Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Fourth Visitation of Our Lady

November 24, 2007 Last Saturday of November Theriot, Louisiana U.S.A.
Claire Rose writes:
Today is a beautiful day! Two priests and three Religious Brothers are present today.
Our Mother asked me to share that on December 8th it will be eighteen years since I made My victim soul offering for priests. That day a priest became Jesus in front of me. The room where this took place is now a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. 
A few years ago on the Feast of Christ the King, as I received Holy Communion I saw the priest, then Jesus with the Crown of Thorns, then Jesus as King! All priests represent Jesus more than any other person.
1:45 p.m. we gathered at the foot of the Cross with the little children to say the three Hail Mary’s for priests. Our Mother appeared as our Lady of Grace. Her hands extended over us, to us. Our Mother is dressed with a Blue Mantle, a White Dress and a White Veil.
Our Mother says, “My precious, precious little ones, oh how I love you! I love you! I love you! Come to your Mother. Open the doors of your hearts My little ones. Open your hearts to your Mother. I will bring you to My Son, My Beloved Son Jesus. Prepare your hearts. Prepare your families. Prepare your homes for His coming. Await His coming with Joy, with Love, with Peace. Listen for His Voice. I am with you My children. I will never, ever leave you!”
Around 2 p.m. we came inside to say the 20 decade Rosary for priests.
Our Lady asks, “Announce My Presence.” I did.
At the Visitation
Our Lady says, “My beloved priest sons, Oh How I LOVE YOU! I have called you each to be here today for My Visitation. I come here for you My sons and for all of My children. I speak to your hearts today My sons, one who has served My beloved Son Jesus for over fifty years and one who is newly ordained and begins a life journey of holy service to My Son Jesus. You each are special and precious to Your Immaculate Mother, My priest sons. You are chosen and set apart for a holy purpose My priest sons. You are called to be holy living representatives of My Beloved Son Jesus. You are a special gift to My children. Father Justin you have traveled many miles in your young life as priest to be here on this day to pray with Your Mother. You too Father Simon have traveled many miles to be here today. I thank you for your daily response to My call and to the call of My Beloved Son Jesus. I thank you for your faithfulness, for your service with joy. I love you! I love you! I love you! I am Your Mother, Your Patroness, Mother of Divine Love.”
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Baby Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady continues, “Open your hearts My beloved priest sons and all of My children. Open your hearts and your homes to Your Mother for I bring into your hearts and homes My Beloved Son Jesus. Come to Your Mother with all of your needs. I pray for you My sons and all My children. I am with My Beloved Son Jesus at all times, interceding for you. Prepare your hearts! Prepare your families! Prepare your homes, for the Coming of My Beloved Son Jesus! AWAIT HIS COMING!
To prepare your hearts and souls, go make a holy and sincere Confession. Clean your hearts and your souls. Oh My children, My priest sons, this is most important! Make a holy and sincere Confession with a firm resolve not to sin again. Your sin grieves Your Mother’s Heart. Your sin grieves the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus! REPENT! Look deeply into your hearts and souls and resolve to clean up and to stay clean and free of sin. Come to Your Mother. I will help you. I will take you by the hand and go with you to My Beloved Son Jesus. When you go to Confession it is My Son Jesus who sits in the person of the priest. His Precious Blood, His Divine Mercy washes over you and through you to wash away your sins.
Prepare your families for My Son Jesus’ Coming by guiding them to holiness by your example. Prepare your families by praying together. Make of your homes holy dwelling places. Keep in mind that your bodies are holy living tabernacles where the Most Holy Blessed Trinity dwells. Your homes should reflect this truth. Prepare your homes by removing from them all that is not holy or pleasing to God. 
Offer prayer and sacrifice My priest sons and all of My children as reparation for your sins and the sins of others. Turn off your T.V.’s! Spend more time in prayer and in talking to one another in love and in Peace. Bless your homes with Holy Water and Blessed Salt. Make an altar in your homes. 
PREPARE YOUR SOULS, YOUR FAMILIES AND YOUR HOMES FOR THE COMING OF MY BELOVED SON JESUS. Make this a special Christmas! The family is the first Church! 
ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS, AND YOU ARE GIFT FROM GOD TO ONE ANOTHER. When you truly realize that your bodies are holy living Tabernacles where God dwells and you treasure and realize the gift you are to one another, you will be living in DIVINE LOVE and DIVINE ORDER. Your lives have been purchased by the Passion and Death of My Beloved Son Jesus. You are Heirs to the Kingdom of God, a chosen people, PRIESTS, PROPHETS and KINGS! Oh My children, I know you do not fully understand My words to you. My priest sons and all of My children, I love you all! I ask you to simplify your lives. Some of you are busy about many things. I call you to be quiet! Fast! Pray! There are many ways to fast. Fast on bread and water! Fast from foolish talk! Fast from T.V.! Fast from inflicting painful words on one another! Be kind to one another! Put the other first and yourself last! Remember this begins in the home and affects the world. There are many little good things you can do My priest sons and all of My children. For those who can an Hour of Adoration each week, or each day, will bring much Healing and Peace into your lives and homes. There is too much noise in your lives! You need quiet times to just be in God’s Presence. If you cannot go to a Church or Chapel of Adoration, find a quiet place and remember Who is dwelling within your body, the MOST HOLY BLESSED TRINITY! Just as you spend weeks preparing for a wedding or a special day or meal, even more important, you should spend much time preparing your soul to receive My Beloved Son Jesus in Holy Communion. Take My words into your hearts My priest sons and all of My children.
Thank you for gathering at My Request to pray for My beloved priest sons. I encourage you to persevere in holiness and wholeness. 
To the religious, My little Brothers and Sisters, I love you! I bring you all together under My Mantle of Protection! To all those gathered all over the world on this day, I bring you together as if you were all in the same room.”
At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
Our Lady continues, “My beloved son, My priest, My hand is upon you My son. Why do you hesitate to obey Your Mother? Why are you so afraid? Is there something you think Your Mother cannot do through a willing heart? I love you My son and entrust much to you! Will you not trust your Mother? I give you Peace.
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion of Jesus
Our Mother says, “On your knees My daughter.” Our Mother is here as Our Sorrowful Mother in a blue veil. She says, “Give this flower (camellia) petal to My priest son.”
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus
Our Lady continues, “I bless you My children! I give you the extra Grace you need to open your hearts more completely to My Beloved Son Jesus. Offer your little sufferings to My Son Jesus for My priest sons to persevere in holiness and wholeness.”
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven
Our Mother says, “A wave of love for priests has begun here in this small and unknown place. A wave that is sweeping the earth! A cleansing, healing wave that precedes the New Springtime! My Church renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness! My Immaculate Heart will Triumph in the end. Oh My beloved priest sons, My religious and all of My children, I love you! I love you! I love you! I am your Mother, Mother of all Hearts! I have many Titles! I am one Mother!
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests!”
“Randy, I am with you. Pray your Rosary My son. I will not leave you. Your grandmothers and grandfathers are with Me, praying for you. Your Daddy is with Me, praying for you, too.”
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, Body and Soul
“Father D – I Love you My son. I thank you for all that you do for My Beloved Son Jesus and for Your Immaculate Mother. You have come far My son on your life’s journey. I am carrying you into Mystical Union as I heal you through prayer. I love you. Thank you for opening your heart more completely to Your Mother. I love you! 
My little victim souls, those of you who have offered yourselves as victim souls for priests, I love you! I greet you in Joy and in Thanksgiving. I thank you for your life offering for the renewal of the holy priesthood. Your consecration is blessed by the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, by Their constant Presence within your bodies which are blessed and chosen. Your offering of self has brought much cleansing Grace upon the holy priesthood and in turn upon the whole Church. I encourage you by this message, to persevere in your vocation as victim soul. It is the vocation of purest LOVE! I love you!
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love”
After the messages were read to those present, the young priest, a Divine Word Missionary from another country thanked America for sending missionaries to his country. He said, “I am Catholic and a priest today because you sent missionaries to my country.” I thanked him for becoming a priest and for coming to us in America as a missionary.
End of Claire Rose _______________

November 24, 2007 Last Saturday of November Theriot, Louisiana U.S.A
Received by Leslie Therese’:
Our Mother says, “Welcome to you My most precious ones, My children, My Great Joy and Happiness. You My little ones are My Heart. You fill Me to completeness. Thank you for putting aside your selves and coming to Me here.”
I see a cross of diamonds, behind it there is a rose, pink in color. I am told in my heart that this signifies that where Jesus is His Mother is also.
Our Mother continues, “My children, My children, pray for My priests. Welcome them into your hearts through prayer. All will be healed through My Immaculate Heart. I come here to this little place of love in the swamps of Louisiana to share with you My love. This love I have for you is never ending. Nothing and no one can destroy My love for you. You only need ask and open yourself to Me. I am your Mother. Come to Me in all of your needs. I have been asked by God to come here for you My children. I can refuse Our Lord nothing. All that I AM IS BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE FOR ALL. Pray with Me, My children. In each day offer all that you can for My priests and religious, and each other. I am here to guide you in your Faith.”

I see Our Mother in white with a pink veil. Her Face and Hair are ever changing, different colors, nations etc. She is praying among everyone, walking and touching people on the hair or backs.
Our Mother continues, “Your Faith in coming today is wondrous, and all of Heaven is praying with Us today. Open your hearts to Me My little loves. I know each of you by name. I bless you today with all of My Peace, all of My Joy. I give to each of you here on your first visit to pray with Me, an Angel of protection. Yes My children, just for you God has offered these special Angels. These Angels will be with you for as long as you live on the earth. To the three little ones who sat and prayed with Me at the Cross, I give to you an Angel of Love. Do what you can in your lives to Love all of My people. Judge none.”
I am told that these children will someday be great leaders of some kind who will lead by Faith and Love of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and with the guidance of the Blessed Mother in all their decisions.
To the Religious:
“My little precious religious, I see you as you pray with Me here today. I see also those of you that are here in spirit. You are so special to Me My little doves and I thank you for your yes in praying daily for My priest sons. Continue to pray and offer all you can for your brother and sisters. Thank you and Bless you again for wearing and embracing your habits. Your love for My Son Jesus is seen and felt by Heaven in all you do, and many of My children are blessed to see of your devotion in the cloth you have embraced in your love and faith to give your lives for My Son Jesus. Never doubt that who and what you are is very important to all. You My little doves will share My Heaven. I shall greet you My Self and present you to Our Lord. He is anxious to meet you.
I see Sister R and Sister E praying at their home as we are here praying the Rosary.
To Priests present:
“My little priests come to Me, Your Mother. Come and rest in My Heart, My Arms are open. Rest and give to Me your burdens, your weariness. I will wash you clean. I will renew and refresh you here. Begin anew. Come and rest in My Arms. There is no judgment here, only Love and Forgiveness. Listen and hear how My children pray for you here. Listen to their voices, look into their hearts, even though broken they continue to pray for you My dear ones. Thank you for all that you do in My name, thank you for what you do for my children by offering the sacrifice of the Mass, along with Confession and for the many blessings you give to My children. Please pray for these My little ones who come in Faith to this place to pray for you.
M – Your love and faith will be rewarded. Your earthly Mother is here with Me today, she is very proud of what you have become and you will remain in her heart always. Never doubt that you are loved My child.
W – You have done well My child, you have done your best with what was given to you. Your children will be blessed with Heaven because of your Yes! You gave your heart and your life up to what ever Our Lord had in mind for you with childlike trust and faith. Many are blessed by you. I love you My son, My Heart.
L – You are truly blessed My daughter. You will see the gathering of your children in God’s House soon. Do not lose faith My little one. As promised all will be well.
G – Give yourself fully to Me, now before all of My children. Open your heart to the truth. Do not try to hide anymore for I know your heart is good. Give all to Me.
J – Soon My son, soon you will see My Face. Listen as I whisper into your heart. Be not afraid…
At last, at last, you have come to face Me. I am here for you too My son. I love you. Leave behind you what this world is offering you and walk in faith with Me. Much is to be forgiven. Begin here to live in love. This love is your renewal, your blessing to begin again in goodness and faith. Open your heart, your mind, give yourself to Me here, come home to Me your Mother. Pray with and for your family. Oh My little Joseph, your family is counting on you. By your faith and offering of yourself your family will be healed and made whole again. Pray My son! Pray! 
For all of My children, I bless you again today with all that I am. I bless all marriages and wedding bands and all children of these. My parents, do all you can to pray for and with your children. I give My love to all of you My little ones…
Your Mother”
End of Leslie Therese’ __________

November 24, 2007 Last Saturday of November Priest’s Saturday California
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
God guide my mind, God guide my pen in Jesus’ Name
The weather here is sunny but quite cool. The whole area was blessed with Holy Water. People started arriving around 1:45 p.m. and put their petitions in the petition box. We invited Our Lady under all Her Titles, all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life. We prayed the three Hail Mary’s in honor of the children who pray the three Hail Mary’s for priests in Theriot, LA We started the 20-decade Rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m.
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation
Our Lady says, “Announce I am here.” I did. Our Lady continues, “Many of My children all over the world are suffering greatly at this time. Oh My children, persevere! Do not worry that you are suffering at this time, just simply bear it as best you can and offer all up in My Son Jesus’ Name for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood. Much fruit is coming from your suffering at this time. Oh My children, thank you for coming to pray with Me today for Our beloved priests at My request! I love you! I love you! I love you!”
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation 
Our Lady says, “Oh how I love to hear the Rosary said in all languages.” (The Rosary was being said in French and English.)
At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus
I am taken away to a place of great peace and light.
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Baby Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady is here under many titles, some I know and some I don’t know. First Our Lady of Divine Grace, then Our Lady of Lourdes, then Our Lady Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She has on Her Crown. It is most beautiful. The Crown has seven points. At the tip of each point is a small pearl. On the front of the Crown is a Chalice and suspended above the Chalice is the Eucharist. Out of the Eucharist come rays of golden white light. Our Lady says, “Oh My children, the rays of golden white light is grace coming out to all of you present all over the world. Open your hearts to all this grace that is here for all of you! I love you My children, Oh how I love you!”
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
I was asked to lead this decade. I did.
At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist
“M-----, I love you My daughter. I am slowing you down. Take time to rest My little one. I am with you little one. I see all you do for Me and My Son Jesus! We love you Our little one. You live in Our Hearts and We live in your heart.”
At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana
“M---, My daughter, I thank you for your perseverance. I hold you in My Immaculate Heart. I see your struggles My daughter, My little one. Continue to show good example to others. You do not realize the impact on others and yes, on priests. I love you! I love you! I love you!”
At the third Luminous Mystery, Jesus’ Proclamation of the Kingdom
“A-----, I thank you for your steadfastness in your devotion to Me your Mother and My Beloved Son Jesus. Many times difficulties arise, yet you persevere My daughter. I see your heart and it is close to Me My daughter. I love you! I love you! I love you! Thank you for your perseverance!”
At the fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration of Jesus
“A--, thank you for coming today to pray with Me. I love you! I see all you do for Me and how your heart is so close to My Heart. Yes, it lives in My Heart. Persevere in the path you have taken. It will bring much good fruit. Persevere My daughter, persevere!
At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady says, “Lead this decade!” I did. Noticed a bright white light in the room where we were praying.
At the second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar
Our Lady says, “Oh My priest sons, oh how I love you! You are My special sons. Oh how I depend on you to lead My children to My Beloved Son Jesus. I need you My precious sons to be HOLY. My children need you My priest sons. They need the Sacraments you bring to them. Without you they would not have the Eucharist, they would not have the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Oh My sons, My children are praying for you here in the MISSION of LOVE FOR YOU!”
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crowned with Thorns
Our Lady continues speaking to Her priest sons. “Much grace is coming to you My sons. Much, much grace from all over the world from the prayers, sacrifices and suffering of My children for you, MUCH GRACE, MUCH LOVE, MUCH PEACE! Grace, Peace and Love beyond your understanding. Do not waste this grace, peace and love that is all for you! Open your hearts and receive! I love you! I love you! I love you!”
At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus Carries His Cross
“M----, I know you are praying with Me at your home. I honor your prayers from your heart for holy priests. I love you! I am with you! Your Mother!
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus’ Crucifixion 
I was asked to lead this decade. I did.
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus
Our Lady says, “Oh My religious, I see you wearing your habits. I thank you My brothers and sisters. It is the witness of your love and devotion to My Son Jesus and I. My children need this witness to persevere My brothers and sisters. I love you! Oh how I love you. You are precious to Me. I love you! I love you! I love you! I thank you for your presence here.”
At the second Glorious Mystery, Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven
Our Lady says, “Oh My priest sons pray for your selves and for your brother priests. Pray to stay HOLY and for your brother priests to do the same.” Our Mother of Divine Love is here and is hovering just above us. She is praying with us. She is surrounded all around her by a bright white light. It seems to touch each of us. It seems to warm each one of us.
At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and Our Lady
Our Mother’s Mantle is being held out by Holy Angels. Her Mantle covers all the Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity all over the world. Our Lady says, “Oh My children from all over the world who are praying with Me today, My Mantle of LOVE covers you all. You all form a river of prayer for the priesthood all over the world. Grace flows like a river from all your prayers, fasting and sacrifices. Oh My children your daily duty is a great prayer. It includes your entire being and consecrates and dedicates you all to My Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart through My Immaculate Heart. You all live in Our Hearts and We live in your hearts. We are one!”
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven
Our Lady says, “Oh My children, My priests, My religious, I thank you with Heart and Love for praying with Me for HOLY PRIESTS and for VOCATIONS TO THE PRIESTHOOD. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you! I thank you all for answering My CALL! I love you! I love you! I love you!
Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
At the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth
Our Lady asked, “Lead this decade little one!” I did.

End of bride from another area. _______________________

November 24, 2007, Saturday