Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred Thirty-First Visitation of Our Lady

February 27, 2010                   Last Saturday of February       Priest’s Saturday          Theriot, LA

Claire Rose writes: Today is a beautiful day!  We are blessed by the presence of a holy priest who has been unable to come for many months, since last April because in May he fell and broke his hip.  Our Lady said that he would walk and see again.  Today he is here!  He heard Confessions.  We are also blessed by the presence of four Religious, two Brothers and two Sisters and about 100 pilgrims.  We prayed a 20 decade Rosary for priests and for more priests.  At the First Joyful Mystery,  Our Lady says, “Announce that I am present with you!”

“My beloved and most precious priest son – Mon petite Pere Simon.  J’ai taime mon enfant.  J’ai taime!  J’ai taime beaucoups!  Mon chere petite sa ta Mere au ceil qui vous parle!  You are a blessing to Your Mother, My little priest son and you are a blessing to Me, Your Immaculate Mother.  I have been very near to you through these many months of suffering, My own son.  I thank you and bless you for your many years of faithful service.  Take My Hand, My son, I walk with you.  There is yet much more for you to do for Your Mother, for Our Beloved Church, for My Son Jesus, for all of My children.  I thank you for responding to My Call to you from your youth and still in this age.  You are a living example of God’s Love and Mercy.  Yes, I love you My son.  You have a special place in My Motherly Heart.”  
Our Mother in tears, She speaks, “My beloved Priest sons, My Religious Brothers and Sisters and all of My children, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  My children in this Lenten Journey I ask you to Re-consecrate yourselves, your families, your homes and your parishes to My Immaculate Heart.”  
At the fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration, Our Mother says, “I ask you to re-commit your hearts and souls, your lives to My Beloved Son Jesus!  Let this be a fruitful time of prayer and penance for all of you My precious children.  You must be a sign of hope and good news, new life in this time of darkness that is upon the earth.  You are at war My children, yet many are numb and asleep and do not see.  The war My children is between good and evil, Truth and lies.  You cannot be lukewarm My priest sons, My religious and all of My children.  The war is real My little ones.  The prize of this War is your soul.  There will be more and severe natural disasters.  The whole earth will shake and tremble.”
At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist Our Mother continues, “The high places will be made low and the low will be raised up!  I speak these words to you not to frighten you but to warn and caution you.  This is a call to Holiness and Wholeness My Beloved children.  I encourage you to make a sincere and holy confession.  Crucify your flesh!  Avoid all sin.  Remain in the State of Grace.  When you make a sincere Confession you are washed in the Precious Blood of My Beloved Son Jesus.  This is Divine Mercy My children.  My Son Jesus suffered and died for your sins.  He arose from the dead to open the gates of Heaven for you.  My Son Jesus left Himself to you, for you, through the holy anointed Hands of Our beloved priests.”
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, Our Mother continues, “Remember that your bodies are living Tabernacles where God dwells.  Keep your Tabernacle clean and holy, pure and whole.  My children you need holy priests to lead you to holiness.  I come to this small and unknown place to ask you to pray and offer sacrifice for My beloved priest sons, for more priests, for the return of those who have left the priesthood and for priest souls in Purgatory.  I ask you to live this message and to spread it.  An army of Divine Love is needed.  My priest sons will restore Our Church to holiness and wholeness through your prayers, your suffering. Oh My precious children God is counting on you!  Your Mother is counting on you!  I am calling My priest sons to holiness and wholeness.  It is the only pathway to Heaven.
Repent My priest sons who are in sin!  Repent and return to your senses.  Repent and return to My Son Jesus and all that He asks of you.
To My priest sons who have left the priesthood; I am asking you to come home!  You were called and chosen to be a priest, a holy priest.  Once a priest, always a priest!  There is no such thing in Heaven as an X-priest.  Repent and be made whole!  These are strong words My beloved Church very serious and sacred.  Our Beloved Church, like your  souls My priest sons must be cleansed and purified from the inside.  Repent and be made whole again!  Do not delay any longer!  I call you to holiness and wholeness!  My own little Mission of Love for priests, I encourage you.  I enfold you in My softest Mantle.  I multiply you to the ends of the earth.  Your daily duty is a gold mine of prayer.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you.”
I saw Jesus on the Cross.  All was dark and the wind was blowing very hard.  When Jesus’ Heart was pierced, tremendous light came from inside of Him.  His Precious Blood and Water burst forth and touched all the ends of the earth.  I saw millions of pure white hosts, Holy Eucharists, go to all the ends of the earth on beams of Light, Water and Blood.  Jesus spoke, “This is My Love for you all!  Divine Love shed for you, poured out over you.  Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, all for you My Beloved Bride, My Church, given for you through the chosen Hands of My Beloved Priest sons.  No greater gift can be given on this earth than My Flesh and Blood, My Body My Blood My Soul, My Divinity given for you over and over through the ages through My other self, My priests.  I love you all and I give Myself to you over and over!  Can you do any less for Me?  Surrender all to Me My beloved Church, My Bride.  Live a simple life in purity of body, heart and soul.  I give My All for you.  Can you not give your all to Me?  Come to Me now, as you are.  Give to Me your heart, your all.  I want to fill you with Myself.  I want to love you totally.  I want to permeate you!  I want to soak you in My Love!  I want to transform you into holy living Tabernacles.  Give to Me your whole heart.  I give to you My All!”  
Our Mother now speaks, “Come My priest sons and all of My children, be set free to be all that God has called you to be, vessels of Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love!  I have come here to love you!  I have come to teach you to Love God above all and to love one another.
The Gift of My Beloved Son Jesus in Holy Eucharist, Holy Communion is the Sacrament of Divine Love.  He gives Himself totally to you in Love - As Love that you will be transformed into Love and that you will go forth to transform the world in Peace.” 

At the fifth Glorious Mystery, The Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven, Our Mother continues, “My priest sons, you were chosen to lead the flocks to holiness and wholeness by and through your very life.  The holy priesthood is the highest Mission, the highest ministry upon this earth.  Be holy living Tabernacles of and through Divine Love.  I bless you and your families and your religious articles as I leave you.  I love you!

Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of all Hearts, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
Again I tell you, the three days of darkness will occur!  Keep the Tabernacles of your body and soul clean and pure.  Receive Divine Love into your body and soul and remember you are filled with Divine Light even in the darkness! Walk in Love and Peace!  Do not be afraid for I am with you!  Your Mother.
All will return home safely!”

Padre Pio came to comfort me.  He said, “You will be persecuted and ridiculed because of this message today.  Persevere.  Heaven is with you!”
End of Claire Rose __________  

February 2010 continued

February 27, 2010       Priest’s Saturday          Last Saturday of February                   Theriot, LA                Leslie Therese` received:
”Rest in My Heart My little loves.  Oh how I love you all.  Welcome to My Heart.
A----, you are My special little one and you complete My love.  The confusion will soon end My child.  You will be free and whole in My love for you.  Continue to pray daily for your family and for My priest sons.
My All!  I love you so very much My children.  I am blessed by your yes and your faith in coming to pray with Me for My little sons, My priests.  I bless you all with My Love, My Peace, My Joy and My contentment.  There is no love that is stronger than that of Our Father God.  He has blessed Me in asking Me to come here to this little place, this little Holy Place.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray for My priest sons.  Pray for your families, your friends and most especially for your enemies.  Yes, these most of all need your prayers so they may be enlightened to God’s Truth and Love.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray for all of those you care for.  Pray with all of your hearts. Dedicate and consecrate your families to the Most Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus.  Bless your homes daily with holy blessed water and oils.  Do not let fear of the unknown keep us apart for through all I will be at your side and where I am you know My Son Jesus is also.  He accompanies Me where ever I go.  I am so blessed to have been chosen to speak with you here.  Listen carefully to My words for you My loves.  Speak softly and listen…
To My religious;
My dearest little doves, Oh how very blessed I am by your presence.  My children are blessed also.  Thank you again and always for wearing your habits.  Words alone cannot express what this means to My children and to Us all in Heaven to see your devotion to My Son Jesus.  Again I say to you how very blessed I am at seeing you today.  Oh how very much I love you…”
I see Our Mother today dressed in white with a dark silk like blue green Mantle.  She is speaking to a flock of doves cooing at Her Feet.  After Her message to them they fly in a circle about Her, but never leave Her side.
I can see Her Heart pulsing in Her chest.  She is surrounded in light from Heaven like the suns rays.
Our Mother speaks to Her priests; 
 “Oh My sons where are you?  My people need your presence.  They need your faith and love of My Son Jesus, yes they need to see you and know that you are here praying for them, as they are here praying for you.  My sons, My priests come to Me here in this little Holy Place.  I will renew and refresh you.  I will take your burdens away and make them My own for I love you with all that I am and want only what a good mother wants for Her children, happiness, wholeness and true fulfillment in the choices you are asked to make.  I love you My Sons, My priests.  I love you My priest sons, my priests.  Come home to Me here at anytime.  I am here for you.  This is your place of renewal.  Come, come and rest in My Arms.  Come and rest in My Heart and I will give to you renewal and refreshment.  Rest My child, rest!  Know that I know all that you have done and I will offer forgiveness through and from Our Father, for He has asked this of me and I can refuse Him nothing.  So come to Me here and I will give you all that I have to offer.  Oh how very much I love you.  I do see you as you are and no matter this will never change the way I love you.  My children need you as never before.  Offer more Confession.  Offer of yourselves to your fellow priests and religious.  Pray with and for each other.  Call to Me if you are in need of direction.  Call to Me Your Mother for you are My children, My priests and I love you.  
J--, My special son do not give up for I am with you daily.  I love you so very much.  Be loving and kind to My little one for though she is lost she will be well again.  Call to Me for guidance for I am always at your side.
P----, I have much for you to do My child.  I will send word when the time is at hand.  Never forget how much I love you.  Thank you for your daily deeds done in My Name…
A-----, Oh how very special you are to Me.  I want you near Me.  Please call to Me for guidance.  I await your call to Me.  Let go of this worlds burdens and give all to Me.  Just let go and give all to My Care.  Let go and just be in My presence.  Oh how I love your gentleness… Simply let go of your worry… All will be well in Our Father’s Time.  You are where He wants you to be right now.
C----- & B----, Thank you for opening your home and hearts to Me.  Thank you for teaching your children discipline and true Love of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.  All of Heaven and earth as God has made them thank you for your belief in Me.  I love you with all of My Immaculate Heart and I am grateful for your yes in opening your home and heart to My children.
All:  My children I am so glad that you came today.  Your faith will keep you safe and whole.  Continue always to pray.  Pray with all that you are for your families.  Pray for all of My sons, My priests.  I bless each of you today with another Angel of Peace. Call to this Angel at anytime.  My Peace, Love and true joy I offer and give to you My loves.  Each new person here today as I have done before, I give to you an Angel of Protection.  I bless each of you with My love and peace.  I love and bless all marriages and children of these by blood or love.  Never forget My children I am with you always in everything that you do and say.  Teach your children of My love and dedication to God the Father.  I am blessed today by your coming here to Me in this little Holy Placein the swamps of Louisiana.  All of Heaven is here praying with Me and you for My priest sons.” 
 I see Our Mother, She is surrounded by kneeling people.  I see nuns and brothers, I see priests, and many family members.  I see many saints and lots of children playing and singing.  Everyone radiates with love.  I see in the distance a huge white building that sparkles like it’s covered in snow and the sun is hitting it.  (Can’t explain)  Everyone has a Rosary.  Then I see the children kneel and pray with us during the Glorious Mysteries.  Then they are up playing again.  It is like I am there with them celebrating in prayer.  
Our Mother continues, “M   , I will never forget you My child.  I thank you for all that you do in My Name.  I love you and you are Mine…  Continue to pray…
S---, I love you My child.  Be strong in your faith and love for My Son Jesus.
John, your love and goodness has helped many.  Thank you for your faith and love and your yes when called to service.
To all My Josephs, continue in prayer for your families.  Bless your homes daily with Holy Blessed Water.  Be strong in your faith and prayer for your families.  Be good examples for your children, My special little ones need you to lead them to My Son Jesus and all of Heaven.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray with all of your hearts and give all to Me.  Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, Lady of the Bayou.”
End of Leslie Therese` _____________

February 27, 2010                               Priest’s Saturday                      Last Saturday of February
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
We started the 20-decade Rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m.  Our Lady says, “Claire will announce I am here.  Oh My children I am with you all in a special way this very holy day.  Oh My children, Oh how I love you.  You make My Heart sing with joy to hear you praying with Me for Our beloved priests.  When you have holy priests you will know it without a doubt.  These priests need your prayers more than ever to stay holy.  Oh My children, your prayers from the heart accomplish much!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Oh My children if you are here praying with Me today it is because I have called you here.  It is no mistake that you are answering My Call to prayer.  Our priests need prayer My children, Prayer from your hearts!  These prayers from your hearts are most powerful.  You cannot imagine how powerful they are My children!  
Oh My children, My religious, My priest sons, you are witnessing a time in the world of much suffering.  No one is exempt.  Good and bad suffer the same.  Oh My children offer these sufferings in My Son Jesus’ Name for all the priests of the world.  Pray for holy priests.  Yes, remember priests are not holy automatically.  Priests need prayers from your hearts.  This is very important to remember.
Oh My Brides of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity with the taking of your Consecration as a Bride of the Most Blessed Trinity all you do becomes a prayer, your daily duty, your heart beat, your breath.  All is a prayer for priests and for the priesthood.
M-----, I see your diligence in prayer for the priesthood and all you do for Me.  I love you My little one!  Persevere My little one, persevere!
Touch the person next to you.  I am filling that person with Love and Grace and Healing.  Tell her I love her.  Touch the person next to her.  Tell that person I love her.  I hold them both in My Heart and My Heart lives in the Heart of Jesus.  Touch the person behind you.  I am filling that person with My Love and Grace.  Open your heart My child and receive what I wish to give you.  I hold you in My Heart.
Oh My children, I bring healing this day!  Much, much healing and yes much, much peace and much, much love!  Open your hearts My children and receive!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!”
I am taken to a place of light and peace and love.  I’m not sure how long.  My spirit feels refreshed.
Our Mother continues, “Oh My priests and religious, I thank you for wearing your habits.     Oh My brothers and sisters, My children need this witness of your diligence to Jesus and I.”
At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana.
Tremendous Peace fills the room.  Our Mother says, “Oh My children, I bring the Peace of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  Open your hearts and receive.  I now join all the prayer groups all over the world into one prayer group that is praying with Me for our beloved priests.  Oh My priest sons, receive all this Grace that is coming to you from this Mission of Love for the priesthood.  My children are praying for you!  Receive!  Receive!  Receive!
Oh My children, do not shy from your suffering at this time.  It carries much help for our beloved priests.  All are suffering, good and bad, but the suffering in Jesus’ Name for priests is the most beneficial.  If you are suffering know My precious one it is not in vain!  Receive your sufferings graciously as it is God allowing it at this time.  Let your joy come from these sufferings.  Let all go and embrace them.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  You will not be tested beyond the Grace you receive!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  If you are not suffering at this time it is God’s Will as nothing moves with out the Lord!  I love you!  I love you all!  
P---- and W--, I love you!  Have courage!  I am with you!  You are most pleasing to Me and to My Son Jesus!
N----- and J----, you are with Me in a special way!  You cannot fully understand this, as you couldn’t stand it.  I love you!  You do much for Me!”
The Rosary is prayed in many languages!  I cannot tell how many.  Our Lady continues, “Oh how I love to hear the Rosary prayed in all languages.
D-------, thank you for your love.  Your whole family lives in My Heart, and My Heart lives in the Heart of Jesus.  I have much work for you to do for Me!  Are you willing?
C------, I love you! Persevere!  I see your heart, it is a good heart!
A----- and M---, I am with you!  Look for My Son Jesus in your hearts.  Continue to pray for your children.
Oh My children, My religious, My priest sons, this Mission of Love for the priesthood will grow and grow!  It will grow beyond what you can imagine.  Tell all you meet about this little Mission of Love for the priesthood.  Invite all to come and pray with you. You will be surprised at what happens!
K------, I love you!  I am with you! Persevere!
C----, C------ and J-----, I love you!  I see your love for Me Son Jesus!
My Son Jesus is here today in a special way!  So much Love is present with you!  Love beyond your understanding, especially during the Sorrowful Mysteries!  I love you My children all over the world.  Open your hearts to all the LOVE that is coming out to you!”
I see Jesus on the Cross.  Out of His Heart come Millions and millions of Hearts to all, all over the world.  They now turn into Eucharists coming out all over the world.  Our Mother says, “My children, Grace and Love come to you in the Eucharist, Grace and Love beyond what you can understand.
P----- and A-----, I love you.  Yes, that is Me in your hearts. 
Oh My children, My all, thank you for coming to pray with Me for Our beloved priests.  You will return home safely today, as a special Holy Angel of Protection travels with each of you.  For those of you who have come for the first time, know that you receive a Holy Angel of Protection that stays with you as you go your way!
Oh My priest sons who are holy, pray to stay that way!  Remember My priest sons, Holy priests have Holy flocks.  Pray to persevere!  I love you My priest sons, Oh how I love you!  You are being attacked little one!  Persevere!  Continue to write!”  Yes Blessed Mother.  I began coughing and it seemed that the cough was a protection getting rid of what wasn’t supposed to be there!  A kind soul gave me water to drink.  Our Mother continues, “Oh My children I love you!  Oh My religious I love you!  Oh My priest sons, you are My special sons, I love you! 

Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. 
Oh All My children all over the world I love you and I am with you.  As you go home today My Son Jesus and I go with each and every one of you.”
Many Holy Angels and Saints are with us today, Saint John Marie Vianney…Pope John Paul II…St Therese` the little Flower, and others I don’t know, St Michael the Archangel, family members who have gone before us.  Our Lady says, “All are joined with you little one (in prayer).  My daughter thank you for your obedience in writing at My request.  Tell My children I love them.”
End of bride from another area. _______________

February 27, 2010, Saturday