Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Thirty-Ninth Visitation of Our Lady

June 29, 2002     Priest's Saturday     Last   Saturday of June 

 Theriot, Louisiana Written by Claire Rose Today is a beautiful day; the Feast Day of Sts. Peter and Paul. The weather is warm but we are blessed with a nice breeze, so it is cool under the trees. Many birds are singing today. My husband blessed in & out of our house with Holy Water. Pilgrims arrived early and our house & gardens are quite full. We had a lot of rain on Thursday so there is a lot of mud where the fresh dirt was hauled in to lift the land where the Rosary & the prayer pavilion will be built. Last night I asked Our Mother for a Fatima miracle because there was water everywhere & the bathrooms did not work. She came through as She always does because although there were over 200 present everything was fine. Anyone who is familiar with saturated Louisiana mud knows that it does not dry up in a short time. Two holy priests are hearing Confessions. Three holy nuns are also present. I saw many new faces, some from several states. Twenty-four of the Consecrated victim soul brides are here today. We are gathered here and in many places around the world to pray for our priests. Many are responding to Our Mother's Call as the Last Saturday of every month is being set aside as a Day of Prayer for Priests in many places. Many little groups are sprouting up in other states & countries as Our Mother's children gather to pray the Rosary & other prayers for priests. Last Saturday, June 22, two more made their victim soul for priests Consecration vows. One was in Asheville, North Carolina and one here in Louisiana. There are now 211 who have made this life offering with several in discernment. A young mom has come to play guitar & to lead us in singing. Just before I went out to pray with the children Our Mother asked me to tell them about the Relic of Jesus' Cross that is in the Crucifix that I wear. Our Mother said to invite the children to come & kiss Jesus' Cross. As I sat down & looked around I realized there were many, many more children & many more adults than usual. I saw many of their guardian angels and this took my breath & mind away. I just sat for a long time to absorb what was taking place. There were so many big angels they formed like a big tall wall around us. Our Mother has told us that three (3) Hail Mary's prayed from the heart of a child can save the soul of a priest. Three Hail Mary's said by a child for a priest will open the heart of a priest, even the most hardened heart. I reminded the children of this. A kind soul has made little Chaplets for children to pray the 3 Hail Mary's. I told the children & their parents about this. I said I would ask Our Mother to bless these & a priest to bless them & they could pick them up after the Rosary. As we prayed three Hail Mary's Our Mother came. She was all in flowing moving white, very beautiful. In front of Her Heart I saw a beautiful pure white Dove with its wings open wide. It was the Holy Spirit. Our Mother spoke:  "My precious little ones, I love you. I love you. I love you." Our Mother extended Her Hand over us. I saw droplets like water or rain, like pure light come from Her Hand to all of us. Our Mother said: "These are Graces being given to you. Graces for Peace. Graces for Healing. Graces for Conversion. Graces to touch your hearts."  Then Our Mother asked me to tell the children about the Relic, the piece of Jesus' Cross and to invite them to come forward and kiss the Cross. Some were shy and hesitant some were more bold. One little blonde boy standing near to me kept encouraging the other children to come forward. He came back three times to kiss the Relic. This delighted Our Mother. O the pure heart of a child! I then thought of St. Peter who denied Jesus three times, and of the times that I too had left Him.  There was a precious little girl who was crying. Several of the children were holding kittens because we have 9 kittens that are a month old. She was crying because she wanted to bring a kitten home & her parents said "no". I told everyone that often Our Mother uses a little child to teach us all a lesson. Today the lesson is that we can't always have everything we ask for, that sometimes when it is for our good that God has to say "no". And sometimes we cry and don't understand. We then prayed three more Hail Mary's and a Glory Be to the Father, to the Son & to the Holy Spirit. Our Mother always gives worship, honor and glory to the Holy Blessed Trinity. I walked to the parents of the little girl who was still crying and told them not to feel bad or be embarrassed because God had allowed this for Our Lady to teach us all a lesson. They said they were surprised by her behavior because they said she normally doesn't act this way. I said it's a lesson for us. We went inside to begin the Rosary. In obedience to Our Mother I blessed myself, the rooms and all the people with Holy Water. I invited Our Mother to please come and pray with us and for us as we offer these prayers and Rosary for our priests & for the souls of priests in Purgatory. I also invited all the Holy Angels and Saints & the souls being purified in Purgatory to pray with us and for us.  At the First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Mother asked me to announce Her Presence. I did not see Her but I could feel Her Presence & heard Her Voice.  I surrendered & Consecrated to Our Mother all the priests of the world, all future priests, those who have left the priesthood and those in Purgatory. I also gave to Her all of us, our families and all our petitions. I asked for a special blessing for a priest who is very, very tired at this time. I then saw all in gold light, the Holy Blessed Trinity as three men. Each was seated on a Throne; there was a round table in front of them. There was tremendous Light, golden Light from within Them. Next I saw a beam of Light go down from the Trinity. Standing in this stream of Light was Our Mother as Mother of Divine Love. Near Our Mother's Heart I began to see something take form, from within Her-Light formed. I saw the Light become bigger and brighter from within Our Mother's Womb. I believe that I was shown the Annunciation, the Incarnation, the moment of Jesus' Conception in Our Mother. I heard Our Mother's gentle Voice of Love say: "Nine months went by..."  Then I saw a Nativity scene, Our Mother, Baby Jesus and St. Joseph, all in a gold glowing light. At the same time I could still see the Holy Blessed Trinity above in Heaven, like They were just upstairs in the same house, but in an upper room. I clearly saw Jesus in Heaven as God but on earth as a Baby at the same time. Next I saw Jesus as a small child running and playing with other children. I saw Him run and hide in Our Mother's skirt when he was frightened about something. (I thought of a priest at this moment, I saw his face so clear as a child.) I then saw little Jesus; His Eyes fill with tears. I saw Him get full of dust and Our Mother washed His little Face and Hands like Our Mother would do. I saw Him run in a meadow of grass and flowers of every color and description, wild flowers, red, white, yellow, orange, blue, pink, purple. I saw Jesus pick a bouquet of flowers for Our Mother. Some of the stems were bent. Our Mother kissed Him when He handed the flowers to Her. He ran and ran and laughed like a child. I heard Him laugh! There were many birds and butterflies of every color. I saw Him playing in the sawdust and wood curls in St. Joseph's shop the place where St. Joseph made chairs, stools and little tables in his daily work as a carpenter. I saw Him stick a splinter of wood in His finger & tears fill His Eyes. I saw St. Joseph lift up little Jesus into the air and Jesus laughed. Then I saw St. Joseph place Jesus in Our Mother's lap. At the Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding in the Temple, I saw Jesus in the Temple when He was about 12 where He was "lost" from St. Joseph and Our Mother Mary for 3 days. I saw many years go by and Jesus grew in age and Grace. I heard Our Mother say: "These were the hidden years spent in preparation."  I knew Our Mother was speaking about Jesus but somehow She was also speaking about the hidden years of preparation for this time and this mission. Next I see Jesus as an adult. He is at a wedding. I see Our Mother walking toward Jesus as He is talking to His cousins and friends. There is a look of concern on Our Mother's Face as She approaches Jesus. She beckons to Him. Jesus already knows what is in Her Heart and on Her Mind, but He goes to Her. She said, "My son, they have run out of wine, they have run out of wine."  Jesus smiles at Her, as He says, "Mother, that is really not my concern, nor should it concern you O My Mother!"  For Jesus knew that He could not refuse Her anything and although Our Mother also knew, She asked Him in Love. She then turned to those who were serving and said to them, "Do as He tells you to do."  I then saw the big jugs of water become wine as Jesus blessed them. As they began to serve the water, now wine, all who tasted it said,  "They have saved the best wine for last."  Our Mother then spoke to us:  "Yes, My beloved one, the first will be last and the last will be first."  (I think Our Mother was referring to this Mission of Divine Love for priests, but perhaps this means more than I understand. My understanding is very limited.) Our Mother continued: "I have carried you through all these many years and months and days to bring you to this time, this day." (I think She means the many hidden years of preparation for this mission and Her past 38 monthly public Visitations here in Theriot.)  Our Mother continued: "For 9 months and 30 years My Son Jesus was almost totally hidden from the world. Each one of these monthly Visitations has represented a month in My Womb or a year of My Son's life on earth. Three years of public life he lived, yet no earthly King has ever made a difference to the world as My Son has. There has never been another like Him, for there is only One God who became Man, My Son Jesus, the Christ Child, the ONE Savior of the world, Who is Present in Fullness with you still, through the Anointed Hands of the Priest, My beloved and chosen sons." Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, I experienced being crowned with thorns. I could feel blood flowing all around my head. I heard Jesus say in very much pain: "My priest, My priest, why have you abandoned Me?" Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Carrying of the Cross, I saw many Apostles running away from Jesus. Our Mother spoke by name to a priest who is not present: "Father -------, My beloved son, did you think I had abandoned you? No, Your Mother is by your side each day." (I understood that Our Mother meant Herself and his earthly mother.)  "I love you. I love you, My own son. Your Mother, Mary Immaculate."  Fifth Sorrowful Mystery the Crucifixion I saw Our Mother as Rosa Mystica looking at one of the priests present. I saw Her and the priest on my right. (I was told later that this priest was in another room, yet I saw him very clearly on my right.) I became aware that I was very, very weak about to faint. I heard Our Mother say in a weak and sorrowful voice, "How much more can a Mother bear?" Her very Heart was about to burst. I knew it was Our Mother but at the same time I saw the face of a priest's mamma who has been ill and suffering a long time. I then heard the priest's mamma say, "How much more can a Mother bear?"  First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, Our Mother said, "Sit, rest and pray." I was grateful. Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension  "My beloved sons, I love you. I love you. I love you. I call you. Come home to Your Mother. In My Immaculate Heart you will find a safe and secure refuge. The only safe place for you My sons who have gone astray. Return to Your Mother with all your heart. I await you. I love you. Do you hear My call to you? I love you with all My Heart. I need you My sons. Many, many of the flocks have gone astray from Truth. They will return to My Son through you My sons. Come to My Immaculate Heart, a repository of Truth. Come home. Come home. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of your Heart, Mother of Divine Love, your Patroness."  For a priest who is present: "My beloved ------, I love you. Yes, My son, My own little son, you have experienced the healing of My Love. You were called and chosen My son to come here to this little place for your healing. You are among the first of many who will follow. Many of My priest sons and Bishops will receive healing here of their souls, their minds and their bodies. I have restored your health and your ministry as a priest. I love you. I thank you for loving Me. Your Mother" Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption  "My beloved children, I love you. I love you. I love you. I thank you for coming to pray with Me today, for praying for My beloved sons. I hear all the petitions of your hearts. Sister -----, I will answer your prayer for your sisters. They will come home to Me soon, very soon. I love you. I ask you, each one of My children and My beloved sons to open your heart more fully to Me Your Mother. Let go of the world and all it has to offer you, My children. The world is full of empty promises. I offer you with My Son Jesus eternal life in Heaven. Open your hearts, My children. Open your hearts to My healing Love. I offer you a safe enclosure within My Immaculate Heart. Open your hearts. Go to Confession My beloved children. Cleanse your souls and your lives and I promise you will find Peace in My Love, in My Heart for I carry you directly to My beloved Son Jesus. Make your heart open. Ask for My Help. I am longing to help you. I am longing to heal you but you must do your part. Be converted. Come home to Your Mother. I love you. I love you. I love you. I am here at all times and where I am My Son is. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love" One of the nuns present shared that she saw both Jesus and Our Mother during the Rosary. End of Claire Rose____________________ June 29, 2002 Theriot, Louisiana Leslie Therese` received: Our Mother speaks to Priests:"My children are crying out for you My sons. My children are in fear for their church. Come to Me here My sons so that the renewal of God and My Son Jesus? Church can begin. Many of your brothers have felt My presence here in this holy place and in its people. Many of My children have come also." As Our Mother speaks, I see Her dressed in a kimono, and She is wearing a veil, Her kimono has a white background; the pattern on it was red and purple flowers with dark green leaves. Our Mother continues:"Come to Me My precious priests sons, I love you and all of you are most dear to Me. I am here for you. I have come to this place this little place just for you. I await your visit to Me here. I can renew your hearts, minds, souls and bodies. Your lives as priests can begin again. All that you have done that you are ashamed of will be forgiven." During this part of the message I see a vision of hundreds of priests walking to come here, like they had to park far away because of all of the cars parked along the roadside. When they reached the property I saw what I can only describe as love and wonder on their faces and an excitement. "Come to Me My most loved priests sons, Come to see My holy children praying for you. My children need you My priests sons, they are in great need of your direction and guidance. Show My children how much My Son Jesus loves them. Teach them of the pain He endured for them. Hear the confessions of My children. Offer this Sacrament more to My children, and teach them of its importance. But most of all offer the sacrifice of the Mass, the Holy Eucharist, MY SON JESUS, offer this to My children. Do what you can to help My children to know My Son Jesus. I love you as no one on earth can, and I am here for you. Come back to your Mother. I want to wrap you within My arms and heal all of your wounds. I love you. I love you. I come only in Love." For a priest present:"You are so very, very close to My Heart. You fill Me to ecstasy. Thank you My special priest son for taking such good care of My people. Look to Me always My son for guidance I am here for you My Son Jesus is also. All of Heaven is filled with prayers and love for you. Look to Us in all of your decisions. I love you My son I love you. I know this month has been long in coming for you but remember I am with you always and where I am so is My Son Jesus. Do not be in fear of what is to come in the days ahead; all will be done what GOD wants done. Continue to pray for your brothers. Continue to pray for My children and continue to offer confession to them. I love you My precious, help My people in the days to come." For another priest present: "I was so glad to see your precious face when you arrived. I love you My son and will continue to fill you with renewal. Tell all you meet what has happened here for you and encourage your brothers to come to Me here for the same. Thank you for hearing the confessions of My children and offering the Sacrifice of the Mass whenever asked. I love you. I feel the love that fills your heart when you are here, share this love with your brother priests. Pray with them and for them. Offer confessions to them and all of My children who come to you." This is Our Mothers message to everyone: "To all of those who have asked something of Me today, I have heard you even before you spoke. I hear all that is within your hearts. I love you My children. I want to thank you for coming here to this little holy place to pray for My sons your priests. For each person who has come here today I offer Hope Grace and a heart filled with Love. I love you My children. I also send home with each new person here today an angel of protection. I have done this before and will continue to do so. Pray. Pray. Pray for My priest sons My children, for they need your prayers. Stop looking for what others can do for you and offer yourself and do all you can to pray for My priest sons. Teach your children to do for others as well and to pray even a small prayer for priests and others in need. L - Yes My son I am here. Do not be afraid. Much has already been forgiven you here and I will continue to heal and forgive all who come to Me here. I Love You. Rhonda - Ronnie - Be at peace My child for I love you with all of My heart. You have been forgiven. Mary, I love you My child. J, It is time My child to open your heart to Me and accept My people's humanness. I Love You My child." To all of the nuns present: "My sweet, gentle, loving daughters. I love you, and I am here for you always. Continue to pray for and do for My children. Thank you again for wearing your habits, as a sign of your true love for My Son Jesus. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You!!! You are as the wings of a butterfly, most colorful and delicate, breakable, but with a faith strong enough to fly thousands of miles." End of Leslie Therese`_____________ 

June 29, 2002 Priest' Saturday Last Saturday of June
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. People came around 1:45 p.m. and put their petitions in the petition box. We started the 15 decade Rosary for Priests. I blessed everyone with holy water. I then invited the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us. I invited Our Lady to pray with us, and started the opening prayers for all our brother priests.

At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady said, "I am here. Announce that I am here." I did. I see Our Lady of Divine Grace. She is in blue and white. She is very beautiful. She is standing in the midst of us with Her Hands outstretched to us in prayer. She then speaks, "My daughters I am here to pray with you. I love you. Thank you for coming today to pray with Me. I join you to all those all over the world to pray for priests at My request."

At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord, I am very aware of the people around me praying. Our Lady then says, "Oh! How I love to hear the Rosary in different languages." A person was saying the decade of the Rosary in Spanish. I now see Our Lady sitting between two people present praying the Rosary with us. Our Lady then speaks, "Yes! My daughters I pray with you for Our beloved priests. They need your prayers My children, to stay holy. The priests who are on the wrong path need your prayers for conversion of heart. Pray! Pray! Pray My children. You do not know the power of your prayers.
To My priest sons:
Pray for your brother priests. They need your prayers at this time most desperately. You do not know what a perilous time this is. Much stands in the balance and your prayers offset the balance in the right direction. Pray, Pray Pray My priest sons. Your prayers help your brother priests who are holy to stay holy. Pray for your brother priests who are on the wrong path. Pray that they will come back to My Son, Jesus."
I now see crosses small and large filling the room. They are floating all around, all different sizes. Our Lady then says, "Yes! My daughters the pain that each of you are feeling is for a priest that I have chosen."

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, Our Lady continues, "My children do not be dismayed by what you see around you. Continue to pray. Persevere in prayer. Prayer is what is needed in this time of peril. Remember, My Son has won. He is cleaning house. His Church will be holy. It will be One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. My children His Church is Holy. Do not be misled by the media. They are using the media unwisely. Trust totally in My Son. Know that He has won. This is a time of purification. All the more reason your prayers are needed at this time My children. Do not worry about what others think. Only consider what My Son might think concerning your precious souls. Your precious souls My children, think about your precious souls and how much My Son loves you and how much He wants you to be close to Him. By praying for priests you will not only be close to Him, but you will bring others close to Him also." I see the devil cringing as we pray the Rosary for priests. As we continue to pray the Rosary I see him leave completely.
Our Lady continues, "My daughters, My prayer warriors, I love you. Thank you for answering My call to pray for priests. I join you to all those all over the world today who have come together to pray for priests at My request. I love you. My Son, Jesus loves you. All of heaven loves you. They join you today to pray for Our beloved priests. If we have holy priests, we will have holy flocks. I love you." I am very aware of the people around me praying.

At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Our Lord, Our Lady continues, "My precious daughters, you will not be sorry. You will see the beginning of the fruit of your prayers in your life times. Persevere My daughters, My children, persevere."

At the Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven, Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My children, Oh how I love you. Oh! How My Son loves you. All of heaven prays with you. Oh! My children thank you for answering My call. I send you many blessings from My Son, from the Holy Blessed Trinity. Take these blessings I dispense to you to all you meet. Encourage others to pray for your priest brothers. You will not be sorry. I love you My children. I love you. That is why I ask you to pray for priests…because I love you. Thank My Son, Jesus for sending Me to you to tell you how important it is at this time to pray for priests. I love you My children, I love you. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. Continue to pray now My daughter. Thank you for your obedience in writing." I now see Our Lady, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests with Her beautiful crown with the Eucharist on the front of it.
End of bride from another area, Lin.

JUne 29, 2002, Saturday