Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

August 31, 2019        Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests        Theriot, Louisiana

Adoration of the Holy Blessed Sacrament.  Our Mother is Present.  After we sang the Hymns of Adoration we began the 20-decade Rosary for Priests.  I saw flowers of all kinds and colors going up.  They seemed to go through Our Mother and continued to go up.

Our Mother Speaks: 

“Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and Sheep, your prayers are flowers going up to Heaven, being received in Heaven. Your prayers fill the Gardens of Heaven.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  If you really knew how much My Beloved Son Jesus loves you and how very much Your Mother loves you, you would die of joy!  Only in Heaven, My little ones will you fully understand the Mysteries that are in your presence within the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament of the Altar; the Holy Mysteries within the Holy Sacrifice of Holy Mass.  These are treasures from Heaven My little ones.  Fully Present with you in every Tabernacle and at every Holy Mass, the greatest gifts, the greatest treasures on this earth.  All given freely to you by Our God through the holy and consecrated hands and hearts of My beloved priest sons.  I continue to speak to you in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity; God, Our Beloved Father, Jesus, My Beloved Son and the Holy Spirit, My Beloved Spouse.  I come to encourage you to persevere in holiness, to pray for My-Our beloved priest sons, for more vocations to the holy priesthood.  Our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is the One True Church that My Beloved Son Jesus established on this earth.  Our Beloved Church is not a building.  You, My children, shepherds and sheep are the Church.  The Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist is the Source, Foundation and Summit of Our Catholic Church, of Our Catholic Faith.  Pray for an increase in holiness for My priest sons, the shepherds of your souls.  The mission of My priest sons is to lead and bring souls to My Beloved Son Jesus; to lead souls to Heaven through their own example of love, peace, joy and holiness.  I thank you My little ones for your many years of faithful prayers.  Your prayers have been multiplied by Heaven to bring about the Cleansing and Renewal and Restoration to holiness and wholeness of Our Beloved Church.  Many are being martyred at this time.  The drops of Blood of the Martyrs are the seeds of Renewal and Restoration to holiness and wholeness of Our Beloved Church.  My Heart is pierced by the suffering of My holy and faithful children, both shepherds and sheep.  My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end.  There is much evil and sin in the world and sadly in Our Beloved Church.  The evil one has deceived many, many souls who live in grievous sin, who live in dec-a-dance.  Many souls are on the road, the path to perdition and hell.  I plead with you My children, shepherds and sheep, do not let yourself become deceived nor overcome by evil.  I encourage you to make holy, sincere and frequent confessions.  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  And pray more for ‘miraculous healing’.  I was created by Our Father to be Immaculate because I was chosen to be the Mother of God’s Son Jesus the Christ.  My body, My womb became a living Tabernacle where for 9 months, Our Son Jesus grew.  O My children all of life is sacred.  No life should ever be taken except by God.  There is a great plague upon the earth, evil is rampant, no longer hidden.  Many who came from good Christian families live like pagans.  The more that evil is accepted the more it will multiply and spread.  Be alert.  Pray.  Fast.  Speak to your families.  Caution in Love!  Be living examples of holiness.  Live simple and humble lives.  Remember always that when you receive Holy Communion, you are brought into Union with God, in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in Fullness; the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  Your bodies are living tabernacles, that is why sincere Confession is necessary.  Be cleansed!  My Son Jesus is in the person of the priest in the Confessional.  His Precious Blood in Divine Mercy washes away your sins through the heart and soul of My beloved priest sons.  Divine Love awaits you in every Tabernacle, at every Holy Mass.  Come be cleansed!  Come Church, Bride of Christ!  Come!  Be healed, renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness.  Come be made new through the precious gifts of the Holy Sacraments given freely to you through My precious and beloved priest sons.  Come Bride of Christ!  Come Bark of Peter!  Come to safe harbor through The Holy Eucharist and through Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  I bring all who are praying today for My priest sons together as if you were in one room, a garden near the Gate of Heaven.  I am with you always.  Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

Jesus Appeared life size, His Arms wide open, His Sacred Heart is Exposed.  Jesus Spoke: “My Heart beats with Love for you.  I draw you to Myself.  My priests are true representatives of Me.  He has given his life for you, just as I did.  I AM.”

AUGUST 31, 2019, Saturday