Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity


July 28, 2001 Priests Saturday Last Saturday of July Theriot, Louisiana
Written by Claire Rose.
Our Lady asked me to share this with everyone. A few days ago my husband, Lin & I were sitting in the room we call our Chapel, which is also our family living room. This room used to be a double garage. One whole wall of this 20 ft. room is windows that face the west.All of a sudden I noticed that it was raining, but this was strange, unusual. I realized quickly that the rain I could see was inside but not outside. Outside the sun was shining & there were water puddles from an earlier rain & there were no water drops disturbing the surface of the water puddles. The rain that I could plainly see was coming from the southwest. It increased and was pouring by long streams. Then it shifted & came from the northwest. By this time I had asked my husband & Lin if they could see what I saw. They both said yes. We all watched in silence & amazement. A few times I saw swirls in the rain like the wind was blowing & turning. I called my daughter who lives with us to come & see. She saw the swirls of rain, like a moving mist she said. The rain also poured straight down. This lasted for half of an hour or more. One of the times near the end of this rain, in a swirl of mist or rain, Our Mother of Divine Grace Appeared all in blue. She said. "You are being allowed to see Divine Grace." She said "Your little sufferings, prayers & sacrifices are releasing these Graces from Heaven unto & into priests all over the world. You are being shown this to help you to persevere." I kept saying over & over, "This is most unusual." Our Lady let me go on, then She said, "Why do you say that? Many unusual things have happened here." The next day Our Lady said, "Many more mystical things will happen here to be seen by many."

Today (July 28) the first pilgrims arrived at 8:30a.m. At 10, my husband blessed our home in & out with Holy Water. At 11 many pilgrims are here, our house is full & many are outside and the rain begins to pour. I am not concerned for parking even tho' it has been raining for days. I trust that Our Lady will take care of everything. Pilgrims kept arriving & the rain grew heavier, the sky was dark gray all over. 
Just before 12 noon I heard someone say "come outside." I looked out the window, the rain had stopped & I could see many people on the back porch and out by the Cross. I went out. The sky had opened in a big circle of blue right over the Holy Cross. The sun was shining on all of us, on our house as far as across the bayou near Our Lady of the Bayou on the west and to near the woods on the east side. It was a perfect circle of blue surrounded by beautiful puffy white and gray clouds. In this circle for over half an hour many saw many things. I will list some. We saw Our Lady's Face, big, Jesus, Our Lady several times, including Our Lady of Medjugorje, a Baby several times, angels and a Lamb. Many people saw this. A very soft rain like being blessed by Holy Water from Heaven began. Our Lady said, "These are tears from Heaven over the many souls who are going the wrong direction, on the wrong road. Your prayers for priests will bring many of these lost souls to salvation." I then went to pray inside. Our Lady said, "Many more mystical things will happen here. This will be seen by many."
At 1 we began to sing. A kind friend has come to play music for Our Mother. A holy priest has come! 
At 1:40 it is raining again. We called the children to come & pray with us. Our Mother came as Mother of Divine Love as soon as we began to pray. I thanked Our Mother for coming to be with us. She thanked the children for coming to pray with Her for priests. She told them that She loved them very much. She told them that Jesus loved them very much. She touched each one. 
At 2P.M. in obedience to Our Mother, I blessed everyone present with Holy Water. The rain has stopped & the sun is shining. We began the Rosary for the Sanctification of Priests in the usual way with the Sign of the Cross and by inviting Our Mother to come under all Her Titles but most especially as Mother of Divine Love. We invite Her to come and to pray with us and for us. We also invite the holy angels and Saints and the souls being made holy in Purgatory to join us in prayer. Our Blessed Mother has taught me to pray in this way. She told me many years ago that when we make the Sign of the Cross before prayer that a special opening like a stream of Light is opened between Heaven and us. I have seen this opening at times. One could ponder the Sign of the Cross for hours and the awesome mystery that is there. And so often we sign ourselves without thinking or pausing to reflect.
At the First Joyful Mystery the Annunciation, Our Blessed Mother asked me to announce that She was already Present. Our Lady came as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She was in flowing white with a gold edge on Her Mantle. On Her Head was Her beautiful gold Crown with seven points. The bright light came from Jesus in a gold chalice and in a snow white Host that formed the front of Her Crown. Our Queen, Our Mother was accompanied by multitudes of holy angels & Saints. Today I see many priest Saints. I saw Our Mother's Face change from one nationality to another. She is very beautiful. I consecrated to Her Immaculate Hands and Heart all the priests of the world, all future priests, priests who have left the priesthood and priests souls in Purgatory. I consecrated all of us present and those who desire to be present, our families, friends and parishes. I gave to Her our petitions. I asked Her to join us to all those who are praying with us all over the world for priests. Blessed Mother was happy to see us and to hear us sing and pray together for our priests.
Our Lady speaks, "I am your Patroness, My priest sons. There are no walls here."
Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation
I see a priest's face clear, very clear, as if he is in this room praying with us. I know he is here in spirit but could not come today in person.
Our Lady spoke to the priest who is present and to the one I see, "My precious and most beloved son, My priest, priest son of My Immaculate Heart, I love you. I thank you My son for your faithfulness. Thank you, for you are precious to Me and to My Son Jesus. I have called you here My Son. From long ago I knew you. I love you My own son. Thank you for returning IN THANKSGIVING to this little place that I have chosen for My priest sons." I thought of the Holy Scripture, "Were not TEN HEALED? Where are the other nine? AND ONLY ONE CAME BACK in thanksgiving." Our Lady continued Her Message to Father, "A Shrine for Priests will be built here. A Shrine where My Son Jesus will always be in residence. He has come to this little place and by His Presence has made it holy. He will be here for all time. This mission began in Fatima. The First and the Last Saturdays. More will be revealed at another time. I know you do not understand this My beloved one. You are faithful as I am faithful. I love you. Do not be afraid to share your healing My son. Share with your brothers. Many will believe you. And through your sharing they too will come. I am calling all My sons, My beloved priest sons to come here. This place has been blessed and chosen for you. Come My sons. Do not be afraid. If some laugh at you. I am with you. Remember how My Son Jesus was mocked and ridiculed for you. I love you My precious precious sons. I am your Patroness, I am your Mother, Mother of all Hearts, Mother of Divine Love."
Fourth Joyful Mystery the Presentation in the Temple
Our Lady all in flowing white with long flowing sleeves on Her gown. She is standing and Her right Arm is outstretched and Her Hand is pointing to the right. I believe this means that She is showing and pointing us in the right direction.
Our Lady continues, "Come My beloved sons. Come home to your Mother. I love you. Come home to My Son Jesus. I call you who have gone far away from Him. Come home. You are My prodigal sons." I see Our Lady's Eyes. She is crying. She speaks,"I grieve over you. My Immaculate Heart is pierced by your errors, by your grievous sins and by your lukewarmness. Are you working for My Son Jesus in this perilous path you are on? So many of you have gone astray from TRUTH. Some of you no longer believe in the reality of hell. What has happened My sons? Has the world and all it offers you corrupted your innocent souls. Oh! My beloved sons. I cry for you. I call you. Come Home!"
Fifth Joyful Mystery the Finding in the Temple
I experience the pain in Our Mother's Heart as She continues: "My Son's Holy Temple has been desecrated. Where are you My sons? What was once innocent and fragrant as a rose has now become putrid as rotten fish. I love you. I love you. You are My Hands and My Heart in this world. My sons, My Hands are broken." Our Mother's EYES are filled with tears and I am lost in Her Eyes and grief. "Some of you My Sons are in serious and grievous sin and on the road to hell. The evil one has deceived many of you."
First Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Our Lady continues, "Repent My sons. Turn around. Come home to My Son Jesus. I call you to holiness and to wholeness."
I begged Our Mother, "please, SEND EXTRA ANGELS TO THEM. Oh My Mother."
Second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar, 
"My beloved sons, no sin is too big to be forgiven. Please come home.
My beloved priests who are persecuted, I am with you forever. I love you. I love you all My sons."
I experience the sound of Jesus being Scourged, WHIPPED. I was allowed to feel a tiny, tiny portion of one lash and I crumpled and said, "I can't take anymore. I'm sorry. Help me Jesus, I am weak. We give our hearts to you. Please send us holy priests."
Third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns, 
I pray, "Please forgive me Jesus for all the times I have hurt you. All the times I hurt you by what I do and by what I fail to do. Teach me Jesus to love with Your Love. Oh! Sweet Jesus help me. I do not ever want to hurt you, but I do. Increase Your Heart in me Oh Lord. Increase Your Love in me."
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross, 
"Jesus help me that I may never hurt another Lord, for when I hurt someone else, I hurt You." 
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion, 
I see Blood and Water coming from Jesus' Side. In the Precious Blood and Water are millions of pure white Hosts going in all directions.

Someone is being healed of fear and anger. Joy and peace are replacing the fear and anger.
I see many Martyrs being killed for our Faith.
I see Calvary Awash with Jesus' Precious Blood. I see Our Mothers standing under Jesus on The Cross. Her clothes are all red with Jesus' Blood. Jesus' Precious Blood becomes jewels.
A revelation. By Our Mother's suffering on that day, Graces were obtained for the conversion of priests in this time. 

My eyes were drawn to the Crucifix in front of me, then to the picture of the Last Supper above it. Jesus Spoke from the Cross"The Last Supper was the First Supper to bring you everlasting life. I Am in your presence in the Eucharist."

First Glorious Mystery the Resurrection Jesus continued, "My Blood becomes your life." Then I saw a huge Host, snow white, turn to Blood. Then a pure white Dove, The Holy Spirit, comes from the Host.

Our Mother spoke: "Write for My children. My precious and most beloved children. I love you. Thank you, each one of you, for coming here today to pray for your brothers with Me. I love you. Persevere in prayer My children. Pray constantly now for My priest sons. For when you pray for them, you are praying for yourselves and your families, your children and grandchildren."

Second Glorious Mystery the Ascension 
"Oh! My little ones, you do not realize the great value of your prayers and your suffering. Your offerings will release much needed Grace for your brothers all over the world and in Purgatory. A floodgate of Grace has been opened here because of prayer. I am with you My beloved children. I hear the cries of your hearts. I love you. I will remain here with you. I will never leave you. PRAY AT THE HOLY CONSECRATED CROSS FOR PRIESTS! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray and your deepest heart felt prayer will be heard and answered. I love you and thank you with all My Heart for responding to My Call to you. Do not be afraid. I am with you. Trust My Son Jesus in all your troubles and sickness. Trust My Son Jesus. He will never fail you. Place all in His Sacred Heart. You are Mine. I love you.
I love you all. Look for Me in one another. 
Love one another with My Love. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
End of Claire Rose 
Over 200 pilgrims present from several states. _______________________________________

July 28, 2001 Priests' Saturday Last Saturday of July
Received by Leslie Therese`
I see Our Mother Mary today in a white mantle and dress, with a crown of flowers under Her Mantle. I see Baby Jesus today. He is so beautiful. The love He gave for the world is shining from His Face and Eyes as well as pouring out of His Hands and Feet.
Our Lady spoke: "Tell K. that his grandmother and mother are here today praying for him and his family."
Our Lady speaks,"Pray! Pray! Pray for My precious sons My children. Look at Me, I am your Mother. Kneel before Me and listen to My words. I love you My children. I too gave My Son for the Salvation of us all. How Great is Our God to have sent such a gift to us. I have known the great love there is in Motherhood. This I feel for all who come to Me through My Son Jesus. Get up My children and go forward and spread the great news of what is happening here in this place. I love all of the children of the world. Leave the past behind. Do not doubt that I am here in this place for My priest sons, but also for all of My children who come to Me in love, searching for answers and relief. Your struggles are Mine, if only you release them into My Arms. Know that you are loved My children. I hold you within My Immaculate Heart where no one and no thing can harm you. Do all you can for Me to spread this Mission, for what ever you do for Me you do also for My Son Jesus for wherever I am He is also."I asked Our Mother Mary to "please bless all Wedding rings and Marriages for there are many here who need Her special blessings. Please also bless all the religious articles here!" I kept hearing the word 'religious' over and over again. Our Mother wanted me to ask for blessings for the Religious also. I did.

Jesus spoke, "I am crying for My priest brothers, for they are in great need of the prayers said for them here in this place. Do all that you can for them. Your prayers are heard by the Father, Our Father. Pray for My precious brother John, (the Pope), his burdens are many."

Our Mother Spoke: "Pray that human life may become as important as God's animals being saved. Throughout the world the souls of God's people are being lost. Pray! Pray! Pray My children that the hearts of people would be touched by God and that no more lives would be lost." I understood that all over the world there are people fighting to save dolphins, bugs, frogs even grass and still abortions, the killing of people, goes on and on.
To the sisters, "My daughters, how I love to see you here each month. Tell your sisters of My Presence here. Wear your habits with pride, for you were chosen within your mothers' wombs to become the special daughters of God's Church. Many recognize you as God's children because you have chosen to wear the clothes that were created to set you apart from others. Thank you My daughters for your 'YES'. I love you! I am here for you to cleanse and refresh your spirits and wash you in My love, for your devotion is great and My love for you is 'NEVERENDING'.

M-----, I am here for you My son. I was there when your new life began. You have much to do. Spread Our Love to everyone you meet. My Love, the Love of My Son Jesus and the Love God has for us all. Do not be afraid for We are with you. I am your Mother now that you have come to My Son Jesus. I love you more than you could ever know. You will feel My Presence within you today. I am bursting with love, with love for you My child. What God has put together no thing shall harm (or part). 
Tell D----- I love her as much as you. She is a good wife and mother."
For the priest who is present, "Welcome home My son. I saw your smiling face as you arrived here. I love you My son. I am here always to refresh and renew your body, soul and spirit. I love you. Continue to be helpful where ever you can My son. Continue to pray for your brothers. You are My Heart My son and many will look to you for special guidance and blessings. Bless all who are here today praying for you and your brothers."
I see many Crosses around the rooms in the house. Mother Mary walked around today touching and blessing all of us and thanking us for praying with Her today.
End of Leslie Therese`_________________

Received by a bride from another area, Lin
I am in Theriot, Louisiana for this last Saturday. At 11:45 my niece came in and asked me to come with her out to the 33 foot cross. As I came close to the Cross she had me look up into a thickly clouded sky to see the opening in it just above the Cross. It was awesome. Others came to see what we were looking at and began to see the clouds part and shapes and faces form. It began to rain on us very lightly. I noticed that the rain was so light that as it touched me it seemed to absorb into my skin. I received the understanding that it was grace we were all receiving. Around 1:45 p.m. the little children were called together to pray 'Hail Mary's' to Our Lady. We prayed inside as it was raining heavily outside now. While we were praying Our Lady came. She thanked the children for coming and praying with Her. She told them She loved them.
We then went into the chapel to pray the Rosary for Priests around 2:00 p.m. As soon as a sister bride started the prayers before the rosary Our Lady came. "I am here little one. Your sister bride will announce Me." She came as Our Lady of Divine Grace, all in blue and white. I looked at a picture of Her above me and it seemed to come alive and as I looked at Her Eyes I got lost in their depth and beauty. Her grace seemed to flow abundantly to all present in the form of water leaving no place untouched below Her.

At the first Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Lady spoke, "My children, My dear children, thank you for coming here today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. Our priests need your prayers. All Heaven is listening as you pray."

At the second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation, Our Lady said, "Touch the man to your right. Tell him I love him. Tell him I bring healings to his heart. Many healings. Touch the woman to your right. Tell her I love her. I bring her My love and My Son's love to her. Tell her keep her heart open for all this love. Tell her I know her heart and her heart is mine.
My dear children many healings are happening here today. So many healings that you cannot begin to understand or count. Take courage My children, take courage."

At the third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady says, "Touch the person behind you on your left and tell her I am healing her. Tell her she belongs to me. Tell her I love her."
Our Lady then spoke to the priest present, "Oh! My dear priest son, thank you for coming here to pray with Me today for your brother priests. Thank you for your faithfulness. You are your brother priests example. I love you My dear priest son. I have healed you of many things and continue to do so."

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, Our Lady then spoke to the Religious present, "Oh! My dear sisters, My precious daughters, My faithful daughters, take courage and persevere. Your example helps others in ways you cannot even begin to understand. I love you My dear precious daughters. Thank you for coming today to pray with Me for Our priests, your brothers. They need your help so desperately."

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, I was very aware of all those praying around me. Our Lady said, "Continue to pray My child."

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Our Lady has kept me in a very aware state of all around me and especially of Her presence and the great love and grace She has for us all. I have never felt Her presence so clearly and so strong. It totally consumed me yet made my very aware of each soul around me. This is very hard to describe.

At the second Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar, Our Lady spoke, "My children, My dear children ---All present. I join you today with all those all over the world who are praying for My priest sons at My request. I have called each and every one of you. Together you become a river of prayer for Our beloved priests. This river of Prayer flows to heaven in a most pleasing way before the Most Holy Blessed Trinity and all of Heaven. All of Heaven has joined you in your prayer for priests."

At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of The Cross, I see Our Mother as Our Lady of Divine Grace. She was smaller in size. She seemed to float just above our heads. She came to a stop next to one of the Religious present and dropped down next to her and sat on nothing beside her for a short time and then appeared to stand and float up above our heads and back in front of us. I am very aware of Padre Pio and St. John Vianney's presence. I don't see them, but am aware of their presence praying with us for priests. Very hard to describe.

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My priest sons, how some of you persecute My Son. Where are you going? What path do you think you are on? Do you not realize that one day you will have to stand before My Son and answer for what ever you do on earth. Please come back to your senses before it is too late. Come back to My Son. Teach and preach the TRUTH. Bring your flocks back to the TRUTH."

At the first Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection, Our Lady continues, "My dear priest sons, pray for your brother priests who are wandering down the wrong path. Pray for your selves to stay holy. Time is short. Yes! Time is running out."
Our Lady then spoke to Her children, "My Children, pray for all priests, good and bad. All need your prayers. Your prayers are needed to turn things around. I am counting on you. I know you will not disappoint Me. Many blessings are coming to all today who are praying for My priest sons. Those blessings and graces go with you to all you meet. Let these blessings and graces flow out to all you meet so We, Jesus and I can love others through you. We love you My dear children. We love you." I understood this to mean not just Jesus and Mary but the entire Trinity also. Mary continued, " I am your Mother, Mary Immaculate. Thank My Son for sending Me to you all. I love you. Pray! Pray! Pray for holy priests. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
Our Lady now stands above us. She is Queen of Divine Love, all in creamy white garments. She has a gold edge on her mantle. Her garments flow gently in the breeze. She has Her gold Crown on with seven points. The Chalice in front, shimmering rays of golden light and there is a light all around the Eucharist. The rays go out to all of us and touches each and every one here, with Great Graces. Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My children, Oh how I love you."
I now see rain coming down on all of us, torrents of rain and Our Lady says, "My child that is the grace My Son and I are sending on all of you. Spread this message of love My children to all you meet, this message TO PRAY FOR PRIESTS. You will not be sorry." As we pray I see the devil cringe and then flee as we continue to pray the rosary. I have seen this many times before. I feel great peace and great love, love beyond all understanding here for all of us. Our Lady then says, "I love you. My children I love you."
End of bride from another area.

July 28, 2001, Saturday