit. Renew your commitment to Them. I will help you if you only ask. I will take you by the hand and bring you one day to Heaven, but you must do your part. You must ask for help to be converted to holiness. For some of you, this means to turn around for you are heading in the wrong direction.

Your prayers of today comforted My Son and Me at Calvary. We could hear the sound of your voices in prayer, even though you were not conceived yet at that time, for My children, with God, there is no time. One day in Heaven you will understand this. I love you all so much.

I am asking you to do all you can in your life, in your vocation to be holy and pure.

Turn away from sin and turn to Jesus, My Son. He is waiting. His Arms and His Sacred Heart are always open, waiting to receive you. I love you.

Go to My priest sons, go to confession, ask for prayers and help. I am waiting to help you. Many will ridicule you as they did to Noah. Do not worry or be afraid for I am with you always. Be a comfort to My Immaculate Heart for all your sisters and brothers who appear to be lost."

For some time during The Sorrowful Mysteries, I experienced some of The Passion and Suffering of Jesus. I cannot explain this. I heard the sound of the whipping, the voices of the soldiers and others, heard the sound of the nails and the hammer, yet could also hear the voices of the ones who were praying the Rosary for priests around me. I felt no pain, only extreme weakness, yet I also felt intense Union with God. During this time Jesus spoke to me words of Love. He was seated on a Throne. 
As the First Glorious Mystery began, The Resurrection, I felt refreshed and renewed, like I was reborn, a new person.

As we began to pray the second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension, Our Mother appeared as Our Lady of The Americas, Our Lady of Guadeloupe. These are Her Words:

"My children of America,

Your country is in serious trouble, My beloved children. Pray, pray, pray for holy priests to lead the flocks to holiness.

I will never abandon this land, this earth, it was created by God as a gift to mankind. I promise you that it is always darkest just before the dawn.

Do not be afraid, trust and hope in My Son, Jesus.

He will return to you just as He left.

Keep in mind that He is ALWAYS PRESENT in The Blessed Sacrament. Always Present awaiting your visit, awaiting your glance, awaiting your love. Where My Son is, The Whole Holy Blessed Trinity is and there I am also. I am leaving you, but I remain with you."

I could no longer see Her, but She continued with these Words:

"Open your hearts fully to Me. I love you.

Pray the Rosary, it is the most powerful weapon against satan.

I love you.

Your Mother

Remember that your bodies are living tabernacles where The Holy Spirit dwells. Keep yourselves pure and holy in honor of the One who gave you life, for where The Holy Spirit dwells, The Whole Holy Blessed Trinity dwells and where They are, I am.

Your Mother,

Mother of Divine Love"

She stopped speaking at the end of the Third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of The Holy Spirit on Our Mother, Mary and on the Apostles.

For a long time after we finished praying out loud, I could not speak. Our Mother wanted me to be silent. She was touching everyone's hearts, including my own, to receive Her Words.

I read Her Words aloud as She wanted, to those present. One of my daughter was given the grace to also see Our Mother. She was praying the Rosary with us in our chapel. My husband also saw Our Mother. She was walking around giving each person present a pink rose. Each rose became a chalice. He could see the Consecrated Wine between the rose petals and a white Host was suspended over each rose-chalice. Another person saw a tabernacle, like the Ark of the Covenant with a large white Host near the wall where our large Crucifix and Divine Mercy picture are. Two of my daughters were praying with their aunt in church before Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament. One of my daughters was visited by Our Mother. She spoke to her.

Perhaps others were touched in other ways. Two ladies shared with me about three healings they felt took place at the time of Our Mother's Visit, last month.

End of Claire Rose

5/29/99 Last Saturday of Month
Received by a bride from another area. 

In obedience to my spiritual director, instead of staying at Claire Rose's house during the visit from Our Lady on the last Saturday of May, I went to a church near by with two other people to say the Rosary for priests. Our Lady spoke to me, "Do not be discouraged My daughter. This is part of My plan." I see Our Lady in a vision as Mother of Divine Love, all dressed in a cream colored dress and veil with gold around the edges of Her veil, and it flows in the breeze softly. She stands in front of the tabernacle with Her hands outstretched to all Her children. She then moves across to the altar. She seems to float. She now moves up to the same level as the top of the altar. Her feet seem to be level with the altar, but not standing on the altar, but hovering at that same level just behind the altar. Our Lady then speaks again, "Thank you My daughters for praying for priests. Thank you little one for being obedient to your spiritual director. I have removed the roof of the church and the roof of Claire's house. You are now joined together. Shirley is with you also. I come My children to plead with you to pray, to pray for holy priests. In spite of all the distractions all around you, you will be able to pray for holy priests. I am asking you to pray for priests, for holy priests, to bring all My people back to My Son, to open their hearts to truly know My Son their Redeemer and Creator. Pray for their daily conversion. Pray for My special sons to re-dedicate themselves to Me daily. This is a daily battle that can only be won by your diligent prayers. Do not be afraid what others think. Totally dedicate yourselves to prayer. Let your daily duties be dedicated to Our Father through My Son's Most Sacred Heart, through My Immaculate Heart. Rest now little one." I am getting the fragrance of gardenias that are sitting at the feet of a statue of Our Lady. I witnessed a healing before my very eyes. As we were on the sorrowful mysteries, one of the people who came with me who has been quite ill received a most beautiful healing. I was told to have her write what she received. She wrote what happened and kept the writing with her. She had gone through a very rough situation and still had a lot of the anger left from it. Also a year and a half prior she had been struck by lightning and kept saying that she saw everything through a blue haze and that it lasted for three or four days. All of a sudden she said, "It has just been revealed to me what the blue haze was. It was Our Lady." She continued to share that Our Lady had been totally surrounding her, protecting her, and that she was looking through Her out to the world. At that time she felt totally safe and protected. She said she felt some of her anger simply leave. Her whole appearance or countenance changed and she was smiling and seemed so peaceful. The other person who was with me also praying the rosary stopped and shared what she had prayed for. She had prayed for the person who was ill, that she would let go of all anger and everything else not of God that she was still holding. She also prayed that everything within herself that was stopping her from doing what God has in store for her that He promised and gave her as a gift from Him would be fulfilled. That she could let go of resentment and anger, whatever prevented God's Will. This all happened in a very short time.

We prayed the rosary at a Church without air conditioning. It was very warm and definitely very uncomfortable.
During the 5th Sorrowful Mystery Our Lady spoke again, "My child, My priests must be holy to bring and attract My children to My Son's Heart. Oh! How I love them! Oh! How I love you My children. I plead with you to listen to My plea. Pray! Pray! Pray for My holy priests. It is now the hour of mercy. Immerse the priesthood, My special sons in My Son's passion. This is a very holy time. Much can be accomplished at this holy time. Continue to pray My children." 
1st Glorious Mystery (Our Lady) "I love you, I love, I love you. Oh! My children, how I love you. Only in heaven will you know and understand how much I love you. My Son loves you, and has laid down His Life for you. When you are discouraged always turn to Him. Our priests need to be holy, so My children will be attracted to them and return to My Son, the whole purpose for which they were created. All is for Love. My Son is Love, the Father is Love, the Holy Spirit is Love. Pure Love, unlimited Love. Submit yourself to Pure Love the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. I love you My children, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Pray! Pray! Pray for priests, for holy priests. Our Lady then went quiet after saying, "I go quiet now my children, but always remember I am with you." We continued to say the 15 decade rosary and Our Lady started speaking again, "I am so pleased for the meditation prayers used to say the rosary, the 15 decade rosary for holy priests. Share this with the whole world." 
At the 14th decade, the Assumption, Our Lady spoke again, "We are in battle. It is a spiritual battle. The evil one is trying to destroy the priesthood. He will not succeed. My Son has already won. Have courage, My little ones, have courage. Continue to pray for holy priests." Our Mother says how pleased She is with Her children who came today to pray for Her beloved priest sons. She also thanks the two people who came with me to pray the rosary in another area in obedience to my spiritual director.
(Our Lady) "Oh! My children, how I love you. How much I thank you for praying for My special sons, for holy priests." 
When we went back to Claire Rose's house, the person who was ill shared what had happened to her. Her daughter began to cry, as the petition she put into the petition box was that her Mom would get rid of her anger and be able to go forward with her life. It was all a most humbling experience.

End of bride from another area

Today is the Eve of Trinity Sunday. We invited everyone to come to evening Mass with us at our parish church, St. Eloi's. During Holy Mass, at the opening prayer, I saw the Cure dArs standing next to the priest who was taking my Pastor's place, Fr. Roch Naquin. While Father was reading the Gospel, Our Mother was standing next to him, looking at the people. She was shorter than Father. She was dressed in a very simple white veil and gown. I could see Her hair, it was dark and Her eyes were brown. She was exactly the same as the day I saw Her standing next to my Bishop, Bishop Michael Jarrel, as he read the Gospel in the church in Larose, Oct. 11, 1998, for the 125th Anniversary Celebration.

A very holy priest came to bless the Bayouside Shrine at sunset. We are so grateful to Jesus & Mary for such a gift. He prayed for all those who would come here and for those they would pray for and that this prayer and blessings would spread all over the world.

May 30, 1999 Trinity Sunday
We attended Holy Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Larose where three holy priests con-celebrated. This was an extra-ordinary gift on such a Feast Day! At the beginning of Holy Mass, I saw Our Mother come down from the dome of the church. She was all in white and accompanied by many angels and saints. Her Hands were extended toward the people. As the new young priest, Father Clyde Mahler, read the Gospel, I saw Our Mother standing just next to him, facing the people. She was in the same place that I saw Her standing next to our Bishop on October 11, 1998. The Cure dArs, St. John Vianney was standing behind the priest, larger than the priest. At the Holy Consecration, Our Mother was kneeling, facing the Altar. She was big. Although on her knees, She was taller than the Altar. Even tho' She is Queen of Heaven, She was kneeling in Adoration of Her Son. She teaches us by Her Example, as all good mothers do. She is not God and is not to be worshipped as God. As the three priests were concluding the Consecration, as the three of them lifted Jesus for our Adoration, just before the Our Father, the priests disappeared and all I could see was the ancient Icon of The Holy Blessed Trinity, life-size. What an awesome experience to attend Holy Mass, to be present as the simple bread and wine actuallyBECOME THE BODY, BLOOD, SOUL & DIVINITY OF JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, OUR REDEEMER, FULLY PRESENT. WHERE JESUS IS, THE WHOLE HOLY BLESSED TRINITY IS, FOR THE THREE PERSONS CANNOT BE SEPARATED. And then to be allowed to receive HIM WHOM my heart loves! What a gift, that God would give Himself to us in such a way, to us who are so unworthy. And that He would come to us through the holy and anointed hands of three holy priests on Trinity Sunday, an extra portion of His Love for all of us. God is so good.