Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

December 28, 2019, Saturday

December 28, 2019                           Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests                              Theriot, LA   

Adoration of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament  As we began the 20-decade Rosary for priests

Our Mother Speaks:

“Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep,  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am with you and within you.  My Beloved Son Jesus dwells in your heart, in your soul.  Wherever He is I am also.  Jesus has come to earth as a Baby for all of us, for our sakes.  For our salvation.  He is with you today just as He was on that first Christmas.  He remains with you in Holy Eucharist, His Body, His Blood, His Soul and His Divinity!  Fully Present before you here and now!  Fully Present in every Tabernacle in this world!  Fully Present at every Holy Mass offered every minute throughout the world!  O My treasured children, what a Gift you are given, given to you freely without cost!  The greatest Treasure on this earth!  Yes, My Beloved Son Jesus is a Gift to you, a Christmas Gift!  And where He is, Our Father is!  Where He is The Holy Spirit is!  And where They are, I, who am Your Mother, am also.  Ponder the Gift you have been given!  First of all you are given the gift of Life.  The gift of Faith.  The gift of Hope.  The gift of Love.  The gift of Salvation.  All given freely to all who will accept My Beloved Son Jesus as Savior and Redeemer of all souls.  When you accept Jesus into your hearts and souls as Lord and Savior, Who has Redeemed all; through His Life, His Suffering, His Death and Resurrection; and follow the Commandments of Love that Our Father has given you to guide you to holiness and to Union with Him, through your Baptism, you become heirs of Our Father.  Your inheritance is His Kingdom and He shares fully with you all that is His.  Ponder well the true meaning of Christmas.  And ponder well that Our God in Fullness comes to you through the holy and anointed hands of My Priest sons.  After all these many years of My pleading with you to pray and offer sacrifice for My Priest sons to be holy, do you realize the seriousness of My Call to you?  I call out to My children all over the world, increase your prayers and sacrifice for the Shepherds of your souls, and for more holy Shepherds to lead you.  Vocations to the Holy Priesthood are increasing….. I thank you for your faithful response to My Call to prayer for My sons, your Shepherds.  Today is a milestone for you My little ones, 30 years.  Thirty years seems like a long time to you, but in God’s time it is only a drop in the ocean of Eternity.  I am with you.  I will remain with you forever.  I bless you with an extra-ordinary Blessing in these days of Christmas.  I love you!  All of you, both Shepherds and sheep.  Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

Our Mother Appeared all in creamy white with a gold edge on Her Mantle.  Baby Jesus was in Her Arms.  Baby Jesus was smiling as He gave us a Blessing.   Then all was gold.  This was received at home in bed because I was too ill to go to Church. 

Received and written by Claire Rose Champagne


Received by another bride, LT  

Our Mother Speaks:

“I am here My children.  I bless each of you here in a special way today.  I am carrying your burdens to the Foot of Our Father’s Throne.  I will place each of your requests there for His Will to be moved by your devotion.  I come to you in gentleness to guide and console each of you.  I want you to know how very beautiful you are to Me.  Do not be afraid of what is to come, nor what may surround you for God the Father guides your path in safety.  Go forward in the knowledge that His Will for you is safety and love.  His Will for you all is a life of peaceful fruitfulness.  Be in quiet joy in His Will for your lives.  Be healed and loved by His Love for you.  Be still and listen to His Words.  Look for signs of Him in your every moment.  Let the Love of Heaven surround you in its completeness.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray for those who have lost their way, those who have lost the ability to see the good that surrounds them.  But most especially, pray for those who no longer can identify evil when it is right in front of their faces.  Pray double for them.  They are choosing to be blind instead of listening to and speaking the Truth.  Remind them often that the world has nothing to offer them, it is but a small moment in time compared to Eternity.  Even if only one is listening and changes, you will have done well My children.  One at a time.  Do your best in all you do for Our Father.  He sees all that you do.  Although you are broken and weary, you are His!  He alone has the power to heal and cast out what is not good, according to His Will.  Speak and correct only in gentleness.  Let go of all that would burden you.  Let go of all that keeps you from loving the Father, Our Son and the Holy Spirit.  Separate yourselves from anything or anyone who would try to separate you from what God has chosen for you.  Be aware of everything around you but be in discernment of what you allow to distract you.  Ask God the Father to guide and clear your pathway of any distractions and to help you avoid being led away from Him.  Make this a daily prayer.  Treat all of My children with kindness and love.  Let no judgment enter your heart against anyone in your path.  Leave this to God the Father for He is the decider of good and of evil.  God the Father already knows what will happen 100 years from now.”

Then Jesus Spoke:

“Let nothing distract you from Me.  Come to Me daily for guidance in prayer.  I am here for you.  I am always at My Mother’s side.  She is never alone.  You are never alone.”  I see Our Mother in glowing cream and white.  Her Veil is blowing, billowing around Her.  Her Crown is glowing.  Her Face changes to all nationalities.  All are beautiful and gentle.  I can feel Her Love radiating all around me and through my body.  Jesus stands next to Her, holding Her elbow.  He is looking at Her in Love and respect for all She endures for Him.  Jesus continues: “This woman is My Mother.  She is in complete obedience of God, Our Father.  She is the Mother of Love brought into the world.  She deserves nothing less than all you have to offer.  Because She said yes, I came into the world as a man.  Remember Her and ask for guidance in prayer daily as you pray prayers in honor of Her.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray daily.”  Jesus is wearing red robes with golden threads and sash.  Jesus continues: “I came into the world as a simple man to teach of the beauty and love of God Our Father and of all that He has to offer in eternal Heaven.  Leave your worries into My Care.  Be renewed.  Be refreshed.  Be whole and filled with the Peace of knowing you are forgiven and free from all you bring to Us here.  I love each one of you deeply.”

I saw Our Mother leave today as She floated above us all and then went up and vanished.