Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

April 29, 2000 Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests Theriot, Louisiana Claire Rose wrote: At 10:00A.M. I asked my husband to bless our house inside & around the outside with Holy Water. Pilgrims began to arrive earlier than other months and were praying outside. Just before 2P.M. A holy priest came to pray with me. I thanked him and Our Mother for his presence. At 2P.M. Leslie Therese` & I (claire rose) walked out of my bedroom where we had been praying. Our house was filled with beautiful people who had come to pray a Rosary for Priests with us. As instructed by Our Mother, I blessed myself, the whole room & people present with Holy Water. We began the Rosary in the usual way, with The Sign of The Cross. I then invited Our Blessed Mother under all Her Titles, all the holy angels & Saints & holy souls in Purgatory to please pray with us & for us as we offer this Rosary for holy priests, for unholy priests & for priests souls in Purgatory. My heart was filled with joy for a holy priest had come, also two holy nuns in habits. It is very encouraging to my family & me when holy priests and religious are present. First Joyful Mystery The Annunciation, Our Lady asked me to Announce that She was Present. I did. Our Lady came all in white with a lace mantle. She is surrounded by clouds. The clouds are filled with many holy angels and saints. I prayed in silence for Our Holy Father John Paul II. I Consecrated to Our Mother all the priests of the whole world and also priests souls in Purgatory. I prayed for my Bishop and all Bishops. I gave to Our Mother all of our families, friends, our Petitions and us and asked Her to join us together with those who are praying in other places for priests as if we were all in this room. Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation Our Lady speaks, "My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, I love you. This is My 13th Visitation to you here. I come here for you My Sons as I have not come in any other place. I chose this place because it is small. I love you My beloved sons." (The following is for the priest who was present.)"Father -------(priest who is present), I thank you priest of My Immaculate Heart for coming here today to pray with Your Mother. My Heart is filled with Joy by your holy presence. I love you, I love you. I am with you each moment of each day. You have not abandoned Me, My son, I love you. I will heal your body, My son, for I love you. Thank you for loving Me. Your Immaculate Mother-Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love" Third Joyful Mystery The Birth of Jesus I saw a beautiful big golden Door. The door became the shape of a Triangle, the symbol of the Holy Blessed Trinity. It was also purest gold light. I was taken through the Golden Door-Triangle. Next I saw a beautiful big gold Heart. I was taken through the golden Heart. Our Blessed Mother was on the inside of the Heart. She was standing facing me, like She had been waiting for me. She was in creamy gold. She turned to the side and moved Her right Hand and Arm to show me something that was beyond the place where She was standing. Our Mother showed to me Eternity, Infinity, endless time and space. Our Mother Spoke: "I will be with you forever and ever! My precious ones. Now I will speak to the hearts of My priests who are unholy, those who have strayed far away from My Son, Jesus; from My Immaculate Heart and from all Truth. I call you to repentance My beloved sons. I call you to conversion. I call you to return to Your Immaculate Mother's Heart. I will take your hands and take you to My Son Jesus. I will return you to holiness, My beloved sons. I love you so much. I speak to your hearts. I call you to return to Infinite Love. I call you for the salvation of your souls My sons. Some of you are one with satan and you work for him instead of working for My Son Jesus. Please, My beloved sons, I beg you to go to confession. Some of you have not gone to confession in many years. My Son is waiting for you to return. Return. His Arms are open with Love for you." First Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden "O My beloved sons how I love you. I love you. My Son longs to forgive you. There is no sin that is too great for His Love, His Mercy, His Forgiveness. Hurry My sons. Hurry to His Divine Heart. His Divine Mercy. His Divine Love is ever there for you. I come in Love and in obedience to call you, to love you, to bless you. An overabundance of Grace is being poured out from The Heart of My Son Jesus at this time for your repentance, your conversion and your return to holiness. I need you My sons. I need you. So many sheep, My little sheep have been led astray. I need your help to bring the flocks back to holiness, to My Son. I need you My sons. My beloved sons, you bring joy and comfort to My Immaculate Heart as you return to holiness. Ask My Help My sons-I am here waiting your call, awaiting your return to Me. I love you." Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns "My beloved sons who are faithful I thank you. I come to encourage you to stay holy, stay close to the Heart of My Son in Holy Eucharist. Pray daily with Him. Spend time with Him, My beloved sons for where He is I am too, waiting for your Visit. I love you. Go to confession often My sons; this will always help you to grow in holiness. I love you. I am with you each day, each moment. You carry My Son's Cross. I love you. Pray for your brother priests. Speak to them, to those who are in error. Speak to each one. Do not be afraid for you speak for Me and for My Divine Son. I love you." Fourth Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of The Cross I saw a Globe of Golden Light. I asked, "Is this you My Mother? The light became Our Mother. She was dressed in a light yellow gown and veil. She said: "I am The Mystical Rose. The Way of the Cross leads home. HOME! I love you My sons. I love you. Out of the depths of sorrow I call you. Help Me. You are My Hands in this World. My Hands, My priests are broken. Help Me to mend My Hands and My Heart one son at a time one priest at a time." First Glorious Mystery The Resurrection "My Hands and My Heart will be mended. My Immaculate Heart will Triumph! I love you. I love you." "Mother Mary, My Mother please forgive me all the times I have hurt you. I do love you. Help me. Help me, My Mother to be a better person, to be more like you in all I say and think and do. Help me, My beloved Mother." I saw a tear in Her Eye. My heart grieves over the times I have hurt Her and Jesus."All is forgotten, My beloved child. Write for My children now. My precious and most beloved children thank you for coming here today to pray with Me. I hear all the petitions in your hearts. I am blessing you today My own little ones. I love you so much, so much. Thank you for praying for My priest sons as I have asked you. Your prayers are multiplied by the holy angels and saints. I am calling you to increase your prayers for My priest sons." Third Glorious Mystery The Descent of the Holy Spirit on Our Mother and the Apostles "Increase your offerings for more priests. Pray for the return of My Son's priests who have gone astray. Pray for priests' souls in Purgatory. As a special act of Divine Mercy, tomorrow many, many souls will be converted and many souls will be released early from Purgatory. I love you My dear children and I am blessing you as I depart. I bless your families and your priests and your parishes. I love you. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love. Thank you My little ones and thank My Son, Jesus for these Visitations of Love." About 150 pilgrims were present. End of Claire Rose. 

April 29, 2000 Received by Leslie Therese in Theriot, Louisiana. Our Blessed Mother Mary appears in a white mantle with stars around edges. "Pray the first mystery of the Rosary today." I did. Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation Our Mother Spoke: "My holy and blessed children, you are My sons. I am your Mother, come to Me. I am the beginning of your salvation, My sons. I Love You. You are most precious to Me and to Your Father. I am here always for you. I never leave. I have called you here to this place to renew your body and soul through My Love for you. My sons I am the only Mother who loves you beyond sin. I hold you in My loving Arms. I surround you with My Love for you. Some day, My sons, I will bring you home to Me through a field of flowers to My weeping Heart." I understood that the field of flowers represented all the souls each priest would help to save."Pray without ceasing for your brothers, that they might open their hearts and minds and come to Me here in this place. I am Appearing here for you and your brothers. Please pray, pray, pray, pray!" (This next part is for the priest who was present.) "I am blessing you My son, thank you for coming to this place. I have brought you here to refresh and renew the beautiful spirit within you. I love you My son. Your Mother Mary, Mother of Divine Love." We are surrounded in light and the angels are here again praying and singing with us. Our Mother speaks again, "My children welcome. I thank all who come here. I love you all. Your petitions have been heard and brought home in My thoughts. Do not doubt that I am here. I am here for My sons and for all of My children. Those who are still in doubt will know My Presence." The Blessed Virgin Mary Appeared in a pure white lace mantle and gown. I have never seen such beauty. I can only think how undeserving I am of seeing Her beauty. Thank you Mary, thank you Jesus. Our Lady speaks again, "Special blessings on those in dire want of My Love and Peace. Be glad of everything you have and you will find you already have them within yourselves. Sherry, I love you and forgive you for not counting Me worthy. My children continue to pray daily and offer up all of your daily deeds for priests. God hears every prayer and offering. He holds you in His loving Arms as I hold you in Mine. Consecrate yourselves and your families to My Immaculate Heart. My Josephs, I call you here to keep your families strong in prayer. Pray with your children, do not be afraid of what the world says to this. Thank you for coming here to pray for your brothers. They need the strength of your prayers. Special blessing on all trying to conceive. My daughters I thank you for the motherly love you show to your children. I know this special love because I have it for all of the world and all of Heaven. Even though the child is not of your womb, do you not still love and cherish this child? Thank you for your yes. Pray with your children. Pray like children with innocence and purity. To all of My children go to confession. Your Father awaits you there to cleanse and refresh your souls. Be truly sorry for your sins and you will be forgiven them. Special blessings to all getting married now or in the near future or thinking about it. Special blessings to those searching for their future (people who don't know what or who they want to be). Wedding rings are being blessed also the children of these. Anna I love you and thank you for coming. I am here for all, come to Me. I am Your true and loving Mother, Mary, Mother of Divine Love. Lift the rosary to Me and I will touch it, let all who want to touch it do so then give it to him who owns it." The Rosary belongs to my brother. End of Leslie Therese 

4/29/00 Last Saturday of April A bride from another area, Lin A little before 2:00 p.m. I came to my room to pray the rosary for all the priests of the world. Our Lady announced She was with me and had never left since early morning. Before I started the rosary I invited the Holy Angels and Saints and Holy Souls in purgatory to pray with me and for me for all the priests of the world. Then I joined myself with all those praying this day for all the priests of the world as Our Lady requested. I asked Our Lady and Our Lord and the Most Holy Blessed Trinity to bless all who were praying for priests this day. I started the 15 decade rosary for all the priests of the world. Our Lady had me stop and bless the whole house with holy water. I then continued the rosary. Our Lady thanked me for being obedient and blessing the house with holy water. At the 1st Joyful Mystery The Annunciation, Our Lady brought a special priest to my attention to pray for. At the 3rd Joyful Mystery The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady spoke, "I am with you little one as you pray for My priest sons and I am praying with you for them also." Now Our Lady brings another priest to my mind to pray for. At the 4th Joyful Mystery The Presentation of the Lord, Jesus told me He was with me also. Our Lady spoke, "Pray for My priest sons to be obedient to the Holy Magisterium of the Church. Ask My priest sons to pray for their Bishops, that they will be holy as My Son wishes them to be holy. Encourage My special sons and let them know you care about them. Let them know you are praying for them. Thank them for praying for you. Ask them to pray for you." At the 5th Joyful Mystery The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Lady spoke again, "My child pray for all Seminarians to persevere and pray that their teachers at the Seminaries are holy and teach them to be holy and pleasing to My Son. My child tell all to pray that Bishops will realize the seriousness of their jobs for My Son, for the whole Trinity, for all of mankind." Our Lady then brought special bishops to my mind to pray for. At the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning With Thorns, Our Lady spoke again, "Pray for the Holy Father, John Paul II. He suffers greatly at this time. He needs your prayers my children. His example shows other Bishops how to treat others regardless of their state in life. (I understood this to mean that Bishops should be respectful to all they come in contact with.) At the 4th Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of the Cross, I see a vision of Our Lady as Our Lady of LaSalette. She has Her Hands over Her Eyes and She is weeping for Her priest sons. She speaks, "Thank all who are praying for priests." At the 5th Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, I see a vision of Our Lady with a Catalpa flower crown over her veil. Only Her Head is visible. She looks similar to a picture I have of Her. I then saw Her in a blue mantle with a blue veil and white gown. Her blue mantle and veil were spread out and covered a multitude of priests. The number more than I could count. Her mantle had light showing through it. It seemed to be Her Son's light shining through Her to the priesthood. Our Lady then spoke, "My child you will not get the whole rosary said today. Do not worry about it. Continue to pray little one." At the 1st Glorious Mystery The Resurrection of Our Lord, Our Lady spoke again, "My child please thank all My children who came together today to pray for Our priests. Their prayers have been heard in heaven. No matter where they are praying for priests today at My request they have been heard. My Son and The Most Holy Blessed Trinity have heard their prayers. Many blessings go out to all My prayer warriors today who are praying for priests. These blessings will go with them to all they meet. This is a very special time. This Sunday is Mercy Sunday. My Son opens wide His Divine Heart of Mercy this day. Open your hearts to HIM and invite Him into them this special day of Mercy. I love you. My Son loves you. Thank you for coming together today and praying for Our priests. My love goes out to you all. My Son's love goes out to you all and so does the Blessed Trinity's. (Whenever Our Lady mentioned My Son and the Blessed Trinity together in this message I understood Her to mean Jesus and the rest of the Trinity, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.) Your Mother Mother of Divine Love It is around 4:05 p.m. End of a bride from another area, Lin 

April 29, 2000, Saturday