Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred Twenty-Seventh Visitation of Our Lady


October 31, 2009         Last Saturday of October       Priest’s Saturday           Theriot, LA


Today is a beautiful day!  Our Mother asked us to gather at the Cross to pray with the little children. 

She asks the little children to pray three Hail Mary’s each day for the souls of priests.  She said that the soul of a priest can be saved by the prayers said from the heart of a child.  I encourage you all ask your children and grandchildren to pray for our priests.  As we begin the 3 Hail Mary’s I was surprised for I saw the face of my brother who died last month.  He was smiling at me and seemed joyful, happy to see me.  Then I saw my Pappa’s face.  He died May 21, 1963.  Then I saw my Mamma who died April 13, 1976.  Then one by one I saw my other brothers who have died and their wives. And my sister.  I saw Fr.’s Mamma, Mr. Darrel’s Mamma, both consecrated brides.  There faces were shining.  I saw Patty’s grandpa.  I saw many relatives and friends who have died and many others I do not know. 


Then I saw Our Mother!  Our Mother is with us!  I see Her as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  She has a very full veil, like the veil of a bride.  Her Veil is blowing in the wind and is covering over all of us.   Her Arms are extended toward us like the statue of Our Lady of Grace.  “My precious, precious, precious little ones, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I bless you today My little ones with an abundance of Holy Grace.  I flood you with the Grace to be holy.  I ask you to live holy simple lives.  I ask you to pray daily, to pray many times each day for My beloved priest sons.  I need you, My children.  I bring you always to My beloved Son, Jesus!  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.”


We began the Rosary at the Cross.  I continued to see the faces of those who have died. 

Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity, Our Mother Speaks: “Please, My children, do not forget to pray for My children who are in Purgatory, especially My priest sons.”  I began to wonder if those I had seen were still in Purgatory.  Our Mother must have heard my thoughts because She said, “O My child, those you have seen are with Me in Paradise.   But many souls thirst for prayer, the prayer of others in the place of Purification, Purgatory.  I bring many souls to you today to join in prayer with you.  Many holy Angels and Archangels accompany Me today as I visit you.  The Most Holy Blessed Trinity is present today although you cannot see.  St. Joseph, Holy Father John Paul II, Padre Pio, Mother Theresa, St. Theresa, the little flower, St. Francis, St. Claire, St. Rose, St. Elizabeth and many others surround you and pray with you and for you.  My child, My children, I will continue to ask much of you all.  Much prayer, much sacrifice!  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  And Pray more for My beloved priest sons!  The evil one has declared war on the holy priesthood for he knows if he could destroy the priesthood, he could destroy My Son’s Church.” 

I saw an old Icon of Our Mother with the Child Jesus in front of Her, both facing us.  Our Mother’s Hands were on Jesus’ shoulders.  I saw the Most Precious Blood of Jesus pouring over us streams of Precious Blood! 

Our Mother Spoke: “My precious priest sons and all of My children, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  You are all covered and protected by the Precious Saving Blood of My Beloved Son Jesus.  A Heavenly Shield of Protection and Salvation for you all My children.  Stay in the Shelter of this saving Shield.  Through your Baptism you are brought into Salvation.  O My beloved children abundant Grace is given you!  Grace poured out upon you!  Stay holy My little ones.  If you have strayed and are in sin, go to My priest sons and confess your sins.  Seek forgiveness and you will be showered in abundance with all you need.  Repent, My children, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!  Seek to live in Peace and in Love with one another.  If someone slaps your cheek, in peace, give him the other cheek.  O My beloved children, this life on earth is short.  Live each moment as if it were your last on earth.  Live in Peace and in Joy.  Love one another as I love you!  Forget the past and do not waste your time worrying about the future. The past and the future is in God’s Hands.  Surrender and abandon all that concerns you to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus!  Spend your time in prayer.  Live in Peace with one another.  Be living examples of God’s Love!  I have come to earth to warn you.  I have come to earth to teach you.  I have come to earth to teach you how to live and how to love one another as God loves you!  Bear with one another, help one another to be good and holy children.  Build one another up, do not tear one another to pieces.  I come to you here in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  O My beloved children the Last Supper was the First Mass.  The Moment of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist was the same moment as the Institution of the Holy Priesthood.  You cannot have one without the other!  On this particular Last Saturday I remind you that 20 years ago, on the Last Saturday of October 1989, I first asked for the Devotion of the Last Saturday of each month to be set aside as a Day of Prayer for Priests.  I thank you for your response to My Call to you.  My priest sons need your prayer and sacrifice.  I allow you to see some of the fruit of your prayers and suffering as an encouragement to persevere in prayer and in holiness. 


On this Eve of All Saints Day I have a special Request from My Son Jesus.  He desires that devotion to My Parents, St. Anne and St. Joachim be renewed.  They await your prayer requests.  As the Holy Grandparents of My Beloved Son Jesus, they are especially concerned about the souls of the young.  Teach your little ones to pray.  Make an Altar in your homes.  O My beloved priest sons, in years past, every church had an altar to Jesus’ Grandparents.  Help to renew this devotion.  Pray, My children.”


I saw Our Mother above us as Our Mother of Grace.  Her Arms were outstretched toward us.  She wore a bridal veil with a Crown of pink roses.  I saw pure white light like streams of Living Water come from above Our Mother pass through Her and out of Her Hands to and unto us all! 

“Be Blessed in abundance, My children with the Rays of Living Grace.  Be protected and cleansed by the Precious Blood of My Beloved Son, Jesus.  All gifts from Heaven through the Divinity and Humanity of My Beloved Son Jesus are yours for the asking. Open your hearts.  Open your lives.  Open your homes and families for these gifts from Heaven are abundant and have no cost.  Receive and absorb these Heavenly gifts!  There is no limit to God’s Love for you!  Be washed clean in the Holy Sacrament of the Confessional.  There you receive the Divine Mercy of God by being washed in the Holy Precious Blood of My Beloved Son Jesus.  Make a sincere holy Confession.  Be cleansed and set free from sin.  Then come in holiness and wholeness to receive the Sacred Body and Blood of My Precious Son Jesus!  Remember always that when you receive Holy Communion, you do receive The Most Holy Blessed Trinity, One God in Three Persons!  One cannot be separated from the Other!  Your bodies are holy, living Tabernacles where God Dwells!  Be humble and live in Peace.  Live in Love, for he who lives in Love, lives in God and God lives in him!  You are blessed to know, My children that when you are holy and free from sin that the Kingdom of Heaven dwells in your soul.  Those who have gone before are in constant Adoration of God!  Yet they are near to you and praying for you!  Those souls still in Purgatory cannot see the Fullness of God but they are blessed to know that they will be in Paradise one day.  Those souls are in constant prayer for you all of My children.  They cannot pray for themselves, only you can pray for them.  This is God’s Divine Plan, My children. 

You are one Church.   One in Heaven.  One in Purgatory.  One still on Earth. 

Keep your focus on My Son Jesus!  Keep your focus on Heaven, as you live a simple holy, daily life! 

Pray for My priest sons at the Cross and near the two Wells that I have established and blessed and I will pray for all of your needs.  For those who desire to do this and cannot be physically present, I bring you together in spirit, most especially on the Last Saturday.  I bring you to a Garden near the Gate of Heaven.  I thank you for your sacrifice and I bless your journey here to My little home on the bayou.  I touch each one of you and your families.  Today is a day of an Abundance of Grace. 

In December, on the last Saturday there will be no public Visitation here in Theriot.  I ask that you gather in your homes and pray for My priest sons at the appointed time.  I will be with each one of you.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I have many Titles, I am one Mother. Your Mother!

Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”

“Pere Simon, Jai taime!  Jai taime!  Jai taime beaucoups!  Yes, My little one, I love you!  I am with you every moment!  Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou”

End of Claire Rose_______________


October 31, 2009   Theriot, Louisiana

Received by Leslie Therese`


While we were at the Cross Our Blessed Mother Spoke:

“I come as the Handmaid of The Lord dressed in simple cloth.  I have heard you as you pray for My Intercession, My child.  Your prayers to Me will not go unnoticed.”  Our Mother is dressed with a white veil with dark clothing underneath.  She is holding Her veil under Her chin as She looks to Heaven.  Then I see St. Theresa, the little flower.  She is walking through millions of perfect pink roses. 


Our Mother speaks:  “W & P, give My love to these who are so very special to Me.  From My arms to yours, I pass this love.  My children, oh how I love each of you with all that I am.  Oh how much My little ones.  Welcome to you!  This place has been made to welcome all of My children by the Grace of Our Father.  Pray!  Pray!  Pray, My children for My precious priests!  Pray and fast!  Pray and fast!  Pray for your families.  Pray that Love and Peace may enter your homes.  Have My priest sons bless your families and your homes.  Bless your homes often with true holy water.  Ask in prayer for God to fill your homes with His Holy Grace and Mercy.


Oh My beautiful ones I love you so….  Thank you for your faith in coming here.  Thank you for praying here with Me today.  I bless you with My unending Love and peace.  As I have before, I bless each of you with a special Angel of Protection.  Yes, My children, it is I Your Mother.  I do hear your prayers and petitions.  I have today made them as My own and will present them Myself to My Son Jesus.  Continue in prayer, My loves. 


J- listen to Me carefully My son.  The one you seek and love is in your midst.  Look no further.  She has lost a little of her spirit, but will be as she was before.

M-Margaret, I love you, My child.  They are with Me now.  They are safe, no more harm can come to them, they are safe within My Arms.

Linny- You are such a blessing to Me, My child.  Such a sweet simple blessing and I love you!

W & C, All generations of your family will call Me blessed.  Thank you for your ‘yes.’  Continue in prayer.

S, I love you, My sweet one.  Your journey has at times been long, but always I was/am by your side.  Call to Me and give all to Me for I know all already. 

S, share your time of mourning with your loved ones here.  For no where else will you be completely understood and loved in your grief.


My little Religious, here you are with Me again.  I am so blessed by your love, so are My little ones.  Oh how I love you!  My heart is full as I see you on your journey here.  For My children see by your habits what it is to love.  Thank you for this sign, My little ones.  I bless you today with a special Angel of faith. Call upon these angels on behalf of your brothers and sisters, but also for My children.  My children need your every prayer.  Continue to pray…



For My Priest sons, My sons.  My sons.  Listen to My children as they pray for you today.  Come to Me here in this small Holy place for I am your refreshment of mind and body, come and rest in My arms.  I have seen those of you who have come here this month in spirit.  I love you My sons, My priests.  I bless you with everything that I am for I am Your Mother who carried the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega.  Three in One and One in Three.  Come and rest in My Peace, My Love, My Arms, My Heart…


Oh My children pray.  Pray for your country and its people.  Pray.  Give to Me your every burden My children, yes give them to Me.  I am Your Mother and what burdens you becomes Mine.  Come and rest in My Arms, I will wrap you in My Love and lift you into refreshment.  Oh how very much I adore Our Father God and evermore do I wish to be in His service.  He has asked Me again to bless each of you here with peace and contentment.  I bless all marriages and wedding rings.  I bless all children of these either by blood or Love.  Continue to pray for all of My little tiny ones still in their mother’s wombs.  Love your children.  Teach them to pray by praying yourselves.  Children learn what they see and hear.  Take care of the example you teach.  Teach Love, Kindness and Forgiveness.  Again I say thank you for coming My loves.  I am blessed by your presence.  Continue to pray, pray, pray My children.  Your Mother…


David- Thank you for coming My son.  Yes it is Me calling your name.  I am Your Mother, I am the Mother of all.  I Love You…

John- You have blessed Me today as I bless you, I feel the love and faith you have brought in your heart.  I love you My son.

S- My child, I so love you.  I am with you each moment of your day and I will be with you always.  Thank you for your yes.  I am here for you and speak to you, close out the noise of the world and listen when you can.  You will hear My Voice and you will see My Face as your children already do.

A- Forgive them for they are only human as you are.  Forgive and I will help you to forget the hurt.  Come to Me in prayer.

J- C- My son you will mourn for a time the loss of your one true heart, but as time passes you will heal and be whole again.  Give in to your sorrow and share it with Me.  Cry in My embrace.  Oh how I Love You…


Never before have I brought so many angels.  I am surrounding this little place with My unending protection.  I leave here much grace and a new life for many.  Trust in Me and you will not fail.  Keep it simple…”


End of Leslie Therese`_______________



October 31, 2009

Received by a bride from another area, Lin

I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday.  We prayed the Stations of the Cross for the Souls in Purgatory.  Around 1:30 p.m. we went to the foot of the Cross for Priests with the little children and prayed the three Hail Mary’s for priests.  Our Mother had asked us to gather at the foot of the Cross.  Our Mother is here all in white with a white veil.  There are Holy Angels all around us.  Grace was falling on us all, like rain!  Lots and lots of grace!  We then gathered underneath the house to pray the 20-decade Rosary for Priests.  We invited Our Lady under all Her Titles and all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory  to pray with us and for us for holy priests.  Our Mother is here as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of  Priests.  Our Lady says, “Claire will announce that I am here.  Oh My children, as you pray for priests, you pray for Holy Mother Church!  Great grace comes to you today as you pray for holy priests and for vocations at My Request, yes, all over the world.  It goes out to all My children all over the world.

Oh My brides, Oh how I love you!  As you give yourselves to Me and My Son Jesus, for all the priests of the world, I give myself to you all in love.  The Most Holy Blessed Trinity comes with Me this special day, ‘The 20th Anniversary of My Request to pray for priests on the Last Saturday of each month.  Oh My children I salute you for your perseverance to My Request to pray for priests on the Last Saturday of each month.  Oh My children, I salute you for your perseverance to My request.  This is a special day for you all.  The Graces and Peace and Love that goes to the priesthood and for vocations from your prayers from all over the world at My request is not measurable. You cannot even imagine all this grace that is happening for the priesthood and for this great healing and peace and love and joy.  All beyond your understanding!  Oh the LOVE!  All encompassing, all consuming!  Open your heart Oh holy priesthood!  Open your hearts My religious!  Open your hearts My children and receive all that is coming to you! Oh My children, many of you are experiencing great suffering, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Know My beloved children it is not in vain!  As you offer all in My Son Jesus’ Name for the priesthood it rises straight to Heaven and goes before the Throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, as incense of LOVE before God, One in Three and Three in One, for the priesthood.  It is heard and accepted before the Throne of the Triune God!  LOVE comes back to you all in great, great abundance!  Great, great quantities!  Oh My children I can’t explain this love in your language, as it is so great!  It goes home today with each one of you in a special way and will stay with each one of you forever!  Keep your hearts open to all this love and let it happen within you in its greatness!

Oh little one I love you!  Continue to write! 

T---- , I love you!  Thank you for your yes to Me!  I hold you in My Heart!  I live in your heart as does the Most Holy Blessed Trinity!

L----- , Oh My little one I see your suffering all offered in My Son Jesus’ Name.  I consecrate you to My Heart never to be let go!  I live in you My little one, as does My Son Jesus!

S------- , Thank you for responding to My Call!  I am with you!  I never leave you.  All you do for Me and My Son Jesus does not go unnoticed!  Don’t give up!  Remember the grace is always there.  I am with you.

G----- , Thank you for coming here to pray with Me!  I have been waiting for you!  I see all you do for brides and the Holy Priesthood.

K------ , Have courage My little one!  I am with you!  You are not alone!  Many blessings are coming your way due to your perseverance in prayer.  I love you!  You are Mine!

Oh My children when it seems the bleakest I am with you, even more than you realize.  Remember My Son Jesus, your brother, is carrying you! 

P---- and W--,  Yes, I am with you even more than you know or can imagine!  I love you My precious ones!  Thank you for your obedience to Me and your trust and especially your Love!  I cherish it My little ones.  Yes, your whole family is in My Heart and in My Son Jesus Heart!”

There are many Holy Angels and Saints all around us!  They come to honor Our Mother, Mary Immaculate and the Most Holy Blessed Trinity!

Rest now little one!

Oh My children, there is much healing happening here today.

My beloved religious, I thank you for answering My Call!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I thank you for wearing your habits as a witness to My children of your love for My Son Jesus, your Savior and Redeemer!  I send love in abundance into your hearts!  Yes each and every one of you!  LOVE is coming in abundance to each and every one of you!  Yes, I ask you to open your hearts and receive all this LOVE   I bring to each of you!  Oh My children this is what this Mission is all about, LOVE!  As you pray for priests and the entire priesthood at My request, I pray for you and your families, yes, all over the world!  Oh My beloved priest sons, last but not least, many, many graces come to you all because of this Mission of LOVE!  Yes, it is especially for each and every one of you to be holy and to stay that way.  If you are holy, My priest sons, your flocks will be holy.  Teach My children about My Son Jesus!  Be a good example My priest sons and your flocks will follow your example!  Do not worry about what others think, My priest sons, simply be holy!  You will not be sorry!  My beloved Son Jesus does not want a single soul lost! 

Oh My children, your prayers from your hearts are most pleasing to My Son Jesus!  When you pray from your hearts, My Son Jesus cannot resist you!  And, the evil one cannot be around you, so powerful are your prayers from your hearts!

Oh My children, My religious, My priest sons thank you for praying with Me this day for the Priesthood and for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the priesthood at My request!  Many blessings come to you all as I pray for each and every one of you, as you pray for Our priests! 

You will each return home safely this day!  Many Holy Angels travel with each of you as you travel to your homes, those close and those far away!  Know that Jesus and I are with you in a special way!

I love you!  I love you!  I love you all, all over the world!

            Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, Lady of the Bayou!

K---- , I love you!  Thank you for praying with Me for Our beloved priests.  I hear all your prayers.

J----- , Oh My little one, I am with you!  I love you!  I love your precious and loving heart!  Give all to Me and trust. I ask much of you and much is given to you.

G----- , I love you!  Thank you for all you do for Me and My beloved Son Jesus. Persevere My little one, persevere!  You will be surprised at what you accomplish for Me and for My Son Jesus!  Let LOVE live in you completely!

S-------- , You are with Me in spirit.  Know that in your heart you are a good Mom!  Know that My little one!

A----- , Thank you for your loving and protective heart!  I am with you!  My Son Jesus is with you!  Follow His inspirations and guidance!  You will know what to do with out a doubt.

C ------ , and C---- , Jesus and I are with you guiding you.  Listen to the still small voice in your hearts.  We are with you, loving you!  Have courage!”

Holy Angels all around us all difference sizes.  Many Saints with us, Padre Pio, St Therese’ the little flower, Blessed Fr. Seelos, Pope John Paul II.  Many saints I cannot name.  St. John Vianney, all the Apostles present at Pentecost.  It is as though Heaven opens up and presents all to us as we pray for priests.  I cannot explain it completely in words.  I simply pray that each one of you can open your heart and receive all!  Our Mother is smiling at each and every one of us.  She is Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

End of a bride from another area. ___________

october 31, 2009, Saturday