Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Eightenth Visitation of Our Lady

Last Saturday, January 31, 2009 – 

Written and received by Claire Rose

Today is a beautiful day.

A group of us prayed the Rosary last night in the Apparition Room.  I was tired and wanted to go to bed.  Those present asked me three times to pray the Rosary.  St. Michael appeared as we began the Rosary.

2 pm – Holy Mass.  

The Most Holy Trinity was made visible at the beginning of the Holy Consecration of Holy Mass. (An upside down triangle was drawn on paper by Claire Rose.)

I saw Our Father’s Hands, Jesus, both priests and in the simple bread and wine the Holy Spirit, beams of Light encompassing the whole area of the altar.  Our Mother is kneeling in Adoration, without a crown.  After Mass as we began the Rosary Our Mother appeared in white light, with Her Crown as Mother of Divine Love.  

Our Mother spoke, “My own beloved priest sons, O how I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  You were called and chosen from long ago My own beloved sons to become holy priests! O My own sons I thank you for your holy response to Your Mother’s Call to Your Mother’s Voice within the depths of your soul and your heart.  I love you My sons, My priests!  My Hand has been upon you since the moment of your conception in Your own mother’s womb.  Thank you for your fiat!

Yes, My sons, you are a holy example to My children of My request at Cana, the Wedding Feast – ‘Do what He tells you to do!’

Mon petit prêt – J’ai t’aime J’ai t’aime J’ai t’aime beacoups!  Mon petit – sa ta Mere Immaculat qui vous parle.

I have brought you here to this small and unknown place.  This place chosen from long ago to be a place of prayer and healing, a place of restoration, a place of peace!

O My priest sons, My holy shepherds, to the world you are a shepherd but to Me, Your Immaculate Mother, you are My own little lambs – Lan eau see doux. (sweet lamb)

O My priest sons I call you all to be holy.  You are the true representatives of My Beloved Son Jesus.  O my beloved priest sons you are My Hands in this world.  My Hands are broken.  Please help Me all of My children to mend My Hands.  Your prayers, your suffering, your sacrifice and joys offered to My Son Jesus for all of your brother priests will help them.  My Son’s Church must be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness. This will come through the restoration to holiness and wholeness of My beloved priest sons.  Divine Order will come My children.  Divine Love will permeate all hearts if you will only become as children and love one another as My Son Jesus and I, Your Immaculate Mother, love you.  We love you with a fullness that you cannot understand yet fully.”

Jesus spoke:  “I love you where you are – as you are! Come to Me!  Give to Me your heart.  Surrender all that troubles you to Me.  My Sacred Heart beats with Love for you all!  Come without hesitation.  Come unto Me!  I have sent My Mother to speak My Words to you.  Our Hearts beat as One.  She speaks for Me and for Our Father.  My beloved Church, We shall never abandon you.  I am with you!  Our Father is with you!  The Holy Spirit is with you!  Do not be afraid for We love you and call you to be converted.  Come home.  Listen to My Mother.  She is Your Mother.  Be obedient to Her.   She will always lead you straight to My Sacred Heart of Love and Mercy.  I am Jesus Born Incarnate.  I am Divine Love.  I am Yours and You are Mine!”

Our Mother continued, “My Children I love you.  I thank you for coming here to pray with Your Mother.  I have brought all who pray for priests today together as if you were in the same room.  All will return home safely.  I ask you again Pray!  Pray! Pray! And Pray more!  Offer your suffering and sacrifice for My beloved priest sons!

I encourage you to stay close to My Beloved Son Jesus.  Keep your focus on Him.  He will never leave you nor abandon you!  Live in Peace with one another.  Forgive one another and live each day as if it was your last.  Live in this present moment.  Give the past and the future into the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus!  This life is but the twinkling of an eye when compared to eternity. O My children I love you!  Love one another!

I have many titles, I am One Mother, Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love.

The vision/dream of John Bosco will come to pass.  This will come about quickly.  Trust in My Son Jesus! 

I love you L.M.  Trust and surrender!”

-End of Claire Rose. ______

Last Saturday, January 2009

Written and received by Leslie Theresé

“Jesus Son and Savior have Mercy on Me a Sinner”

Our Mother spoke to a priest, “I have sent you here My son because My children need.   They are much broken and with your faith they will begin a renewal here in this little place.  Yes My son I love You with all that I am.  I live within you and you within Me. Unburden yourself to Me here, leave with Me all of your troubles and trials.  I am you renewal.  I am your Mother.  Thank you My sweet little one for your Yes and your obedience in coming.  I love you and you are blessed by Me and all of Heaven, for you have honored Me and My little ones by coming here today in faith.  You bring life, love, and renewal here to My little ones and I am blessed to call you My own, My priest, My son.” 

Our Mother is here today in creamy yellow lace.  She is surrounded by Heaven.  The light, the colors are hard to describe.  She is standing near a stream and the sunlight is reflecting off of the water and shining up toward Her.  She is then bathed in light of all colors.  I heard the word “Celebration.” 

Our Mother continued, “Oh My little ones I have not forgotten you.  I ask with all of My Heart that you continue to pray for My sons, My priests.  Pray also for your country.  But have faith My children for Our God always has a plan for those who truly Love Him.  Pray.  Pray. Pray My little ones.  I love you all and bless you all who come to Me here.  I am always with you. You have to call out and I am there.  

Special blessings and an angel of protection to all who have come here, for the Lord Our God has given Me this special gift to give to each of you.  I bless all marriages and wedding rings and most especially all children produced in this special union of faith and love.  We come together here at the request of Our Father to give His children a place of peaceful reflection so that we can pray for the renewal of My priests sons who are of course His priests, His sons and who by His power and love are here for you.  So listen and open yourselves to truth and love.  Open your hearts to Me because where I am so My Son Jesus resides.

‘My little religious ones’, Oh how I love you My children of the cloth.  You wear your habits well.  I am filled always at your being here.  You bless Me with your love and faith.  Continue in faith to pray for My priests and your brothers and sisters of the cloth. You are greatly loved here in this little holy place.  You will not ever be forgotten.  I will walk with you someday in Heaven and Jesus will be by My side.

J, prepare a place for Me.

P, I bless you My child.  Thank you for coming to Me here in faith.  I do see you sitting there in prayer.  I Love You!"

End of Leslie Therese`.   _______________________

One Hundred Eighteenth Visitation of Our Lady 

January 31, 2009 Last Saturday of January Priest’s Saturday 

Received by a bride from another area, Lin 

Early this morning around 6:00 a.m. Our Mother is with us. She is with each and every bride in a special way. Our Lady says, “Oh My children, I am with you each in a special way. In spite of these times We are in, I ask each of you to persevere in prayer, penance, fasting and sacrifice. Know My beloved children that GRACE abounds all around you. Ask and you shall receive. Know that I love you. Know that My Son Jesus loves you. Know that We (Jesus and Mary) are with each and every one of you in a special way. My Son Jesus asks you to TRUST in HIS TENDER MERCY AND LOVE AS YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE. TRUST MY CHILDREN, TRUST! 

Much suffering abounds all over the world at this time. None are spared, good or bad. Yet, great grace is present to all. For this reason, My beloved children, I ask you to persevere. My Son Jesus’, LOVE, is present to you all! Ask and you shall receive! Seek and you shall find! Knock and it shall be opened to you! 

Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, open those precious hearts and let in all that Jesus and I wish to give you. Thank you for writing little one!”

Later in the day. The whole area was blessed with Holy Water. People started coming around 1:30 to put their petitions in the prayer box. We started the 20 decade Rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m. 

We invited the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood. We invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood. 

Our Lady asked me, “Tell My children I am here and have been here since early this morning.” I did. 

Our Lady says, “Oh how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages.” (The Rosary was being said in English, Latin, French, Italian and Spanish.) “Oh My children I am with you. I love you. I thank you for coming to pray with Me for Our beloved priests at My request. If you are here My children, it is because I have called you here to pray with Me. 

Oh My children, I see your suffering. I see you offering all in My Son Jesus’ Name. I thank you My children. These times are difficult. Persevere My children, My priest sons, My religious, persevere! Oh how I welcome each and every one of you praying with Me. I love you! I love you! I love you! 

I bless each one of you today with an extra blessing of perseverance. You will notice it My children. It will be a help to you. Open your hearts to receive it from My beloved Son Jesus and I. We love you! 

Oh My priest sons, My beloved priest sons, pray for yourselves to be holy and stay that way. I need you to be holy My sons. Teach My children about My Son Jesus, about Our Father and about the Holy Spirit, the sanctifier. Teach them about LOVE. Let LOVE abide in you. I take you all into My Heart and My Heart lives in the Heart of Jesus My Son. Oh My priest sons, your brothers and sisters are praying for you here. Receive all this GRACE coming your way from all these prayers for you. Much, much GRACE! 

Oh My religious, I thank you for coming to pray with Me.! Thank you for wearing your habits. It is a witness of your Love for Me and My Son Jesus. Thank you My religious!” 

Our Lady is here as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. From Her Hands shower a multitude of graces. 

Our Lady says, “Receive My priest sons! Receive My religious! Receive My children! Oh My children receive this LOVE that comes to you all in a special way. It is special for each of you and your needs.” 

Out of Our Mother’s Hands come rays of light. She prays with us. She has a Rosary of light in Her Hands and it appears as light in Her Hands and seems to move as we pray each Hail Mary. 

Our Lady says, “Oh My children I am with you! I am with you all, each and every one of you.” 

Our Lady kept telling me She was with us over and over again! As Our Mother spoke to us today, She was speaking to each one of us individually. Most humbling indeed! 

Our Lady continues, “Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, thank you for coming to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of priests. I love you! I love you all! 

Thank you My daughter for your obedience in writing at My request. Your Mother, Mary Immaculate. 

C------, C----, J-----, thank you for opening your home to Me and My Son Jesus. 

A-----, I thank you for coming. Your prayers help many souls and the souls in your family. Have courage My daughter, I love you! You are Mine! 

M---, My little faithful one, thank you! I am with you! Yes your son is in My heart and yes, My Heart is in Jesus’ Heart. M-----, in spite of all your suffering and inconvenience you came! It is no mistake you are here. You bring much courage to your brother and sisters. 

Brother M-----, My precious son, yes it is Me your Mother Mary Immaculate talking to you. I welcome you. I love you praying with Me for Our beloved priests! Thank you for encouraging your brothers and sisters. 

A----- and M---, thank you for not giving up. I am with you. My Son Jesus is with you! We love you!” 

Our Mother is standing just above us. She is praying with us. She looks at each one of us most lovingly. Words cannot describe the love in Her Eyes. She takes each of us into Her Heart. This I cannot describe. An aura of light surrounds Her completely. Golden rays of light come out to each of us from Her Hands. 

Our Mother says, “LOVE, PEACE, JOY and GRACE come to each of you My beloved children.” 

I see Our Lady kiss the top of each of our heads and then she kisses a person present’s cast on their leg. She then takes Her Hand and places it on another person present’s chest. She smiles and then raises above us.

End of a bride from another area. _______________________

January 31, 2009, Saturday