Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

​Last Saturday Prayer for Priests,  January 28, 2017 

Our Mother Speaks:​​

"My priest son and all of My children, I am present with you in Adoration of My Beloved Son Jesus in the Holy Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Here before us, My children, behold the Most Holy Blessed Trinity! Where My Son Jesus is, Our Father is, the Holy Spirit i!.  All are fully present in this Holy Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, made present to you and for you through the holy anointed and blessed hands and heart of My priest son."

"Thank you for your 'yes,' your fiat My son. On this special day, a day chosen by Heaven from long ago, I thank all of My beloved priest sons for their daily 'yes,' their daily 'fiat!'  I love you My precious priest sons and all of My children. I love you with a tender, gentle love, the love of a Mother's Heart. I give to you My Immaculate Heart as a Safe Refuge. Give to Me your hearts, My little ones, come to Your Mother in all your needs. Give to Me all of your problems, your troubles, your wounds. Oh, My children, come to Your Mother. I am always near to you, always waiting to hear your call. I enfold you and embrace you. Give to Your Mother your hearts, wounded and broken, I love you so much. I will bring you quickly to My Beloved Son Jesus!"

"I ask you to pray for My priest sons and for more holy priests. I have promised to you if you will do this faithfully, I will pray for all your needs, always. I see your daily struggles, I am with you always!

"Our Father is responding to your prayers My children. Stay faithful! Perservere with the life's mission you have been given. I thank you for your response to My Call from long ago. More and more seminaries will be filled My children, all over the world. This is the fruit of your many years of prayers, sacrifice and suffering. Your reward will be in Heaven! Eternity in Heaven with the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, with Me, Your Immaculate Mother and with all the Holy Angels and Saints."

"My children, My Beloved priest sons represent My Son Jesus on earth. They are other Christs. I know that you do not fully understand this Mystery. My priests are suffering servants, they are frail, human vessels and they need your love and your prayers. Help them in every way you can! Through their hands you receive My Beloved Son Jesus, you receive the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.

"My prients are My Hands in this world. My 'yes' brought forth the Conception and Birth, the human life of My Beloved Son Jesus. Life begins at conception My Children! A child of God from the moment of conception, a soul is created at that moment. A soul that will live forever. Again, I tell you, that through a priest's 'yes' you receive the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Oh My children, I love you with My Whole Heart and Soul."

"Our Eurcharistic King dwells in the Holy Golden Tabernacle through the 'yes' of My priest sons! Come to visit often! When you have received this Holy Blessed Sacrament, you have received the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. You, your heart, and soul, your bodies, become holy, living Tabernacles where The Holy Trinity dwells--a great Mystery. You will all understand this fully one day My children. I love you with an everlasting love!"

"My Son was born, lived, suffered, and died for each of you My priest sons and all of My children so that you would be forgiven of your sins and would spend eternity with Us in Heaven. Have courage My priest sons and all of my children. I know that many of you have great concern for your country, the world, and Our Church. Your prayers are heard My children and you begin to see a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of light, a new beginning, some of the fruit of your prayers."

"Place your full faith, your complete hope and trust in My Beloved Son Jesus! He will never abandon you. In years past, it seemed that the evil on the earth would overcome the good. This is a lie, a deception of the evil one and his minions. There is more good, many more good and holy people than evil. It is time for the "New Springtime. Look for the good My little ones as hearts will begin to change. Divine Order will reign My children. This begins in each heart, each soul. God must be first, in your life, your family, your home, your work, your parish, the Church, then the world!"

"All will come to pass as I have told you. Stay faithful, perservere in holiness and wholeness, I will always be with you and within you.

I love you, Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."

January 28, 2017, Saturday