Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Ninety-Ninth Visitation of Our Lady

June 30, 2007 Last Saturday of June 2007 Priest’s Saturday Theriot, LA

Claire Rose writes:
Today is a beautiful day! My husband blessed inside and outside of our home with Holy Water. We have no priest today. I believe that Our Mother allows this to make us appreciate our beloved priests. Today we are blessed by the presence of two holy Religious Brothers and two Sisters. About 85 pilgrims came today. On June 10 we were blessed to share in the 50th Anniversary Mass and reception celebrations of Fr. George Simon who comes on the Last Saturday whenever he can to hear Confessions and for Our Mother’s Visitations. Many people were present including 13 Consecrated brides from several Dioceses. A week ago, on June 23 Fr. Simon’s seminary friend and ours, Monsignor Emile Fossier died peacefully. May he rest in peace. He was faithful in coming here to hear Confessions on the Last Saturdays as long as he could. He was the 2nd priest to come for Our Mother’s Visitations. He had been forced into retirement because he could no longer walk. His Pastor told him that he was not running a nursing home that he must retire. He had become very discouraged. This was shortly before his first visit here. The first time that he came (April 2000) he could barely walk. He had a stick and needed the help of two men to come into the house. Our Mother told him that day that She would heal him and renew his ministry. He walked out forgetting his stick. Soon after he received healing he wrote a letter to all the priests of our Diocese offering his services if they needed his help. Many called upon him. A year or so later he called to remind me what Our Mother had told him on that day about renewing his ministry. He said, “I had four funerals this week!” He witnessed about this mission and his own physical healing every chance he got, often at Holy Mass, including in my own parish. I pray that Our Mother carried him to Heaven. Many Consecrated brides attended his wake and funeral. Some of us offered our Mass as a Plenary Indulgence for the repose of his soul. 
Today, June 30, 2007 1:30 we prayed the Chaplet of Divine Love for Priests given to us by Our Mother.
1:45 p.m. we invited the children and their parents and grandparents to come into my bedroom to pray for priests as Our Mother asked because there was serious lightening, thunder and heavy rain outside. I shared with the children that the first time (June 2000) we prayed with the children was in this very room and that two of the little children had seen Our Mother that day. One little girl about 5 who was standing right in front of me said very quietly, “I have seen Jesus and Mary.”
I was looking into her eyes and knew in my soul that she was telling the truth. There was so much peace in her eyes; it was almost like looking into Mary’s Eyes. She later told her Mom when this had happened and that Mary was all in white.
I explained to the children that we would begin by making the Sign of the Cross and that this was like dialing God’s phone number. Our Mother came, all in white as soon as we began the Hail Mary. She spoke to the children:
“My Precious, Precious Little Ones, I love you. O how I love you. Open your hearts My precious little ones. I desire to fill your hearts. Each one of you is precious to Me. I thank you for coming here to pray with Me, Your Mother. I am always near to you. Call upon Me. When you call I am always ready to help you.” (I thought of Our Mother of Prompt Succour, Patroness of Louisiana, Our Mother of Quick Remedy, and Our Mother of Perpetual Help.) “Never give up! Pray! The rain is a blessing from Heaven. Consider how God loves you. How He is blessing you!” (A bolt of lightening struck nearby) “DO NOT BE AFRAID! DO NOT BE AFRAID, My little ones. My parents prepare your children for their First Holy Communion. This is most important- that your children be taught, that they be taught that it is Jesus, My Son that they shall receive in His Body and His Blood, in His Soul and in His Divinity. Teach them that their bodies are holy living Tabernacles where My Son desires to dwell. Remind them to stay pure so that they will always be holy dwelling places. I bless you My little ones. I bless you as Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. I love you.” Our Mother touched each child that was present. I explained to the children that when we say “Hail, Mary” we are calling Mary, we are saying, “Hello, Mary.”
2 p.m. I blessed myself, all the rooms and the people present with Holy Water. I invited Our Mother, all the Holy Angels and Saints and the souls being purified in Purgatory to please pray with us and for us. We offer this day and prayers for our beloved priests, for more holy priests, for the return of priests who have left the priesthood and for priest’s souls in Purgatory. We began the 20 decade Rosary. 
First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Mother asks:
“Announce My Presence. Thank you My children. DO NOT BE AFRAID!”
The storm outside was terrible. I consecrated all the priests of the world, all future priests and priest’s souls in Purgatory to Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart. I Consecrated myself, this mission, all of its members and benefactors and our families to Jesus’ Sacred Heart through Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Whatever, whoever we give to Our Mother, She carries to Jesus, to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.
A private message to a priest about a new Order of Priests.
Another private message to a priest.
Second Luminous Mystery, the Wedding Feast at Cana, Our Mother:
“Father Simon, I congratulate you My son on your 50 years of faithful service to My Son Jesus and to all of My children. You have blessed many lives, My son, by your years of faithful love! I am with you My precious little one! I love you!”
A private message for a Bishop. 
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross, Our Mother asks:
“Kneel and pray, My child.”
I experienced some of the Way of the Cross. No pain, thank God! I felt the whipping, felt blood running down my back. I felt extreme thirst, total exhaustion, total surrender to God’s Will. I prayed, ‘may this help a priest!’ I saw many priests’ faces pass in front of me like on a film. Some I know, some I do not know. At the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries, Our Mother Appears as Queen of Heaven, all in softest blue that became brilliant white.
First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, Our Mother continues:
“My Precious Religious, My little Brothers and Sisters, I love you! I love you! I love you! I thank you especially My little ones for your sacrifice in coming to pray with Your Mother. I will multiply and honor your prayers My little ones. I thank you for your continued faithfulness. Especially now at this time when so many of your sisters and brothers in the Orders have fallen away. Some have even become pagan and worship pagan gods and goddesses. Some worship each other. Some worship the earth. Some worship satan. O My children thank you for your open faithfulness to your call. Your prayers will be answered and the Orders will be renewed and cleansed. Some will end completely. They, the orders, will die.
Third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Our Mother continues: 
“New Orders-Holy Orders will spring up in unexpected places. God will never abandon His Church. He will always provide for Her needs. I will never abandon Our Church. I am with you for all time My precious Religious. You bring joy and consolation to My Immaculate Heart for all the offences committed against My Son Jesus and Myself, Your Mother Immaculate. 
My beloved children, today again I thank you for coming here to pray with Your Mother. I ask much of you My faithful children. I thank you for your faithful response to My Call to you. Pray and offer reparation and sacrifice for My beloved priest sons and for more priests, HOLY PRIESTS!”
Fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, Our Mother continues:
“Ask and you shall receive! Pray! Pray! Pray! ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! Pray at this Holy Cross for My priest sons and I, Your Mother will pray for all your needs. All will return home safely. As always for those who are here for the first time you are given another Angel, an Angel of Protection. An Angel to protect your faith! The Most Holy Blessed Trinity has blessed the plans for the Prayer Pavilion. This will become a reality. All will come to pass as I have told you. 
Trust in My Son Jesus! Put your Faith in My Son Jesus!
I bless you because I love you. I entrust the vocations and souls of priests to you, My children. I am always with you. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray more. Thank you for your love. O My children encourage your priests daily! Their cross is heavy. Encourage them to persevere. I love you! I love you! I love you! Just as the rain renews and refreshes the earth, let My Words remain in your hearts to renew and refresh your hearts, your lives, your souls! Say hello to Fr. D. for Me. I love you, My little one, I love you!
D. thank you for your devotion. I love you. Soon, My son! Paul, thank you for faithfully recording My Words to the children. I am with you and your family, My son. 
I am Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”
End of Claire Rose__________

June 30, 2007 Last Saturday of June Priest’s Saturday CA
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
The whole area was blessed with Holy Water. People started coming around 1:30 and put their petitions in the prayer box. We had a religious brother from out of state who came to pray with us. Our Lady came before we started the Rosary for Priests as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She thanked us for the Crown we made for Her small statue that had been given to us. It was the crown with the seven points with the Chalice on the front and the Eucharist suspended above it, and with golden rays coming out of the Eucharist. Our Lady said, “I bring the Trinity with Me!”
We invited Our Lady under all Her titles, the Holy Angels and Saints and the Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests, and for vocations to the priesthood.
We prayed the three Hail Mary’s as the children do in Theriot, LA in honor of Our Lady for all the priests of the world before we started the 20 decade Rosary for Priests.
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Lady says, “Thank you My children for coming today to pray with Me for Holy Priests and Vocations to the priesthood.”
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady says, “Continue to write My child. My children if you are here today to pray with Me it is because I have called you here. Thank you My children for answering My call. I love you My children, Oh how I love you!”
At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus
Our Lady says, “Oh My children, how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages.” I am feeling a lot of pain all over my body! Our Lady says, “Little one it is only for a little while. Persevere My daughter, persevere!”
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady continues, “To a religious brother present: My son I love you! I thank you for all you do for Me. I thank you for wearing your habit as a witness of your love for My Son Jesus and His Church and all My children. Many have courage by your presence My son. I love you! Thank you My son for your ‘YES’ and continued ‘YES’ to Jesus and I.” This decade was prayed in Latin.
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the child Jesus in the Temple
This decade was prayed in French. Our Mother is with us as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests with Her Crown of seven points with the Chalice on the front and the Eucharist suspended above it and golden rays coming out from the Eucharist.
At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
Our Lady says, “Continue to write My daughter. Oh My priest sons, oh how I love you. You are Mine and you belong to Me. You are My special sons, my special flock. I have entrusted to you My children. Please guide them to My Son Jesus!”
At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana
Our Lady continues, “Teach them about My Son Jesus. My children need you My sons, My beloved priests. They hunger for what you can give them from My Son Jesus. Yes My sons, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist, a treasure beyond all treasures. Hear My children’s Confessions. Let them clean their hearts and souls in Holy Confessions. Teach them to forgive others and their selves also.”
At the third Luminous Mystery, Jesus Proclaims the Kingdom of God is at Hand
Our Lady continues, “Teach My children the great gift My Son Jesus gives them in this precious Sacrament of Reconciliation, reconciliation with My Son Jesus through the priest, His representative on earth. Oh My children use this great gift of Love given by My Son Jesus through the priest. I ask much of you My priest sons. I thank you for your ‘YES” to Jesus and Me! I love you My sons, I love you! I love you!
Oh My children I bring with Me today the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. With Them comes great, great Love and Grace and Peace. Love, Grace and Peace beyond your understanding. Open your hearts My children, My religious, My priests, for all this LOVE that comes to you today and in a special way!”
At the fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration of Jesus
This decade is being prayed in Italian. Our Lady says, “Oh My children please pray for Pope Benedict XVI. He needs your prayers as his responsibility is great! He is shepherd of you all, Cardinals, Bishops priests and you My children! Pray! Pray! Pray!”
At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady says, “To My priests who wish to be here praying with me for holy priests and cannot due to their duty to their flocks, I join you to us all, praying from all over the world. Oh My priest sons, you are present because of your desire and for your perseverance to your duty, you receive the same benefits as being here. I love you My sons, Oh how I love you!”
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crowned with Thorns
Our Lady says, “M---- Oh My daughter I love you. You bring much love to My Heart by your presence here. Thank you for coming to pray with Me for Our priests. I love you My daughter. While you pray for Our priests, I pray for your family.”
At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus carries His Cross
Our Lady says, “Oh My children all over the world who are praying with Me today, while you pray for Our beloved priests, I pray for you and all your families. I join all your prayers all over the world as a river of prayer for the entire priesthood. Yes, a river of prayer that reaches like water to all places, high and low all over the world! I love you My children! I love you all!”
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus
Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Lourdes. She has a blue sash at Her Waist and yellow roses on Her Feet between Her Toes. She says, “M-----, I love you. I see your precious heart full of love for Me and My Son Jesus. I see how you struggle to do what is needed for your family. Continue to put them all in My Immaculate Heart, as it lives inside My Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart. I love you My daughter, Oh how I love you.”
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus
Our Lady says, “M---, My daughter, I thank you for coming today even though you were very tired. You are a gift to Me by your example to your brothers and sisters. I love you My daughter. As you pray for Our beloved priests, I pray for you and your son. I love you My daughter, I love you!” 
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven
Our Lady says, “Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, your prayers are heard by all of Heaven. They rise before the Throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity and are joined by all of Heaven. They go before the Throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity as incense of Love, Love most pleasing to the Trinity!”
At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and Our Lady
Our Lady says, “Oh My children take this Mission of Love for the priesthood out to all you meet and tell them about this Mission of Love for Our beloved priests. Invite all to come and pray with you on the Last Saturday for Our priests. Encourage all to pray daily for holy priests. I wish an Hour of Adoration a week for vocations to the holy priesthood. Oh My children, My priests, My religious, I thank you for answering My Call to pray for Our beloved priests with Me. I love you! I love you! I love you!”

At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven
Our Lady says, “I thank you My daughter for your obedience in writing at My request.” I am very aware of the people around me praying. Our Lady is here as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is wearing Her Crown with the seven points and with a Chalice on the front with the Eucharist suspended above it and golden rays come out from the Eucharist, out to all of us. Our Lady says, “Oh My children the rays coming out to you all is great Grace and Love. Grace and Love beyond your understanding.” I smell the fragrance of lavender all around us.
At the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth
Our Lady says, “I am Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. I love you! I love you all!”
End of a bride from another area. _______________

june 30, 2007, Saturday