Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity


August 25, 2001 Priests Saturday
Theriot, Louisiana 
Written by Claire Rose
During this past week, Our Mother told me that on this Saturday a priest who had been in Purgatory for 1,000 years would be released. She said it was 1,000 years as we on earth understand 1,000 years. This shocked me. Such a long time. The first pilgrims arrived about 9a.m. Soon after my husband blessed our home in & outside with Holy Water. Our Lady has asked us to do this from many years ago. She asks that everyone bless their homes often with Holy Water as a protection. Every home should have Holy Water. Our Mother said that parents should bless their children every night at bedtime. Before 11 many are here & are praying for priests. It is a beautiful day, warm but with a breeze & a hint of fall in the air. Some of our trees are beginning to turn color & lose leaves. The catalpas, fig & sycamores are always the first. The oranges on the trees are growing well because of all the rain & this year we have pecans in trees that have never had pecans before, some grown from seed. We have had peaches this year on trees that sprang from seed last year. At 1p.m. a holy priest has arrived to hear Confessions. Pilgrims are waiting in line even before he arrives. Three Religious are here, two Sisters (one from Nigeria) and one Brother. A kind friend has come to play music & singing begins. Our Lady is presentand loves to hear us singing. Our house is full & there are many outside under the trees, by the Cross & on the back porch. 
At 1:45p.m. Our Lady said, "Invite the children to come pray with Us near the Statue of Jesus." As we prayed "Hail Marys" Our Mother came, all in white. "My Precious little ones, thank you for coming here to pray with Me for priests. I love you My little ones. I love you so much. I ask you to always love My Son Jesus. Today I am touching each one of you. I love you. I love you. I am Your Mother, I am the Lady of the Rosary, I am Lady of the Bayou." I saw Our Mother go to each child & kiss each one on the top of the head or on the cheek. I was wearing a Crucifix with a relic of the True Cross of Jesus. I took it off & held it out to the children & said, "Look at Jesus on this Cross. He died on the Cross for all of us because He loves us all so much. He Rose from the dead and if we are good in this life we can all go live with Jesus & Our Mother Mary in Heaven one day when we die." I then invited all the children to come & kiss Jesus on The Cross. They responded quickly with much love.
At 2p.m. in obedience to Our Mother, I blessed everyone present with Holy Water. We began the Rosary for the Sanctification of Priests in the usual way with the Sign of The Cross. I invited Our Mother to come pray with us & for us under all Her Titles but most especially as Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. I also invited all the Holy Angels & Saints & the souls being purified in Purgatory to join us in praying for priests. Our Lady came all in flowing white as we began the First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation. She was surrounded by multitudes of Holy Angels & Saints. One Saint stood out among all the others. He was brighter white, very happy and he was waving at me! I don't know him. I consecrated to Our Mother's Immaculate Hands and Heart all the priests of the world & all priests souls still in Purgatory. I asked Her to join us to all those who are praying all over the world for priests as if we were in the same room. I gave to Our Mother all our families, our petitions & ourselves. I asked Her to ask Jesus to heal all of us in body, mind & soul. I saw very clearly a holy Sister who has been ill and a priest close to the heart of our mission. I also saw Fr. Joachim and another priest. I asked Our Mother to please heal Fr. Brice's eyes. Our Lady smiled as She was looking at everyone here, Her smile lifted when Her Eyes fell on Brother M. & the priest who was present. I received the revelation that two other Sisters (nuns) were here, but not in habit. 
At the Third Joyful Mystery, The Nativity, Our Lady began to speak with a message for the priest who is present. "My Precious and Most Beloved Son, I love you with all My Heart. I thank you with all My heart for coming early to hear the confessions of My beloved children. I love you My dear little shepherd. I thank you. Share your healing My son, do not be afraid. Share with your brothers. I love you." Then Our Mother speaks to the holy nuns including the one who is ill, "My dear Daughters, I am with you. I love you. I love you. You are deep within My Immaculate Heart. I love you. Have no fear, My daughters. Your Mother knows your deepest heart's desire for I have placed the desire within you. Your prayers will be answered, do not give up. My Beloved Priests and Religious, you I love. To Me Your Mother you are like the heart of a fragrant and perfect rose."
At the Fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation in the Temple, Our Mother continued:
"My Beloved Sons, I love you. I love you. Where are you? Where are you? I look for you and do not see you. These days of Visitation will come to an end. Why is it so hard for you to believe that I love you enough to come to earth especially for you, for you, My beloved sons. TODAY ONE OF YOUR BROTHERS IS BEING FREED FROM 1,000 YEARS IN PURGATORY because of the prayers said for him and all priests in this little house of Mine." I receive the understanding that this is the Saint who was glowing, smiling and waving at me when Our Mother first arrived with all the Holy Angels and Saints. I asked him to pray with us & for us for holy priests even tho' I do not know his name.
I understood that this priest had been in Purgatory that long not only for his own sins but because he was a poor shepherd and led many of the souls placed in his charge astray because of his bad example. He was held accountable for this. Our Lady continued:
"I have chosen this place for you My sons. I come here to you, for you in obedience to My Son Jesus, to Our Father and to My Beloved Spouse, The Holy Spirit. I come in love My sons. I love you. I love you. Be converted My sons, for I need you. My Son Jesus needs you to be on fire for Him. Be filled My sons with zeal."
At the Fifth Joyful Mystery, Our Lady continues: "Your numbers will multiply when your holiness increases. All the Graces necessary for you are here, waiting to be released upon you. Open your hearts My sons, open your hearts. Come here with an open heart and an open soul." I then saw Padre Pio, Cure` dArs, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, St. Therese, the little Flower, St. Louis deMontfort. Then I saw many Popes, all in a row. I receive the understanding that this represents the unbroken line of Succession from St. Peter, the first Pope.
At the First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, I feel suddenly very tired & feel that I am failing Our Mother. I then feel scared, afraid, with much tremendous pain all over my body. I began to cry. It feels like my whole body is bleeding. I don't know what's happening. I feel so alone, abandoned. I am shown wars, suffering, ages of sin and suffering all over the earth, millions of people, years and years and years. I cannot bear to see what will befall humanity. This is too much. I cannot bear this. Take it away, I ask. O Lord, remember that You love us. Remember that you love us. Please have Mercy, have Mercy on us. Please overlook our awfulness. Please Lord God. Accept my little suffering Lord, have mercy on us and on all our priests. I felt like a breeze of cool air and someone washing my face as I surrendered to God Our Father and said, "Let your Will be done, not mine."
At the Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pilar, I could hear voices saying "everyone will laugh at you." I could hear the jeering, the laughter of many all around me. I could hear the ridicule as I heard and felt the force of the whip. I felt no pain. Again and again I heard and felt the whip as it wrapped around me, struck my back, my arms, passed near my face. 
At the Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, I heard many voices raised in false accusations. False Accusations of every kind. I was very weak and so thirsty. Our Mother was there and She said, "Ask for water." I did. Over and over but no one heard. I was so weak. Finally someone gave me water to drink. I was walking with a Big Cross. It was so heavy. I knew I was going to fall. I was so weak. I can't go on. I fall. Someone helps me to get up. This is too heavy. I can't do this. All of a sudden Our Mother was there and She held me and as I looked into Her Eyes, I died. 

At the First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, Our Lady continued Her Words to priests:
"My Beloved sons, I come to you in love. I come to love you. Come to Me, My sons, even tho' your soul be dark as coal, I love you. I do not love your sins. I love you.. I love your soul. I love your holy priesthood. Come My beloved ones. To My sons who are holy I love you. I am always within you. I am in your heart. I call you to deeper holiness. I call you to pray My sons and offer your suffering for your brothers. They need you as I need you. For My sons who are lukewarm, I have come with My beloved Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to kindle in you, in your heart and soul, the FIRE of DIVINE LOVE! I need you My sons to be on FIRE with LOVE for SOULS. Speak TRUTH to My children about the condition of their soul. You must teach this generation about sin. Teach My little lambs. Many are lost for they have not been taught TRUTH of sin and of the POWER and LOVE of MY SON JESUS and of HIS FORGIVING LOVE. I love you My sons. I love you. Come to Me as you are. Come now. I await you! Your Mother, Your Patroness, Mother of Divine Love"
At the Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, Our Lady continues: "My Precious and most Beloved children, I love you. I thank you for coming here today to pray with Me, Your Immaculate Mother, to pray for your brothers, Our priests. From this day I give them to you, My children. I am with you always. If you will pray without CEASING and offer much sacrifice and suffering for Our priests I promise you holy priests and I promise to pray for all your needs and petitions." 
At the Third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit on Our Lady and the Apostles, 
Our Lady continues: "A new springtime, a new Pentecost is coming My beloved and faithful remnant. A new time, a time as has never before been seen on the earth. But remember My children before the spring is winter and desolation." A flash of a memory of a vision of a frozen wasteland comes to me. 

I then see a beautiful city shining bright white. St. Peter's in Rome is glowing at the center of the white city. Then I see churches glowing like lights or beacons all over the earth. Our Mother continues:
"My Son's Church, My Church, the One of My Immaculate Heart will be renewed, restored to Oneness and to Holiness and She WILL multiply for She is founded in holiness and oneness, founded in Truth. My Church, My Son's Church, your Church will multiply in an astonishing way. A way that all will know comes from God and from no other. She will again be the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church She was founded to be. The ONLY beacon of HOPE in this world for at the HEART of HIS HOLY CHURCH is the HEART of MY BELOVED SON JESUS IN HOLY EUCHARIST. The HOLY EUCHARIST will cause all the churches to GLOW. This will call and attract multitudes like the Star of Bethlehem. This will be the only safe place. I love you My dear, dear little children."
I was taken to the hospital bed of a dear friend who is ill. Our Lady continues:
"Please help Me to spread these messages of Love for My priest sons. For it is by the restoration of My beloved sons to holiness and wholeness that the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will come about. For a holy shepherd will lead a holy flock. Pray for your leader on earth, My special son, His Holiness Pope John Paul II. He is chosen for this time of Grace. He is the greatest Saint to walk among you in this age My children. He has been given a very heavy cross for their is much evil around and very near to him. He is the chosen one of My Immaculate Heart. I love you. I bless your homes, your children, your marriages, your parishes and yes, your priests, because of your prayers and sacrifices. Someone will receive a miraculous and dramatic healing. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." 
End of claire rose__________

August 25, 2001 Priests Saturday Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese` received:
Our Lady Spoke: "Thank you My child, Glenda, for all you do for Me. Thank you for taking such good care of My daughter." (A holy nun who has been very ill.)
Then Our Mother spoke to the holy nuns present, to the ones who wanted to be here & to all of the holy nuns around the world: "My darling daughters, how I love you, My special, special children. Your devotion to Me brings much hope to My people. In a world filled with hatred you shine in this darkness. Wear your habits My daughters so that My children will see you in this darkness and will seek the light, which is Jesus in your hearts. There for all to see in your devotion to Him who is My Son and My God. Dedicate part of your prayers to My Son's priests. I love you, My beautiful daughters. Please pray as much as you can for My Son's priests." As Our Mother spoke I saw Her dressed in blue and white. Her eyes are glowing with Love for Her daughters (nuns) and us all.
For Her Priest sons Our Lady Spoke: "My sons, you once heard My Call to you. Do you not hear My Voice any longer? What has silenced My Voice within your hearts? My sons, open your hearts to Me as I have opened Mine to all who have come to Me here and elsewhere. I am here in this special place, My sons, just for you. I give Myself to you here, as nowhere ever before. St. Joseph is here with Me also today. Pray to him for your brothers. Do not be afraid. I am here for all who seek My Love. God the Father who loves us all so well is here also. Beside Him, Our Son, Our ALL. Do all that you can to meet Us here in this place. WE AWAIT YOU HERE WITH OPEN ARMS MY CHOSEN CHILDREN. Many of you will lead Our people into salvation. NOW is the time to heal the wounds of the world upon its people. Come to Me here to be given the strength to do so. It will not be easy, My sons. Many are against Me. Many do not believe in the evil that the world is offering. They are blind to it. Pray for them with all of your hearts, that your brothers, YES, your brother priests begin here in this place a healing that will touch the world in time."
As Our Mother was speaking, I understood that this mission for priests has started out small but will spread through our church and then to the world , very very quickly. I could see how fast it was going to spread. It overwhelmed me. Our Lady continued Her Message for priests: "Teach My children the TRUTH. Do not water it down with platitudes and flowered phrases. The TRUTH of GOD'S CHURCH needs to be known by the children of GOD. God can only forgive if forgiveness is asked for through confession. Go to confession My priest sons. Some of your brothers think they are above this. Please correct them. Find a way to show them they are wrong. Pray for them daily. Thank you My sons for your YES when you heard My call to you so long ago. Listen for My call again. You are not finished yet.! I LOVE YOU, My sons."
For a priest who comes faithfully every month: "Thank you E----, My sweet and gentle heart. I love you and all you do in My Name. You are unending in your love and devotion to Me. You are the son I chose long ago to be beacon to My other priest sons. They will see you have been touched here in this place, this holy place. Every time I look upon you, I see My Son Jesus pouring out from you into everyone you meet. I love you, My son. I will take care of you here, as often as you need Me, come to Me. Your Mother." As I receive this message I see a pale pink rose with a blood red center. The rose represents Father with great gentleness on the outside and a heart of fire for Jesus and Mary inside. Our Mother continues: "My dear children, Pray to St. Jude and thank him for his many blessings. Pray to St. Joseph. Pray to St. Therese`, the Little Flower." I see many roses falling from the sky onto everyone, there are no walls here. I see outside and inside millions of roses. Our Lady speaks again to Her children: "My children, I am your Mother. I love to hear you sing and pray. Listen for My Voice in silence. Pray for My priest sons. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray daily. Dedicate your entire day as a prayer for My sons, they are in dire need of these prayers. Help My sons to be welcomed into Heaven by doing all you can to listen to the Truth that many are trying to teach you. Thank you for coming here My children and for praying with Me today for My Son's priests. Some of My sons are tired and broken, for they shoulder much. Pray for them. Some are lonely, welcome them into your churches. Pray for others to do the same. Some of My sons are lost, pray for them to come to Me here for healing and forgiveness. Tell your priests of My Presence here My children. Through your devotions many will be saved. Many souls will be saved, even yours. Teach your children to pray and to dedicate themselves to Me. Teach them of the Love Our God and My Son Jesus has for them. Teach them that when they receive Communion that they are receiving My Son Jesus here on earth into themselves. Listen My children. I LOVE you and I am here for you also. I have enough Love within Me to share with ALL who come to Me wherever they are." As She spoke those words, I saw Our Lady with a veil of lace like a Bride, She is all in white. She continues: "I am Your Mother and I love you My children. You are here in My Heart." As Our Mother says this I see Her pointing to Her Heart. Our Lady continues: "For Brother M., My special son, you cheer My Heart with your teaching of My children, especially as they struggle with the French and the Spanish."
"I am blessing all marriages and children who have come to Me here. I love you. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."
End of Leslie Therese`________________

Received by a bride from another area, Lin
I am in California this month for the last Saturday. Just before we started the Rosary I invited a child present to pray Hail Mary's to Our Lady. She came and prayed three Hail Mary's very reverently. The rest of the people present came around 1:45 to put their petitions in the petition box before we started the Rosary for Priests. I then blessed everyone with holy water. I invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and the Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us. I also invited Our Lady to pray with us. Today is the Feast of St. Louis and St. Joseph Calasanz, a priest. We started the Rosary around 2:00 p.m.
At the first Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Lady said, "I am here little one. Thank you My daughters for coming today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. I join you to all, all over the world who are praying for priest at My request."
At the second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation, Our Lady continues, "Grace is being released as you pray My daughters, at this very moment. You have no idea of the power of your prayers and the grace it releases." I see Our Lady of Guadeloupe and now Our Lady of Divine Grace with Her Hands outstretched to each and every one of us. She is in blue and white. She smiles as the Rosary is said in French. I now see Our Lady Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is all in a creamy white and has her golden Crown on with the seven points. On the front of the Crown is a chalice with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament above the chalice. Around the Blessed Sacrament are rays of golden light emanating from it.
At the third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady says, "Continue to write little one. I need prayers for all priests, holy priests and unholy priests. My priest sons, I ask you to pray for your brother priests. To be good examples to each other and to your flocks."
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, Our Lady continues, "Your flocks are depending on you to get the correct teaching of their faith. My priest sons, they are praying for you. Your flocks are praying for you at My request. Continue to pray little one. My daughters, thank you for coming so far to pray with Me for Our priests. I bless the parent who brought their child here today and prayed." (Our Lady was referring to the child who prayed the three Hail Mary's before we started the Rosary for priests.)
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, I see a sister bride very clearly, even though she is a great distance away. I feel so joined to all the brides today in a very special way. I now see Our Lady of Guadeloupe. She is smiling and says, "I hear the Rosary in Spanish. It is pleasing to Me to hear the Rosary in different languages." She is now Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is standing above us, praying with us.
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, Our Lady says, "My daughters please pray for My special son, John Paul II. He needs your prayers at this time. His burden is heavy. He prays for all of you all over the world. I bless all your holy articles present and all through this house. Always ask your priests to bless your holy articles. Continue to pray little one. Oh! My daughters, Oh how I love you. You are My prayer warriors, praying the Rosary at My request for priests." I see the devil cringing as we pray the Rosary and then leaving. I have seen this many times before.
At the second Sorrowful Mystery, Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children you are My Heart. I love you. Help Me to spread this message of love for all the priesthood and for you, to all you meet. I need your voices lifted up and inviting all to pray with Me for all the priests all over the world. I love you! I love you. Continue to pray."
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children pray! Pray! Pray!" Great sadness comes over Our Lady, Queen of Divine Love. Her Eyes are filled with tears. She says, "Oh! My sons, My wayward sons, where are you going? That is the wrong path. Turn around before it is too late. Come back to My Son. You are losing souls and leading them in the wrong direction. Come back! Come back! Get on the right path. Oh! My sons who are struggling to stay on the correct path. Your prayer warriors are praying for you. Grace is being released at this very moment from the prayers being prayed for you. Many must pray to keep you holy. Encourage your flocks to pray for you. It is O.K. little one, continue to write. You are being harassed. Oh! My daughters, My faithful daughters, thank you for continuing to pray for My priest sons, Our priests."
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion, I ask Our Lady silently in my heart to let someone else experience something today. It is very warm. I feel a cool breeze, the Breath of the Holy Spirit. I now see a Dove above us. Drops come from His Beak and flow to all of us. Divine Grace. The Dove stays a while over the top of us through the rest of this decade. I see St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Anthony, St. Clare of Assisi and other saints (I do not know their names.) praying with us for priests. Later a person came forth and shared they saw Our Lady of Guadeloupe and Saints.
At the second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension of Our Lord, I see Our Lady Queen of Divine Love with Her Crown. She says, "My holy priest sons, please pray for your brother priests. They need your help. Pray for your selves to remain holy. I have called many to come and pray with you My children. They have not answered My call. Pray that they will answer My call to pray for priests. Their prayers are needed. Prayer is needed all over the world. One voice, one heart in loving prayer to My Son."
At the third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, I see Our Lady move over each person here. She is all in white and Her garments look transparent, yet you can't see through them. She looks lovingly at each one here as She moves over the top of us. Her garments flow softly in the breeze. I see Angels about us and to the top of us joining in prayer with us. I feel something touch my hair softly. A person present later shared they saw Angels also and felt something touch their hair. It confirmed what I saw.
At the fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption of Our Lady, Blessed Mother is still hovering above us all in white. She says, "Thank you My children. Thank you for being obedient to My call to pray for priests. If you are here today it is because I have called you here. I love you. Thank you. All of Heaven thanks you and are praying with you."
At the fifth Glorious Mystery, The Coronation, Our Lady continues, "My children many blessings come to you today. Bring them to all you meet. Blessings from the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, Love beyond your understanding. Open your hearts to My Son's Love, the Love of the Trinity and share it with all you meet. I love you. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
Thank you My child for being obedient and writing." I see a river of prayer flowing out all over the world to all priests and all souls. Our Lady says, "I love you! Oh! My children, I love you!
End of Lin, bride from another area

august 25, 2001, Saturday