Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Last Saturday of July 2010

One Hundred Thirty-Sixth Visitation of Our Lady


July 31, 2010               Last Saturday of July              Priest’s Saturday            Theriot, Louisiana

Claire Rose received and wrote:  Today is a beautiful day!  We are blessed by the presence of one holy priest, three Religious and about 125 pilgrims.  We are also blessed today by the presence of four beautiful young women fromNigeria in Africa.  They are blood sisters.  They will make their Consecration and be received today as Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity.  Father heard confessions until just before 2 p.m.  Our Mother requested something that She has rarely done.  Just before Father came into the main room to begin Holy Mass, Our Mother asked me to take the statue of Her as Mother of Divine Love off of a high shelf and place it on a lower table.  I did as She asked.  Then She said, “Move My statue closer to My priest.”  I did.


2 p.m. Father began Holy Mass.  Our Mother was present during most of Holy Mass as Mother of Divine Love, without Her Crown.  After Mass was over, Our Mother asked us to pray the Luminous Mysteries.  As we began the Rosary, Our Mother asked me to tell everyone that She had been here since early morning.  I saw Her during the Rosary as Mother of Divine Love with Her Crown. 


First Luminous Mystery, Our Mother Speaks to Father: “My Precious and Most Beloved Priest Son, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Oui! Mon petit, J`ai taime beaucoups!  Sa ta Mere du Ceil qui vous parle.  I am with you and within you My little one!  I strengthen you My little one.  My Beloved Son Jesus is your life and your strength.  Lean on Us when you are weary and in pain.  Give yourself and all that hurts you to Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  I love you. I treasure you. You are a jewel in My Crown, a precious flower in My garden.  O My faithful son, I prepare a place for you Myself in your Heavenly home…but not yet!  You have much work yet to do for Your Mother.  I shepherd you My own precious priest.  You are covered by My Mantle of Divine Love!  Do not ever be afraid for I will never, ever leave you.  I love you.”


My Beloved and Precious Priest Sons, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  At times I glow with a Mother’s joy as I see you grow in holiness and wholeness.  At other times, tears come to My Eyes and a sword pierces My Immaculate Heart.  If you will take My Hand and give to Your Mother your entire heart, together We will remove the weeds and you will grow gracefully into a great Saint.  One becomes a Saint on this earthly journey.  You have been given a gentle, tender heart for God’s purpose.  Some of you have grown in patience, in wisdom, in true humility.  O My beloved priest sons, together, let Us pull the weeds from the garden of your heart and soul.  I love you!


My Beloved and Precious Religious Sisters and Brothers, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I thank you for your many years of true and faithful service to My Beloved Son, Jesus and to Me, Your Immaculate Mother.  Do not be afraid.  Take courage, love, peace and perseverance as your shield and breastplate.  Your example, a living Gospel, leads many to deeper holiness and wholeness.  My Immaculate Heart is filled with joy by your lives of holiness.  I love you!  Do not be afraid.  Your place in Heaven is assured as long as you stay on the Path of Holiness.  I prepare your special mansion with My own Son, Jesus. 


My Precious and Most Beloved Children, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  In this small and unknown place I speak to you a Way of Life, a way to return to My Beloved Son Jesus.  A way that will lead you to put Divine Order into your lives, your homes, your families, your jobs, your parishes, your Dioceses and Our Beloved Church.  Our God, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, God, Our Father, My Beloved Son, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit, My Beloved Spouse must come first in your lives, your homes, your families, your jobs, your parishes, your Dioceses and in Our Beloved Church.  As the Church goes, so goes the world! 

Here in this small place, I commission you to become a Wave of Divine Love, an Army of Divine Love!  I commission you to pray for an increase in holiness and wholeness for Our Beloved Priests and for more holy priests!  I thank you, My precious children all over the world, for your response to My Call to you. 


Next month, August, I will be with you in Lafayette.  The first Religious to respond to My Call from Theriot is from Lafayette.  Each one of you, each city and town you are from is precious and special to My Immaculate Heart.


I welcome today My daughters from Nigeria.  I have called each one of you here today.  I will bless your country with many vocations.  The second priest to make his victim soul offering for priests as a Bride of the Most Blessed Trinity is from your country, Nigeria.  This message is to go to Cardinal Arinize`. 


My children, I bring to your hearts and families peace and healing.  Today I give to you an extra-ordinary grace to go forth to live and spread My Mission of Divine Love for My Beloved Priest Sons.  I bless you and your Religious Articles and Religious Orders.  Your articles must be blessed by My priest sons.  I love you and fill you as I touch each one of your hearts with Peace and Love.  I will continue to guide and multiply the Holy Orders that have begun here in a small and wounded heart.  Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity, My own little flock of ‘Holy Rejects’ I love you and multiply you to the ends of the earth.  I will never, ever leave you!  My children be still, I am within your midst. Receive and absorb all that I have to shower you with.  Open your hearts.  Receive healing, My precious little flock.  Give to Your Mother all that troubles you and be healed in My Son Jesus’ Name!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you! 

Thank you for your patience in enduring the heat.  This is a gift for you and will help many priests. 

Your Mother, I have many Titles, I am one Mother,

Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”


After we read Our Mother’s words, five made their Consecration as a victim soul for priests including the four sisters from Nigeria. 

End of Claire Rose______________


July 31, 2010               Priests Saturday             Theriot, Louisiana


Leslie Therese` received and wrote:


Our Mother Speaks:  “I bless you and keep you My loves and I thank you for your ‘yes’ in coming to pray with Me today.  I love you in abundance and will treasure always My welcome to this little holy place in the swamps of Louisiana.  Your prayers and faith have meant so much to Us in Heaven.  Thank you My little ones, thank you.  I am blessed that Our Lord, God has asked Me, His lowly servant to come and pray for My priests here.  I feel My welcome when I come to you here.  I see it in your hearts and faces and I know it in the love I share with you here.  I feel complete and at peace.  I share this with you My children.  I give to you My all.

Sister E. My little bride, I have something for you to do.  Yes, I am whispering it into your heart.  Share this with your sister and pray daily as I have asked.  I love you, My most precious daughters.  I love you! 

My daughter, My daughter, you no longer need to write.  I am lifting your heart and petitions into Heaven with Me and presenting them to Our Lord, God the Father through the Intercession of Our Blessed Son, Jesus Christ.  Continue in prayer…I see and hear all of My children in prayer.  Pray, My Josephs, PRAY!!

Jean-Charles-Wes, Oh how very much I love you.  You have done your very best to stay close to Me in this time of trial.”

I see Our Mother today all in white.  Her Veil is white lace that looks like it is made of crystal or diamond threads.  Her Dress is plain white with no adornment but Her Veil reaches the ground beyond Her Feet.  She is lifting all of us, one at a time into Her embrace.  She is now holding W. and kisses his face.  Then she holds another and kisses his face and the top of his head. 


Our Mother continues:  “I bless you My little ones with My healing Peace.  I wrap you in My Arms.  I am Your Mother and the past is at peace, leave it there and rest in My Heart.  Just as I suffered the torment of My Son Jesus I suffer yours, too, My loves. Give to Me your burdens.  You no longer have to bear them alone.  I am asking you to give your all to Me as I continue to do for you.  I have much for you to do, My loves.  Wait for My Call to you.  Listen with a careful and diligent ear. 


You will see My Face and feel the comfort of My Arms and so too will all of your family be blessed.  You will come to Me gently in Our Lord’s great love for you. 


You have done all that I have asked and I am truly grateful to you for your ‘yes.’  Bless you little one, I will be with you always and will present you Myself to My Son Jesus and Our Father, God.


Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”

End of Leslie Therese`_____________


July 31, 2010                           Last Saturday of July                                                  Priest’s Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin

We gathered at one of our brides house who was ill, to pray the 20-decade Rosary for priests.

We started the 20-decade Rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m

We invited Our Lady under all Her titles, all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the priesthood and religious life. 

God guide my pen, God guide my mind in Jesus’ Name.

Our Lady speaks, “Tell My children I am here.”  I did.

Our Lady continues, “Oh My children thank you for coming today to pray with Me at My request for all the priests of the world.  Oh My children I join you to all the groups in the world this day.  Oh My children you are one large group, yes one huge group! Much, much prayer from all over the world for Our beloved priests.

Oh My priest sons all over the world, much grace comes to you today from this Mission of Love, yes, for the whole priesthood!  Much grace from all the prayers of your brothers and sisters praying for you here!  Oh My priest sons pray for yourselves and for your brother priests to be holy and to stay that way.  This is My greatest wish, as, if you are holy My priest sons, your flocks will be holy from your example.  I love you My priest sons, Oh how I love you!

A-----, I love you My child.  I pray for you and for all your family, as you pray for priests.

M---, thank you for welcoming Me into your home.  I bring many blessings to you with Me!  Yes, for you and your son!  Blessings to both of you!  Open your heart My little one for all this grace and love I bring you!”

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Divine Grace.  She is all in blue and white.  Her Hands are outstretched to all of us.  Out of Her Hands come rays of golden white light.  Our Mother says, “Oh My children, the rays of golden white light come out to each and every one of you, yes, Grace and Love and Peace beyond your understanding.  I love you My children, I love you all, yes, each and every one of you!

Oh My youth, I hold each and every one of you in My Heart and My Heart lives inside the Heart of My Son Jesus!  Oh My youth, I come to ask you, to beg you to stay on the right path.  You will know in your hearts what is the correct path!  Listen to the still small voice inside your hearts and follow it’s instructions.  You will know what to do without a doubt.  Have courage My youth and persevere!  Oh My youth, you will not be sorry!  Stay on the right path one day at a time.  Ask for help My youth when you need it.”

Our Mother is praying with us.  Her Face is most beautiful and peaceful.  Our Mother says, J--, I thank you for taking such good care of your Mother.  I send many blessings upon you and extra grace for this big job!  Know J--, that I am with you and My Son Jesus is with you and never leaves you.  Many, many blessings My son.  I love you, I love you, I love you! 

M­­-----, My daughter, I have been showing you much.  I bring many graces to you for learning and loving.  Be not afraid My little one!  As you grow in love, I bring you more graces to continue to grow in My Love!  Yes, and My Son Jesus’ Love!  I love you My little one!  Oh how I love you!  I bring My love to you through others.

Oh My religious brother and sisters, I love you!  You live in My Heart!  Oh My religious, thank you for wearing your habits.  It is a strong witness to all My children of your sincere love for Jesus and I and the Most Holy Blessed Trinity!

Oh My children, tell all your brothers and sisters of this Mission of Love for the priesthood.  Invite them to pray for priests.  Invite them to pray with you on the Last Saturday of the month at prayer groups.  Let them know of all the graces available on the Last Saturday.  I love you My children, Oh how I love you!  Tell your children and all about this Mission of Love for the priesthood.  Many graces come to you all who pray with Me at this Mission of Love.  This grace is available to all who come to pray with Me on the Last Saturday of the month.

Oh My children, the public messages will end soon.  Continue your prayer groups on the Last Saturday when ever and where ever you can.  Know that I will be with you all in spirit!

Oh My children I thank you, each and every one of you for coming to pray with Me for Our beloved priests at My request.  I love you, I love you all!

            Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

My daughter thank you for your obedience in writing at My request!”

Our Mother is here as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  She has Her Crown on with the seven points.  At the tip of each point is a small Cross.  At the bottom of each Cross is a tiny pearl.  On the front of the Crown is a Chalice and above the Chalice is suspended the Eucharist.  Rays of light come out to all of us.  Our Mother says, “Love and Grace and Peace come out to you all.  I love you My children, My priests and My religious.  I love you all!  Oh My children persevere!  You will not be sorry!  Eternity is forever!  I wish all of you to be with Me one day in Heaven!  I love you!  I love you all!”

End of bride from another area.  _____________

july 31, 2010, Saturday