Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Last Saturday, Day of Prayer for Priests October 30, 1999, Theriot, Louisiana 10:00A.M. While praying in our chapel with Lin & Shirley, I (Claire Rose)was thinking about some friends from England who are coming for a visit and who do not know that Our Mother speaks to me. I was wondering what they would think. Our Mother spoke: "My precious child, Never be ashamed that I speak to you. Never be proud that I speak to you. For you are but a lowly miserable and wretched creature, but I love you with ALL My Heart. You are very precious to Me. Walk always in kindness and in love and remember your wretchedness. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." 
She made it clear that She was speaking to all of us. At about 1:30 P.M. I sprinkled blessed salt throughout the room where we will gather to pray for priests. Just before 2P.M. I blessed myself, the room, holy pictures & statues and all those present with Holy Water, in obedience to Our Blessed Mother.
As we began to pray, I invited Our Blessed Mother, all the holy angels & Saints & the holy souls in Purgatory to please join us and to pray with us & for us as we offer the Rosary for Holy Priests. 
(This special Rosary will soon be available on our Web Site.) Our Mother came as we began the First Joyful Mystery (The Annunciation). She asked me to please Announce Her Presence. I did. Blessed Mother is wearing a light blue dress with a white veil and mantle. I see Her as many nationalities. Our Mother is accompanied by many multitudes of holy angels and saints. Our Mother has joined us to those who are praying with us at this time in other towns, states & countries. She said She has brought us together in this room. I thanked Our Mother for coming, for being with us and most especially for loving us. I asked Her to thank Jesus, Our Father & The Holy Spirit for us. I consecrated all the priests of the world & those still in Purgatory to Our Mother's Immaculate Hands & Heart. I gave to Her all of our petitions, our families & our lives and consecrated us all to Her Immaculate Hands & Heart. I asked Her to bring us all to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Second Joyful Mystery (The Visitation)
Our Mother Spoke: "My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, I love you - I come to visit you today but you are not here. Where are you My Sons? I love you." I felt bad at this time because I have been so slow & afraid to tell priests. I silently ask for forgiveness. "For those of you who are praying with Me at this time-I thank you. I invite you-I call you to come here to pray with Me Your Mother - your Patroness pray with Me for your brother priests. I love you. Come home My sons - Come home to Your Mother's Immaculate Heart while there is still time. I call you-do you not hear? Please be still - I desire to speak to your hearts-
Consecrate yourselves and your parishes to My Immaculate Heart. This will assure My Protection through the darkness that lies ahead. 
Speak to My children of My Love for them and of My desire that they all be safely enclosed in MY IMMACULATE HEART - A safe refuge.
Do not be afraid for you speak for Me. I have been sent by My Son, Jesus. I come in obedience to Him, to Our Father and to My Spouse, The Holy Spirit. Speak to My children about their immortal souls - My sons - Teach them what is right and what is wrong. Teach them how they pierce My Heart and the Heart of My Son when they sin and go astray." Third Joyful Mystery (The Nativity) "I am asking you - I am pleading with you to reform your lives - each of you - I ask you to grow in holiness. You are a living example of My Son Jesus - You must imitate Him in all you say and do. I love you - I love you. Remember My sons, holy shepherds will lead holy flocks. I love you. Repent, Pray and Fast in restitution for your sins and the sins of all My children. I love you." Fifth Joyful Mystery (The Finding of The Child Jesus in The Temple)
"Embrace your little crosses, sufferings, and persecutions and thank My Son that you are called to share in His Suffering.
Pray especially in the coming days for your leader on earth - Holy Father John Paul II. I ask that many Holy Masses be offered for his protection. These are evil times My dear sons - I need your help - I need your help." 
(Our Mother was crying, tears flowed from Her Eyes as She Spoke.)
I said "My Mother how may I comfort you?"
"Pray. Pray. Pray - for holy priests My child - love them with all your heart - love them enough to speak to them - enough to give them My messages, enough to die for them if God wills this." "O My Mother help me to always be what you and Jesus want me to be." First Sorrowful Mystery (The Agony in the Garden)
I felt a tremendous heat all over and the pain I was already feeling increased. Our Mother continued Her Message for Priests: "Pray My sons, go to confession often. This pleases My Son, Jesus. Be available to My children they need you to guide them to holiness. You are called to pastor the sheep." (Again Our Mother cries, silent tears just welling up in Her Eyes and spilling out on to Her Cheeks.) "Apart from Holy Mass and bringing The Sacraments to My children - this is to be your first call." Second Sorrowful Mystery (The Scourging) "Speak to My children of all the evil that is all around them. Do not hesitate or be afraid. Speak to them of God's Love and of the abundant graces being poured out upon all at this time." My pain was increasing and I was afraid I was going to pass out. I'm always thinking I will fail Our Mother.
Our Mother said, "Offer your pain for Fr.___, Fr.___, Fr.___, Bishop____, - etc." I did. She continued with Her Message to Priests: "I speak to you today under the title Mother of Divine Love - Your Patroness." Third Sorrowful Mystery (The Crowning with Thorns) I felt blood flowing all around my head, on my face and soaking my hair. "My child, pray for Fr. ___, Bishop ___, all priests, all the bishops of the United States and of the world." I prayed for them all and pleaded, "have mercy on them all O Lord - Remember that you love us Lord Jesus - and have mercy on us all." Our Mother continued Her Message to priests: "Rid yourselves of all that keeps you from being pure and holy." Fourth Sorrowful Mystery (The Carrying of the Cross) (My Heart was pierced - deep, deep pain) Our Mother continued: "All missions will come together here. I love you all. Mother of Divine Love." First Glorious Mystery (The Resurrection) "My Precious and Most Beloved Children, I love you - I love you. I thank you for coming here today to pray with Me for your priests. I speak to your hearts - I call you to pray more. I speak to you today, My children of the Bayous as Your Mother of Divine Love - and as Our Lady of The Bayou. Thank you for remaining faithful to My Son."Second Glorious Mystery (The Ascension) "From this little unknown place, I speak to all My priest sons and all My children all over the world." Third Glorious Mystery (The Nativity) My grandchildren were leading this Mystery together,
Our Mother said: "Let all My little children come - let ALL My little children come. You are living in a special time of Grace, My little ones - Come to Me as innocent children. I love you all so much - so much - I will multiply and increase your numbers all over the world, My own little flock. Do not worry or be afraid of anything or anyone My little ones - remain faithful and you remain safe in My Immaculate Heart. I am Your Mother. I am a Loving Mother, there is enough room in My Heart for all. Invite them all to come - let Me do the rest. I speak to your hearts give to Me your Heart. Pray Pray Pray without ceasing for holy priests. I have heard the petitions of your hearts - Trust Me. Thank My Son Jesus for these visits." (Quiet) Several times, even tho' everyone was praying fervently, a stillness was evident. Everyone, all at once prayed very quietly. "You please My broken Heart by your love - I am blessing you today in a special way - this includes your pastors and your families. I love you all. Love one another with My Love and love your priests and thank them for answering the call to be holy priests - I am yours. I love you Mother of All Hearts, Mother of The Bayous, Mother of Divine Love" "Into Your Immaculate Hands and Heart Mother of All - I place all the priests of the world and all your children." Our Mother said: "There will be a lot of healings today."
3 times during Her Visit - Our Mother asked me 
"Please anoint everyone present with Blessed Oil." As we ended the Rosary & Litany, I asked that someone please pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Priests. Five of us went into the bedroom that was our first chapel. Several of us saw Our Mother outside all in white. I understand that She is here at all times. We also saw many souls becoming white and leaving Purgatory, going up to heaven. We understand it is because of prayer & sacrifice offered up to God for them. Our Mother asked that "The Cross and Well be started before Christmas. I ask that they be started in this century, this millinieum and that they be finished in the next." Claire Rose received and wrote the above. There were 40 people present. ________________________________________10/30/99 Last Saturday of October 1999 Received by another bride from another area. This particular last Saturday I was present for the Rosary in Theriot, Louisiana. Three other Brides and myself went privately in prayer to prepare our selves before the Rosary. We then joined the other people and started praying the Rosary around 2:00 p.m. Shortly after we started the Rosary I saw Our Lady in a vision as Our Lady of Divine Grace and then I saw her as Our Lady of The Assumption. Our Lady spoke, "Are you with Me, My children? Are your hearts with Me? I am asking you to be with Me with your hearts as you pray for holy priests. I have come to you today to ask you to pray more fervently for holy priests. They need your prayers now more than ever especially in this time we are living in. Thank you for coming here today My children to pray for Our beloved priests. It is your prayers that will help them to be holy and have daily conversions of heart. Prayer is the only thing that can help them at this time. Do not be afraid or hesitate to tell others to pray for Our priests. They need your prayers now more than ever. Rest now little one." In a vision I saw the roof disappear and I saw the blue sky. A bunch of angels were hovering over the top of us and they were joining us in prayer. Now I see the Saints joining them and a multitude of the Heavenly Host, all praying with us. Fifth Joyful Mystery (The Finding in the Temple) Our Lady speaks again, "Please My children find Jesus in your hearts and recognize Him as your Savior and Redeemer. He waits for you to come to Him. To call to Him in love." I see a vision of the evil one cringing in horror as we pray together for our beloved priests. What power our simple prayers have coming from our hearts as they go Heavenward to Our Lord. If we only knew how powerful our prayers were, especially when they come from our hearts. Prayer is the key. Prayers from our hearts for our beloved priests. Our Lady speaks again, "My children if you do not pray for priests you will not have them." During the Sorrowful Mysteries I see a vision of Our Lady going to each person here present and kissing them on the cheek. She shows so much love to each and everyone here. She is thanking each and every person who came here today to pray for our priests in a very special way. She is telling us that the blessing will go home with each person to bless their families and all they come in contact with. Our Lady spoke again, "Kneel again now little one. Thank you little one for being obedient and writing My child. Thank you for taking the last place and serving your brothers and sisters in Christ. My children have courage to speak up for My Son. Do not be afraid of what others think. Be more concerned with what place your soul is in, in regard to My Son. If it is not right then get it right with My Son. This is first and foremost. Do not worry if you are ridiculed. My Son is closer to you at this time than at any other time. Whenever you are not sure about what to do, go to Him immediately and ask for His guidance. Oh! My children, My precious children how We love you." (I understood the We was Jesus and Mary) "Earthly words cannot explain how great is Our love for you. We are counting on you to pray for holy priests. Rest now My child. My child thank you again for taking the last place realizing your nothingness. Remember all things are possible with My Son when you are close to Him you do not need to be afraid of anything. Continue little one." I see a vision of rays coming down from Heaven. They are rays of grace going to each and every one of us here present. I have never heard Our Lady so clear and feel her so present as at this moment. The love that is coming from Her is awesome. It emanates from Her Son through Her to all of us. Our Lady then says, "Rest now little one." At the Second Glorious Mystery (The Ascension) several small children lead this mystery. Our Lady speaks again, "Oh! My children how it pleases Me to hear the little children praying to My Son and Me. Their prayer is so sweet to My ears and it pleases My Son so very much. Prayer will keep them close to Me and My Son. It is music to Our ears," (The Trinity, Our Lady, and the angels and saints and souls in Purgatory.) At this point Our Lady spoke the Scripture, "Bring the little children to me." At the Third Glorious Mystery (Descent of the Holy Spirit) Our Lady spoke again, "My little ones go to My Son and plead with Him to send you holy priests. Priests who are not afraid to stand up for My Son and His teachings and who will lead my children on the correct path without any hesitation. Pray for those priests to have humility and true charity. Pray for their faith to increase beyond all understanding so that their flock's faith will increase by their example. Their example will save more souls than their words. My children immerse them in My Son's Passion. Pray that they will not be afraid to pick up their crosses and go forward for their Redeemer and Savior. Pray that they will not be afraid to pray in front of their flocks and to be holy in front of their flocks. Pray for their daily conversion. My children as you leave today remember I am still with you, and I go with you out into your workplaces and your homes. Come to Me often during your day and bring your troubles to Me and I will lay them before My Son to intercede for you to the Father by the Merit of His Passion. Remember My Son and I are always with you. Thank you My precious children for coming today and praying for Our priests at My request. Encourage others to come also. Pray often, especially when I remind you to pray for Our priests. When you are busy doing your daily duties a simple "My Jesus Mercy," is all that I ask. I love My little ones. Go in peace. "Your loving Mother of Divine Love Mary Immaculate"_______________________________________ October 30, 1999 in Theriot, La. Leslie Therese, another bride, received: "I am Mother of all, Mother of All on the Earth." I see Mary in a white veil and soft pink dress. Jesus speaks: "I look at you all and I am filled with love for you. You shall walk with me in Calvary. Don't be afraid I will guide you. You will feel My Wounds and I will comfort you. My Love is so great for you that I would do it all again for you. Continue to pray and persevere in My Name. Do everything you can, give each little daily task for Me no matter how small. Pray Pray Pray Pray‚Ķ" I see Mary, Our Mother in a navy blue veil and dress with gold around edge of Her veil and gold stars all over veil. She's beautiful. I see two veils. One black and one white. Our Mother speaks: "By My coming in many colors I celebrate every nationality, so that they may come together here and know that they are made welcome. I love and care for all of My children, In their sorrow and pain, I take them to My Heart. In their happiness, I am complete. In their prayers, I am present. I look out over everyone here and send a special blessing to each one. Pray with a joy in your heart and My Son in your Minds." Jesus speaks "You need never be afraid of being alone, I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End." The Holy Spirit is above us all refreshing our faith. From Our Mother Mary for Priests: "My sons, do not hesitate to believe I am here. For I Love You, so much, I have sent this mission to save you." Mary is in glorious yellow and white she is smiling and she shines with love for all. From Our Father for Priests:"Be strong, DO NOT BEND to the World, only to Me, without you My Church will perish and so would its people. Evil is easily accepted, so be strong against it. Bless everything you have, consecrate it to Jesus, My Son and to your Mother Mary's Immaculate Heart. Do not let this filth hide, bring it out and deal with it, the sooner it is cleansed from My Church the sooner it will be gone. Pray Pray for your brothers to come forth for My help. Do not let them hide. Pray Pray Pray. The time is now."From Jesus: "I am the Light of the World, do not fall into the World's darkness. Call only on Me. I am everywhere waiting for you to call upon Me to be renewed. Look for Me and I will show myself to you in everything you do and everyone you meet, and I will make you complete."

October 30, 1999, Saturday