Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Ninty-Fifth Visitation of Our Lady


February 24, 2007         Last Saturday of February                Theriot, LA

Claire Rose wrote:

It is overcast here today. Not too cool, with a good breeze.  The weatherman said we would have terrible weather, hail and strong winds.  Pilgrims started coming around 11:00 a.m.  My husband blessed all the grounds with Holy Water.  Around 1:45 p.m. we went out to the Cross for Priests to say the three Hail Mary’s with the children present.  Our Mother is with us.  Today She is dressed as a bride.  There is a pure white dove with it’s wings wide open where Our Mother’s Heart is.  The dove has turned gold.  I now see Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  Her Heart beats from flesh to gold, from flesh to gold.  Our Mother’s Hands were folded in prayer, now Her Arms are open.  She says, “My precious, precious little one, O how I love you!  I love you!  I love you! Open your heart.  I have chosen you My child.  I am touching your heart.  I have always been near to you.  I have always watched over you.  I will always be near to you.  I will always watch over you.  I am Your Mother.  I have many titles.  I am one Mother.  I am Your Mother.  Much grace is being poured out upon you today.  At this moment I Touch you.  Feel My Touch.  Let My Touch heal you.  Let My Touch console you.  I know what is in your heart.  I truly know My child!”

Three times today I saw a tremendous bright white light during Our Mother’s Visitation.  I had to close my eyes!


At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation

Our Lady says, “Announce My Presence.”  I did.

At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation

Our Lady continues, “My precious and beloved priest son, today is the day of My Visitation to you!  I have called you here My precious priest son.  Thank you for your response to My Call.  My Hand is upon you My son.  I have always been near to you My child and I will always be near to you.  I desire to fill your heart, your soul with a deep healing and abiding Peace.  I have healed you many times along your life’s journey My priest son.  Thank you for coming to pray with Your Mother.  I love you!  I love you! I love you!”

At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus

Our Lady says, “My little son, I am here for you My son.  Thank you for your docile acceptance, for you are learning to be patient My son.  Patience and humility, acceptance of God’s Holy Will are precious jewels that are needed by My priest sons.  You are My treasured son and all must be made ready including your self.”  I feel enveloped by love and peace.  A Love and Peace beyond my understanding.

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple

Our Lady says, “My precious beloved religious, My little Brothers and Sisters, again you bring joy to Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  O My children, O how I love you!  I have called and chosen each of you from long ago.  You have given your all for Your Mother and for My Beloved Son Jesus.  O My little ones, O how I love you!  I thank you for your many years of faithful service.  More years of service await you My own little ones.  Did you think I would let you retire?  Yes, from the jobs you held in the past. I need you My special and dedicated children.”

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

“You have always served My Son Jesus and Your Immaculate Mother.  You will serve in a different way now.  You have each been released from former duties to follow My Call more fully.  I have guided you My little ones.  I thank you for your Response to My Call.  You will each be given a special anointing for what you are chosen to do for My Son Jesus.  I love you!

My beloved children, all of Heaven accompanies Me today as I visit you!  A floodgate of Grace has been opened here, opened never to be shut or closed.  I have asked for all you see here My children.  The Bayou side Shrine, the Holy Well, the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, the Holy Cross where I ask you to pray for My priest sons.  There I will meet you and there I will pray for all your needs.”


At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan

“I have asked that a Church be built here My children, a Church to honor My Visitations to you.  O My children, My priests are My Hands in this world.  My Hands are broken.  Please help Me to mend My Hands!  The way that you help Me is to pray, pray, pray for My beloved priest sons.”

At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana

“Pray and offer sacrifice and suffering for My beloved priests.  Pray for Holy vocations to the Holy priesthood.  I ask again for one Hour of Adoration in each parish.  An Hour to Adore My Beloved Son Jesus, an Hour to Adore Our Father, an Hour to Adore the Holy Spirit.  An Hour to Adore and Worship the Living God, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity!  An Hour to plead for Holy Vocations to the Holy Priesthood.  Some of My priest sons in several countries have honored My Request.  I thank you.  It is God’s desire that His Church be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness.  This will come through the restoration to holiness and wholeness of the Holy Priesthood.  A new awakening to holiness is on the horizon.  My children, a new Pentecost will sweep the earth. A new Springtime!  Life, new life comes through trial and suffering.  Consider a mother who carries her children hidden in her womb.  Consider the laboring, the pain to give birth to new life.”

At the third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom

Our Lady continues, “Your Mother walks and suffers with you.  I will turn your tears into tears of joy.  I will be with you through the trial and suffering.  O My children, consecrate your selves, your families, your homes to My Immaculate Heart.  My priest sons, consecrate your parishes to My Immaculate Heart.  My Bishops, consecrate your dioceses to My Immaculate Heart.  This will insure My Protection, the protection of My Beloved Son’s Church that is under your care and protection.”

At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist

“The Church, Our Church is more than a building My priests, My Bishops, My children.  O My priest sons, My Bishops, you are each precious and beloved to Your Mother.  To the world you are a shepherd, but to Me Your Mother, you are My own little lambs.  I hold you and shelter you tenderly within My Mantle of Protection, My softest Mantle, My Mantle of Divine Love.  Come My little lambs, My sons, come to Your Mother.  Let Me love you!  Let My tender love heal your hearts and your souls.  I need gentle and tender shepherds.”


At the first Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus’ Agony in the Garden

Our Lady says, “O My sons, My children are so wounded.  They need you.  I need you.  I love you so much.  I love each one of you.  I am with you through this vale of tears.”

At the second Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

This Mystery is prayed in French.  Our Lady continues, “I walk with you daily.  I speak through your open heart.  I hold you as you rest.”  I saw Blessed Mother go to each priest and Touch each one gently on the left cheek.  I wondered why the left cheek and not the right.”

At the third Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crowned with Thorns

Our Mother heard my thought and She said, “The right cheek is reserved for My Son Jesus’ kiss!

Each one of My priest sons has a heavy cross to carry.  My children your prayer and sacrifice and suffering offered for them, helps each one to carry his daily cross.

C & G, I have opened doors for you to do this little job for Your Mother.  I will continue to open doors.  Be at peace.  I am with you.  Your hearts have received healing as I have made preparation through you and in you.  I love you My daughters.  Thank you for not going ahead of Your Mother.”

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus’ Crucifixion

Our Lady continues, “Many missions and ministries do not reach their fullness because man often goes ahead of God’s time, God’s perfect time, God’s perfect Will.

L. M. thank you for your continued acceptance of God’s Will.  Your acceptance in the journey of your life is an example to others especially at this time.”


The fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Mary in Heaven

Our Lady says, “My beloved children, thank you for coming to pray with Your Mother.  Thank you for loving My priest sons, for praying for them and for offering sacrifice and suffering for them.  I hear all the prayers of your hearts My children.  I carry your petitions to Heaven with My own Hands.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!   Each new person today will receive an Angel of Protection.  All will return home safely.  I give you abundant Grace.  I fill you with deep love and a renewal of your body and soul to persevere in holiness and wholeness.  I love you!

Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love,

Patroness of Priests”

There was no hail or rain, just a nice breeze.  Thanks be to God!

End of Claire Rose _______________________________________________




February 24, 2007                               Last Saturday of February                                Theriot, LA

Received by a bride from another area, Lin

Am in Louisiana for this last Saturday.  It was predicted that some bad weather was headed our way.  Pilgrims started arriving around 11:00 a.m. and started putting their petitions in the prayer box.  We went outside around 1:45 to pray the three Hail Mary’s with the children present.  Our Lady appeared all in white in a bridal dress and veil.  She sat next to me for a few seconds, and then She got up and walked around the people present comforting them with Her Love.  Our Lady said, “My child, you are receiving a healing!  Do you believe?”  Yes, My Mother!  “Thank you little one.”

We finished the three Hail Mary’s for priests and went inside to start the 20-decade Rosary for Priests.  Claire blessed all the people present with Holy Water and then we started the Rosary.


At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation

Our Lady says, “Claire will announce My Presence.”  A little while later Our Mother said, “Ask Claire to sit down.”  I did.  “Thank you My daughter.”

At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation

Our Lady says, “Child of grace, I wish you to write!  I speak to My priest sons first:

O My priest sons, O how I love you!  I come to you here in this little and holy place to speak to you,  to each and every one of you.  This is a wake up call!  To you My sons who are holy, pray to stay that way.  It is through great grace that you are holy.  Pray for your brother priests to be holy and to stay that way.  Your brothers and sisters are praying for you here and all over the world.  There is great, great grace coming to you from this Mission, yes, this Mission of Love that My Son Jesus and I started.  Great, great grace My beloved priest sons.  Great, great, Grace!  Holiness just doesn’t happen.  It comes from the many sacrifices and prayers and fasting of those who are praying for you.  This Grace and Love is beyond your understanding.  It comes from all the prayers, fasting and sacrifices from all over the world.  A river of Grace and Love to you all my priest sons.  O My beloved priest sons, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!”

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

I am looking into Our Mother’s Eyes.  They seem to take my being inside of them.  Inside Her Eyes is a great expanse, a wide open space.  This is very difficult to explain.  Inside Her Eyes is great Peace and great Love, so much Love!  Our Lady says, “O My children, O how I love you!  I come to you today at the request of My Son Jesus and yes, the Holy Blessed Trinity.  I am sent to pray with you My beloved children for Our beloved priests.  More priests, holy priests will come from this Mission of Love for Priests.  You have no idea My children how much your prayer, sacrifices and fasting help your brother priests.”

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

Our Mother continues, “Your prayers form a river of prayer that rises to Heaven before the Throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  It is most pleasing to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  Continue to write My daughter!  O My children tell all you meet about this beautiful Mission of Love for the priesthood.  O My children, much healing is happening here today.  As you pray for Our beloved priests, I pray for you and your families.  None are forgotten.  Open your hearts My children and receive all this love and healing,  love and healing beyond your understanding.  I love you My children, O how I love you!  Rest little one!”


At the first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan

I see a bright white light, rays of white light coming out of the top of the room, then a solid bright white light and Our Lady in the middle of it.  Now She disappears and only a bright white light is present.  It passes over all of us.  Our Lady says, “My daughter the light you see is My Son Jesus’ Love passing over all of you.  It passes over all the brides of the Most Blessed Trinity in the world, who are praying with Me today at My Request.  A great, great Love and Grace!  O My children, open your hearts, yes, all of you all over the world, open your hearts for this great Grace and Love!”

At the second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast of Cana

Our Lady continues, “O My religious, I thank you for coming today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests.  I treasure your faithfulness.  I thank you My Sisters and Brothers for wearing your habits as a witness of your love and devotion to My Son Jesus and Me!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  You bring happiness to My Heart because of your steadfastness.  You witness to My children of Our great Love!

At the third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom

I am taken away to a place of refreshment and light!  Great Peace and stillness and quiet!

At the fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration of Jesus

Our Lady says, “O My children, much deliverance and healing, physical, emotional and spiritual is happening as We pray!  You will carry this healing with you as you leave here today!  It will go out to all you meet!  Touch the person to your right!  That person is receiving a healing of Love!

At the fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist

I feel great pain in my head, shoulder and neck, as if a great weight has been laid upon me.  Our Lady says, “My daughter it is only temporary.  You are carrying many priests at this time.  Have courage, I am with you!  Do not be afraid.  You will be O.K.!” This lasted to the end of this decade!

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus’ Agony in the Garden

Our Lady speaks to a priest present, “O My precious son S-----, O how I love you!  I thank you for all you do for Me in Love and sacrifice.  Thank you My son for hearing My children’s Confessions.  Yes, you do read souls and you do it with love My son.  You heal many souls My son!  I love you!  This is a special grace that has been given to you!  And you use it wisely and prudently!  I love you My son for your great humility.  This grace of humility heals many souls and brings them back to My Son Jesus!  Thank you My son for using these great gifts given to you.”

At the second Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

Our Lady says, “O how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages.”  A brother was saying the decade in French and many answered in French!  Our Lady continues, “O My children, when you pray from your hearts it dispels the evil one from operating on you. Pray from your hearts My children.  Much is accomplished when you pray from your hearts.  I love you My children, O how I love you!”

At the third Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus is Crowned with Thorns

Again the weight on my shoulder and neck and head!  Our Lady says, “Persevere My daughter!  Persevere!”  I am very aware of all the people around me praying. The heaviness leaves at the end of the decade!  Our Lady says, “Thank you for your perseverance!”

At the fourth and fifth Sorrowful Mysteries, the Carrying of the Cross and the Crucifixion

I am taken away to a place of great, great Peace and great, great Love.

 At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus

Our Lady says, “Sister R-----, you are receiving a healing today.  O My children, O my priest sons, O my religious, I thank you for coming together today at My Request to pray for Our beloved priests.  You form a river of prayer from all over the world, yes, for Our beloved priests.  Thank you My children, My priest sons, My religious, thank you!”  Our Mother is hovering just above us.  Her Hands are outstretched.  Out of Her Hands come rays of light.  She says, “Yes, My children, the rays of light are grace and love coming out to you all, all over the world!  Open your hearts for all this love and grace.  I love you!  Yes, I love you all!

                                                Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and Our Lady

“J-----, I see your struggles.  Know that I am with you.  You are not alone.

O my children, I am with you all.  I never leave you.  Persevere My children!  Persevere!

A----, I love you!  I am with you!  Have courage My daughter and persevere!”

At the fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

Our Lady says, “O My priest sons who could not come today because of duty, yet, are praying with Me in spirit.  I love you!  I am with you!  Thank you My priest sons!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you! One day you will see the fruit of your prayers!”

End of bride from another area. _______________________________

February 24, 2007, Saturday