February 29, 2020, Saturday

Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

February 29, 2020               Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests               Theriot, Louisiana

Adoration of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament.                                                                                  I consecrated all the priests of the world to Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

Our Mother Speaks:  “Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am with you.  I will remain with you!  Be still My children, be still and know that Our God is still seated on His Throne.  Our God will never abandon His Church.  Your Mother will never leave nor abandon you.  Be still.  Pray, and offer sacrifice for holy shepherds to lead you.

The gates of hell shall not prevail against Our Holy Mother on earth, the one True Church that was established on earth by My Beloved Son Jesus.  The war for souls is multiplying in every place.  Evil is growing more bold, more public, more open, multiplying in every place. My children I implore you to live holy prayerful lives.  Live each moment in union with the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.

Let this Lenten journey lead you closer and closer to My Beloved Son Jesus.  Spend quiet time each day to reflect on the journey of your life.  Ponder the times where My Son Jesus carried you over and through great suffering and struggles in your life.  Many times it is only in reflection that you can see how you were given miracles.  Slow down your lives.  Many of My children are too busy with un-important things.  Your lives are cluttered, not with bad things, but with things that take time away from your family, things that take time away from your prayer time.  Be still.  Be still.  Consecrate yourselves, your families, your homes to the most Holy Blessed Trinity.  Each home should have an altar, a sacred holy place, set aside to honor God.  Remember the home is the first church.  So very many of My beloved children have gone astray from all that is holy.  The days of satan and his minions are numbered.  He will be defeated.  He is desperate at this time and drawing many, many souls into deeper and deeper sin.  He begins with convincing many souls that he does not exist, that is his greatest lie, his greatest deception.  One sin at a time until the soul is so confused going deeper and deeper into sin it can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

I come to earth to warn you, to call you to live holy lives.  Turn to My Beloved Son Jesus with all your heart and soul.  Ask for His help.  Ask for My help.  I am your Mother.  I am here for you always.  I carry you to My Son Jesus.  I encourage you all to make a holy and sincere Confession, receive Divine Mercy in the Holy Confessional.  My Beloved Son Jesus awaits you there in the person of the priest.  Receive the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament, Divine Love with a clean and pure heart and soul.  Receive these gifts from Heaven as often as you can.  The Gifts of these Sacraments are nourishment for your bodies and souls.  You are given these Gifts from Heaven through the holy priesthood.  A priest is called and chosen by God to an extra-ordinary life.  He gives his life for all of you My children.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  And Pray more for holy priests to lead you, to care for you from the moment of conception to natural death and through Purgatory.

Let it be known that in these years and in this time My Visitations to the earth have been extended.  An extra-ordinary call for the salvation of souls.  In centuries past, a few Visitations from Heaven had a far greater effect on My children than today, with no worldwide communication like today. The difference is a tremendous lack of faith and the multiplication of paganism including those who worship pagan gods, those who no longer believe in God.  Pray for holy priests, for one priest can lead many souls to Heaven or to hell.  My Beloved Son Jesus is before you in fullness (in the Blessed Sacrament).  St. Joseph accompanies me today. Thank you for honoring St. Joseph in this parish and all those who do honor him. He was chosen by God to be foster father to God’s own Son, My Beloved Son Jesus.

I love you My little ones and I thank you to all who respond to My call.  Please help to spread My call to holiness and prayers for My precious priest sons, from Holy Fathers  Francis and Benedict XVI to the newest priest.  Support and encourage your priest and seminarians.  Your prayers are multiplied by the Saints and Holy Angels in Heaven and by the sous being purified in Purgatory.

Stay safe.  Be alert.  Be aware.  Do not be afraid.  Do not panic for I am with you forever.  Live holy lives. Be at Peace.  Live in Peace with one another.  I am calling you to come home to Truth.

The holy priesthood is the highest ministry on the earth. A special place is reserved in Heaven for all holy priests and for those who pray faithfully for them.  I am Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

From Jesus:  “Love one another as I love you!!”   Jesus gave us a blessing with the Sign of the Cross.