Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

,July 25, 2020          Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests          Theriot, Louisiana

Message at home alone in my room.

Our Mother speaks:

"Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep , I love you! I love you! I love you! I am with you today as you gather and those who are praying alone, for My beloved priest sons

In these days and at this time there are storms all around you, both visible and invisible to your eyes. Those that are invisible are far more dangerous and deadly to your souls. Be alert and awake My precious children, My priest sons. O my beloved priest sons, I call you all to deeper prayer, holiness. 

I encourage you to pray as never before. These are perilous times all over the earth. The war that is upon you is a spiritual war, a war for souls, for your souls and the souls of your families. I call. I call.  Listen for my voice. An army is needed, an army of prayer warriors, an army of love for souls, an army dedicated to prayer, fasting, an army willing to sacrifice and offer sufferings for My priest sons.

Pray for holy priests to lead your souls in Truth, to Truth, to My Beloved Son Jesus! Pray for holy courageous Bishops and priests to speak Truth to you all. Pray for those who have been deceived and lead astray from the True Teachings of Our Beloved Church. Pray that they will be open to the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will come home to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and become One again.

Some of you are being called to speak out for My Beloved Son Jesus. to speak the True Teachings of God Our Father, the True Teachings of My Beloved Son Jesus, the True Teachings of the Holy Spirit, the True Teachings of Our Beloved Church. Teach the 10 Commandments given by Our Father to Moses. Teach with courage and perseverance. It matters not who opposes you, contradicts you or makes fun of you. God is with you, nothing else matters.Your reward is in Heaven for eternity.

Many of you are being called to a deeper life of prayer, in numbers never before known on the earth. Evil has multiplied all over the earth in numbers never before known, souls led astray from God’s Truth, God’s commandments even in our Beloved Mother on earth, the Bride of Christ, the One Holy Catholic Church. 

A cleansing is taking place, evil exposed as never before. My many years of Visitations to you and your response to My call to pray for My priest sons, to offer your lives as victim souls for the healing of the My priest sons. A floodgate of Grace from Heaven has poured forth from this little holy and unknown place. Grace that is flooding the earth to bring about the cleansing and renewal, the restoration to holiness and wholeness of our beloved priests, our beloved Church and of the world. Look up My priest sons, all of My Children. Look up. Open your hearts and souls to receive this extra-ordinary Grace. Let the Grace I bring to you cleanse your lives, cleanse your hearts and your souls. Let the Grace lead you to make a sincere and holy confession where the Precious Blood of My Beloved Son Jesus will wash away your sins by and through Divine Mercy and the heart of My priest sons. My priest sons, encourage one another, and if you see a brother priest or Bishop in error, speak Truth to your brother in love, but in seriousness. Their soul is at stake and could be lost forever if you fail to admonish in love and in peace. Remember always that I am with you My priest sons - to the world you are a shepherd to Me, Your Mother. You are My own little lambs. You each have been given a flock to shepherd.You, My priest sons are the flock that I have been given. I love you. 

In obedience I have come from Heaven for you and for all of My children, these many years. My Visitations are drawing to a close. I will never ever leave you My priest sons and all of My children. Again I ask you to consecrate yourselves, your families, your homes, your parishes, and your Dioceses, your states and your countries to My Immaculate Heart and through My Heart to the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of My Son Jesus. Keep holy water and blessed candles in your home and use them. Bury holy blessed objects at the 4 corners of your property. Place a wooden cross on each door on outside. Pray together daily as a family. Bless your home and children daily with Holy Water. Let the little children come to Me. Fast and Pray. Fast from games, computer, T.V., phones.  Teach your children to pray from their hearts. Our Father is listening.  Jesus is listening. I, Your Mother am listening. Become an Oasis of Peace, an Oasis of Love as you offer yourself into God’s service. Become part of His Army of Love and of Prayer, in action or in quiet prayer. Ponder that quiet prayer is the highest form of action, all offered for others souls. Our Father is deeply grieved by man’s lack of love, by man’s inhumanity to man, by the murder of the innocent, the unborn, the old and those who are born special,  by those who have made a mockery of the gift to mankind of the Sacrament of Marriage, the mockery of all that is sacred, by one calling another of the same gender ‘husband’ or ‘wife’, by calling evil good and good evil. Wake up My priest sons and all of My children before it is too late. The hour is late and there is not much time left… To join the Army of Love is a promise between you and God in all 3 persons, The Most Holy Blessed Trinity. As Your Mother, I consecrate you all to The Most Holy Blessed Trinity, and I send many Holy Angels to protect you and guide you to greater holiness, peace and love for and with one another. St. Michael the Archangel has been appointed by Our Father to lead this Army of Divine Love. Love one another as I love you! I am Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

Praying Divine Mercy Chaplet “The souls of priests being released from Purgatory in these moments as we pray” from Our Mother.

“Write to Holy Father Pope Benedict and Francis. I will open the door . Trust Me, Your Mother. I love you my daughter.”

“Embrace and carry your crosses with love and perseverance. Help one another to carry your crosses. Remain in the state of Grace.” Over and over all night.

Received and written by Claire Rose.

July 25, 2020, Saturday