Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

January 27, 2001 Last Saturday Theriot, Louisiana
Claire Rose wrote:
Early in the morning Our Lady was already Present. She said that no pilgrims would arrive until after 10AM. Just before 10, I asked my husband to please go & bless around the outside & inside of our house. Right after 10 o'clock pilgrims began to arrive just as Our Mother had said. Everyone She sends is so kind & they are always so happy to see one another. I believe that Our Mother is making us into a community. Our Mother asked me to go out & pray the Stations of The Cross with a group that had just begun to walk & pray the Stations. Every month as She did the very first month She Came for Her first public Visitation, She asks us to greet all of Her children with Her Love. We do our best to be obedient to Her & to our Spiritual Directors. 
1PM everyone began to sing. Our Lady says She loves to hear all Her children singing. I went to my room to be in quiet prayer. I saw very clearly the face of a priest friend. I prayed for him. I felt that he was present with us.
1:30 PM the little children who were present gathered with Lin & I and some of their parents & grandparents under the orange tree by our back porch. I invited Our Mother to please come and pray with us and for us for holy priests. I thanked her with all of our hearts for these Visitations of Love. Suddenly a strong breeze came, the birds came all around us singing & Our Mother Came all in white with a crown of sparkling stars. She gave the children a message of Love and thanked them for coming. She said "Today is a day of extra-ordinary Grace and blessing."

2PM I blessed everyone present with Holy Water as Our Mother has asked me to do. We began the Rosary for priests in the usual way by inviting Our Mother to come under all Her Titles to pray with us and for us as we offer this Rosary for holy priests, for unholy priests, for more priests, for the return of priests who have left us & for priests souls being purified in Purgatory. We invite the Holy Angels & Saints to come & to pray with us & for us.
First Joyful Mystery The Annunciation
Our Mother asked me to Announce Her Presence. She Came as Mother of Divine Love. She is dressed all in creamy white with an edging of gold around Her Mantle. She was not wearing Her Crown. I spent long moments just loving Her. I again Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart all the priests of the world, our parishes, families and ourselves. I gave to Her all the petitions in our box & in our hearts. I asked Her to join us to all those who were praying around the world as if they were all here in this room. I thanked Her for coming. She knew my heart was a little sad for today, for the first time in 10 months no priest is present. 

Third Joyful Mystery The Nativity
"My precious and most beloved sons, I love you. I come in Love. I look for you today and I look for you. Where are you My beloved sons? I come here for you."
I ask Our Mother that I think She should go & Appear to someone else. I told Her if She would go Appear to someone else, maybe a priest, then the priests would believe. She smiled at me. My Heart was hurting for Her. Anyone else would be better than me, She should go & Appear to a priest , surely other priests would believe a brother priest. I feel that I am failing Her & maybe She should go talk to a Bishop. She just smiled with Love in her Eyes.

Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
Our Mother Spoke: "Embrace your cross My beloved child. Embrace this cross that I have given you with all your heart."
"Help me, My Mother."
"My precious and most beloved children, I love you. I love you. I embrace you today and I take you and your families, your priests, your parishes and your homes into the safety of My Immaculate Heart. I love you. I love you. I cover you and all those you love with the Protection of My Mantle. 
I thank you for coming here today to pray with Me, your Immaculate Mother, for your brother priests. I am with you My little ones. I am touching your hearts even those who come filled with unbelief will be filled. I love you.
My Son Jesus has sent me to this small and unknown place. It is of the smallest. One of the smallest parishes.
I thank you for coming in Faith. I thank you for your love and your prayers your devotion and faithfulness to My Son. I have called you here today and I thank you with all My Heart for your response to My Call. I ask you My beloved children to please increase your prayers for your brother priests. They are under attack as never before. I ask you to fast on Mondays and on Thursdays for My beloved priests. Your prayers and little sacrifices your little daily offerings are seen by Our Father. Nothing escapes His All-Seeing Eye. I love you.
I've come to earth to warn you. I have come to gather you to safety under My Mantle just as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings before a coming storm. 
My children, let Me shelter you. Come, come, come to your Mother ." 

Second Sorrowful Mystery The Scourging at the Pilar

"Be converted My children, My own little ones. A storm the like of which you have never seen or heard is coming." I was hesitant to write this. "Write my words, My daughter. But you who are sheltered in My Heart of Love shall have no fear all Grace will be given you. 

The blood of the innocents cries out." (I understood the innocents are aborted babies, molested & abused children and the elderly who are neglected & abused.) " My beloved children and some of My priest sons are in grievous sin." I felt a sword pierce my heart. 

"Every sin is accepted and acceptable to multitudes of My beloved children. Turn away from sin My beloved children and turn to My Son Jesus for forgiveness. You have asked why My Eyes are closed. There are some sins I cannot bear to look upon. O My beloved children return to your Mother return to your Mother. Come home. Come home.
Pray for Our Holy Father John Paul II, My chosen son. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for him. 
Pray for your President and his family and those who support him, My children of America. I love you. I am with you. You must share these words My daughter I am with you." 

I saw ten priests come to visit. I see their faces one by one and they all repeat Our Mother's Words, "I am with you." Some I recognized some I didn't.

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of The Cross
I was feeling the pain of the crown of thorns. I looked up to Jesus on the Crucifix, He was alive. Jesus spoke, "The Crown you feel is Mine, My beloved bride, I love you."
About this time I saw Padre Pio and the Cure` dArs, St. John Vieanny.
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion of Jesus
Jesus continued from The Cross 
"Gather treasures for Heaven My little ones. Things of this earth are passing. Do not lose your soul for earthly pleasures and things. I desire that My priest sons speak of this to their flocks." 
Our Mother then Spoke:
"Gather in the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. Live each day as if it was your last on earth. Live in holiness and in Peace.
The whole earth will shake and tremble. The high places will be made low and the low places will be made high. The first will be last and the last will be first. 
Love one another My children. Serve one another in love. 
You serve My Son by loving one another. I love you."
Our Mother was crying. 
I can't bear to see Her this way. I closed my eyes & put my head down. "I have come to bring you hope and joy. Peace in your soul and heart in your homes and parishes." 
I feel a breeze, a fresh breeze blowing over me. I looked up and saw a tiny bright light in the gray sky, like a diamond far away. Slowly I see the tiny bright light gets bigger & I see the Light is Our Mother all in bright light. She is beautiful. Dressed as a bride. I think to myself, "I am seeing the beautiful city coming out of the sky. O My God!" On Our Mother's Head is Her new Crown - as Mother of Divine Love - Queen of Divine Love and Jesus in Holy Eucharist on Her Crown is shining so much I can barely see Our Mother. 
Our Mother Spoke: "Today is a day of extra-ordinary Grace. I bless you My precious children and I promise you many healings today. Many will feel My Touch as I walk among you. I embrace each one of you. I kiss each one. I bless you. Go out to others and bring My healing Touch, My healing Kiss of extra-ordinary blessing. My Love will multiply through your open hearts. I love you. I love you. I love you. 
Thank My Son for these Visitation of Love, of Divine Love. Be chalices of My Love My little ones. Your Mother." I thought Our Mother was finished because She told me to sit down. My knees had begun to hurt but I offered to kneel longer if it would help a priest. She just repeated, "Sit now."
Our Mother continued, 
"I visit this house of French descent- because I will use these Visitations to remind your Mother country and many other countries of My Love for you all. 
France is known as the eldest daughter of the Church, My Son's Church.
Louisiana is chosen, has been chosen from long ago. I love you.
I come here as Many Nations to honor All Nations, All Races. All are equal. 
My persecuted children, they will laugh at you as they laughed at Noah. Continue to be faithful. 
I have come here under the title Mother of Divine Love in response to a prayer prayed to Me under this title in September of 1987 in New Orleans by Our Holy Father John Paul II. He called out to Me and I responded. 
I love you. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love"
"The Blood of the Martyrs will be the restoration of the Holy Priesthood and through this My Son's Church will be restored to holiness and wholeness."
end of Claire Rose
Last Saturday of January 2001 Theriot, Louisiana
Leslie Therese` wrote:

Second Joyful Mystery
I feel a band around my head it gets tighter. When the pain goes away I see Our Mother Mary in palest blue holding Jesus. He is about 4 years old.

Our Lady Speaks: "I am your Mother just as I am His (Jesus'). I love you just as you are as I love all of My children. God has chosen this place for us all to come and pray for your priests. There are many straying from original doctrine. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray for My sons who are becoming entrapped in the world. Pray that they see their own wrong and ask forgiveness. My children pray all you can for your priests. Continue to offer all of your daily deeds no matter how small, every prayer is heard. God has promised many blessings on those who pray for His sons. He is always listening always waiting to pour out His abundant love upon all who come to Him with love. 

My little ones" (the little children are outside playing) "how I love to hear your laughter and your sweet voices as you play-pray. Always be good to each other and listen to your parents. I LOVE you My precious children with all of My Heart. I am blessing all today. I am blessing wedding rings and marriages. Also to those who are trying to be blessed. (Marriages) Many of you will be healed here today." 

I saw Our Mother Mary in a green colored Mantle (sheer) with Gold around the edges like embroidery beautiful, so beautiful, she leaves me breathless.

A private Message:
"Do not be afraid of seeing Me. Do not be ashamed of anything that God has already forgiven. Nothing that God forgives can hurt you. Stop worrying of something God has forgotten. Jesus has your life in His hands and holds you within His Sacred Heart.

One of My precious sons are here. He is just not ordained yet. It will come to pass in God's time.

My sons, My priests, this place is here for you always open to your need. I have called you here yet, you do not come to Me. I am your Mother. I Love you above all. I carry each of you within My Immaculate Heart. The world will not love you as I do. I the Mother of all, await your presence here in this place. I will renew you in faith so strong nothing will break it. Do not be afraid. God has sent Me here to this sweet and simple place to bring you back to the true church. God's people need you to lead them back to the truth." 

Third Glorious Mystery
I see Our Mother Mary in a white lace dress and Mantle. She is above us all blessing us all.
"Jessie, Yes I am here.
Charlie, You are My son I love your spirit. Come back to Me.
Angel, You are precious to me. Thank you for your prayers for My sons.

My darling daughters every month you are with Me even though its only in spirit. Thank you again for your yes to God. You are my heart and I love you. 
Continue to pray for My sons. Your brothers need your prayers and strong faith. 

Pray for our Holy Father John Paul II. Pray for all of your bishops. 
I love you. Your Mother."

end of Leslie Therese`____________________

January 27, 1001 Last Saturday of January Priests Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am visiting Theriot Louisiana this month for Our Lady's visit. It was a very quiet and prayerful morning. Around 1:30 p.m. Claire and I gathered with all the children who came with their parents near the orange tree. Claire asked Our Lady to pray with us. She began leading the children in saying the Hail Mary. As she continued I saw a vision of Our Lady of Divine Grace and then her dress changed to all white like a bridal dress. This was the first time I ever saw Our Lady in a bridal dress. She was very beautiful. She began to speak, "Many healings will happen here today. Many healings." Claire also received words from Our Lady for the children.
We then went inside to the small chapel to say the rosary with the Pilgrims who came to pray for priests. One of the ladies sang two hymns in French, the Hail Mary(Je Vous Salue, Marie) and Jesus We Wait for You(On Vous Espere). They were very beautiful. Just as she finished I saw a vision of Our Lady of Divine Grace and felt Our Lord's presence very strongly, but didn't see him. I then saw a bright gold light with Our Lady enclosed in it. She was all in white. I see the blood of Christ pouring over all of us.

At the first Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Lady asked, "touch the lady beside you." I did. Then Our Lady asked, "touch the lady behind you." I did. Then she asked, "touch the other lady behind you. Each person you touched received My love and healing."(I understood the love and healing came from Her Son, Jesus.) On the last person I touched, I saw diamonds pass from my hand, to the person's hand, and I understood they were from Our Lady. I had never seen anything like this before and was hesitant to write it, but was encouraged by Our Lady to do so. Our Lady then spoke, "Many healings My daughter, many healings will happen and are happening here today, spiritual and physical. Continue to pray My child."

At the third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady says, "Oh! My children how I love to hear the rosary in different languages." I am very aware of everyone praying all around me, some praying in French and some in English. I see a vision of Our Lady in a dark green mantle and dress with gold light all around Her. She is very very beautiful. She brings great peace and love with Her. I have never seen Her in this color before and do not know what title She is showing me. Then Our Lady speaks to priests, "Oh! My precious Sons, Oh how I grieve for you. Time is running short. Where are you! I am here. I am waiting for you."

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Lady says, "Continue to write My daughter."What do you want me to write My Mother? "Tell My children I love them. Oh! My children I love you. Thank you for coming today to pray for My priest sons at My request. I love you. Because of your prayer, many priests will come from this place. They will be holy and lead holy flocks. Much love is in this place. Open your hearts and receive it. It comes from My Son and I. Love to heal all your wounds and woundedness from living this life in this world. Your humanity is healed by My Son and His Wounds. By His stripes you are healed. My Son asks you to help others with the same healing He has given you. In this way you love others with My Son's Love. It is so simple My little one. Oh! How I love you. Oh! How My Son loves you." (I understood Our Lady's 'you' to mean everyone present.) "Continue to write My child. Yes! Little one, you are My Son's bride and many brides will follow after you."

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, I am very aware of the people praying around me. I see Our Lady as Mother of Divine Love and then as Queen of Divine Love. She is all in white with gold around her mantle. She has a beautiful gold crown on Her Head. In front of the crown is a monstrance with Jesus in it. It is very beautiful. She is very beautiful. She speaks, "I love you My children. I love you. Thank you for praying for My priest sons. Many many prayers are needed to change the hearts of My priest sons who are in error. Many many prayers are needed to keep My priest sons who are holy, holy. Many many prayers are needed to bring more vocations. The priesthood will increase and the holy priests will increase because of your prayers. You are My precious prayer warriors. You are My Son's precious prayer warriors. Many blessings come to you from Me, from My Son, from the Most Blessed Trinity."

At the third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns, Our Lady says, "Continue to pray little one." As we pray the rosary I feel Our Lady's great peace and love. She says, "I bring My peace and love to all who are here. They will feel My peace and love this day and it will stay with them where ever they go this day and to all they meet."

At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross, Our Lady continues, "You bring the peace that I bring here today, to this place, out to the rest of the world, and to all you meet. The world needs, the peace and love that only My Son can bring. If only they would turn to My Son. Oh! My children your prayer for priests will make that happen. Continue to pray My children."

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "Thank you My children for putting all aside and coming here today to pray for My priest sons at My request. You will not be sorry." As we pray I see our prayers lifting to heaven. This is very hard to explain. I see the roof disappearing as we pray and our prayers spreading out to the entire world. Again this is very hard to explain.

At the first Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "My children you will see the fruit of your prayers beginning to happen in your lifetime. It is already starting to happen. I have touched each soul here today in a very special way. This is because of their generosity in prayer. My children you do not realize the power of your prayers. Continue to pray. Pray! Pray! Pray for My priest sons, your brother priests."

At the second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven, I see devils cringing and covering themselves with their arms and fleeing as we pray the rosary. I have seen this before. Many saints are praying with us. Holy angels are praying with us. The Souls in Purgatory are praying with us.

At the third Glorious Mystery, The Descent of the Holy Spirit; Our Lady speaks, "My children no matter how much the devil tries to deceive you with all the darkness around you never forget My Son and I are with you and you are never alone." I see angels above us and all around us. Oh! My Mother thank You for coming to us today. Our Lady continues, "Oh My children, thank My Son for allowing Me to come to you today."

At the fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, I tell Our Mother my knees are in pain even though I am sitting. She then says, "My child you are carrying Claire." At that moment Claire sat down. I told Our Lady thank you. She said, "little one your heart is kneeling. Your knees are part of your cross at this time."

At the fifth Glorious Mystery, The Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven, She spoke, "Oh My children, thank you for coming together today to pray for priests at My request. I join you to all who have come together today all over the world to pray for priests. One voice, One heart of prayer for all My priest sons all over the world. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love. Remember, I am with you. That is all for now."
End of bride from another area.

January 27, 2001, Saturday